Saturday News Roundup: Grenell’s Plan to Drain the Swamp and Ted Wheeler’s Plan to Destroy Portland

This is a great idea. – Former Ambassador to Germany and Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell rolled out a terrific idea for the second Trump term in an interview on Friday:

From the Fox News story:

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell laid out his case for moving government agencies out of Washington Thursday, telling “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that the move would allow officials to “better represent Americans.”

” I think we’re actually at the point where we no longer have a fight between the Republicans and Democrats,” Grenell said. “We’re actually at a point where we’re having a fight between Washington and the rest of the country.”

Grenell, who also spent two years as U.S. ambassador to Germany, argued that “Washington, D.C. is a place where someone like Joe Biden, [who served for] 48 years, is rewarded with another shot at more failed ideas.

“If you think about it, every single government agency is based here in Washington, D.C. So, all of the bureaucrats, everybody who works for the federal government, really are right here,” he said. “We’re pulling from the same pool.”

“Why does the Interior Department have to be here?” he asked. “Why does the Labor Department have to be in Washington or Virginia? We can have these agencies across America, that will better represent Americans.”


With his mention of the Interior Department, which manages America’s national parks and federal lands, Grenell hits on a point of success the Trump Administration has already achieved. Earlier this year, DOI’s Bureau of Land Management, the other BLM, began the process of physically moving its offices to Grand Junction, Colorado, a logical location that is smack in the middle of the Rocky Mountain West, where most federal lands and parks are situated.

If you’re going to clean out the DC Swamp, one of the best ways to do it would be to decimate the permanent bureaucrat class that occupies the nation’s capital en masse today. This seems like a fantastic focal point for not just a second Trump term in office, but a de facto third Trump term led by America’s first woman president, Kristi Noem, and her vice president, Ric Grenell.

Let’s go!

If you think the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a bastion of conservatism, think again. – The business world in general is being overrun with social justice warrior senior executives. Thus, it is no surprise that its chief lobbying arm in Washington is now moving left as well.

Trade associations are, if they wish to remain trade associations, responsive to their members, and long-time US Chamber CEO Tom Donohue is no exception. His problem today, though, is that his membership is divided between his SJW wing and its traditional country club Republican wing. In is efforts to please his SJW executives, Donohue has gotten himself into a pickle.

From a story at Politico:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is poised to endorse nearly two dozen freshmen House Democrats for reelection, triggering a revolt within the right-leaning organization and drawing fierce pushback from the group’s powerful GOP donors.

The decision represents a sharp departure for the traditionally conservative Chamber, which has spent over $100 million backing Republican candidates during the past decade, and it threatens to further complicate the party’s prospects in the November election while driving a split in the business community.

Chamber leaders — including President Suzanne Clark, Chief Executive Officer Tom Donohue and Executive Vice President Neil Bradley — have been pushing the proposal ahead of a Thursday committee vote to finalize a slate of 2020 endorsements.

But the group’s donors and members are up in arms, with some threatening to pull funding and others openly venting their frustration. Some are raising the prospect that Chamber board members will quit in the weeks to come.

There is particular concern the Democrats in question do not have the pro-business record an endorsement would convey. State Chamber of Oklahoma President Chad Warmington wrote a letter Tuesday to national Chamber leaders fervently opposing the proposal to back Rep. Kendra Horn, perhaps the most vulnerable House Democrat in the country.

Citing the Oklahoma congresswoman’s voting record on energy issues, Warmington wrote, “I question how the U.S. Chamber could endorse a candidate who consistently voted against the largest industry in Oklahoma, employing over 90,000 workers throughout the state. That is hardly a pro-business record. I am also concerned the U.S. Chamber would endorse a congresswoman that voted in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats who are not pro-business nearly 90 percent of the time.”

Warmington added: “I don’t believe an endorsement of Congresswoman Horn is warranted at this time and certainly not justifiable based on the current record of consequential votes impacting Oklahoma businesses.”


Obviously, in a clear-headed world, neither the Chamber nor any other business lobby group would be endorsing a single communist Democrat for office, given that their Party is openly hostile to American business. But of course, there’s the rub: Many of the Chamber’s members aren’t really “American” businesses at all, having huge operations in hostile nations, particularly China, which basically owns the Democrats today.

The current struggle within the Chamber today is emblematic of our nation’s struggle as a whole: We can either be Americans or we can be globalists, but the hostile actions of China’s Communist Party have mandated that we cannot be both.

Speaking of communist Democrats… – Communist Democrat Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler responded to President Trump’s latest offer of federal help in quelling the riots he has enabled for 94 days with a typically nasty note that reads in part:

“We don’t need your politics of division and demagoguery,” he wrote. “When you sent he Feds to Portland last month you made the situation far worse. Your offer to repeat that disaster is a cynical attempt to stoke fear and distract us from the real work of our city.”

“There is no place for looting, arson or vandalism in our city,” he wrote. “There is no room here for racist violence or those who wish to bring their ideology of hate into our community. Those who commit criminal acts will be apprehended and prosecuted under the law.”


Hilariously, President Trump responded with this:


“Thank you for your letter rejecting my offer to send federal law enforcement to your city. You’re welcome at Mar-a-Lago while the peaceful protesters occupy your condo.”

The President was referring to the fact that, after Wheeler sent his nasty letter, the “peaceful protesters” responded by occupying the lobby of the communist Mayor’s condo building.

From a report at Fox News:

A group of Portland, Ore. protesters staged a sit-in inside the lobby of Mayor Ted Wheeler’s condominium building Friday evening while others held a loud concert outside.

The protesters said they wouldn’t leave until Wheeler meets with them over their demands that he resign, reduce the Portland Police Bureau budget and never vote to increase police spending.

The protest appeared to be peaceful as of 10 p.m. local time, although red-paint handprints were seen on the glass outside the lobby, according to independent journalist Garrison Davis.

Some of the protesters had left by 10 p.m. for unspecified “safety reasons,” Davis reported.

Late Friday, Wheeler’s office released a statement saying,  “We are monitoring the situation and hope protesters remain peaceful for the safety of other residents,” according to KION-TV reporter Jennifer Dowling.

It was not immediately clear if Wheeler was home during the protest.


Speaking of Portland… – As mentioned above, the riots continued for the 94th straight night, thanks to Wheeler’s mendacity. Here are some of the highlights being ignored by CNN and the rest of the corrupt media today, courtesy of real journalist Andy Ngo:

These are Joe Biden’s voters, folks, each and every one of them.

Remember that on November 3.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

36 thoughts on “Saturday News Roundup: Grenell’s Plan to Drain the Swamp and Ted Wheeler’s Plan to Destroy Portland

  1. Reply
    Jimmy MacAfee - August 29, 2020

    Some of us had suggested what Grenell is suggesting. Take a victory lap, folks!

    1. Reply
      David Blackmon - August 29, 2020

      Just FYI, moving the BLM to the West is an idea I and a group of other oil industry government affairs professionals first broached with the Clinton Interior Department in 1997, and we raised it again with Bush DOI Secretary Spence Abraham in 2001. But it took President Donald Trump, and his first Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, to finally act on the concept. And boy, do the BLM bureaucrats hate them for it.

      1. Reply
        Jimmy MacAfee - August 29, 2020

        Interesting that BLM stands for two cooperating Gestapo organizations.

        BLM under Obeelzebub was a setup for Chinese solar collectors, pretending to give a shiite about a desert tortoise, when it was all about a Senator’s son’s business deal with the Chicoms.

        The FBI murdered LaVoy Finicum, and the BLM proved its corruption. That is, Bureau of Land Management. Black Lives Matter is funded by the same people who turned the other BLM on the Bundys.

    2. Reply
      phineas gage - August 29, 2020

      I think a lot of people have been pushing this idea for a while now. The logic is simplicity itself–the best way to fight a centralized leviathan is to decentralize it.

      It also makes perfect sense to locate these agencies to the very areas they are supposed to oversee.

      The moaning and wailing of the BLM DC drones was exquisite–let us amplify that many times over. The Department of Agriculture should be next. Destination Kansas or Nebraska.

    3. Reply
      phineas gage - August 29, 2020

      And politically it is a winner for Trump and the GOP since it brings federal jobs to many red states.
      Most of the D.C. swamp things will quit.

      1. Reply
        Jimmy MacAfee - August 29, 2020

        Yeah, imagine what it will do to the tennis foursomes in Alexandria, the key-basket parties at the Country Club, the soccer-mom driver pool and the wine and book club!

        Having to engage or encounter us lesser beings might just make them melt. Where do we find a decent yoga studio and a “masseuse?”

  2. Reply
    Jimmy MacAfee - August 29, 2020

    The Country Club wing of the Chamberpot of Comedy is no better than the SJW wing. Both are set on destroying small business.

    The whole point of this Plandemic was to enrich Walmart and Target and Amazon, while shuttering small businesses permanently. Wall Street killing Main Street with official mandates and Molotov cocktails.

    Yes, the rioters are part of the scheme, too, as small businesses are losing their asses in Portland and elsewhere like NYC (even though some of the chains are losing stores in the rioting, it’s chump change for them.)

    The best way for the Chinese to defeat us is to destroy small business in America. The Chamberpot of Comedy is good with that. On-board all the way.

    1. Reply
      brian - August 29, 2020

      Couldn’t agree more.

      I am somewhat amazed that more people haven’t seen this for what it was, a complete scam and a bid by communists like bezo’s to destroy small businesses which tend to be entrepreneurial, mom’n pop type businesses that employ more people than scamazon. Small businesses provide work experience to their local youth and are generally committed to the towns, cities they do business in.

      Walmart, scAmazon etc all either manufacture their goods in China or buy from companies that make their goods in China. Good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. STOP buying chinese manufactured junk and stop buying from scAmazon, walmart. Until you do, you are funding the enemy.

      Our family doesn’t support china or dirtballs like bezo…

  3. Reply
    Cynthia - August 29, 2020

    VSGPDJT recently signed an Executive Order “encouraging” federal agencies to consider Opportunity Zones for new office locations. Good on him – again!

    1. Reply
      phineas gage - August 29, 2020

      It can’t hurt, but the only thing that is going to dislodge the entrenched D.C. bureaucracy is direct action.

  4. Reply
    Jimmy MacAfee - August 29, 2020

    Ted Wheeler, surrounded rioters, may find himself the target hungry Orcs:

    “Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!” (Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers)

    Better watch out, Ted! (Enjoy your meal, boys!)

    1. Reply
      phineas gage - August 29, 2020

      As the dim-bulb Mr. Rogers of Dem mayors, he’ll be among the first to go.

      Jenny Durkan in Seattle is much more of a crafty survivor.

  5. Reply
    phineas gage - August 29, 2020
  6. Reply
    Gregg - August 29, 2020

    As someone who was involved in moving a group of a thousand gov. bureaucrats ten (10) miles from a (deemed vulnerable post 9-11) leased office building to a newly completed office building on our main campus, I can tell you it is like moving heaven and earth to get groups of forty of these slugs across the river from Arlington, VA to Anacostia in SE DC. I could never conceived of such slow walking and delaying tactics by the SESs and their subordinates. Hannibal crossed the Alps with less difficulty.

    To me, the solution was simple – Move your asses to where we say at the time we say or you’re fired! This relocation was in the planning stages from 2001-2005 while the new building was “fast-tracked” after 9-11. The deemed vulnerable (to attack) leased site was supposed to be unoccupied by 2008, but the newly created ODNI took over about a third of the new building and slowed down the relocation effort. Transportation to, parking for and access into the new facility was also poorly planned (10 TEN! months to rebuild and upgrade one of the three entrance points!). The net result was the leased space in Arlington (that we were supposed to be leaving within two years!) was totally upgraded with new communications infrastructure at great cost – ultimately it was not decommissioned until about 2014-2015. Last I heard, the cost of leasing the facility amounted to about a $1,000.00 per cubicle per month and the lease cost was about a million dollars per month.

    Back to Grenell’s idea. An additional solution would be to dump half of the contractor (yellow badgers) positions and half of the federal employees (blue badgers) and move the rest out of DC.

    Then we can start working on expelling the permanent “K” Street lobbyists, the money laundering law firms and the phony front groups and non-profit “charities”.

    Keep AND PRESERVE the monuments, the Whitehouse, the Capitol (a necessary evil) Building, the SC and the Smithsonian and other historical museums as long as they can be self-sustaining (unlike the Kennedy Center), and clear out the rest of the NCR (50 mile radius) of all unnecessary federal employee dead wood.

    1. Reply
      MMasquer - August 29, 2020

      Working in the same general field this all brings back not-so-fond memories.

      Another “department” went through and is still going through the same thing (you know who I mean…). At great expense and much back and forth an entirely unsuitable derelict building – a “historical site” across from a mental hospital, a prison, and next to a smelly sewage plant – had an inner completely new building built inside the old walls. (Historical site, remember…) Elmer Holmes Nobody and Mayor BowBow finally got their multi-zillion $$ urban renewal project. Our agency escaped (thank heavens!) but many have not.

      Agree, keep the “fed triangle” around the White House and Congress, the monuments, and other such under fed control (they’re all policed by several fed agencies anyhow), move all fed Departments, maybe less Defense, too expensive to replicate the Pentagon, altho Ft. Belvoir is really trying – to other states and give rest to MD. They deserve each other. MD is already better at creating and managing slums and devastated areas so current DC gov will fit right in.

      Will save lots of money. NCR 23% or so locality bonus for ALL fed employees goes down, land and buildings are cheaper, other areas will provide incentives, and best of all most of senior SES will not want to move so save all those bloated, do nothing jobs. Easily half of all SES could be downgraded to GS15 and nobody would even notice the change, things would actually run better.

      Well another best of all. McKrapney, Douchloitte, KraPMG, BullHamstringTon, and the others will have to reorient, as the retired generals and SES will not want to move EastBumScrew either. Now that we’re considering, some agencies could be put into temp buildings in Death Valley, Eastern Washington and Idaho desert (Yakima comes to mind), western MN in winter, and other such garden spots as a test. Any that survived might actually have a valid reason for being.

      1. Reply
        Gregg - August 29, 2020

        Thanks for buttressing my point MMasquer.

        I knew my waste, fraud, and abuse experience wasn’t unique; more like SOP.

        And to top it off, after I got the second batch (element) of forty people from my directorate moved, within six months my counterpart’s SES, in another directorate, wanted to swap them back and send her group over to DC! (Like this couldn’t have happened in the months and years of planning prior to 2006?)

        When this swap got proposed to my element who fought so hard to stay in Arlington…, now they didn’t want to move back to the leased “dump”. Arlington had a score or more great restaurants within walking distance; DC was a new building which only had a very good and much cheaper cafeteria that took awhile getting used to, and offered a $900.00 annual savings in free, but inadequate parking. How petty our best and brightest bureaucrats were/are.

        After seeing such brilliant leadership I knew I had to get the hell out of that loony bin ASAP. My SES in my directorate was also trying to acquire even more leased office space west (away from DC) of Arlington to avoid moving his ass and his cronies to DC – no other reason that I know of.

        I tried to discretely “whistleblow” to the director – he actually knew me to say high in passing – but it ultimately fell on deaf ears. If he did try to reform anything, it is almost impossible as his term is for only three years and for the slugs, waiting out directors, and presidents, who want to really reform anything in DC has become an artform (see Chris Wray).

        After I left government, I went to my newly minted supposed TEA Party (benefitted) conservative congresswoman in person in 2011 about this and a polite thankyou but otherwise got no response. (I knew the former Dem hack wouldn’t have given a Schiff.) I even wrote President Trump (I do understand he is a little busy), but no one seems to care unless, of course, it is a legal and proper (supposedly secure) phone call to Russia or Ukraine made by a GOP president or a high ranking member of his administration.

      2. Reply
        Gregg - August 29, 2020

        I forgot about the locality bonus.

        Downgrading SESs may be a way to go, but firing half of them along with all the GS15s and other SES wannabes would be better. And, just like shutting off security clearances to former directors, and banning any former member of congress from ever lobbying in DC, I would forbid the double dippers – GS15 etc. “retiring” with their massive pensions and then going to “work” for a contractor – Blue Badge to Yellow badge. One day I saw two former GS15s or SESs from my directorate: a tall gawky fool and a little fat guy ambling about the halls, in the building that neither wanted to move to. When got back to my boss I told her I ran into “Fatso and Fruit-loops” wearing yellow badges – she just shook her head.

        Everything in that town is just so wrong; it truly is a cesspool beyond belief.

  7. Reply
    Billy Pilgrim - August 29, 2020

    Comrade kommissar Wheeler probably doesn’t care that businesses are leaving an area that is harmful to their bottom line.
    He will change his tune and call for the cargo cult airplane from Uncle Sugar in due time.
    The Derp State is going to be even more hostile with the call to move the fifth column of civil servant swamp RATS out to the hinterlands.
    They won’t like being around the deplorable kulak untermenschen who don’t want some globalist serf plantation with no borders so that crime and contraband can move freely.
    We don’t bend the knee for the CCP either because we aren’t on their payroll.
    Remember the Chicago Jesus Messiah closing all national parks during the shutdown?
    You would never see that with the Trumpster.

  8. Reply
    brian - August 29, 2020

    Well this is interesting… could be the start of a ‘trend’… lets hope so…

    1. Reply
      phineas gage - August 29, 2020

      That is the subject of Chris Rufo’s twittter thread above.

  9. Reply
    Ben Colder - August 29, 2020

    That may be a good idea move them all around every three years move them that way they will not get too comfortable .It would not be such a bad idea just to shut Washington DC down for about five years yeah I like that thought better all the time.Shuter down

  10. Reply
    Grant - August 29, 2020

    How can we get an “original” source on the letter from the President to Mayor Wheeler? I want to verify its origin before distributing it (and Libtard friends will not want follow a link here).

  11. Reply
    Silas - August 29, 2020

    Ah yes, the blm movement is getting to do their bidding now

    It’s becoming a race war disguised as a revolution. Not surprises in the least. Obama’s private army in the flesh.

  12. Reply
    Silas - August 29, 2020
    1. Reply
      Gregg - August 29, 2020


      There is a reason why the little bimbo is not in politics, after she was given a highly paid no-show fluff(er) media job she couldn’t perform. She was supposed to replace one of the old hag lib Dem congresswomen fossils in the NYC area. When you can’t even make it in in politics, in a profession that is known as the last refuse for the incompetent, especially in NY as a Dem, then you are really a bimbo.

      Regarding the side-by side pictures of Chelsea and Webb Hubbell, I don’t really care whose demon seed knocked up Walking Eagle forty or so years ago so that BJ Clinton could pretend to be a husband to a “family”. I’ll bet BJ doesn’t care either. I wouldn’t if I had the misfortune to be married to her either; perhaps he can be excused for his JFK behavior – NOT!

  13. Reply
    Silas - August 29, 2020

    And at the end the same old trope

    “Unfortunately, Trump too often steps on his own momentum. Someone needs to take away his phone, discourage his tweeting and make him stay on the message so carefully put on display this past week.”

    As if President Trump isn’t smart enough to know this.

    1. Reply
      Gregg - August 29, 2020

      I noticed Erickson didn’t specify any actual tweet, and virtually every comment to the story was negative to Erickson.

      All you twits who call for Trump to stop tweeting, he won in large part by his tweeting and going around the media enemy, and will lose this year if he were to stop.

      Are there some tweets he probably would have been better off not sending? Sure, but I can’t remember or think of one cringeworthy tweet in four years, and I’ll admit I don’t see them all, I don’t have to, I know his message. Any bad or damaging tweets would be highlighted for weeks; just like the media destroyed Quayle and Palin for their occasional and rare miss-speaks.

      Meanwhile his opponent, Joe Btfsplk can’t put a subject and a predicate together into a coherent sentence if his life depended upon it, nor does he know where he is half the time. I’ll bet he is still trying to decide who he wants as his running mate; and I’ll bet his brain (wife/handlers) wish they could have a do-over.

      1. Reply
        brian - August 29, 2020

        I agree… If Trump were to quit tweeting it’d be a disaster. Never Trumper obviously want Trump to quit tweeting because it drives them completely over the cliffs of insanity.

        When you have a political like Cruz who is trying to make himself into a Trump with his social media interests dialed up because hes seen how effective it is… Don’t recall Cruz being that active prior to Trump on social media.

        To President Trump… keep tweeting sir… keep tweeting…

  14. Reply
    The Einous - August 29, 2020

    Build a wall around OR.
    Lock the door.
    Walk away from it.

    1. Reply
      brian - August 29, 2020

      Better idea… Chisel off Portland and slide it out into the Pacific… I like Oregon, its beautiful. Seriously looked at buying property there some years back… Brookings

      Just have to isolate the wingnut towns.

  15. Reply
    phineas gage - August 29, 2020

    So the NBA is coordinating with Obama–no surprise.

    Disney pioneered killing a multi-billion dollar golden goose, but these clowns are saying ‘hold my beer’.

    One reason LeBron irritates me so much is that he’s not that bright. Wearing the Malcolm X frames to imply a level of intellectual ability that he doesn’t have is pathetic.

    I actually respected Muhammad Ali back in the day, although I didn’t agree with him, because he did have some chops. These guys are just imitators, and bad ones at that.

    It will make me enjoy their demise all the more.

    1. Reply
      Gregg - August 29, 2020

      The NBA and ‘the One’ COLLUDING, I mean Coordinating, I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you! Never saw that coming.

      What is next? Are we going to find out ‘the One’ had something to do with spying on Carter Page? Colluding with Antifa and BLM? Allowing Iran to develop Nucs and paying them to foment terror? Selling out America with the Paris Climate Change Accord? Criticizing police and law enforcement? Shunning our best Allies?

      Next thing you’re going to tell me he was ruling our “DEMOCRACY” by executive fiat using a phone and a pen while trying to “Fundamentally Change America”. And I’m also really really REALLY surprised our first African-American president didn’t solve our racial problems or get us a workable and efficient healthcare system.

      Well at least he lowered the sea levels and trained up his vice president to be ready to lead in his footsteps, and appointed some real constitutional scholars to the courts and put excellent people into all levels of government.

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