Discussion Post – 9.8.2020

Lots to talk about today in America’s political realm. Get after it, folks.


That is all.

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45 thoughts on “Discussion Post – 9.8.2020

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    Jimmy MacAfee - September 8, 2020

    Woe to those who plan and execute false flags!

    Tibet is about to be free of Chairman She – or at least India is pushing hard for that. The Three Gorges dam(s) are about to break, and pharmaceuticals will be under water (literally) China has pushed the world beyond its breaking point, and their ambassador was roundly humiliated. Flooding comes in many forms and has many consequences.

    So watch for China to act out militarily. (That won’t be a false flag.) That will come from US intel allies of China, i.e. Hysterical Jenny’s cabal. Keep all eyes open wide and be prepared; September is a strategic month. Pray for a peaceful September, because it is not inevitable. But neither is China’s attempt to be the only superpower left.

    The Chinese are finding out, as India, (according to publicly available sources,) took the physical high ground in the recent conflict in anticipation of winter – much to Chairman She’s surprise.
    Winnie got his head stuck in a honey jar. Likely China will beg Pakistan to start a shooting war to deflect from its own corruption and incompetence.

    And the NBA, slaves to China, will stand helpless as Tibet – long a favorite of American Liberals – seeks freedom, and as China pushes its illegal agenda into Nepal. Even US Liberals won’t be on board with that – only the stupid NBA, which is as ignorant as it is treasonous.

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    Stuartswede - September 8, 2020

    Even though I live in Florida, I wanted to help conservatives in other state races. One candidate I have been supporting is General Don Bolduc in NH. He is trying to flip the senate seat to red from Jeanne Shaheen. His primary is today. He looks to be a strong candidate to back. I suggest helping if you can.


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      phineas gage - September 8, 2020

      New Hampshire is where I grew up–thanks for posting this information. The state has sadly changed from its formerly conservative ways (although it is not yet Vermont), but perhaps Trump can pull it back. Getting rid of the odious Shaheen wuuld be a welcome first step.

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        Gregg - September 8, 2020

        New Hampshire has been invaded by the Massholes from the Boston area for years. Many hypocritical liberals moved there to evade the oppressive taxes – sadly they brought their political voting habits (liberalism spreads like a plague of locusts) with them.

        What I wish NH would do is change their open primary and lax primary voting processes since they insist on being the kickoff for the presidential primaries and thereby gain an oversized influence in the process. It should be a closed party primary state, as should every state. Real Republicans voting for Republican candidates and Real Democrats voting for their Democratic candidates.

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          phineas gage - September 8, 2020

          That is what I always thought, but a recent careful study has shown that most of the Massachusetts immigrants have voted conservatively.

          It is the longer-time natives of the state that have gone left, as it has succumbed to drug addiction (especially meth and opioids) and socioeconomic deterioration.

          1. Gregg - September 8, 2020

            Good to hear my theory may be correct – that many people who are fleeing blue states are actually conservatives (like me) and will keep red/red swing states red.

          2. Jimmy MacAfee - September 9, 2020

            I know people from such states – Conservative and proud of it! They are refugees from insanity and high taxes.

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    Jimmy MacAfee - September 8, 2020

    The Atlantic’s smear against Donald J. Trump extends to past years, where then-citizen Trump supported and honored Vietnam vets and memorialized the dead soldiers. This is an important read:


    Contrast Trump with the Dims (who spit on returning vets,) and who now spit on our dead by lying about President Trump: as they spit on the President, they spit on the graves of our heroes. The Left met soldiers in airports with protests and spit – never forget!

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    phineas gage - September 8, 2020

    Pretty much as you stated it, Jimmy:


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    Gregg - September 8, 2020

    (Dave, my first post of the day and was told I was “posting too quickly, slow down”)


    I guess even a well off White Blond Jewish Woman from Kansas City can develop a conscience and eventually fess up. Now ‘Professor’ Jessica Krug says she’s been dealing with mental health issues since childhood. Look for that to be her defense and disability.

    I am so tired of having the bogus concept of “White Privilege” and slave reparations for people who were never slaves being rammed down my throat for most of my life. I and no one in my family ever owned slaves; why should I have to pay anything for a sin we did not commit that happened over a hundred and fifty years ago? Anyone ever hear of the concept of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION which is nothing less than a reverse discrimination law!? I know I lost out on at least two job opportunities due to quota hiring. Apparently this ‘professor’ of ‘Black Studies” was able to use the concept of BLACK PRIVILEGE to gain her position at George Washington University for years; just like Senator Pocahontas Warren…

    I am so sick and tired of having to deal with Black Privilege and Democrat Privilege. This reverse discrimination and two tiered justice must be stopped in President’s Trump’s second term.

    If racial quotas are to be the norm and 12-13% of the population is Black, shouldn’t there only be 1-2 Black players on an NBA team? Shouldn’t there only be about 7 Black players on an NFL team?

    About thirty years ago there was an acerbic talk radio host out of NYC named Bob Grant. He was very prescient about this anti White movement that was percolating back in the nineties. He spoke to these issues and bluntly said, What does the left want White America to do? Commit mass suicide? It is truly sad, yet amazing, that two generations of college students have been raised in the belief that all whites are evil and need to be punished for any and all of the real and perceived sins of the past. Yet look at how overwhelmingly White the Democratic leadership and the MSM (D) is. Look at the collection of White fossils who run the Democratic Party – yikes!

    This has produced a concept of self loathing among a significant portion of many young White people who hate themselves just because they happened to have been born White. Even worse, they seem to loath everyone else who is White. Short of a violent CW, I don’t see how these people are brought back to reality; to the MLK I have a dream mantra where we are judged but the content of our character rather than the color of our skin.

    When I was in the navy thirty years ago, I cannot remember how many times my fellow sailors and I had to fill out forms and questionnaires asking what our race was; the options went all the way down to Pacific Islander. I began to answer “unknown”. As I left the reserves for the first time I loudly bitched about why are we constantly being ‘classified’ by race when “WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A COLORBLIND SOCIETY”? Race wasn’t supposed to matter. Right?


    It was great last week that President Trump finally ended all this cultural (or whatever it is officially called) training in the military and in the federal government. I left in 2007 before it became as prevalent as it did under ‘the One’s’ administration. Don’t forget, NASA’s “mission-statement” basically became a praise-fest for Arabic “contributions” as opposed to actually having having astronauts go into space. Don’t tell anyone, but we actually paid Russia to take over manned space flight when we retired the shuttle program.

    Before I left the federal government, we had an hour-plus long meeting with some affirmative action group who were pushing the concept of a “Blacks In Government” (BIG) movement – sort of like the Congressional Black Caucus. They even handed out BIG wine glasses to each of us as a symbol, a memento of their growing presence and influence. I kept two just to remind myself that I wasn’t making this up.

    Government employees are meant to do necessary work on behalf of the American People – work that the people themselves cannot do like defend the country, build roads, coin/print money and deliver the mail – not spend a large percentage of their time on the taxpayer’s dime creating their own clique to drive (hope and) change for whatever purpose.

    My only question was why did it take President Trump so long to stop this counterproductive waste fraud and abuse of taxpayer’s dollars?

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      phineas gage - September 8, 2020

      That one evidently outed herself.

      She should have brazened it out–she would have gained status and prospered, like Talcum X.

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      phineas gage - September 8, 2020

      And the fact of the matter is that Trump’s GOP is now the more diverse, equitable and optimistic political party in this country–the convention proved that.

      All while the embittered Bushes and the rest of that crowd sat at home.

      The transformation he has wrought is truly remarkable.

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    phineas gage - September 8, 2020

    Joe Biden is long past asking questions:


    The Dems will have many to ask themselves in the post-election wreckage.

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      phineas gage - September 8, 2020

      This is the article by Travis:


      And this an image of the so-called journalist:


      I say ‘so-called’, because…..just read the transcript questions.

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    Jonesy - September 8, 2020

    One of the best articles written about how the Dems are planning for the election and what happens after:


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      Stuartswede - September 8, 2020

      Thanks Jonesy, really good!

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      brian - September 8, 2020

      Heres another


      The communists haven’t even attempted to hide what they are planning…

      If you haven’t yet already, you’d best prepare for a rough leadup into the election. Then when the demoncraps stall, litigate, and try to steal the House and Senate, ramping up festivallers to distract with as much chaos as possible to take the light off their cheating. The goal is to unnerve people, make you stay home with the curtains drawn making the theft easier for demoncraps.

      What every patriot needs to do… get out into the street, face the enemies from within head on, they are cowards and will run, like their father the devil. Vote conservative down slate, drive your neighbours to the poll, vote in person and not by mail. Take back the government, purge the rinos after the win.

      Its a war… time to fight

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    Stuartswede - September 8, 2020

    Still having trouble seeing any posts save Jimmy MacAfee. I think you (and hence us) have been “Blackmon listed”. Must be one of those famous bureaucratic snaffoos.

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      David Blackmon - September 8, 2020

      Must be something with your computer. I’m having one of the highest traffic days I’ve ever had today, so obviously people can see the posts.

      1. Reply
        Stuartswede - September 8, 2020

        Yes, must have been me. Everything is coming up and seems happy now. Great you have a lot of traffic. Hopefully some are of the #walkaway variety.

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    Stuartswede - September 8, 2020

    Some good fake news, Wuflu new cases today under 25,000 for the first time since late May/ early June. And considering 90% false positive (per NYT) that’s only 2500 new cases for the whole country. 2500 / 50 states = roughly 50 new cases per state!

    But wait, the daily deaths were at close to lowest ever for the last 2 days at around 350 ea. With only 6 percent of the reported deaths being actually “from Wuflu” (per CDC), that means we only lost 21 people per day most recently. Significant because we lose approximately 7600 people every day to all other causes of death. We should be sooo done with this charade!

    Stay Free and drive like you stole it!


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      phineas gage - September 8, 2020

      This is another problem the Left has. To run their election scam they have to maintain the covid panic, but the air is rapidly hissing out of their inflated scary monster.

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    phineas gage - September 8, 2020

    Biden’s margin in Miami-Dade is awful:


    Hillary won the county by more than twice that margin, and still lost the state.

    And he’s cratering with Hispanic voters.

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      Stuartswede - September 8, 2020

      I saw that Dade county pole earlier and it is very encouraging. I grew up in south Miami (Cutler Ridge), and know a lot of Cuban folks whose parents and grand parents escaped Cuba, and they will never let their posterity forget the deadly lessons of socialism. Hopefully this will make many #walkaway.

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    phineas gage - September 8, 2020

    According to DB’s rule, the Dems must be getting very bad internal polling on the mask mandate, as Berenson speculates:


    Their scam is falling apart.

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      David Blackmon - September 8, 2020

      And yet Biden continues to wear one at most of his “events.” Just virtue-signaling?

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        phineas gage - September 8, 2020

        Yes–actually that appears to be his new policy (at least for now), to wear a mask to ‘set an example’, whatever that means. It actually means nothing, because all virtue-signaling is just empty gesturing.

        Trump actually believes in doing productive, useful things.

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        Jonesy - September 8, 2020

        He’s losing it mentally, virtue signalling is all that’s left in him.

        It’s like a reflex actin to a liberal. They don’t even realize they’re doing it.

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    phineas gage - September 8, 2020

    This thing is protesting Nick Sandmann’s admission to Transylvania University:


    At least it appears to be working at the aptly named institution.

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    phineas gage - September 8, 2020

    Adams is perceptive, and I think he is on target here:


    Modern leftists are, without exception, humorless, miserable people.

    Rush , a cheerful guy with a good sense of humor, makes this observation all the time.

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    phineas gage - September 8, 2020

    Candace Owens on fire:


    And that also answers my question about why she wasn’t speaking at the RNC. I didn’t know she is going to be a mother soon.

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    phineas gage - September 8, 2020

    So now the entire Rochester police command structure is resigning en masse.

    I guess it’s time for the Left to do some quick re-imagining of the police force by nightfall.

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    phineas gage - September 8, 2020



    What does it lead to? I have a pretty good idea of what it leads to, asshat. You’re going to be getting all the change you want and more in the near future. Good luck with your second career.

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      Stuartswede - September 8, 2020

      As the Cuban businessman said at the RNC convention “We have heard this all before”. Don’t fall for the lies and cries. Keep pulling back the curtain and show what this is all about, as best you can. You can love your fellow men by telling them the truth.

      BTW, my President is about 20 miles away from me in Jupiter, giving a speech. Wish I had known he was coming, I would be down there!

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      Rick O'Shay - September 8, 2020

      Flushed years of good work down the crapper.

      Too bad. Herbie seemed like a reasonable fellow.

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    brian - September 8, 2020

    Commiefornia… racing to the bottom as fast as they can. If this doesn’t anger you then nothing would.

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    phineas gage - September 8, 2020

    So this is where we are on the college campus:


    Granted, data from only 29 large universities, but I think we can state that zero hospitalizations among students ranks as a rather substantial non-crisis event.

    There is only one reason to continue the charade, and it isn’t medical.

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    phineas gage - September 8, 2020

    According to this poll, Biden is actually losing the Hispanic vote in Florida to Trump, 50-46:


    Hillary won Florida Hispanics by nearly 30% in 2016.

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    Stuartswede - September 8, 2020

    This discussion post has awakened a sleeping giant! Fun to high five like-minded deplorables. Really enjoyed the freedom from thread constraints. Thanks Dave

    1. Reply
      Stuartswede - September 8, 2020

      Thread diversity! Bam!

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