The Atlantic Rolls out the Next Anti-Trump Hoax

As the election approaches, we’re back to the system of media outlets taking turns rolling out stories supporting the various Democrat narratives. Yesterday, the news-fakers at ABC turned out this little ditty:

Yes, friends, this rehash of the Democrat/Media “it’s all Russia all the time” narrative is that you should not believe your lyin’ eyes and ears when it comes to Joe Biden’s obvious advancing dementia, because it’s all just the Russians. Or something. Honestly, I don’t even know what it is – the headline was so utterly absurd and without any merit at all that I refused to even click on the link.

You go read it if you care to.

Then there’s the despicable news-fakers at The Atlantic, the dying magazine’s editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg no less, who rolled out a classic pathetic hit piece Thursday. This one alleges that President Donald Trump hates the military – especially soldiers who are dead or wounded – and goes around every day finding excuses to make disparaging remarks about them.

For this obvious hoax, the Atlantic expects to you suspend disbelief, ignore what you see and hear from the President every day, and believe the “unnamed sources” upon whose alleged word the entire story is based.  These “sources” may or may not exist – you have no way of really knowing. The Atlantic, which has repeatedly been caught spreading the most heinous fake news over the last five years, expects you to trust its “journalistic ethics”, which is akin to a shark telling you to trust it not to eat you.

Within hours of the story’s breaking, at least three current and former close advisors to the President posted absolute, unqualified refutations of the allegations in it. They include General Keith Kellogg who serves as Mike Pence’s National Security Advisor:

Again we see a corrupt media outlet expecting you to ignore your lying eyes and ears and just believe them. This is just another example of how the utter abandonment by our corrupt national media of anything resembling journalistic integrity threatens our entire society.

It hasn’t been long ago that no reputable editor would have ever dreamed of going to print with an explosive story such as this based purely on cowards who refuse to reveal their names. But the media decided in 2016 that literally anything is “fair game” when going after Trump. And hey, we’re all out of “reputable editors,” and stuck with Democrat activist hacks like Jeffrey Goldberg instead.

Goldberg claims multiple sources, but the Atlantic’s track record is so sketchy that we’d be fools to believe any of them truly exist. If they do exist, can anyone doubt that, if their names were revealed, we would find loyalty to Barack Obama in their resume’? Of course we would, which is why their names will never be revealed. Again, that’s if they even exist.

This is the state of our entire news media today, and it is incredibly divisive. Struggling rags like the Atlantic, desperate for readers and web traffic, are willing to go to press with any story, no matter how absurd, if they think it could go viral.

This story did go viral, as the China bots and outrage mobs on Twitter and Facebook made sure to spread it as quickly as they could. So, the Atlantic made a little money from its advertisers for the day and may get a few new subscribers, although China bots don’t tend to buy subscriptions to dying fake news magazines.

But here’s our looming reality through November 3: We’re going to see a new fake story every day from one corrupt media outlet or another. It’s like they have a batting order that’s been written up by the DNC. This week we’ve seen the daily narrative booster story from Axios batting leadoff, the Washington Post hitting second and The Atlantic taking the batter’s box third. The ABC story mentioned above doesn’t count because it was just the 10,000th rehash of the “Russia, Russia, Russia” narrative.

Today we’ll find out which corrupt media outlet is batting cleanup. My money’s on the New York Times.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

21 thoughts on “The Atlantic Rolls out the Next Anti-Trump Hoax

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    Jimmy MacAfee - September 4, 2020

    I hear from reliable sources a (circa) 2010 movie that had been suppressed is going to come out soon – lots of big issues, including UBL and the reason why no one took him out until forced to do so.

    And because of that, we’ll see an increasingly hysterical, lying media doing its best to cover not only its own ass, but the asses of those who were complicit in things such as 9/11.

    Google being named in an antitrust suit likewise has them rattled, because the head of the snake is going to be exposed, and possibly cut off.

    Panic in Big Media; panic in DC; panic in the Globalist lairs. I have personally seen them sh-t themselves (one of these three entities.)

  2. Reply
    Jumper Bones - September 4, 2020

    Baseball analogy works, but they will lose the game, and Trump’s refurbishing of the GOP win it. I still have yet to see any serious support for anything related to Biden, wherever I go in southern NH or Merrimack Valley of MA.

  3. Reply
    phineas gage - September 4, 2020

    The Atlantic story is driven by military brass Never-Trumpers (McMaster and many others, quite a few are Obama plants) acting as ‘sources’.

    As you note, this is out of the traditional playbook, but these things don’t really work anymore. The traditional media has fully torched any credibility they had with most Americans, and almost all of the people they are trying to sway certainly don’t read the Atlantic.

    This is fodder for the blue-check Twitterbots in the bubble, and will dissipate in about two days, to be replaced by the next piece of garbage.

    1. Reply
      jack johnson - September 4, 2020

      The Pentagon and the “military brass” along with all the retired seat shining, butt kissing generals hate Trump…..because Trump hates senseless wars. Wait until after Trump is re-elected, heads will roll starting with Esper and Trump will pull out of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

      The MOAB heads will explode at the Pentagon.

      1. Reply
        Tyrone o'Sorus - September 4, 2020

        My fear is that if the president does attempt to pull out of all our Middle East wars it will be his head that literally explodes when the Deep State exercises the “JFK solution”.

        How do you protect against a sniper with a weapon that can do a head shot at nearly a mile? I pray every day for his safety.

        1. Reply
          Jimmy MacAfee - September 4, 2020

          Multiple concerns, including ABOVE AF1 – hope Secret Service is up to the task(s.) Need an escort F-35.

          Also need to be armed with pulse weapons to take down drones, which have become a concern at airports.

          Heard on a site that Joe Hidin’ groped the breast of a wife of a Secret Serviceman, and the party for them was terminated because no one wanted Joe to grope their wives or girlfriends. (I think Judicial Watch exposed this.)

          G0D Bless President Trump and keep him, his family and his staff safe from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  4. Reply
    phineas gage - September 4, 2020

    I believe the Times is the central coordinator, and farms out the pieces to its subsidiaries. They only publish the major hit jobs.

    The trouble is, they have completely exhausted their entire arsenal over the past four years. This is why they are serving up the thin gruel of the Russia hoax again. They’ve got nothing, and no credibility to convince anyone otherwise. They have descended into parody.

    If there is going to be an October surprise, my guess is it is coming from Barr and Durham. I’m not predicting that, I’m just saying ‘if’.

  5. Reply
    delow241 - September 4, 2020

    I read that first twat a bit differently. On first read it seems the Russians want us to believe that Hiden is “not” senile. That makes more sense to me as they would definitely want him to win as they could easily roll his administration in any issue over to their favor.

  6. Reply
    Jimmy MacAfee - September 4, 2020

    The panic is setting in: can’t post on the newest column, and it’s doubtless because they know they’re losing.

    Barr is going after Google. An earlier comment I’d made about the hated Janet Reno at least going after Microsoft – but nothing from Barr – is now irrelevant: Barr is on the move.

    False flags coming in the next few days, as the Demon losses mount and the underground IC (based in Ukraine by Crowdstrike and others) is about to feel 000 buckshot. That’s not ratshot. Buckshot. Stay tuned. And they’ll react by staging a false flag event, probably in DC or Maryland, but maybe in Richmond. Not sure of location, but pretty sure they’re about to let something loose. Call it a hunch.

    1. Reply
      phineas gage - September 4, 2020

      ‘Barr is going after Google’

      Is he also going after other big tech?

      Maybe that is behind the big tech sell-off in the market today.

      These giants need to be broken up by RICO

  7. Reply
    Ben Colder - September 4, 2020

    Biteme is senile no doubt about it he is beyond senile he is out in lala land doubt if he even knows where hes at half the time.Who is pushing this poor old fool to run for president no one thinks he is anything but a puppet for someone but who is the someone really ?I don’t believe its the woman they have running as VP she is a total fool also.Who is giving the orders is it Barry or is it Ma Clinton?Maybe its San Fan Nan the ice cream Queen or could it be Adam full of Schiff?

    1. Reply
      Gregg - September 4, 2020

      Probably someone we haven’t even heard of. More than likely, all the Dem leadership you listed is also bought off and are all part of their Anti-American collusion cabal.

      It could be one person (GS), but more likely the group of the six or so who run the media along with the commies who run the social media giants with the elected commies being the figureheads. The MSM (D) is all too comfortable with every Democrat Pol and org. for it to be otherwise.

  8. Reply
    wdlockaby - September 4, 2020

    Another great article but there’s an error that begs correcting: About 5 paragraphs from the end the first sentence begins, “Kellogg claims multiple sources,” I think you meant Goldberg, not Kellogg. Thanks.

    1. Reply
      David Blackmon - September 4, 2020

      Thanks. Fixed it.

  9. Reply
    Jimmy MacAfee - September 4, 2020

    You know, Russia gets blamed for everything to the point where maybe someone in that country might consider element PO-210 as an additive in Adam Schiff’s diet, in addition to others who libel them hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. Course, they ARE known to use brutish tactics like that, but you’d think they were the ones who gave Eve the fruit and told her to eat!

    Just makes the Demons and press look more stupid than ever, if that were even possible.

    PO Box 210. Enjoy your seafood, shipped from somewhere west of Alaska! – (don’t kill me, I’m just the Messenger!).

    1. Reply
      Jimmy MacAfee - September 4, 2020

      Hidin’ Biden is terrifyingly senile. He’s like a string of Christmas ornaments, 2/3rds of them out.

  10. Reply
    Jimmy MacAfee - September 4, 2020

    It wasn’t the rain, according to sources at the time, when President Trump was unable to visit the graves, but an unverified threat. He really did want to visit.

    But for the press and their IC toadies to make up shit like that (Trump’s supposed antipathy towards soldiers) is unbelievable, wretched, and worthy of all condemnation. May the LORD stuff their words down their own gullets for them to choke on.

  11. Reply
    Dav - September 4, 2020

    POTUS Trump is the perfect President to deal with all the nonsense that is being perpetrated by the nefarious scum that is raising hell in this country at present. Personally, I wouldn’t be as soft as he is if I were in that position!

  12. Reply
    Atlantic Bird Cage Lining - September 4, 2020

    Nancy Pelosi’s hairdresser is not affiliated with the KGB.
    My favorite dichotomy is Trump as lecherous buffoon while at the same time a diabolical KGB mastermind controlled by Vlad “Pooty Poot” Rasputin.
    My clown wig is rainbow colored and my horn goes…honk honk!

  13. Reply
    George Ingols - September 4, 2020

    It is a miracle anyone is even reading the Atlantic any more. It isn’t even decent emergency toilet paper! The staff there should be embarrassed to be associated with such a poorly managed and left-wing sewer plug as the Atlantic.

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