Wednesday News Roundup: Marxist Dems Work to Return to Their Jim Crow Roots

WINNING ALERT – U.S. job openings exceed “expert” prediction by 1 million, climbing to a new all-time record high. Note the word “unexpectedly” in Bloomberg’s headline. Hilarious:

U.S. Job Openings Unexpectedly Increase as Hires Climb to Record

People walk down a street lined with outdoor seating for restaurants in the Little Italy neighborhood of New York on July 6.

U.S. job openings unexpectedly increased in May as state economies stirred to life and businesses looked to hire anew.

The number of available positions rose to 5.4 million during the month from 5 million in April, according to the Labor Department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, or JOLTS, released Tuesday. The median forecast in a Bloomberg survey of economists called for 4.5 million openings. Job openings that involve workers recalled from layoffs or positions that are only offered internally are not counted in the figure.


Think about this characterization by Bloomberg for a moment: This report was for the month of May, when these “experts” already knew that the U.S. economy blew away employment expectations, as the jobs report came in with 2.5 million new jobs created vs. “expert” expectations that it would in fact lose more than 8 million.

But hey, when you are a part of the corrupt news media or the “expert” class the media loves to quote, anything good that happens in Trump’s America is always, without exception, unexpected.

This must not stand. – Several days ago, a video went viral of a husband and wife in Contra Costa County, CA using black paint to cover up a yellow “Black Lives Matter” mural that had been painted on the main street of their little town of Martinez by the Marxist Democrats in charge of the local government.

Yesterday, the couple themselves were charged with three counts of vandalism, including a hate crime, by the Contra Costa County DA, whose campaign was funded by Soros front groups:

Amazingly, the DA’s notice characterizes the Marxist, domestic terror group BLM as “an important civil rights cause that deserves all of our attention.” I swear I do not make this stuff up:


Never mind the fact that it takes about 15 seconds of rudimentary research to determine conclusively that BLM is in fact a Marxist organization whose actual goals have nothing to do with Civil Rights and everything to do with the destruction of the American Republic – Democrats in power are now determined to make any opposition to those goals a “hate crime.”

This cannot stand in the United States. Elections matter, and the idiots in Martinez elected the Democrats who authorized the mural. Thus, a charge of vandalism is entirely appropriate. But the effort to prosecute the act as a hate crime is beyond the pale and demands intervention by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Are you watching, Mr. Barr?

School reopenings this fall are going to vary by state, and that’s not a good thing. – At an event at the White House Tuesday, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump led a discussion about safely reopening America’s schools this fall. At the event, the President promised to put pressure on governors to get their schools reopened for the good of the children, who have already been set back in their learning due to the irrational panic over the Wuhan Virus.

One governor he won’t have to pressure is Ron DeSantis, the stalwart Governor of Florida, whose education commissioner issued an order yesterday requiring all public schools to reopen this fall for five days a week.

Naturally, the corrupt news media immediately found teacher’s union officials who are horrified that their members might have to actually go back to work. From a piece at USA Today:

But as concern about the order spread online Monday, some school leaders across the state said: Not so fast.

Opening schools under current conditions “could be catastrophic,” said Karen Resciniti, president of the Martin County Education Association. Most educators in her district are hesitant to return to the classroom, even if social distancing is followed and masks are required, she said.


Here’s how you solve that problem: Just order that teachers take a 40% pay cut for any distance learning classes they teach, and their concerns over the minute chance they might contract COVID-19 from children would evaporate in a second.

Reopenings are not so simple in other states. In Texas, where Governor Greg Abbott has gone scared of a bad media day, the Texas Education Agency issued a set of byzantine guidelines for reopening that will leave every school district, and schools within school districts, doing something different:

It’s just shameful. In the school district in the Texas city where I live, parents received an email of these guidelines late on the day before all school district officials went on a week’s vacation. So parents have no idea what their kids’ school weeks will look like, and no one to talk to in order to find out. Meanwhile, those parents must make the decision to either send their kids back to school or figure out a way to home school them by the day after those school district officials come back from their vacation.


But not as shameful as what is happening in the Democrat-led state of Washington. There, education officials issued a reopening process that plans to discriminate against some children – especially white and Asian kids – based on RACE. I swear I am not making this up:

Folks, we are witnessing in America today an effort by the Democrat Party to re-implement the same kinds of race-based Jim Crow laws that their party put into place and enforced across the South for 100 years.

This cannot stand if America is to stand. Ultimately, these people hate you and want you dead, and it is showing up every day in the actions they take and the documents they produce. You don’t have to believe me: All you have to do is observe what they say and do.

If they win the elections this November, this stuff is what America will become. In his monologue Monday evening, Tucker Carlson asked how can a political party that overtly hates half of Americans ever hope to govern the country?

The answer is simple and staring all of us in the face: By sheer, brute force. That’s how Mao did it; it’s how Stalin and Castro and Pol Pot did it; and it’s how this current group of radical Marxist Democrats would do it.

Get registered to vote. Oh, and buy more ammo just in case.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

10 thoughts on “Wednesday News Roundup: Marxist Dems Work to Return to Their Jim Crow Roots

  1. Rick Church - July 8, 2020

    I am old and fat and have been going to work everyday of this virus as an “essential” person. My US Representative, like all the rest of you, has been absent from work since they are non-essential; imagine that. Teachers tend to be younger and at less risk but they are not essential? This whole thing is completely insane. With all the recent testing for the virus the death rate is now at 0.40 %. That is at or below the seasonal flu and with further testing I am sure the rate will go even lower. This is all a scam due to the election.

  2. phineas gage - July 8, 2020

    It’s quite simple–if kids can’t go back to school, parents can’t go back to work.

    This is the last major lock-down play of the Dems to strangle the economy.

    1. Bryan Jones - July 8, 2020

      This ^^

      Throw in a race war to the pandemic hysteria, and you have the Dem party platform for 2020.

  3. Jay Whitcraft - July 8, 2020

    There is a lot of crap put out by the media, but I suspect that there is a wave building up that will make the 2010 dem wipe out look like child’s play. In Michigan for example, they can’t vote the Governor out of office, but they CAN vote for Trump and a straight R ticket to punish her. The key for us is not to get complacent and over confident. Jay

  4. brian - July 8, 2020

    Control control control…. Its the communist way and when they acquire control they brutalize those they control. No exceptions.

    Most patriots can see thru this nonsense and laugh at it. Those that are marginal are the ones to be concerned about as they are likely to be controlled by the fear porn leveled at them daily. The communist way is to create as much chaos and stress in daily life as possible so people cannot rationalize and see who is behind all the chaos.

    Whats stupid is that these Governors are talking keeping schools closed or limiting openings for school thats to open in two months time??? AFTER a hot summer that kills the virus with heat and UV?? Yeah… its not about safety.

    Whats more home schooling isn’t as daunting as the teachers union and government indoctination ‘experts’ tell you it is. We home schooled our kids and when they did get ‘tested’ they were way beyond school taught kids in every subject. Its not difficult as you think nor as time consuming as you are lead to believe. The teachers and their unions are good at fear porn too… because their jobs are threatened. Home school… do you kids a favor and it would go a LONG way towards forcing educational institutions to start educating instead of indoctrinating.

    Last point… The couple painting over BLM ‘mural’ can just say they were ‘protesting’ and didn’t have any matches. Seeing as desecrating ‘monuments’ is a thing then this too shouldn’t be an issue…

    Its a war… the god of this world knows his time is short and is going bonkers.

  5. brian - July 8, 2020

    So much hate crimes that demoncraps have to work over time to secure the safety of real communist americans..

    Wait a minute… I thought it was the conservatives that are the hate filled raaaaacists that were putting up hate symbols, writing hate letters and burning cities…

    Silas you still having troubles??? Could just be us wet coast dwellers here in communist utopian States and Prov.s

    1. Silas - July 8, 2020

      Yes. I can post via my PC but the page doesn’t refresh and I get the same page as prior to my post.
      Funny thing is, before I got case of the PC blues, I could post and it would refresh when I used Opera to browse. After that none of them worked. I tried four different browsers and none would refresh the page.

      I put on my pc tech hat and have gone down the rabbit hole of the PC blues. Windows 10 sucks, but I never took the leap into a Linux based PC as I was comfortable with Windows. That has changed and my next PC will be Linux. This old dog can still learn new tricks.

      In the mean time, I slog on running repair apps in the hope I can fix the issue, but I am beginning to think it’s a compatibilty on WordPress’ end. If I figure it out I will share it with I understand you are having similar issues.

      1. brian - July 8, 2020

        Yep… having the same issue. Its not the operating system. Its definitely on the WordPress side or the host. I suspect its the WordPress moreso because the only changes I did was to delete all the cookies in my browser and I use Brave. The host provider doesn’t set cookies, the websites do.

        I run win7 and won’t run any more windows system from here on. Done Linux before but it was easier to just buy a system I needed, usually time constraints, and just cringe and bear it with wincrap.

        So if I spot a fix I’ll let you know as well.

  6. odyss - July 8, 2020

    Yes. Remember that the dems in the old South used fake public health experts that told the school children that blacks were diseased and if they did not drink from the white fountain they would endanger themselves and their family and friends.

    Same ole, same ole. Same ole same ole when it comes to the public health “experts.”

  7. Wrongthnk Is Heresy - July 9, 2020

    Is that why they want to cancel all monuments to the confederacy?
    A twofer as it erases the democrat ties to slavery and the rebellion against the fedgov leviathan.
    Slavery was tacked on after the civil war but it was really about keeping fedgov intact.

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