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**UPDATE** I believe we have the response time issue isolated. We should have it resolved in the next day or two. Hang with me.


Everyone: I apologize for the inability to post comments on this morning’s two posts. That issue seems to be fixed now.

As you may have noticed, response time on this site has been quite slow recently. No doubt someone is messing with me. Not sure who yet, but working to resolve that issue as well.

Thanks for your patience.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

13 thoughts on “Comments UPDATE

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    Stuartswede - September 2, 2020

    Dissenting conservative speech is no longer free, instead has of late become very costly.
    I’m ready to dispense with the socialized distancing and the mask hysteria, and overt threats to commit voter fraud.

  2. Reply
    Jimmy MacAfee - September 2, 2020

    Dave, if you haven’t had an impact and aren’t having an impact, they wouldn’t be messing with you! Consider it an honor, even though a nuisance.

    The devil hates to be exposed – and so do his children.

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    phineas gage - September 2, 2020

    I had wondered about that. I just assumed your site was getting a lot more traffic.

    I guess some of it is of the unwanted variety.

    No overt trolls yet, anyway.

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      David Blackmon - September 2, 2020

      That’s part of it. Traffic here is up 400% the last 12 months. August was the best month I ever had. Thanks.

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    LadyJane - September 2, 2020

    There’s another problem as well Dave. Lately, I’ve been having problems getting to your site. I can X out of several tabs before your site fnally comes up.

    This is getting tiresome. When the h*LL are Barr & Durham going to start draining the swamp. Every day passes with no action by either one of them & we’re supposed to believe something big is about to happen. Oh, I forget, Barr is too busy arresting the rioters. And the Democrats are just going to steal the election.

    Thanks for nothing Barr.

    1. Reply
      phineas gage - September 2, 2020

      What do you want Barr to do? Durham is working according to his schedule, not Barr’s.

      Barr is in fact prosecuting many rioters, and they are facing federal prison time.

      How do you know he is not making every effort to secure the election process?

      I understand why Barr is an easy target for frustration, it just doesn’t have much logic to it. And there are many others people could blame as well.

      Bottom line is that if his DOJ does not come through on the biggest political crime in our nation’s history, he will be forever remembered for that.

    2. Reply
      David Blackmon - September 2, 2020

      I am aware of this and working on it. I believe we have isolated the issue and will have it resolved in the next 24-48 hours. Sorry for the problems.

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        Gregg - September 2, 2020

        Seems to be working fine for me now. My comments have always been immediately posted when not censored by Wordsupress. It used to happen quite frequently, but I guess I have learned to get past their algorithms by using nicknames for our favorite politicians and other associated creeps and misanthropes.

        Sometimes I get told I’m posting too quickly and to slow down. When I click on the “back” button and try to repost it says I have already posted that comment or that it is a duplicate posting. When that happens I repost it with a minor change and it gets displayed.

        However, as a word of caution, after I write a comment I always right click and “select all” and then “copy” and them “Post Comment”. If I don’t, my work goes away and is not retrievable, even if it is only with a message that I am posting too quickly. If it is rejected outright, it will be lost if not copied and saved.

        Dave, it would also be nice if we were able to up and down vote with likes. And I hope someone in the Trump orbit or campaign is monitoring this and other conservative sites in order to get a real pulse on what we conservatives are thinking.

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    stevekerp - September 2, 2020

    Kaepernick nominated for the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton. LET THE MEMEs BEGIN!! I’d name a urinal for him anyway. And maybe even stand in line for an opportunity to use it.

    What a country.

    1. Reply
      Jimmy MacAfee - September 2, 2020

      A porcelain throne would be more fitting: paying respects to Krapernick in deuce. Maybe paint his face on the bottom of the bowl, and have some nice paper with his picture on each square.
      We would then always say: “I’m going to pay my respects to Krapernick,” much the same way upriver-from-Richmond folks say they’re “gonna pay their respects to the governor.”

      1. Reply
        Gregg - September 2, 2020

        Someone in NJ had toilet paper printed with ex-Gov Florio’s picture on it when he decided to tax it at a 7% rate when it was previously deemed an essential commodity and untaxed. This happened back in 1990 and he became a laughing stock and some people actually mailed used TP to his office and to the legislature.

        Eventually he got the message and was willing to eliminate the TP tax, but only if some other ‘revenue source’ (i.e. a tax increase on something else) was found to compensate for the estimated 7 million dollars of lost revenue. This in an overall 2.8 Billion dollar annual tax increase! And even with that, and many other transgressions, he only lost by 50,000 votes (<1%) to that a$$hole RINO never-Trumper Christine-Todd Whitman who is now based out of Whitmer's Michigan. Whitman and Whitmer, 'Perfect Together'. The NJ slogan was "NJ and You – Perfect Together" back 30 odd years ago.

        Now with all their long-term 'systemic and institutionalized' governmental brilliance, it is now the number one state for people escaping Murphy's paradise; even beating NY and NYC. Glad I left in 2004 – best decision I ever made.

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    LadyJane - September 2, 2020

    Thanks for shutting me down. Sorry I’m not as confident as you are about Barr and Durhan but I can only go by what I see and read each day. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who wants to see some indictments of the people who matter before the election.

    And it’s great that the economy is going so well but the first months of the year prove that it can belly up if Trump follows the wrong advice.

    1. Reply
      Gregg - September 2, 2020


      Believe me, I share your concerns and have had some difficult discussions with some posters here, but as I have said we really have no choice and have to hope that Trump will force action or replace Barr, if Barr proves wanting, but ONLY after he wins the election.

      Keep the faith:)

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