Why I No Longer Need Sports In My Life

One thing this whole national insanity over the viral gift from China has taught me is that I do not need sports in my life. That new reality was really brought home to me last night as Major League Baseball opened its abbreviated, 60-game season. Or at least it’s supposed to last for 60 games – we’ll see if Anthony Fauci can’t kill that, too.

Don’t think Fauci and his fellow Democrats and their corrupt toadies in the news media won’t do everything they can to do that: Their entire goal here is to make you and every other American absolutely miserable going into Election Day, November 3. Having you miserable and desperate for change, any change, is the only way they can hope to get their isolated, increasingly senile nominee over the finish line.

I’ve been a rabid sports fan all my life, since my Daddy, who was himself a fine football player and athlete,  taught me to love the Texas Longhorns and the Dallas Cowboys when I was about 5 years old. My first clear football memory is of watching the Longhorns beat Roger Staubach and Navy in the 1964 Cotton Bowl to secure the national championship for that season. That Staubach then went on to lead the Cowboys to two Super Bowl victories is one of those little synchronicities of my life.

My Dad was a high school football official for 30 years – until a heart condition forced him to the sidelines for good – and for a few years in my young adulthood I tried my hand at following in his footsteps. But I wasn’t much good at it because I would get too absorbed in watching the action to focus on my assignment. I was too much of a fan of football to officiate the game.

Growing up in Beeville, Texas, I was one of three Los Angeles Dodgers fans in a town of 13,000 Houston Astros fans. The Texas Rangers hadn’t been born yet, and nobody in South Texas cares about the Rangers to this day anyway. But I became a Dodgers fan when Dad and a friend took me to see the Astrodome one Saturday when the Dodgers were in town. We sat right behind the Dodgers’ dugout as Sandy Koufax tossed a masterpiece that night, and I was hooked forever.

In high school and college, I’d watch any sporting event I could find, either live or on TV. I was such a sports freak I’d even watch ice hockey in the grainy broadcasts on 19″ screens of the day, in which you couldn’t even see the puck and only had a vague idea of what was actually taking place. But hey, it was sports, and who cared, right? Right.

For the last 20 years or so of my life, the years have had three seasons: College football, which lasts from September 1 through the first week in January; obsessing about college football from January through the end of March; Baseball season, which starts April 1 and runs in my life through the end of August, when College football season starts all over again. I’d tune in to watch the baseball playoffs and World Series in October, but only at times when there was no college football to obsess about.

My fandom for the NFL began to wane a few years ago with the idolization of Colin Kaepernick, a spoiled, mediocre football player who suddenly decided America is a terrible place once he’d lost his staring QB job with the San Francisco 49ers. The absolute politicization about every aspect of the game that has followed has completely ended any affinity I have for the game of pro football now. I haven’t spent a moment of my life worrying about the Dallas Cowboys this off-season.

What I realized yesterday is that the same is true of Major League Baseball and even college football. Oh, I checked the score of the Dodgers/Giants game this morning, but in years past I wouldn’t have needed to do that because I’d have been up until midnight watching every pitch of the game. Last night, I went to bed before it started, so I missed the spectacle of every player and coach kneeling prior to the national anthem. During the anthem, Mookie Betts, a guy who had just signed a 12-year contract worth $360 million, and a few other players remained kneeling.

My goodness.

Over the last four months, I’ve been perfectly content without sports in my life. For one thing, it’s left me more time to write, so I’m suddenly a more productive person. Go figure. I’ve also been spending much more time with my darling wife, which is an enduring blessing.

I no longer need sports in my life. And if I’ve reached that realization about myself, I can only imagine that millions of other formerly-rabid sports fans have arrived there as well.

Mookie should be glad he signed his life-altering deal – made possible by the fact that he lives in the greatest nation ever conceived by mankind – when he did, because the money machine that made that payout possible is probably about to take a very big hit.

That is all.

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50 thoughts on “Why I No Longer Need Sports In My Life

  1. Gregg - July 24, 2020

    I was actually amazed how restrained ESPN was during their broadcasts – I didn’t watch the openings because I knew what they would be. They had their obligatory blather about the social distancing rules and the playoff scenario, but for the most part, called the games fairly straight.

    However, I fully agree with you Dave, and a letter will shortly be sent to MBL Commissioner Manfred who seems like a fairly bright and reasonable guy who is in a very tough place. If he tries to save baseball by appealing to we the hardcore fans, he risks being slammed as a racist and forced to resign; if he were black, and did the same, he would be called an Uncle Tom and a betrayer to the cause.

    I’ll give it a week, and see how the non ESPN games are covered. If it is more of the same, adios MLB.

    1. phineas gage - July 24, 2020

      I will listen on radio, as always, because most of the woke garbage does not come across in that format, just the ancient and enduring rhythm of the game.

      But I don’t think very often. It is just different now, and that is the saddest thing of all.

  2. VISTA48 - July 24, 2020

    I used to follow the NFL from the draft through the Pro-Bowl, but after Kappy’s antics, I too bowed out. I wore a military uniform from 1980 – 2005, and I will not watch a bunch of clueless, spoiled millionaires disrespect the country I love and risked my life for. The NFL is dead to me, and the only thing I will follow now is their death spiral into obscurity. I will cheer for that…

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - July 24, 2020


    2. Bluto - July 26, 2020

      My problem with pro sports is the fake sense of “TEAM” loyalty that the organizations tried to instill in the so-called fans. The players are itinerant circus performers who go from place to place depending on who will pay them the most money. The “Team” concept is fake. The players have NO loyalty to the team; in fact, it seems sometimes they don’t even know who the hell they’re playing for.

      That leaves the fans with an empty locker room. They believe there is a team . . Seattle believes the SeaHawks are THEIR team but the team is only a concept in the minds of the PR agents who want to sell seats.

      Loyalty to a team brings in fans. Fan in seats really helps with the revenue [Cable TV makes up most of the revenue] but the players, managers and coaches would go where there is the most money offered. They aren’t loyal to anyone but themselves.

      THAT . . has always bothered me.

  3. Rick Church - July 24, 2020


  4. guidvce4 - July 24, 2020

    My maternal grandpa took me to baseball games in St.Louis. At the time, there were two teams, the Browns and the Cardinals. Grandpa sold life insurance to the team members and introduced me to a few of them. For a kid that was the thrill of a lifetime. Or, so I thought at the time.
    Now, I don’t even bother keeping up with all the shenanigans of the gangstas in any professional sport. Unfortunately, that includes noosecar. I’m a motorhead kinda guy and they have even destroyed that for me.
    My weekends are much more relaxed now, and have been since “Colon”(intentional mispelling) took a knee and was allowed to spread the disease of disrespect for our anthem and flag. With all the sports having done the same, to one extent or another, I don’t watch any of ’em.
    They can do without my support, and their sponsors ads won’t have me as a captive audience any more.
    The whole thing will collapse under its own weight of treason and hypocrisy. Good.
    I look forward to the day when the leagues are disbanded and the stadiums abandoned to the homeless, or whatever.

  5. phineas gage - July 24, 2020

    Word for word, you pretty much summarized my feelings. The Left has taken lifetime enjoyable diversions, whether it be sports or movies or other forms of entertainment, and ruined them. I will forever despise them for that.

    As many have observed, these entertainments used to be escapes from politics, where people of many different backgrounds and beliefs could forget their differences in their common support of a team or enjoyment of a film. As such these activities were part of the fabric that bound us together as Americans. And that is why the Left must target and destroy them. Leftists actually have no interest in sports, and will walk away from the smoldering wreckage. The goal is to ruin them for everyone else.

    But as you say, sad as it is, one learns that there is more to life, and perhaps that is a good thing. I agree that these leagues and overpaid athletes have no idea what they have been and are doing to themselves–they will find out shortly. The corporate sponsor cash will not be nearly enough to compensate for the mass exodus of the fan base. They have driven away their fans, and they will shortly find out that the woke brigades have no interest in replacing them, and in fact will just move on to the next Alinsky drive-by target.

    America is resilient, and hopefully after this spasm of cultural upheaval is over, the collapsed sports leagues can rebuilt. In addition, perhaps there can finally be a major reformation of major universities addicted to football and basketball cash, where the players are recognized as the semi-professionals that they are, while true college sports are once again played by true students. I watched that for years at Dartmouth–not nearly the same skill level, but honest and just as enjoyable.

    1. Gregg - July 24, 2020

      “…the woke brigades have no interest in replacing them, and in fact will just move on to the next Alinsky drive-by target.”

      What target do you think that will be? I mean they have attacked and destroyed most everything that could be considered traditional mainstream American culture. Let’s look at what has been attacked and diminished or destroyed in the last sixty years:

      Faith, Christian based religion
      Faith in government at any level
      Education at every level
      History completely rewritten, or not taught
      Truth in media, gone
      Truth in science, gone
      Racism especially all this faux racism and reverse racism – two wrongs do make a right
      Sexism, meaning the rewiring of the sexes and forcing acceptance of virtually everything
      Work ethic, ridiculed and the value of it diminished
      Sports and sportsmanship
      Weather, Climate
      Forced tolerance of anything radical
      Massive intolerance of anything truthful or traditional
      Wrong is right; right is wrong
      Twitter and social media is the new god/ruler
      Shaming of earned wealth – No shame for sloth
      No shaming or punishment of massive corruption if part of the approved party
      No one except for one group can be criticized
      Everyone but one group can and must be offended and coddled for being angry, upset, or slighted
      Participation and feelings is what counts; Success and accomplishment, not so much
      Stupid is accepted and praised as a legitimate POV; intelligence, truth and logic, not so much
      Free speech for some; denied for others

      I could go on, but you all get the point,

      It has taken over a hundred years to get to this point – will it take another hundred to fix it even if we were to develop a real will to return to “the good old days”?

      And I am not in any way saying that everything fifty – sixty years ago was perfect and some things didn’t need to be reformed. But any sane person has to realize and understand that we can’t keep going on like this.

      1. brian - July 24, 2020

        Post Modern Deconstruction. The tearing down of every fabric of sane rational thought and moral standards gained from Christianity. From Art to the sciences and everything in-between. Its to throw into chaos that which was normal and upset the cart, to marginalize, isolate and set people against each other. In short… It has its origins in humanism, evolution and spiritual wickedness. But all is not lost, look up

        1. phineas gage - July 24, 2020

          I absolutely agree that strong faith and belief in the Judeo-Christian founding of our nation is essential, but if all we do is look up at this moment in time, our country will shortly be gone.

          Gregg accurately tabulates the cultural damage. The time has come to fight, or to don our chains as second-class citizens.

      2. adrian - July 25, 2020

        Very Well said sir! 100% agree!

  6. Silas - July 24, 2020

    Go wokety woke woke, go brokety broke broke!!! Poltical correctness destroys.

    The amount of time I used to spend on sports is now being used for other things as well and I
    haven’t missed one damn bit of the things zi used to watch and follow.

  7. brian - July 24, 2020

    Found out, as others have, that sports took up a lot of my time and didn’t give anything real back. Found out that as contracts got bigger the play didn’t really improve but the whining, the now very rich, players got louder like spoiled urchins.

    Discovered family was a lot more fun and was engaged in not just seeing our kids grow but having an active role in their maturity. Found I enjoyed reading science articles and technical papers, had more time to fish and enjoy Gods awesome scenery around me. Found that there is a ton of stuff that not only was it free but that it pit something invaluable into my life. Best of all it gave me time to discover who God really is and learning to hear His voice.

    Sports… it just doesn’t perform

  8. Joel - July 24, 2020

    Sad but true, I too have simply lost interest in professional sports. I only wish the players, coaches and staff of all professional teams well. They have every right to express themselves as they wish we live in a country with a wonderful Constitution and Bill of Rights. However, from a business standpoint all these protest during our national anthem is just really bad business. I watched sports to escape from the realities of this world and to relish the athleticism of truly talented and gifted players. The national anthem protest destroys this for me. It has seemed the progressive left has always hated professional sports and wanted to destroy it; for me they have succeeded. I too have found so much more productive use of my time.

  9. George - July 24, 2020

    It amazes me these professional athletes, every one of them an adult child, have the nerve to demand Americans spit on their own nation for the “privilege” of paying money to watch them throw balls around.

  10. JG - July 24, 2020

    Sports is dead because of politics. Most of sports is run in large Dem cities and counties and it is going to hurt their tax bases. Media, colleges, and blacks do not realize what they have done to themselves as their money is killed.

  11. CommunityLevelIsThePunkRockofSports - July 24, 2020

    Small town HS football is calling for you. No billionaire agenda propagandizing, Two and a half hour contests, no big city ISD marxisms, sport stripped down to the base essentials, the true football geek laboratory with innovation that filters up to the other levels (spread offense) and other varieties that don’t filter up (Slot T, Flexbone), community unification instead of identity political divisiveness, socially physical gathering instead of social media gathering, non-entitled participants…..

    I could go on.

  12. D3F1ANT - July 24, 2020

    No way will I support sickeningly wealthy America-haters who whine about being oppressed. I’m totally DONE with the NFL, MLB, and NBA (among other organisations). The problem is that the Left stick with their boycotts and battles…we on the Right usually only last until the ire dies away. We need to have the grit to stick by our beliefs and maintain the pressure. It’s the only way we’ll successfully combat the Leftist extremism that’s threatening the fabric of the country.

    1. brian - July 24, 2020

      Been saying for a long time now… To stop them from spreading and growing like the canser communism is, quit funding them. Stop going to games, stop watching them on TV, stop buying sponsored products, stop watching PPV… Cut them out of your life.

      I actually like high school ball, its far more entertaining. I went to all my kids ball games and now grandkids. WAY better than watching some self entitled dishrags screeching about their ‘oppression’

      I think D3f1ant you can well confirm what I’m seeing as well, that in the many conservative sites there are a LOT of people waking up. People have had enough of the insanity, its going to be reflected at the polls. People like you are doing a great job of speaking up, well done.

  13. Alej Marcos - July 24, 2020

    “American culture” has become a gross oxymoron.

  14. JulianusRex - July 24, 2020

    I gave up on baseball in 1994. Those overpaid ingrates won’t be getting any of my money.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - July 24, 2020

      The second MLB strike was strike 3 for me. Haven’t watched a game since.

    2. Gregg - July 24, 2020

      Yeah, after that ’94 strike I didn’t go to a ballpark for two years, Ironically I was heading beck home to NJ from the Mets game when flight 800 went down not far off the coast from old Shea Stadium.

      Only went to three Nats games in the three years I lived in the DC area and it was only a direct metro ride for me.

      1. phineas gage - July 25, 2020

        It was shot down.

        1. Silas - July 25, 2020

          Yes it was, and yet we will never know by whom or why.

  15. nj7733 - July 24, 2020

    I was playing soccer and basketball with my four year old and 2 year old yesterday. That same night I read about what happened in MLB and was disgusted. Following my disgust I was saddened. I was saddened because I grew up loving to both play and watch sports with my father. I realized my children will not have this same experience because I will not be watching any of these sports. This sadness quickly grew to anger when I realized who is responsible. The same people that have made our schools a negative indoctrination center. I don’t want to send my kids to school with the current brainwashing. This is coming from someone to whom education was also very important as I have a masters and doctorate. This is the reason I see the potential for civil war as so great. We can either send our kids off to school where they are taught lies and to hate us or we can isolate them and keep them home sheltered. These are two impossible choices but there is a 3rd, which is to fight. I no longer care about myself, I have for the most part found ways to avoid leftist scum but it is impossible to do for my children. I practically grew up in the local library. I walked by mine a week ago and they had a black lives matters poster in the front and all “whites are bad” books in their show area. Neither myself nor my kids will be going anywhere near that library.

    1. brian - July 24, 2020

      My friend educating your children isn’t an isolation thing either. That too is the false narrative given by teachers and their unions. Its false. Kids actually get more socialization than public indoctrination centers do. Home schooler groups are everywhere. Go check one out and you’ll see they meet regular and help each other. Watch the kids play… There generally isn’t any age distinctions in the groups, they all play with each other. Charter schools tend to be the same.

      There are far better options than government, union run schools. As for sports… you’ll get more from watching your kids in their games… soccer, baseball leagues, football, swimming matches… all far more entertaining than over paid sports. And your kids seeing you at their games… will be with them forever…

  16. Meredith Ellsworth - July 24, 2020

    Ditto ditto. Who wants to tune into a game only to be immediately annoyed? the only thing football I’ve done is buy up a bunch of Redskins stuff, to remind me of the once-great Skins.

  17. M Allen - July 24, 2020

    I didn’t realize how little my life changed with “pro” sports going dark for months. Now with their return with uniforms with Marxist organization emblazoned on them and half the team kneeling, I don’t miss it at all. See ya Major Leagues! You killed the Golden Goose.

  18. Gregg - July 24, 2020

    How is GS and his ilk still producing a carbon footprint?

  19. Jimmy MacAfee - July 24, 2020

    I’ve spent less and less time watching sports, spending more and more time with self-improvement projects (reading, exercise, yard and forestry work, scouting old hunting grounds, Bible study – and as Dave says, spending time with the family…)

    Ever hear people say that when they retire, they have less time than they ever had? A lot of people will be retiring from sports – that is watching sports. Activities that will see a rise in participation? Bowling, tennis, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, nature watching, running, biking, gardening, painting and writing, home improvement, reading, grilling…add to the list as much as you like!

    Enjoy what you do, ad much as you can do, and as often as you want to or are able;
    stop wasting time watching what other people are paid to do.

    Light a candle, and stop cursing the darkness.

  20. Jimmy MacAfee - July 24, 2020

    The Army is rolling out a new Combat Fitness Test – something that you should look at training for if you’re a geezer-jock! Can you do it? Can you pass?


    While it hasn’t been implemented because of the CCP virus, it ought to be used as a fundraiser for organizations supporting wounded troops, and a recruiting device to encourage young men and women to join the Army (like the Marine Corps Mud Run in Roanoke, Virginia always has been!)

    I don’t have a gym for some of the things (trap bar, etc.) but there are some things you CAN train for – NEW pushups, NEW hanging bar exercise, 2 mile run, sprinting etc.

    Get in shape America! Now that sports on television aren’t worth watching, you have a unique opportunity!

  21. Presumed Insolent - July 24, 2020

    Sporty spice Sportsball? No thanks. Wearing another man’s jersey is something that cheerleaders did in high school.
    Fifteen seconds of action and three hours of commercials?
    Sunday is a great day to get things done instead of sitting around.
    Baseball? That is for children who are easily fooled.
    Basketball? The human flea circus.

  22. stevekerp - July 24, 2020

    Sadly, this will also become part of Trump’s legacy. I don’t know if he could have done anything about it; we’ll let the historians and Constitutional scholars figure that out. But it appears that he either couldn’t do anything, or he could have done something but did not. Truly sad, but perhaps just the destruction of another idol or two.

    1. brian - July 24, 2020

      I don’t think its going to reflect to badly on Trump. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. He could tell leagues and owners to not support this marxist push but in the end its the owners who have the control. He could stomp on rioters destroying federal property, which is now coming, but then taht would feed into the demoncrap narrative.

      There is a lot that Trump could just take the legal authority to do but, in the long game it would only delay a repeat of the same things happening today. So its strategically better that he allow the marxists to hang themselves by their own actions and words. People will see just how revolting these dirtballs are and turn away from them. Obviously the zombies never will but its joe average that needs to witness the traitors in real time. If anything I think Trump will come out ahead in history as doing the right thing in neutering the marxist communists within the country. IMO…

    2. tx_tsar - July 24, 2020

      I see Democrats blaming this on TRUMP ??? The spoiled brats who are making millions for playing with a ball are the problem. WHAT COULD TRUMP HAVE DONE??? Nothing was required from the president. Time for mankind to retire the ball and take up some activity that betters himself and mankind. The ball never did a damn thing for mankind!

  23. bob - July 24, 2020

    when tim tebow knelled they tried to get him to stop. now they encourage it since it’s for anti police. I hope they all go broke.

    1. Gregg - July 24, 2020

      Great point Bob!

      I had forgotten about Tim. A great person who was mercilessly ridiculed for kneeling to celebrate his faith and beliefs. Same for the fired or forced to apologize school football coaches.

      All this is just a shame.

  24. Boarwild - July 24, 2020

    Notice how everything the Left touches it ruins? Done with the NFL – hated baseball/basketball anyway. When you’re a former football/lacrosse jock nothing else comes close ;<) They’ve made their bed & now they’ll have to lie in it. Going to be fun actually watching their ratings/$$ tank. Don’t think they realize what they’ve done, & – as Phineas noted above – the “woke” crowd won’t replace the avid fans.

    I’ll hold out for the Army/Navy game. Unless they screw that up too.

  25. brian - July 24, 2020

    James Wood posted this… luv this guy too… a real patriot…

    The video where an Irishman is explaining what the masks are all about… and nails it…


  26. John Flower - July 25, 2020

    Loyalty to the country always, but loyalty to a bunch of multimillionaire High school push outs? No, No sir. I am done with sports and if the American people want to see this nonsense stop they should vote by not watching games on TV, The internet or go to any games.
    I refuse to take any advice from entertainers, I didn’t ask for their damn message. I didn’t ask for their opinion and if i wanted some shit out of them I would squeeze it out of them.
    What’s next going to the fucking concession stand to drink a 32oz of koolaid? Not only no, but FUCK NO!

  27. Patric - July 25, 2020

    I thought Dave Roberts, mgr. dodgers, is a Christian?? He has no balls at all letting Betts kneel. You are a subservient to your players not a leader. Shame on you.

    1. Gregg - July 25, 2020

      While not defending Roberts, just remember the mookster now makes (gets) 30 million a year and Roberts, perhaps 1 million. Managers are a dime a dozen and can be easily replaced. Xs and Os guys today are more like counselors and motivators, and are cowed by the inmates who are allowed to run the asylum. Until that paradigm changes, you won’t see any manager, coach or GM act with any authority to stop this. And this goes all the way up the the commissioners of these sports leagues.

      What amazes me is that none of these player’s agents or handlers, seem to be willing or able to put any kind of a filter on their brat clients.

      The same goes for the handlers (advisers) of politicians and of the Hollywood types. No filter at all; no common sense at all – just a whole lot of stupidity, contempt and arrogance. And punks, bullies and petulant children, will not stop misbehaving until they are stopped.

      I thank President Trump for finally exposing for all to see the heretofore well hidden extreme attitudes, rank stupidity, and arrogance of the left. He has removed the very thin veneer of their ‘civility’ and that may well be his greatest accomplishment as president.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - July 26, 2020

        A lot of the Hollyweird types have things working to expose them – and the nearer the day gets, the more frantic they get. Spirit cooking and those sorts of things aren’t conspiracy theories; just look up the artwork of the Podestas, the recipes for “spirit cooking.” Grotesque, and just the blinking tip of the iceberg!

        So when you see panic, expect shrill bleats from the guilty crown – er, crowd.

  28. Glen - July 25, 2020

    Does anyone think these some teams will help any of the people who will be most affected by their childish behaviour? I am talking about concessions, parking, bars, restaurants etc. Not one peep from these so called men. I will stand with the one player who did not kneel.
    If I wanted to give my money to people who hate America I would donate to the DNC.

    1. Gregg - July 25, 2020

      Two responses to your great points Glen:

      90+ percent of these players (and actors including the ‘news’ actors) don’t give a damn about the little people who work in the support rolls that make their operation/career a success. There are some good ones, but they are mocked or otherwise cowed into silence as they are a distinct minority – Drew Brees. And,

      Your DNC donation comment is priceless; I’m going to use it in the future,

      1. rooster8894 - July 25, 2020

        Well feel free to use it. For some reason these entertainers seem to think they are a necessity in life, they are far from it. Tell me again how the Democrats look out for the little guy, yes the mask has come off, the scary part is I want nothing to do with them and if Biden is elected I am sure they will make it come true.

  29. Happy Fun Ball - July 25, 2020

    Back in the 1980s grampaw the WWII USMC vet turned to me one day and said…the world will go to hell while everyone is playing with balls.

  30. Patric - July 26, 2020

    ESPN showed the WNBA giants walk off the court during our Nat’l. Anthem. Pitiful bunch of whinnies that can run up and down a court and become a’holes. Get out of this country and go play for China and see what kind of freedom they give you. BTW, I’m a female that loves sports but never watch them. It’s stupid like they are.

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