Some Actual Useful Polling Data Shows Partisan Split on In-Person Voting, COVID Vaccine

They’re just giving their people what they want. – In case you’re wondering why Biden’s handlers insist on continuing to keep him in the basement, a new Axios/Ipsos poll provides the data. This poll shows that a whopping 68% of depraved Democrat voters are all a-skeered of in-person political campaigning and in-person voting.

From the Axios story:

By the numbers: 68% of Democrats said in-person, door-to-door political campaigning would carry a moderate or large risk to their health and safety. Just 46% of Republicans said the same.

  • Similarly, 63% of Democrats and 32% of Republicans said in-person voting would be at least moderately risky.

Between the lines: This is a vivid illustration of a challenge Democrats have faced since the spring. The poor response to the pandemic gives them a powerful campaign message, but has also taken away many of the tactical tools they’d normally use to press that advantage.

  • “Biden would not be credible if he was going out and doing MAGA-type rallies. His base would think he was being foolish,” said Cliff Young, president of Ipsos U.S. Public Affairs. ”Trump can get away with that because his base doesn’t see the same sort of risk out there.”


And there you have it. Democrat voters who tend to get their fake news from either CNN or the Perpetual Outrage Mob on Twitter have been brainwashed into believing that political rallies are somehow more deadly than the massive crowds of rioters they have supported for the last 3 months and that in-person voting is a deadly threat to their health, unlike going to the grocery store, which they have all done regularly for the last 5 months.

Thus, the Hidin’ Biden strategy fulfills the fondest wishes of the fantasy-based mindset held by the vast majority of loyal Democrat voters, who are always eager to be brainwashed by the corrupt news media. If any of that surprises you, you haven’t been paying close enough attention.

Meanwhile, the public isn’t buying the campaign by Bill Gates, Anothony Fauci and Big Pharma to convince Americans that the only way to deal with the viral gift from China is via the development of some miracle vaccine. A new poll conducted by NBC/Survey Monkey finds that less than half of those surveyed would be willing to trust such a vaccine.

From a story at NBC News:

WASHINGTON — Less than half of American adults say they would get a government-approved coronavirus vaccine if one becomes widely available, new data from the NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Tracking Poll show, with the majority unsure about getting the vaccine or saying they’re ruling it out entirely.

Forty-four percent of American adults say they would get the vaccine, with 22 percent saying they wouldn’t and 32 percent saying they aren’t sure.


Notably, a clear majority of Democrats who are easily influenced by the corrupt news media would be peachy-keen to take a Gates/Fauci vaccine. Who could have guessed, right?

This really is not at all surprising, is it? Gates has come to be regarded by a massive percentage of the U.S. population as your basic villain from a James Bond film. Meanwhile, Fauci has been wrong so many times about so many aspects of this pandemic that his word long ago lost any trust from most of the public. Big Pharma, meanwhile, is, well, Big Pharma, and pretty much everyone now understands that those companies’ business models rely on creating treatments that keep people dependent on their products for years, not on cures that actually get people off of their products.

So, we’re supposed to trust this combination of allied interests?

Yeahhhhh, no.

That is all.

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24 thoughts on “Some Actual Useful Polling Data Shows Partisan Split on In-Person Voting, COVID Vaccine

  1. phineas gage - August 19, 2020

    ‘has also taken away many of the tactical tools they’d normally use to press that advantage.’

    Except that’s not really true, because there is no way that they could put Biden out there regardless due to his cognitive decline. In this case the man and the moment are well met.

  2. phineas gage - August 19, 2020

    The funny thing about the vaccines is that many of the very same people who are anti-vaxer lunatics are fully in support of a covid-vaccine.

    1. marineo6 - August 19, 2020

      Not sure where you’re getting that data but I and a lot of my friends are anti vax lunatics and we’re even more set on not getting the CV vaccine than we are with other vaccines out there.

      1. phineas gage - August 19, 2020

        I meant those on the Left, of course. I apologize for the harsh description, we obviously share different opinions, but I meant no disrespect.

      2. brian - August 19, 2020

        I’m a lunatic too… and never been vaccinated against anything but polio when I was a kid. Vaccines… very questionable efficacy, I certainly wouldn’t trust anything bill dirtball gates is involved in. He has a well established and earned villain credentials

  3. Gregg - August 19, 2020

    College “Graduate” = Stupid Snowflake. The chart Dave posted proves it.

    And Trump recently said (I believe I heard this right) 57% of current college attendees are WOMEN! Isn’t that about the same deficit Trump (or any GOP candidate in recent memory) has in the national polls.

  4. Gregg - August 19, 2020

    I saw this link from one of the links posted by one of Dave’s smart contributors:

    This 2:50 minute campaign was aired in its entirety on Limbaugh’s show yesterday. It is a powerful massage.

    This lady who is an American of African descent is running for the GOP congressional (MD-7) seat formerly held by the late Rep Cummings (D) Baltimore.

    I like what she says and I will be sending her campaign a small contribution of $25.00. I have never donated to a congressional race that is not my district.

    Kimberly Klacik, PO Box 15361, Middle River, MD 21220

    People here know from time to time I was a passionate Baltimore Oriole Baseball fan. I used to visit Baltimore several times a year from 1977 to 1982 and then many times after I got out of the navy and when I worked in Washington, DC. Many parts of that historical city were truly beautiful; now very little of Baltimore is worth a visit. It is a tragedy what has happened to Baltimore and many other once great American cities.

    Perhaps with her win and other new local leadership, life in Baltimore can be improved for all its’ residents.

    Currently MD (7) is represented by Kweisi Mfume (Frizzell Gerald Gray) who won a special election to replace Cummings. He also held that seat from 1987 to 1996 before Cummings, and was the president and CEO of the NAACP.

    Generally I don’t hold federal representatives responsible for local conditions as that is a local matter. But this year it is most important to try to break the Dem controlled cycle of all these inner city Blue Districts. This year, with the death of the long term incumbent, and with a fresh and articulate face, a Republican (hopefully relatively conservative) face, it may be possible to flip this deep blue seat.

    Good luck Kimberly Klacik in November!

    1. Boarwild - August 19, 2020

      Gregg – originally from Annapolis. It’s a crying shame what’s happened to Balt but all MD is blue with rot – too many Fed maggots.

      Klacik’s a rock star!

      1. Gregg - August 19, 2020

        I actually has aspirations of attending the Naval Academy. MD and MA are geographically beautiful states that have been ruined by generations of Dem rule. It is a shame.

        Klacik’s clip was on Rush yesterday and she was on the Ingraham Angle last night so she is getting some traction.

        Are you going to join me and donate to her campaign?

        Please see my comments to Brian in the previously article.

        MD occasionally elects a GOP Governor; it needs some Red congressional districts.

      2. Stuartswede - August 19, 2020

        My submarine spent 3 or 4 days anchored in the Chesapeake, just off the Naval Academy, giving tours to midshipmen. Beautiful school and town. Had trouble leaving however, as schools of shrimp and other sea sludge had taken up residence in the seawater side of our main condensers! Had a dickens of a time getting them to leave.

        1. Gregg - August 19, 2020

          Shrimp! Free Food:)

    2. Rick O'Shay - August 19, 2020

      I also donated to Klacik’s campaign, for the first time outside my district as well.

      Made another outside donation to Derrick Van Orden’s campaign. He represents my “born and raised” district back in Wisconsin and has the endorsement of my current representative, Dan Crenshaw. Time for Ron Kind to go.

  5. Silas - August 19, 2020

    No critical thinking taught in schools, it’s all about how do you feel, not what do you think. So no big surprises in that poll for me. Only confirmation of what we already knew.

  6. Stuartswede - August 19, 2020

    I thought you guys would have been all a-twitter about the Sundance post, WE KNOW!

    Simple but powerful observations and timelines. Mark Warner and James Wolfe plea deal to cover all the alphabets and Senate coercion.

    Also very disappointed at Rubio and 5th senate report implying no coercion, but was Russian influence on naive Trump people. Give me a freaking break.

  7. Stuartswede - August 19, 2020

    Oh and I am a lunatic too, and a BSME graduate.

  8. Jimmy MacAfee - August 19, 2020

    If you believe that some vaccines are useful, while others are a wasteful and dangerous method for interests to make a lot of money, you are not a “lunatic anti-vaxxer.”

    Here are the lines of delineation:

    Vaccines for diseases that don’t mutate rapidly and can largely eliminate those diseases – such as smallpox (virtually extinct) and polio (limited regionally) – are useful tools. Good vaccines.

    Vaccines that try to hit moving targets (flu and COVID vaccines, for example) are unwise and more dangerous than the diseases they pretend to prevent, because they are largely ineffective and depend upon someone guessing which strain will be encountered that year.

    Some of the older vaccines still use old cell lines (i.e. from aborted fetuses) are designed to prevent diseases that mutate slowly, if at all. MMR vaccines, which also come in non-fetal tissue versions, are available in some countries. They aren’t squeaky clean, either.

    A poorly written (and somewhat conspiratorial) book called Dr. Mary’s Monkey is a worthwhile read, acknowledging that a lot of misinformation and disinformation is likely. But the exposure of SV40, or Simian Virus 40, a cancer-causing virus found in a large batch of polio vaccines is what makes the book worth reading. Look it up: SV 40. Before the search engines scrub that information, too.

    Pro-vaxxers are well-funded criminal conspirators, depending upon “non-profits” largely funded by vested interests, and they are evidence of the massive medical corruption we’ve been subjected to for nearly 100 years.

    Another example of medical fraud is the class of drugs for cholesterol, the statins: damaging, mostly useless, and the biggest medical fraud in world history. Ever. And still your doctor is likely to try to put you on them when they haven’t even looked at the breakdown of LDL subtypes, which most doctors say is “too expensive.”

    “Medical ethics” is now an oxymoron, as is the term “public health.”
    They cannot be fully trusted, and haven’t been able to be trusted since Nurse Eunice Rivers participated in the unethical Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, which lasted from 1932-1972. Tuskegee Institute likewise doesn’t have clean hands, even as a black educational system.

    They want us all on their plantation, and not just black folks.

    This is the real resistance: Refuse; Reject; Resist..

    1. Stuartswede - August 19, 2020

      What he said!

      I missed Phineas’s mea culpa above, love you man.

    2. brian - August 19, 2020

      Odd that the greatest amount of outright fraud in scientific papers is in…. the medical field.

      Two thirds of all papers submitted in peer review journals contained gross inaccuracies in their math, outright fraud or deceptive testing procedures. Most of those found to be the most fraudulent were in the medical fields of study. Google 2/3’s of science papers false and you should get a few listings leading to some of the studies surrounding this.

      Would flaccid fauci or bill dirtball gates lie to you about their vaccine??? noooo, never /s

    3. Carlos Dangler - August 19, 2020

      Hey Jimmy! Haven’t heard from you in a while and was worried.
      Everything AOK?

  9. Stuartswede - August 19, 2020

    My new word for the day: “samizdat” – underground citizen journalism in communist Russia. Like David’s blog, same method used here to expose one of BHO’s many lies. Cool article by Jack Cashill

  10. phineas gage - August 19, 2020

    I deal with many people who refuse to allow their children to be vaccinated against terrible diseases. That shapes my opinion, although I won’t counter the many good thoughts above.

    I will also choose my words more judiciously in future posts.

    1. Gregg - August 19, 2020

      You are a very gracious commenter here Phineas, and I appreciate your, and many other’s insight. Well done.

    2. brian - August 19, 2020

      Like Gregg stated I too value yours and others opinions greatly. Far smarter than I. Texting is tough, for me anyway. because you get raw thoughts without all the signals we take in to help discern intention. Us unwashed tend to be thicker skinned and tougher to offend and when we do honestly offend… (not the virtual signal apologies) we will apologize.

      Carry on…

  11. Silas - August 19, 2020

    As I have said to many new comers here, we sometimes disagree and get a little hot under the collar, but the respect is always there. It’s why I like hanging out here and chewing the fat,. 😀

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