Saturday News Roundup: Portland Rioters Up the Ante Again as Biden Promises to Shut the Country Down

This is a really strong point. – President Trump put out the following tweet this morning, and it is worth noting:

Did you know that no Democrat presidential nominee has even set foot in Wisconsin since 2012? And this year, after cancelling their planned convention in Milwaukee and moving the fake convention to Delaware for no good reason, the Democrat Party doesn’t even have to good grace to try to steer a little attention Milwaukee’s way.

Prior to 2016, Wisconsin had been a reliable Democrat stronghold in presidential races. The Fainting Felon was so confident of carrying the state that she didn’t bother to hold a single campaign stop there. Big mistake.

Surely the Biden handlers aren’t dumb enough to make the same error again, are they? Don’t necessarily bet on that. Yesterday, word out of the campaign was that it intends to continue its Hidin’ Biden strategy, keeping their Unfrozen Caveman Nominee in the basement of his home while having the younger, more coherent Kamala Harris do all the hard work out on the campaign trail.

Who knows? Maybe this strategy can work in a general election. Besides, when you are putting up a candidate who doesn’t know where he is most day, keeping him in a single location is most likely far less risky than sending him out there to actually meet and talk to people.

Uh, listening to “scientists” to the exclusion of everyone else is why we’re in an economic recession, Joe. – Also on Friday, Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Handsy Farty China Joe Biden promised to shut the country down again on the advice of Anthony Fauci:

That should make everyone feel better, huh?

Speaking of listening to the wrong scientists… – In a terrific piece in the Wall Street Journal, Kimberly Strassel looks back at the Biden/Obama administration’s disastrous handling of the H1N1 virus back in 2009-10.

Where more than 5 million Americans have been infected by COVID-19 this year, more than 60 million Americans contracted H1N1. It was only through the grace of God and incredibly good luck that H1N1 was not nearly as deadly as COVID-19 that America did not suffer an enormous calamity during that time.

From the Strassel piece:

The Ebola example is designed to divert attention from a more relevant comparison: the H1N1 swine-flu outbreak of 2009-10. Democrats don’t like to talk about H1N1, because it didn’t go well. If it had been as deadly as Covid-19, the toll would have been catastrophic. The history is a powerful reminder that governments can’t stop a virus—although they can make epidemics worse.

H1N1 began much like corona, with panicked stories in late April 2009 about a novel “hybrid” flu strain in Mexico that was popping up in the U.S. It was even more alarming, in that it especially affected children. Yet the new administration began with a muddled message. Mr. Obama encouraged calm, while Mr. Biden rambled a warning about staying off airplanes and public transport—prompting backlash. “Biden’s flu gaffe a headache for Obama,” read one headline.

Within days, some 30 states had suspected cases, and by April 27 the U.S. had its first death, a 23-month-old child. Other countries started shutting facilities, telling citizens to stay home, quarantining visitors. The Obama administration still had no idea how deadly the disease was, though the World Health Organization called the outbreak a threat to “all humanity,” and health experts predicted hospitals would be overloaded.

The administration nonetheless took a resigned approach to its spread. Mr. Obama didn’t close the Mexican border, saying that would “be akin to closing the barn doors after the horses are out.” His officials did declare a health emergency (Mr. Obama was golfing that day) and distributed the national stockpile (which they never replenished). The administration recommended schools “consider” closing if experiencing an outbreak, though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention chief said this might not help with spread and warned about taking kids out of classrooms. No one considered a national lockdown, especially not an administration focused on a fragile economic recovery. Mr. Obama promised to “control” the “impact” of the virus—not the virus itself. He asked Congress for all of $1.5 billion.

Authorities grew more optimistic as H1N1 turned out to be less deadly than had been feared, but they still faced the risk of an uglier strain in the fall. Team Obama promised 100 million doses of vaccine by mid-October. (A flu vaccine is easier to produce than a coronavirus vaccine). But government setbacks in production, manufacturing and dosing protocols resulted in only 11 million doses, prompting national outrage. By that point, the CDC estimated 22 million Americans had been infected, 36,000 children hospitalized, and 540 kids had died.


Guess who the Obama administration mainly relied upon for advice during that epidemic: Anthony Fauci. In yesterday’s interview, Biden said “we can’t get the economy going again until we control the virus.” Anthony Fauci has been in this job for more than 40 years and in all that time has failed to control a single virus.

If we keep listening to that little menace, it will be our nation’s downfall.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon… – The riots raged on in Portland for the 84th straight night, as the Democrat-sponsored and funded rioters grew increasingly violent and aggressive, safe in the knowledge that, if arrested, they will quickly be released by the local Soros-funded District Attorney.

Here is some of what the great Andy Ngo informed us about overnight:

In response to last night’s Democrat-sponsored mayhem, President Trump tweeted a plea to communist Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown to request federal help:

But the Democrats love this stuff – it is their creation, after all. So, the President will be waiting in vain for his desired invitation.

If you live in Portland and have the means to get out of there, now’s the time. Because it’s only going to get worse.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

61 thoughts on “Saturday News Roundup: Portland Rioters Up the Ante Again as Biden Promises to Shut the Country Down

  1. Gregg - August 22, 2020

    Portland has become a violent Punxsutawney from the movie “Groundhog Day”. Same Schiff Different Day (SSDD).

    BTW, it has been awhile since I have heard anything about Seattle. Did Mayor Dingbat’s “Summer of Love” return?

    Did Bill Murray and Andie McDowell wake up from their time warp and Walk out of their B & B skipping through newly fallen snow?

    President Trump will soon have more real peace in the Middle East than the Dem mayors and governors will have in their blue cities and states.


    Rasmussen Poll with Trump @ 51% – higher than ‘the One’ at this point in his dictatorship with fawning ‘coverage’ by his MSM (D) buds.

    Quite the bounce from the Dem ‘convention’ in “Milwaukee”. As far as I can tell the biggest outside ‘event’ in Milwaukee was when two deranged people with cervixes accosted a seven year old boy with a MAGA hat.

    I think President Trump and his team will do much better at the Republican convention next week. Stay tuned. I look for at least a 1 % bounce per day during Trump’s convention and 55% approval by Rasmussen (the only remotely accurate poll) by this time next week.

    1. phineas gage - August 22, 2020

      The Dow has just about crested 28,000, with the NASDAQ setting new records almost daily.

      Expect a very strong August jobs report to push them even higher during the convention.

  2. brian - August 22, 2020

    IMO, with all this chaos which is the demonccrap platform I suspect a lot of ‘moderate’ Dems are going to not want to be associated to the insanity the party has become. It really shows you the lengths at which these marxist communists will go thinking its going to help them somehow.

    Its late but get your family and/or your business out of Seattle and Portland if you value either. On your way out thank the mayor/guv for helping you make your decision to move to a safer and friendlier State… like a red one.

    1. Gregg - August 22, 2020

      There are no “moderate Dems” Brian,

      The frauds that MaligNancy Klink recruited to run in the purple districts that Trump won or did well in 2016 were moderate SOUNDING supposedly ‘independent’ Democrats who claimed they would “stand up” to Klink. It was all for show with very few exceptions. Those swing/competitive seats were won in large part because of many strategic (i.e. bought) GOP RINO retirements. Many were long-time RINO establishment types who could have been Kasich’s brother/sister and were appalled that the bad orange man won and controlled their party. This, they simply could not abide.

      The reason Klink can keep most the “moderates” in her caucus on her side is because she controls the money for their campaigns. And the thought that she can’t control the radicals like the “squad” in her caucus is BS. She uses them for cover, to get the left’s extreme positions into the mainstream so that there is always some sort of ‘compromise which always moves the agenda incrementally left – especially when they are dealing with feckless weasel establishment types like Boehner, Ryan, McConnell, and the Bushes.

      Klink may be a lot of things, but she is not stupid, at least behind the scenes where it counts. She knows that she and her radical ‘squad’ are all in safe cobalt seats and are untouchable. Therefore their numbers and influence can only grow over time.

      They may even realize they may lose the house this year, but they obviously feel their power is just a couple of years away, especially if the GOP runs another McRomney type. These tactics have always worked in the past with a few notable pauses (three people, Reagan, Gingrich and now Trump) forcing some resets. However, the left always plays the long game and even though Klink might not be the one leading the ultimate collapse in 2021, or 2013, etc., there will always be some other lunatic ready to fill her shoes after she moves on. How hard would it be to imagine a Schiff or a Swalwell being Klink’s replacement? Or even AOC in ten years?

      However, this can only happen if our side and the moderate/undecided voters stay on the side lines and don’t vote (for silly reasons) or allow themselves to be willfully fooled again like in 2018, or if massive voter fraud is allowed to continue in the purple swing districts, or the GOP is in cahoots and runs awful candidates or underfunds good conservative ones.

      Ultimately I see the country splitting up in a massive upheaval because, as President Lincoln said a house divided against itself cannot stand, and (by careful long planned design) there is nothing right now that is a unifying factor in our country. I really thought 9-11 would have unified us to a common cause; ultimately and sadly it didn’t. Our common language and common cause or bonds have been in many cases probably and deliberately irreparably fractured.

      1. phineas gage - August 22, 2020

        Given the geography, how do you ever see a split happening?

        It’s not going to be amicable anyways, but the Left will never permit it. Therefore better to just take the whole thing back.

        1. phineas gage - August 22, 2020

          ‘but’ = ‘because’

        2. Gregg - August 22, 2020


          I see it basically split along the red/blue lines with a whole set of walled checkpoints. There will eventually be deals cut like travel lanes to Berlin though East Germany. There are probably enough ports from Norfolk to Galveston to support most of the red overseas trade. If not, the Blue country needs the Red country’s food, water, fuel and electrical power more than almost anything the Blue country can offer. I see it being much like the way the US is currently bordered by Canada and Mexico.

          Currency, especially the monetary policy and debt, will have to be negotiated, or world economies could collapse, with the Chinese currency becoming the world’s reserve currency. Purple/Blue Interior states like IL, MI, WI, and MN will have to decide quickly red or blue and will probably be split up with cities like Detroit, and Chicago staying blue. The same goes for PA, MD and VA and possibly NV and the eastern halves of WA, OR, and CA.

          The EU model of conversion will probably be set up for the conversion of money and other factors. The names of a split America could be as simple as the United States of Red and the United States of Blue. The constitution would be broken up and amended by the new governments where the blue country will have no 2A and free speech, assembly, and religion, among other things, will be highly regulated etc. The red country would probably adopt most of the current US constitution and amend it in areas such as voting requirements and term limits and judicial limitations to protect it from the abuses that our current constitution has suffered from and proven to be inadequate.

          My big fear in any fracturing event, whether it be peaceful or violent, short or long, it will probably be longer than the 1861-5 civil war since both sides are so dug in, that when it starts there will be no diplomatic solution; we could be fighting in ways similar to what happened in WWI Europe. The real fear will be what will our big foreign enemies do and how will they react? Will they attempt an invasion? I don’t think so, but we will definitely be weakened and our overseas “allies” may well be seen by China and Russia as low hanging fruit ripe for picking.

          The other main question is which side will our army, navy and air force choose to fight for? And how engaged will they become? If smart, both sides and the Pentagon would focus the military’s effort on defending the actual current geographic boundaries and our overseas assets, interests and ships via ensuring free trade.

          I could go on, and I’m not advocating for CW2 lightly, but I just don’t see how we are going to remain the UNITED States of America; more like UN-TIED States with a whole lot of pain, suffering and death. Perhaps it has to happen regardless of the 2020 election outcome, but a Trump win offers the best chance of a relatively peaceful resolution, however the powerbase of the left must be thoroughly defeat once and for all.

          1. brian - August 22, 2020

            While the scenario you spell out is dire, I personally don’t see it happening.

            For one the ‘split’ would lead to an internal war first within and against the Republican. These fectless politicals would be willing to concede to nearly everything the demoncrap would demand. This would inevitably lead to a revolt within the party and conservatives would not accept it.

            These politicals can’t even get a health care agreement how would they get a borders, currency, debt repayment, trade etc etc deals ever passed??? Simple… they won’t and can’t.

            The demoncraps are pushing for a civil war that much is obvious. If it did come down to shooting I can almost guarantee it won’t last long. And, it won’t be conservatives on the losing end. Few want this solution.

            Its imperative that conservatives get out and vote… every one of them. They ‘moderates’ I was referring to isn’t tin the political camp but in the general population. The ‘moderate’ Dem voter is where I think a lot of surprise will be coming from as well.

            If Trump takes up the message that Tucker started, Are you better off today in a Dem controlled state/city than any other red state/city before and after the plandemic?? I think you’ll see a huge shift in voters.

            Whats the future after Trump?? IMO, The USA would be better off with a nonpolitical at the helm. Its why I keep advocating a Trump Jr. He’s a brawler like pappy, exactly whats needed to continue the demoncrap destruction and parring down.

            Elect a political like Pence or Cruz and you’ll be back on the slide to mediocrity and communist resurgence. Pence is a nice guy but he’s not a fighter. Cruz… he’s to busy trying to groom himself to look like a Trump but falls far short… he’s a political.

            Its all speculation at this point… End of Sept., mid October will be where the telling point will be. One thing certain… The demoncraps are going to do EVERYTHING they can to steal or delay the election and vote count.

            Its a war…

            a little wordy… my bad

      2. phineas gage - August 22, 2020
  3. brian - August 22, 2020

    Seems like Virginia is going all in on the communista. They’re not only trying to disarm its citizenry but now there will be a requirement to take the ‘vaccine’ when they have it available.

    Time to roll up your sleeves… its either fight’m or take the shot… which will it be???

    1. Gregg - August 22, 2020

      Yeah, I’m so glad I left Virginia 13 years ago when I saw how it was heading.. When I moved to VA in 2004, I quickly realized it was about ten years behind the ‘progressive’ policies and voting habits of New Jersey. Fortunately Tennessee is still very Red, but the blue team is looking to make inroads here too.

      I believe the whole country will either collapse, split up, or maybe miraculously recover before TN becomes blue.

      Virginia has two chances in the next 14 months: They can reelect Trump, defeat Senator Warner, and recapture the three house seats they lost in 2018, and then in 2021, the (term-limited) governor, the, the AG, and the legislature are all up for election. It is up to the good folks of the Commonwealth to kick out all these derelicts, communists, and grifters. NJ is in the same position with Senator ‘Spartacus’ Booker up in 2020, and the non term-limited governor and legislature up in 2021. These are the only two states where this election dynamic occurs. NYC’s da Bozo and LA’s Garcetti mayoralties are also up in 2021.

      1. phineas gage - August 22, 2020

        I think Virginia goes strongly red this fall.

        1. Gregg - August 22, 2020

          When that happens, Trump will also win forty states and a landslide 52-53% at least of the popular vote, despite massive Dem cheating.

  4. phineas gage - August 22, 2020

    More than fifty years ago, cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland and others experienced widespread rioting and destruction. All the people with money got out and these cities sagged into urban ghetto blight.

    For years it was said that urban renewal was in sight. Billions of dollars were poured into these cities, all run by Democrats. Nothing ever changed, generation after generation, as the welfare cultured hardened. These cities are worse off now fifty years later.

    Now Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland have joined their ranks. They will never recover. It is possible that New York City is in that group as well.

    Great cities are a mark of a thriving country and strong civic culture. Many of ours are now in ruins. I’m not sure of the political calculus going forward, but it is clear that we will not renew ourselves as a nation until we either separate from the Left or defeat them utterly and completely.

    1. brian - August 22, 2020

      Demoncrap cities have declined since the 70’s, if memory serves me right. The rust belt used to thrive and people made good livings, suburbia grew. Demoncraps started moving further left when industry moved off shore and manufacturing took the hit, so started the suburban and rust belt decline. The demoncrap messaging of racism and permanent victim-hood increased along with the welfare government dependency initiatives.

      Are these cities lost?? They don’t need to be lost, they choose to be lost. Civilization is dynamic. Cities and commerce will grow where there is opportunity and they’ll die out where none exists. What should be done is use these examples of communist destruction as warnings against their infiltration. The cost/risk of freedom means you cannot ban their ideology and separate them out but your can expose them for who they really are.

      The only option is as you stated…. defeat them utterly. That means, imo, they start a shooting war then you don’t stop shooting until the threat is entirely eliminated. The other option is to defeat them soundly at the polling stations. Reduce their party to nothing with the least amount of representation as possible. Hopefully the nation will take the later route instead of a shooting war.

      It is a war…

  5. phineas gage - August 22, 2020

    Good point about Milwaukee, but has Trump been to Jacksonville since he cancelled the convention?

  6. phineas gage - August 22, 2020

    Invite her to speak at the upcoming convention:

    Perhaps Adam Haner as well.

  7. phineas gage - August 22, 2020

    His defense is he can’t remember what he said or plagiarized one hour ago:

    Besides, Canadian leftists should be happy to pitch in for the cause.

  8. silver fox - August 22, 2020

    if he is elected, biden will be the first president to have his and his vice president’s axxes dragged out into the street.

  9. silver fox - August 22, 2020

    if he is elected he and his vp will be the first to have their axxes dragged out into the streets.

  10. silver fox - August 22, 2020

    fuck this site. censorship will be a hangable offense in the near future.

    1. brian - August 22, 2020

      doesn’t look censored to me…

    2. phineas gage - August 22, 2020

      Well, at least you’re not bitter…

  11. Pouncekitty - August 22, 2020

    Let Portland and Seattle burn. Burn them both down! Let them be the West Coast Detroits. Stinking, rotten, filthy DemocRats destroy everything they touch.

  12. Stuartswede - Unmaksed and Unafraid - August 22, 2020

    We shouldn’t need another shutdown, because Bill Gates is bringing us a vaccine. Here is an interesting clip from an interview with the Gates of Hell. Norah O surprisingly asked some real questions. He is pure evil. Oh and today some health minister in Virginiastan said vaccines would be mandatory for everyone, comrades.

    Stay Free not safe

  13. Thunderbolt Grease Slapper - August 22, 2020

    This just in from Vlad Putin-all your postal service are belong to us.
    The KGB conquered the USPS with all those government worker commies so that Emmanuel Trumpstein could become der Führer!
    Cruella was counting on the dreamers vote and this round the CPUSA is counting on their comrades at the USPS to deliver the great leap forward by any means necessary.
    No mention of peach mint at the CPUSA shindig? Why not?
    Russian hackers aren’t hot anymore? They still have Cliché Guevara shirts at Hot Topic so don’t throw these out with the hopey changey posters.
    Has anyone seen the OMG like totes fainting hopey changey girls or did Dear Leader Messiah pay their rents and fill up the gas tanks for the good of the collective.

  14. Stuartswede - Unmaksed and Unafraid - August 22, 2020

    And speaking of the plandemic and global tyranny, here is another reason to exit WHO and UN lickity split.

    Stay Free with the truth

  15. phineas gage - August 22, 2020

    They’ll probably still charge him for the service:

  16. Liberty Writer - August 22, 2020

    Notice how the rioters are better equipped and better trained than the police.
    Additionally: Notice how police don’t know who the rioters are, where they stay, don’t have video for arresting rioters after rioters assault police.
    Conclusion: These riots are run by the political class of Portland and above. The police are just chattel here to serve the purpose of the Mayor, City Council Governor etc. who facilitate these riots.

    1. Gregg - August 22, 2020

      I wonder if the cops are getting bought off with huge amounts of hazard duty pay?

      There is just no way I, as a cop, would lift a finger under these prevailing conditions.

      1. Silas - August 22, 2020

        Mayor Teddy is the one keeping them from doing their job. I will bet a super sized lunch at your favorite fast food place that if they could, the police would be on them like flies on shite. Thay are only being allowed to arrest the little sociopaths and psychopaths when they push the police to hard.

    2. Silas - August 22, 2020

      You give the mayor Portland and his politcal allies too much credit. Here’s a little reading for you on Antifa and who they really are.

  17. Silas - August 22, 2020

    Ghislaine Maxwell has survived 51 days in jail!

    1. phineas gage - August 22, 2020

      CNN should have a running chyron.

      1. Stuartswede - Unmaksed and Unafraid - August 22, 2020

        Na, they are pulling for her demise to protect all of the dem pedos

  18. adrian - August 22, 2020

    Love when these anarchists start whining and squealing like little pigs about their ‘rights’ after they have destroyed everyone else’s. The sad part is when, over a megaphone, they start telling the cops about how they will be released in the morning….The D.A. in Portland should be arrested and the sooner the better. Can someone there make a citizen’s arrest on him for violating his oath of office? People have to start doing something besides standing around and watching these idiots beating people and trying to destroy law and order. When will they be sick of this almost 3 months of criminal activity?

    1. Silas - August 22, 2020

      With Portlanders that hard to say. You will most likely see something start happening when it begins to spread out more. People will either start calling city hall and complaining or they will just let it go on. But sooner or later, they’re going to cross paths with somebody who will start shooting at them. It’s just a matter of time.

      1. adrian - August 22, 2020

        I agree about someone crossing the paths with a lawful gun owner protecting their property or life but calling city hall will be worthless as this D. A. and Mayor are one of them….WE as a people have to start standing up to this period. If this were in my area I would be out there doing something about it. It’s getting to late for the cops to help….vigilantism is going to have to make a come back and some of these commies hung from the highest tree

        1. Silas - August 22, 2020

          We’re talking Portland here. I know a little about the denizens of that once fair city. They’re too stoned and laid back to do anything really. There will be some push back from some folks, but not enough to make a difference.

          As I said, they will either start nagging at city hall or do nothing.

          You going all vigilante there would end with the bought off DA of Multnomah county charging you with felony crimes, locking you up and using you as an example of what happens when you go up against their little marxist pawns.

          Hate to be a Debbie Downer, but that’s why I moved the wife and I out of the Portland metro area a year ago. It wasn’t easy to do but God helped us find a way. Some will be caught behind enemy lines, all we can do is pray for them and hope they don’t get caught in the crossfire.

          1. adrian - August 22, 2020

            You’re right of course….I kind of sounded like a keyboard…but this crap gets me hot under the collar. There has to be a way for the good folks to start pressing back by organizing a response to this nonsense in some way besides sitting by and letting it go on and on

      2. Liberty Writer - August 22, 2020

        Silas “they’re going to cross paths with somebody who will start shooting at them”.

        The liberal DA’s and Judges will be on anyone fighting the Communists like flies on horse shit. It will be interesting to see what the police do. In many cites police are bending over to accommodate any rioters.

        1. Silas - August 22, 2020

          No argument there. But none the less, they will push some folks to the point of no return. It will be as it will be.

    2. brian - August 22, 2020

      We have all been assured that the DoJ is watching this all closely… and likely taking notes…

      well ok making really funny flip books.

      1. Silas - August 22, 2020

        Been trying to stay optimisitc, but there are times….

  19. phineas gage - August 22, 2020

    Michelle did not mention Kamala in her convention speech.

    Obama mentioned Biden once.

    Quite telling, I think. The Obamas don’t want to be associated with the stench of a landslide-loser.

  20. phineas gage - August 22, 2020

    What a shocker:

    It’s hilarious to watch this writer cast about for an explanation, ignoring the large pachyderm in the middle of the room.

    1. Silas - August 22, 2020

      Get woke, go broke. Big bad LeBron’s going to find out what no job means real soon. And the sportscating business will go right down the shitter with them.

      1. phineas gage - August 22, 2020

        He’s nearly done, worth a billion dollars, and won’t feel a thing within his crushing void of stunning ignorance.

        It’s all the others that are swirling the proverbial bowl.

    1. Silas - August 22, 2020

      I’d tell the demoncrats: Try to match wits with Trump at your own peril. But they’d just sneer at me and do it anyway.

      The more he trolls them the more insane they get.

      1. brian - August 22, 2020

        Thats the beauty of it all…

  21. Silas - August 22, 2020

    Adrian – About our earlier conversation, I’m as guilty as the next person about banging the drum when it comes to the marxist scum. I made an active decision to remove myself from the arena of conflict and urges any and all who would listen to do the same.

    When Donald Trump was elected, I watched as they destroyed public and private property in their moment of disbelief and anger. I knew then, it was only going to get worse as time went by.
    Now, that moment has come, and Portland is found wanting. The mayor and the governor will rue the day they let the shit go on for more than a couple of days. As others have said Portland will become like Detroit, a burnt out husk of what was once a great city.

    1. adrian - August 22, 2020

      True….but I bet the good Mayor Wheeler will be long gone with his pile of money living his life out on some real nice lake and not give a tinkers damn about what he left behind…that’s the way of the Democommies.

  22. Silas - August 22, 2020


    1. adrian - August 22, 2020

      One other thing….when President Trump gets re-elected and when the verdict on the George Floyd trial comes back in the commies are going to tear this country apart….I’m afraid we ain’t seen nothing yet.

  23. Stuartswede - Unmaksed and Unafraid - August 22, 2020

    I have the football teed up for you! Sometimes a yo-yo is fun. This article was very encouraging. Written by a lawyer, but actually connects several dots. I am a gluten for good articles and think you will be happier today after reading this.

    1. Stuartswede - Unmaksed and Unafraid - August 22, 2020

      Gluten = Glutton

      Justice, oh the peace!

    2. Gregg - August 22, 2020

      Thanks Stewartswede,

      I appreciate reading and you linking the article as I cannot allow myself to read and research this crap all day – I got to try to maintain my sanity. If you notice much of my commentary is devoted to historical events and direct commentary on Dave’s pieces. The article itself sounds a lot like a buttressing argument for the case Dave made about how Durham is conducting this investigation.

      Regarding Barr and Durham’s investigation: When I have been negative about Barr it is when I see obvious and apparent missed prosecution opportunities and the extremely long time it has taken to get here. I worry and express my concerns about the DOJ running out the clock either on the Trump administration or by statue of limitations. I in no way wish to convey I have developed a F-it attitude and hope and prey the evildoers see real justice for a variety of reasons, but most importantly to restore the nation’s faith in the rule of law and equal justice under the law.

      I think everyone here and across the country is fed up with the DEMOCRATIC PRIVILEGE that has run that town for over a hundred years.

      Also, reading that writer’s explanation on wading through and parsing DC legalese, it reminds me of how much of that BS gobbledygook I put up with when I worked there. Leaving that town and VA was one of the best decisions I ever made.

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