John Heilman Channels Joseph Goebbels on Morning Joe

On “Morning Joe” this morning, John Heilman just gave away the Democrat plan for refusing to accept the results of the November election. – Everybody needs to watch this video and then read the transcript provided below.

The first thing to remember about Democrats is that Projection is their favorite political tactic. They always, invariably accuse the Republicans of doing what they plan to do. That began with the rise of the Clintons and has only become more ingrained in their culture as time as gone on.

We saw it in 2016: The Pantsuit Princess and her media toadies like Mr. Heilman spent the entire general election campaign claiming that Donald Trump – who they all assured us was certain to lose – would not accept the results of the election. They have all spent the past 3 years and 8 months since November 8, 2016 refusing themselves to accept the results of that election.

That’s Projection.

This year, their projection of their intentions should Biden lose in November is worse – much, much worse. Not only does Heilman project in his semi-insane screed below that the Democrat/media complex of disinformation plans to refuse to accept a Trump victory, he also projects that they will engage in a massive use of violence to intimidate Trump voters (already happening), a massive use of voter fraud through mail-in voting, and a massive use of rioting and street violence after the results are in.

He couches all of this and more in accusations against the President, but this is how Democrats work to justify their own seditious behavior by first convincing the public that their opponents are actually the ones planning to do these things. When the time comes – just as the Fainting Felon has done since 2016 – they claim they’re only doing what Trump was planning to do.

Watch the clip below, and then read transcript – with my own commentary sprinkled in for clarification – that follows:


Heilman: Everything that’s been said here about this particular issue is, I think, right, but does not go far enough. This is authoritarianism. These are paramilitary units. These are the kind of things we have seen in tyrranical, authoritarian regimes in third world countries throughout the 2nd half of the 20th century.

Comment: What this actually is is a President, faced with a violent insurrection sponsored and organized by the Democrat Party doing his duty to quell said insurrection in these Democrat-run cities.

Heilman: This is not a mystery what’s going on here, and I think to look at this through the prism of symbolic politics – a law and order campaign, Trump trying to re-run the Nixon playbook – is true, but as I say doesn’t go far enough. We are looking, I think here, and this is a dark [oooooh, there’s the media’s favor D-word], and I don’t want to be overly alarmist about this [yes, he does], but I think this is the time to be alarmist, knowing where Donald Trump stands politically, understanding where we are headed in this election, I think we are looking at kind of a trial run, a kind of a genuine attempt to, to, to through intimidation, and potentially through force, to try to, uh, wh-, to try to steal this election.

Comment: There, he said it. This is Heilman stuttering and stammering as he parrots talking points designed to provide justification for the Democrat Party to steal this election via mail-in voting. See how this works?

Heilman: And I think we’re now kind of at the point where, you know, we see the things that the President is doing; we see his intention to not accept the outcome of this election, where he loses to Joe Biden, he is making it very clear.

Comment: This is just a repetition of the “Trump won’t accept the outcome” BS talking points Heilman and the rest of the Hillary-supporting media deployed at right about this same time in 2016.

Heilman: And some of it is, is rhetoric about mail-in voting. But when the next thing, in his next breath he is talking about sending un-, these un-marked paramilitary guard to places with Democratic, Democr-, uh, blue states with very blue cities run by Democratic mayors…I think we should all take very seriously the prospect  that this is, as I say, a dress rehearsal, a trial run for first, an attempted voter intimidation on election day – are these un-marked paramilitary units going to be doing security at polls in battleground states?

Comment: Note that Heilman himself points out that this is all happening in Democrat cities run by Democrat mayors as if that is some sort of plot by the President. The fact is, it is happening in those specific cities because Republican mayors do their damn jobs, and are not in the habit of fomenting violent insurrections on their own citizens.

Heilman: I think that’s a question we’d like to have answered. That is, uh, an ef-, potentially an effort at voter intimidation, and then, what happens in the overtime period? Anybody who’s serious about this election recognizes, listening to the President, that there is a very high likelihood that he is not going to concede if he loses the Electoral College on election night.

Comment: Here, Heilman previews how the Democrats will use Antifa/BLM and their violent rioters to intimidate Trump voters during the fall and on election day. Do not doubt me on this.

Heilman: In those two and a half months after election day, until January 20th, if Donald trump has lost this election, th, th, the things we are seeing right now, these incredibly alarming, incredibly disturbing images, unmarked paramilitary units that have no clear chain of command, no clear identification, taking protesters, putting them in unmarked vehicles, driving them away to god knows where – we should all be kind of freaking out about this right now, and what it could portend for this fall and beyond.

Comment: And finally, this is Heilman previewing the Democrat plan to stage massive riots and violent insurrections across the country after the President defeats Joe Biden on November 3.


It is absolutely appropriate to note here that Projection was also a favorite tactic used by Joseph Goebbels and the Nazis. Heilman makes such extensive use of it here that perhaps we should start referring to him as “Seig Heilman” instead.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

24 thoughts on “John Heilman Channels Joseph Goebbels on Morning Joe

  1. Silas - July 21, 2020

    For those who live in states that still actually have in person polling, intimdation at the pollng place will occur. For those that have vote bt mail in like here in Oregon will just drop off our ballots at the county clerks office or mail it in.

    If the GOP has it’s act together they will get a grassroots effort going to insure that there are
    observers and lawyers at each one or at the very least rapid response teams ready to squash any attempts to keep folks from the ballot box. Then again, this is the GOP we’re talking about.

    1. phineas gage - July 21, 2020

      Duly noted, but SCOTUS, based upon the recent Florida decision, would be likely to strike this down in an emergency ruling.

    2. Casca - July 21, 2020

      I realized this months ago. Welcome aboard. We face a different reality this November. The Democrats are engaged in a Revolt an Insurrection and just a step from a Civil War. The Democrats are now the CommunistTerrorist party!

  2. phineas gage - July 21, 2020

    The vital fact that the serpentine Mr. Heilman neglects is that there are many more of us than there are of them.

    1. phineas gage - July 21, 2020

      btw, I love the way that Levin pronounces his name

  3. Plan Accordingly - July 21, 2020

    Now that the Long March Through the Institutions is complete they intend to burn it all down no matter what happens in November.
    Interesting times are a curse and not a Chinese maxim.

  4. alonzo1956 - July 21, 2020

    Does everybody have a years supply of food, cash, precious metals and the means to protect them? The road ahead WILL be bumpy at best and we need to be able to make it through intact. Goya has beans, rice, and a whole host of products for long term storage. Store them in vac pack jars for years. Buy Goya, Buy American. It matters! If you aren’t ready, GET READY!

    1. brian - July 21, 2020

      Having a good supply of food on hand isn’t hard and doesn’t cost much. If you go out and buy lots of MRE’s or just buy a load of storable food stuffs then yes its going to cost you plenty up front.

      But, if when you are shopping you buy a couple extra of those sale items that can be stored well, like sacks of rice, beans, canned goods, dry pastas etc and store them in a cool dry place. Then in short order you’ll have a good supply of SHTF food stuffs with very little notice to the wallet.

      Having barter items is a wise thing to have as well. Cash will become worthless in a real crash like in 40’s Germany, Venezuela, Zimbabwe as examples. So small wafers and bars, in silver and gold, is a good thing to have. For wealth retention buy larger amounts of bars, not coins or certificates.

      Having the supplies and preparations and never needing them is great, not having them and needing them… its not going to go well for you. We’ve been programmed to instant gratification which is why people live pay check to pay check, largely. They all have new phones tho.

      Stay safe…

      1. brian - July 21, 2020

        going to NOT go well for you…

        needs to be an edit comment feature…

        1. David Blackmon - July 21, 2020

          Fixed it for you.

      2. Gregg - July 21, 2020

        Things one should also stock up for when the SHTF is pet food, which is often forgotten in emergency storage situations. About bartering, have on hand some cartons of cigarettes (or POT if and as applicable) beer and booze. All these items have long shelf lives and will be in great demand in any sort of long term crisis. I also have at least 20 gallons of potable water kept in gallon plastic milk jugs just in case the public water supply is compromised or interrupted, which can happen even in normal times for maintenance or repairs.

        Try to do the same with any long term meds you might need.

  5. brian - July 21, 2020

    There are some things you can count on, the sun rising, time to keep ticking on, trees in a forest, mosquitoes and demoncrap cheating to steal elections.

    In blue states you can count on cheating, its a given, but the Republicans better have a plan to prevent or at least mitigate the cheating or they will lose. The ballot harvesting was rolled out last election with great success so that will definitely be used along with the mail in ballot now being pushed. For which there is no evidence either of these methods were fraudulently used. /s

    Patriots may need to man polling stations and record everything. Follow chains of custody, etc… these demoncrap dirtballs do several things well… lie and steal, practice makes perfect.

    Its a war… and its serious…

    1. Jonesy - July 21, 2020

      Republicans better have a plan to prevent/mitigate cheating? Wishful thinking my friend. They’ll do pretty much nothing like usual. In the blue states, all of the people working the polls will be Dems. Just be observant, document any suspicious activity the best you can, record conversations etc. That could be proof of illegal activity later.

      The overt activity, like people harassing you on the way in, preventing you from going into a polling center, etc., that should deserve a call to LE. I know for certain, I will not be laid a hand on. If we try to have patriots outside, it will be guaranteed Dems cry foul. We need to be watchful and document everything we see.

      1. phineas gage - July 21, 2020

        After everything, the best advice is still ‘if it’s not close, they can’t cheat’

  6. Jimmy MacAfee - July 21, 2020

    Is it just my cataracts, or is this Heilman guy a pudgier version of Michael Avenatti? I would suggest that their credibility is identical.

    1. phineas gage - July 21, 2020

      Heilmann is a good deal more intelligent than the hapless Avenatti, who was used and disposed of by the Left like a facial tissue.

      The features are fairly close. I’m convinced, after looking at all of these government hags for the past few months, that the appearance of leftist tends to resemble their inner soul, much like dogs often resemble their owners.

  7. Gregg - July 21, 2020

    I know the President is keenly aware of all this crap and I only hope he has a real plan to deal with it – perhaps a heart to heart with Roberts, maybe via the solicitor general, to get the court to deny the Dems the opportunity to steal another election.

    After we conservatives here and elsewhere do every thing we can to get our side out to vote we just have to place our faith in GOD.

    And store stuff up for the dark days if the Dems prevail. I am no longer going to say if Biden prevails or wins, because he won’t be the actual president.

  8. Jimmy MacAfee - July 21, 2020

    Fact is, the Demons would not be running trash like Heilman and his bizarre conspiracy theory if they weren’t panicking. Might be time to invest in stock of Depends or other adult diapers, because there seems to be terror in DC. There narratives are not just disappearing: they’re exploding in their faces.

    Just wait until the virologists working in Wuhan (who have defected) begin to reveal the collaboration with certain western allies. Then the S and F will meet forcefully. Run (away) Mittens, run (away!) You too, Mikey B. Run (away!) And the Chamberpot of Commerce? Bunch of old, senile traitors who would sell grannie to an alligator.

    And remember: don’t say Social Distancing, say Socialist Distancing. Because that’s what it is.

    1. brian - July 21, 2020

      More like Stassi Distance

    2. phineas gage - July 21, 2020

      ‘would not be running trash like Heilman and his bizarre conspiracy theory if they weren’t panicking’

      Agreed, Their internal polling data is bad, and all they can do is keep ramping up the volume. That is the definition of insanity, but they have no other options and they are already fully insane.

  9. Gregg - July 21, 2020

    Sorry to be way off topic rant here, but Dave did an article on the major fire on the USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6 last weekend.

    From Wikipedia:

    “Bonhomme Richard is the flagship for Expeditionary Strike Group Three. On 12 July 2020, a fire started in a lower deck while the ship was undergoing maintenance at Naval Base San Diego. Despite intensive efforts, it took until 16 July for firefighters to fully extinguish all fires aboard the vessel. Minor injuries to 63 sailors and civilians were reported. The cause of the blaze is under investigation. The damage was extensive and the future of the ship remains uncertain.” [From USA Today article Jul 17, 2020].

    Something really stinks here.

    The ship is 844 feet long, 105 feet wide (beam) and displaces over 40,000 tons – for perspective, it is almost the size of our biggest ever battleship, the USS Missouri BB-63: 887′ X 108′ by 45,000+ tons.

    I was on the aircraft carrier USS America CV-66 and took a short firefighting/damage control class and I find it really hard to believe it took FOUR (4) days to put out the fire. I am not an expert on firefighting, but I have studied much history about shipboard fires and something just doesn’t sit right with me.

    The BHR is made of steel and other nonflammable metal, not wood like its 17th century predecessor. When ships are in a maintenance status, most of the fuel and all of the ordinance, aircraft, and boats are removed as the ship is place in a restricted availability status.

    So what exactly was there onboard to burn to that degree and for that long? Another source says: “A fire broke out in the lower Marine vehicle stowage area of the Bonhomme Richard”.

    Due to the ship’s restricted availability status it is almost certain that this large space was very nearly empty. Another report said the fire suppression (sprinkler) system was offline for maintenance. That is curious as there are built in redundancies for fire systems so that firefighting capability is not completely compromised because of battle damage or other damaged caused by an accident. I cannot believe all the firefighting capability was completely shut down. If that is true, then the navy has real problems.

    If that is or was the case, one of the best ways to fight an out of control shipboard fire is to close off all the surrounding water and airtight doors, hatches and vents which deprives the fire of oxygen and quickly kills it. it may not have been completely possible in such a large space with many openings. I wasn’t there, but I’m dubious…

    This was not a ship underway filled with fueled helicopters/aircraft, bombs, bullets and other ordinance and marine equipment, far removed form support. It was a near empty ship in its home port!

    Here is some history of several famous shipboard fires:

    USS Franklin CV-13 was conducting combat operations off Japan in 1945 with scores of fully fueled (with thousands of gallons of 100 octane gasoline and not relatively inert jet fuel) and heavily armed aircraft with rockets, missiles and bombs in very exposed areas. It was hit by two bombs on its wooden flight deck and many major fires broke out along with dozens of induced explosions on deck and in the hangar bay which damaged much of the firefighting equipment and ultimately killed over 800 (about a third) of its crew while a similar number were hurt or forced to evacuate the ship.

    Several support ships rendered superb assistance and the fires were out in less than 24 hours. Shortly after that the ship was able to get underway under its own power and eventually made it back to the US for major repairs which took until after the war was over. Despite massive heat damage, it was rebuilt, but it was also redundant to the needs of the navy and was decommissioned, mothballed and later scrapped; so it never saw service again.

    Other WWII era carriers suffered similar fates, and some survived, but many were lost because of poor damage control, weaker construction, or by being a lessor ship and having its ordinance explode in its magazine. There have been several other major and deadly fires on a couple of US aircraft carriers during the Vietnam War era, but all the fires were extinguished in less than a day and all the ships were repaired for further service.

    Again, I wasn’t on the BHR, and the NCIS and other agencies are still investigating, but something really seems fishy here. Just like it was suspicious to me that we had a rash of at sea collisions with our navy ships within in the first year of the Trump Administration.

    Let’s be thankful that no one was killed or seriously hurt in the BHR fire, but let’s also get some real answers as to what caused this fire that will take one of the ships of its class (of 8 ships) out of operation for many months if not a year or more.

    It also appears the navy has to take fire security and fire fighting seriously again; seems like a major event has to happen every twenty years or so to reinforce the need as massive Damage Control and Firefighting training programs were brought on line after the frigate, the USS Stark, was hit by Iraqi missiles and nearly lost in 1987.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - July 21, 2020

      Forrestal fire – allegedly started by No Name doing a wet burn. Bad fire, 120+ dead, No Name sent off ship that night (probably for his own safety.)

    2. Bob - July 22, 2020

      Gregg, I was in the Navy from 1988-1992. I served aboard 2 LHA’s, the USS Saipan and 2nd the USS Nassau. Both ships very similar to the Bonhomme Richard. In dry dock or in port undergoing maintenance you can be assured that there was a bunch of “stuff” in the hangar as well as the well deck. The reason being, they go through all kinds or crap, trying to figure out what to keep and what gets junked. The Bonhomme Richard was launched in 1997. 23 years ago. I am sure she was in dry dock a couple of times, and maintenance on an older ship gets more severe as time goes on. Anyway, my point is that it is not uncommon for a bunch of stuff to be in the well deck or that hangar through periods of dry dock or maintenance.

      1. Gregg - July 22, 2020

        Thanks Bob, appreciate the insight and I thank you for your service, but I still don’t see how so much (mostly metal) stuff burns for four days with such heat and intensity.

        Doesn’t that strike you as a little odd? Where was the fire watch? Had to be smoke.

        Again, I wasn’t there, and I do know about how full my 22 year old carrier’s hanger deck was during our SRA and COH with consumables and supplies stacked here and there willy-nilly, but still, if that is the case, our navy ships are firetraps.

        The results of a legitimate investigation as to what caused or started the fire and why it took so long to extinguish will be very interesting . As far as I know, there aren’t a lot of places onboard ships today that allow smoking unlike when I was on the USS America CV-66. Maybe an electrical fire? Those can be very tough to deal with…

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