Thursday News Roundup: Durham, Barr Claim a Scalp, Portland Rioters Now Attacking Hospitals

Barack Obama, the environmental preside…wait, what? – In yet another prime example of the reality that Democrat hypocrisy knows no bounds, Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self, the man who spent 8 long years preaching the Climate Change fantasy, has now been revealed to be intentionally ignoring environmental laws during the construction of his $9 million home in Hawaii:

Scientists say that seawalls are the primary cause of beach loss in Hawaii and estimate that 20% of beach length in the state has been lost within the last century.

While modern laws have been developed to protect the state’s beaches, they have failed to do so as a result of as real estate loopholes, such as easements, often used to bypass the policies.

One might think that Nesbitt and Obama, who made environmental protection a major platform of his presidency, would be different and take the environmentally friendly action no matter the cost, but that appears not to be the case.

Permits obtained by ProPublica reportedly show that developers, after having torn down the property’s mansion, are planning to construct three homes, two pools, and a security perimeter on the property.

State officials confirmed to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and ProPublica that the Obamas will be the compound’s future occupants once the project is complete.


You just could never make these people up. And who in their right mind would want to?

Durham claims his first scalp – will others follow? – Attorney General William Barr promised a Durham “report” and other actions by “the end of summer,” which is September 22. We will know by then whether Durham has been conducting a real investigation intent on exacting real justice on real criminals, or whether it is been just another DOJ distraction.

On Wednesday, Durham extracted the promised guilty plea from little fish Kevin Clinesmith, the leftist activist FBI lawyer who falsified an email in order to defraud the FISA court and obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump administration. The plea agreement for one count of lying to investigators carries with it a maximum sentence of 6 months in prison and fine of $250,000, chicken feed for a guy who willingly participated in an active coup d’etat effort on U.S. soil.

If this is all there is to the Durham investigation, both he and Barr will go down as just a couple more corrupt footnotes to American history.  It’s their choice.

But Barr is most certainly not Jeff Sessions. – He is doing real work, unlike his useless predecessor in the job, and he provided a good example of that in a press conference yesterday that was largely ignored by the corrupt news media.

At that presser, Barr detailed more than 1,000 arrests and over 200 prosecutions under federal statues related to DOJ’s Operation Legend. Here’s an excerpt from a report at Fox News:

At least 217 people have been charged with a federal crime, and more than 1,000 arrests have been made in major metropolitan cities since the Department of Justice launched Operation Legend in July, U.S. Attorney General William Barr announced on Wednesday.

Nearly 400 firearms have been seized by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Barr launched Operation Legend on July 8 as “a sustained, systematic and coordinated law enforcement initiative in which federal law enforcement agencies work in conjunction with state and local law enforcement officials to fight violent crime,” the DOJ said in a release.

It was named in honor of 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro, who was shot and killed while he slept in the early morning of June 29 in Kansas City, Mo. Last week, a Jackson County prosecutor announced second-degree murder charges against his suspected killer, 22-year-old Ryson Ellis, who was being held in Tulsa County Jail.

LeGend Taliferro, 4, was shot and killed while he slept in the early morning of June 29 in Kansas City, Mo.

LeGend Taliferro, 4, was shot and killed while he slept in the early morning of June 29 in Kansas City, Mo. (Courtesy of FBI)

“LeGend is a symbol of the many hundreds of innocent lives that have been taken in the recent upsurge of crime in many of our urban areas,” Barr said at a press conference in Kansas City. “His life mattered and the lives of all of those victims matter. His name should be remembered and his senseless death, like those of all the other innocent victims in this recent surge, should be unacceptable to all Americans.”

Barr said the federal government has dispatched to nine U.S. cities more than 1,000 additional agents from the FBI, ATF, Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Marshals Service to work shoulder to shoulder with state and local partners on homicide and assault squads to crack cases.

The government has also allocated $78.5 million in grants to support additional police positions, hire more prosecutors and improve technology to solve firearms crimes.

“We saw one result of those efforts last week when Kansas City Police arrested the suspected murderer of LeGend,” Barr said. “This arrest will not bring LeGend back but it will make his case an example of how we can come together to take violent criminals off the street and to make our communities safer.”


These are great results, but at the end of the day, local law enforcement is mainly up to local officials, and no DOJ has the resources to make up for all of the damage to America’s great cities being done by communist Democrat mayors and city councils. But you can’t blame Barr for not trying. Again, he is not Jeff Sessions.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon… – Speaking of one of America’s dying, communist-Democrat run cities, citizens in Portland suffered through their 82nd straight night of violent riots overnight Wednesday, rioting that is still ongoing as I write this piece early Thursday morning.

Here are some of the highlights, provide as always by real journalist Andy Ngo, who does his best every day to overcome the Soviet-style wall of silence from the corrupt corporate news media:

And on and on it goes.

Notably, not a single speaker at the communist Democrat Convention has uttered a word of condemnation of these rioters. Which is not at all surprising, given that domestic terrorists are in fact organized and funded by front groups for George Soros and the communist Democrat Party.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

36 thoughts on “Thursday News Roundup: Durham, Barr Claim a Scalp, Portland Rioters Now Attacking Hospitals

  1. phineas gage - August 20, 2020

    Obama is the same as Sanders and his multiple lavish homes. They are no different from Politburo members with dachas. In fact, that is who they aspire to be.

  2. phineas gage - August 20, 2020

    I wonder how likely it is that Mike Schmidt, like Kim Foxx, obtained most of his campaign funding from George Soros?

  3. phineas gage - August 20, 2020

    I hope he follows through–it is the kind of pushback that is needed:

    The problem is that a large number of blue cities are in blue states with Democrat governors.

    1. Rick O'Shay - August 20, 2020

      Unfortunately I think he’s just throwing a bone to the Republicans he abandoned with his mask nonsense.

  4. jack johnson - August 20, 2020

    Durham and Barr`s investigation is going to be considered a flop unless there are major players indicted. The indictments must contain a couple of major figures with some kind of tie directly to top political figures in Obama`s administration.

    Personally I doubt it will happen and Barr will be considered a failure.

  5. brian - August 20, 2020

    Watched the Barr interview yesterday and while its a good start on putting violent criminals away more needs to be done. One thing he stated which was encouraging was that if federal charges can be levied they will bring them in. It strengthens the charges and facilitates in keeping the violent criminals off the streets longer and they can hold them in jail pending their trials.

    Obozo… a lying, disgusting, thieving, sack of hypocritical communist horse manure thru and thru. Gid I leave anything out??

    The brownshirts in Portland are trying to wear down not only the police but the public as well. They think that by inducing shell shock people will acquiesce to their rule and be subdued Its bad for those having to live there but they need to keep these thug criminals confined to the city.

    One question I’d have is, those that were arrested damaging the court house etc… will they be charged federally, Mr Barr??? Its great what Barr is doing with the Legend initiative but whats happening with the In Your Face violent criminals rioting nightly in various cities??? There is no benefit to not prosecuting the criminals who night after night flaunt federal law and violently assault people. In fact by not prosecuting these people you are assisting them in their destruction and assaults. Given the precedent being set by the governor and mayors of these cities it should be ok for patriots to go open season on communist criminals. Peaceful hunting festivals…

    1. brian - August 20, 2020

      Its a political hit… nothing more…

      1. phineas gage - August 20, 2020

        Since it is an SDNY prosecution, you would think so. Force the targets to defend themselves against baseless charges, and in the process bankrupt them and ruin their reputations, destroying them politically. Pure Alinsky.

        It may also be a way to get at Trump.

      2. phineas gage - August 20, 2020

        Not exactly a show of unqualified support from Trump:

        Then again, the two didn’t part on the best of terms.

        1. brian - August 20, 2020

          Which I think was a mistake… two competing ego’s

    2. Jonesy - August 20, 2020

      I hate when so called conservatives like Bannon give ammo like this to the left. We need to be doing it better and cleaner than the left.

      1. brian - August 20, 2020

        Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime. Stalin or Lenin, can’t remember which. Point is its in NY and its a political hit job. The communists are looking for ANYTHING and everything to make Trump look as bad as possible.

        They think they’ll get a twofer on this one… Make Bannon defend himself, expensively and hope for a conviction which is more likely as its in deep swamp territory.

        And two… To hurt Trump by claiming his top staffers are corrupt. See… more criminal charges. They’ll compare the ‘Ones’ record of and spout off NONE of his staff being charged with any crimes and not even a scintilla, shadow or hint of wrong doing or scandal.

        Its a political hit… and its lawfare…

        Its a war…

  6. M. Ellsworth - August 20, 2020

    I saw a Supreme Court decision from June that said Soros groups were not entitled to first amendment rights because they were foreign. Shouldn’t that mean they can’t fund all these groups? What are the implications?

    1. phineas gage - August 20, 2020

      I’ll try to find the decision you are referring to, but I think Soros is funding these groups very indirectly, with the money passing through several organizations. Perhaps that lets him evade some legal barriers.

  7. Stuartswede - August 20, 2020

    Speaking of guilty pleas and perp walks, this is great. My mom just sent this link.
    I have a dream!

  8. Stuartswede - August 20, 2020
  9. phineas gage - August 20, 2020


    More and more, I think Trump’s pathway to reelection is through the Rust Belt states. Maybe a lot of Minnesotans were not big fans of burning down Minneapolis.

    1. Silas - August 20, 2020

      As the chaos and riots continue the needle will keep slowly moving to the right. The demoncrats jumped the shark. Provided the President can keep them from pulling off the mail vote fraud scam, it will be an epic asswhooping. What’s really going to be interesting is the down ballot.

      Folks aren’t relying on the secm as much as they used to and I suspect that this year will be one where they will be doing their due diligence even more so.

  10. phineas gage - August 20, 2020

    Apparently there is a convention bounce, just not the one the Dems were expecting:

  11. phineas gage - August 20, 2020

    Absolutely brutal:

    And this is just the beginning.

    1. brian - August 20, 2020

      I think this one is more like it…

      1. brian - August 20, 2020
    2. Silas - August 20, 2020

      The material from the last 40 years and his rapidly declining mind is going to be beyond brutal.
      The demoncrats will be doing their best to call the onslaught unfair or any other word they will get traction.

  12. adrian - August 20, 2020

    If Comey, Brennan, Clapper, OZero, Strok, Hildabeast and all the traitor cohorts don’t get indicted then there is NO justice and this is all a big show for nothing….period!

    1. Silas - August 20, 2020

      If Durham is the straight shooter he supposed is, some of those on your list should be getting indicted. The radio silence of Brennan, Clapper and Comey is telling. Strozk is most likely rolling and Hillarity is squirming. They’ll never indict Obamalama, it would set off a firestorm.

      If Barr writes the report on Durham’s investigation, Big O and Joe should be shown to be shown for the conspirators that they were and are.

      1. adrian - August 20, 2020

        I know for sure you are right about Obozo. They would crucify any one that went after the anointed one…. guess we will have to settle for the rest if it ever happens

  13. adrian - August 20, 2020

    Could this be the Democommies plan if Trump wins?

  14. adrian - August 20, 2020


  15. brian - August 20, 2020

    Heres an interesting tidbit… Might affect your site here Mr Blackmon.

  16. adrian - August 20, 2020

    Can’t seem to get this to post….sorry!

    1. Silas - August 20, 2020

      Copy the adress in your browser and paste in the comments box. Askimet won’t let us embed videos.

      1. adrian - August 20, 2020

        Thanks….don’t want to mess up this discussion so I will try again some other time!

        1. Silas - August 20, 2020

          Your contribution will be appreciated and you need not worry about messing anything up. We don’t keep score around here unless in it’s all in good fun.

          1. adrian - August 20, 2020

            The link was for and the video was called ‘The Storm of The Ages Approaches’….while I don’t agree with everything this fellow speaks of, he brings up an excellent point about what the Dems might pull when Pres. Trump gets re-elected….They are going to get vicious when this happens

  17. Silas - August 20, 2020

    For those are who are new here and keep seeing me use secm please refer to my following list

    Define the enemy

    msm – socialist echo chamber media
    dnc – socialist democrat party
    public schools – socialist juvenile public indoctrination center
    universities and colleges – socialist brainwashing centers
    seiu – socialist employee union
    federal bureaucrats – socialist government employees
    democrat politicians – tyrannical socialists
    left wing law clerks – socialist lackeys
    antifa – socialist democrat party terrorists
    blm – marxist democrat party terrorists
    fbi – corrupt bureau of investigations
    irs – corrupt revenue confiscators’
    cdc – inept and corrupt quacks
    nih – more inept and corrupt quacks

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