Sunday News Roundup: Kanye for Prez, NYTimes Mendacity, and Portland is Out of Control

Kanye for President! Why not? – Historian Larry Schweikart, a frequent contributor here, has spent the last year predicting that Kanye West would likely run for President in 2024. Well, Larry turns out to be a prophet, but he got the year wrong.

Last night on Twitter, Kanye did this:

A few moments later, Elon Musk responded:

The corrupt news media, scared to death of what a Kanye candidacy might do to the Black vote to which Joe Biden and the Democrats believe they are entitled, is already ridiculing the notion, exactly as they all did five years ago when this guy named Trump rode down the escalator to announce his own run for the office.


In all seriousness, look at the parallels here. Like Trump, Kanye West is a media personality known all over the world. Like Trump, West is an incredibly successful businessman, a billionaire in his own right. Like Trump, Kanye has his own unique way of talking, to the point that it is often hard to figure out exactly what he is saying. Like Trump, West is considered to be a flake by most in the media, and is detested by the Democrat Party establishment. Like Trump, West would represent a tremendous threat to every creature who murks around in the DC Swamp.

This all could turn out to be a joke – West has offered no detailed explanation of his tweet that I can find as of this writing – but no one should just assume that it is. And anyone who thinks that Kanye would not have his own brand of tremendous appeal to a large segment of voters is living in a dream world.

The fun truly never ends.

Speaking of fun, here is how Southern Californians responded to Marxist Governor Gavin Newsom’s order prohibiting the celebration of July 4 last night:

I live in a rural area atop a hill from which I have a view of a vast swath of Fort Worth, and I can tell you that the scene in this area was very much the same. It was incredibly inspiring and spectactular.

CORONAPANIC UPDATE – This utterly false headline ran on the front page of the despicable New York Times on Saturday:


For the record: At its peak, Houston’s rate of daily COVID-19 deaths is TWO PERCENT of New York City’s. The corrupt reporters and editors at the New York Times are equating a total of 384 deaths in Houston to more than 22,000 in New York City. The corrupt people who fake this news like this are literally the worst people on earth.
This concludes your CORONAPANIC UPDATE for today.

From our ICYMI department… – In case you missed this on Friday like I did, the Professor and Political Scientist at Stony Brook Univeristy, Helmut Norpoth, whose model predicted the 2016 victory of Donald Trump 9 months before it happened, released his model result for this year.

From a piece at Published Reporter:

NEW YORK, NY – Professor and Political Scientist Helmut Norpoth accurately predicted Trump’s 2016 victory a full nine months before the election. Today, he says President Trump has a 91% chance of winning in November 2020. Norpoth, a professor from Stony Brook University on Long Island, uses a model that has correctly predicted 24 of 26 presidential elections.

I don’t go by opinion polls, I go by the real polls; I go by what happens in the primary elections and in those primary election, especially in the early ones, Donald Trump did very well and Joe Biden as many of you may have forgotten by now he came in fifth. Now he did much better in another one in South Carolina and from that point on, but these early primaries, these early votes provide a very powerful metric for predicting what is going to happen in November.


Just thought you’d like to know that.

Hat tip to hilarious radio talk show host Greg Budell of FM 93.1 in Montgomery, AL for alerting me to that information.

Portland, Oregon is completely out of control. – Decades of Marxist Democrat rule has led to so much rot and decay in the City of Portland, Oregon that the police bureau there is no longer able to effectively quell Antifa/BLM riots even on the rare occasion when the depraved Mayor there doesn’t hold them back.

The ferocity of the rioting in the city has only intensified in recent weeks even as riots in other Democrat-run cities have begun to fade. Last night the police completely abandoned all pretense of control:

From a bulletin posted by the Police Bureau:

One main demonstration occurred in Portland during the evening hours of July 4 through the early morning hours of June 5, 2020.

Early in the evening, a large group began gathering in Chapman and Lownsdale Squares. For awhile, the group listened to performers and assembled in the area. Multiple members of the group began launching fireworks from Southwest Main Street where the elk statue used to stand. During this time, a man carrying a rifle was seen in the area of Southwest 4th Avenue and Salmon Street. Several demonstrators surrounded him, but left him alone and eventually he left.

Just before 10 p.m., demonstrators began blocking westbound traffic on Southwest Main Street. Demonstrators continued to shoot off fireworks from this location, as well as Southwest 3rd Avenue. A vehicle associated with the demonstration had a speaker system and false announcements were broadcast that appeared to impersonate the Portland Police Bureau’s sound truck. Demonstrators began burning an American flag they hung from the Justice Center.

Around 10:30 p.m., demonstrators began shooting commercial grade fireworks towards the Justice Center and the Federal Courthouse. Several of the demonstrators were observed carrying shields. The sound truck admonished the crowd warning them to discontinue firing fireworks and incendiary devices at the two buildings. The crowd members were warned if they continued the criminal acts, they would be subject to use of force or arrest. Despite several admonishments, many of the demonstrators continued their illegal acts.

At 10:48 p.m., demonstrators continued launching fireworks and projectiles at the Federal Courthouse. Because of this, several windows were broken and fireworks and projectiles entered the Federal Courthouse building.

To protect the life and safety of personnel both inside and outside of the Federal Court House, just after 11 p.m., a riot was declared. Officers began dispersing the crowd moving demonstrators from the closed area of Southwest Broadway to Southwest 1st Avenue, Southwest Columbia to Southwest Yamhill Street.

As officers dispersed the crowd, demonstrators threw bricks, mortars, M-80s, and other flammables towards them. To defend themselves from serious injury, officers used crowd control munitions and tear gas at this time. Lasers were directed at Officer’s eyes, which is unlawful.
Despite having moved from the closed area, demonstrators began to trickle back to Southwest 3rd Avenue, starting a large bonfire in the middle of Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Main Street 1 a.m.

During the dispersal, numerous business windows were shattered by members of the crowd. Officers made several arrests, including one at Southwest Main Street and Broadway where a male fought with officers. Officers were able to get him in custody and recovered an illegally possessed loaded firearm and a knife.

PPB was only able to handle emergency calls only City-wide for several hours due to the need to deploy Officers downtown to assist with the riot. This impacted those requesting police service throughout the City. There was also a significant vehicle crash during the riot in North Portland involving a collision at a high rate of speed, numerous seriously injured persons, and an individual who had to be extracted from a vehicle (See prior release for details).

Between 1 and 2 a.m., some individuals launched fireworks, smoke bombs, and mortars at and near the Federal Courthouse. Crowd control munitions were deployed in the area.

The crowd continued to remain in the area and engage in riotous behaviors involving fireworks, lit fires, smashing windows, and targeting officers with dangerous projectiles. The closure area was extended to I-405 and Southwest 1 Avenue and Columbia to Burnside Streets.

Several Officers sustained injuries throughout the night, mostly due to mortars and fireworks thrown at them by members of the crowd, which exploded on or near them.

Most of the crowd was dispersed by 4:30 a.m.


This used to be completely unacceptable in American society, but it is the kind of violence and destruction that has now been normalized by the Democrat Party and their corrupt toadies in the national news media.

We had better find a way to de-normalize it, because the logical ultimate conclusion to the unimpeded growth of this kind of activity is an outright civil war.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


20 thoughts on “Sunday News Roundup: Kanye for Prez, NYTimes Mendacity, and Portland is Out of Control

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - July 5, 2020

    On polls:

    Norpoth is right, because polls like the one Faux News (FNC) use never actually get people to respond; most people won’t answer pollsters’ questions. A Youtube channel, Viva Frei, featuring a Canadian lawyer-turned-You Tuber had a great guest (several times) Robert Barnes, talked a bit about this.

    I don’t agree with everything Freiheit says, but he’s got some good angles and is open to better information. Barnes is stellar, even if he doesn’t always say what we hope will happen (suing the DOJ by Flynn is one of those.)

    But the point is: middle America, particularly in the “flyover states,” won’t participate in polls, if they are even asked. This accounts for CheatinLyinGropinQuidProJoe’s poll success.

    A lot of people fear being doxed, and don’t want to lose their jobs, their homes, their children, their Constitutional rights. I don’t (and won’t) won’t answer polls from pollsters. Especially from FAUX News.

  2. Jimmy MacAfee - July 5, 2020

    Gavin Newsom – oh, his winery was allowed to stay open, but not his competitors. Seems fair, like Witlless from Michigan (who may well end up in some Witless Protection Program) whose husband wanted special privileges to get their boat into the water ahead of others.

    That’s the type of privilege that protestors should be protesting against.

    Oh sea, rise up against the Left Coast and wash it clean, only sparing those Christians who Newsom won’t allow to sing praises and hymns! (yes, that happened, too.)

    Rise up, oh Sea of G0D, and wash the coastline clean!

  3. Jimmy MacAfee - July 5, 2020

    Kanye West? Well, OK.

    Maybe he can replace Pence, who helped fire Flynn. Pence has some ‘splainin’ to do. Like, quick.

    1. Silas - July 5, 2020

      Let’s be honest here. The Flynn fiasco was intended to do what happened. Had Pence not fired him just imagine what chaos the secm would have had with that. The 24/7 coverage by xinn would have been off the charts. My disdain for them grows exponentially every day.

      What we don’t know is whether or not VP Pence has spoken with Gen. Flynn about what happened. What we do know is that President Trump has telegraphed his willingness to bring the General back.

      1. brian - July 5, 2020

        Perhaps… you are certainly right in that the media would have gone nuts… they still do anyway you cut it, Its always a no win situation regarding the media and the demoncrap.

        IMO, What Pence should have done was to suspend the appointment until more of the facts came out. I think he fired the General far to quickly and more likely to try and placate the mob… which cannot be done. Like I said, Pence is a nice guy but I don’t think he’s a fighter that needs to be in there. He was viewed as a moderating factor which at this point in history is the last thing you need. Its a war and the enemy is playing for keeps and cannot be negotiated with, you will only lose.

        Just my opinion.

        A song for our times….

        1. Silas - July 5, 2020

          embed fail 😛 gotta post a link unfortunately.

        2. brian - July 5, 2020
  4. brian - July 5, 2020

    My two cents worth… Kanye… not today. If he was listening to God he’d know that the timing is all wrong. Can’t judge his heart but certainly can his actions. IMO… he’s doing what he always does… wants attention.

    As for Portland… Let them do what they do… burn, loot, steal… whatever. To any and all Christians… leave as soon as possible. If you leave now, even att a loss, and get to a conservative State you will end up better. Stay in cesspools like Portland and you will lose everything. Its not worth losing your life or family members lives over some stuff.

    If Trumps team monitors sites like these then I hope Trump steps back and waits them out. Do NOT pay compensation to ANY demoncrap led State that allows these rioters to normalize this violence. Yes, there will be those innocents in harms way but to rush in would be a fools errand. Its what the communists want. Cut their funding and contain these communists to their cities.

    Its a war… and its on

  5. Gregg - July 5, 2020

    I agree with Jimmy on West maybe replacing Pence. We don’t need a third party candidate (TR in 1912, Perot in 1992 & 1996) to again split the conservative vote and default another winnable election to the Dems

    While Pence was a good (moderating?) choice for the politically unknown Trump and actually a very successful conservative governor of Indiana, I don’t really seem him as much of an asset this year. In a way, I see Pence to Trump as I saw Biden to Obama. Biden was put on the ticket as a way to project a ‘balance’ to the near totally unknown Obama, and he served that purpose very well.

    With the 2012 election against another GOP Designated Loser in the bag there was no need for BHO to dump Joe Figurehead.

    With the (reported) quick and apparent knee-jerk firing of Flynn by Pence AND the (IMO) disastrous running of the CV-19 task force, Pence’s star has lost a lot of its luster.

    It may be time for Trump to seriously consider West as a VP, if West is serious and it can be found that he has the chops (gravitas) for the position. A real and bonified West VP candidacy would just set the left off into such a tizzy – it would be so sweet to watch and should further entice the AA community (vote) to “walk away”.

    A Trump/West landslide and a great second Trump term would cement a solid ‘favorite’ status for a West run at the GOP primary in 2024. I could see that happening.

    One last thought on Pence and on Trump’s son-in-law of whom it is being reported are at least somewhat responsible for some of the absolutely awful Trump picks and nominations: If Trump were to jettison either or both of these two ‘trusted advisors’ he would have two more potential enemies with which to deal. So what? He is dealing with virtually the whole of the District of Corruption and 90% of the MSM (D) Complex, so what would be the problem with one or two more enemies?

    1. brian - July 5, 2020

      Sound rational on the Pence issue.

      IMO, Pence is a stand solid Christian but like I mentioned before I don’t see him with the political cahona’s to weather the same blistering attacks the communists wage against Trump. Case in point is the weak responses to the covid and the firing of Flynn and then stating he’d welcome Flynn back… In a war you simply cannot quiescence to the enemy period. NEVER cede territory and I wouldn’t have that confidence in Pence to stand solid. Nice guy… just not a knock down fighter thats needed.

      Kanye as VP… I don’t think he’d accept that. He likes being front and center, all about himself. If he could be VP then yes it would absolutely destroy the demoncrap party.

      I don’t see Trump dumping Pence, but definitely should be sending Kushner packing. What would be a devastating blow to the demons would be a trump jr/Kanye tag team in 2024. Now that would be truly devastating to the communists within the US.

      1. Gregg - July 5, 2020

        Only one flaw in your argument Brian, if West wouldn’t take the VP slot to replace Pence, why would he be Trump Junior’s VP in 2024? And I don’t see any Trump running as a VP

        1. brian - July 5, 2020

          Yep… I agree.

          I think both would have to large of ego’s to be VP. Its a dream team dream. I still think tho, that Trump Jr would be the better pick between the two tho. He’s a fighter, like his pappy, doesn’t care an iota about what the media and demoncraps say and the media losing its collective minds of a ‘dynasty’ would be well worth the price of admission.

          Given some of Kanye’s mental issues, uncertainty, I wouldn’t bet the farm on his being able to withstand the same onslaught as Trump has. Plus who would Kanye have as a VP. Thats just as important.

  6. Silas - July 5, 2020

    Well, well are we surprised? This man should have been jail the minute he set foot back in the US. Pity he supposedly killed himself.

  7. Silas - July 5, 2020

    As for Portland. Mayor Ted Wheeler is another feckless, spineless human being who gives lip service to his constituents while he let’s criminals destroy the city. They get what they voted for. I pray for my family and friends stuck there daily.

  8. brian - July 5, 2020

    Patriots… You NEED to purge the rino never Trumpers OUT of the Republican party.

    Have the RNC take a vote to expel these treasonous parasites from the party, they are demoncrap anyway. If the article is true and accurate then these treason rinos are working to hand Congress back to demoncrap control. Flush twice.

  9. rongarland1 - July 6, 2020

    DB, you and I both know that a civil war is unavoidable at this point due to these low-life scum being allowed to get away with so much unlawful behavior already. The good news is that it will be the shortest civil war in world history because the good people have the majority and we have the gun majority, and we have had just about enough of this crap.

  10. Stephen - July 6, 2020

    Let it burn. Good riddance.

  11. Dave - July 8, 2020

    Kayne West for President would be the prophetic fulfilment of the 2008 movie “Idiocracy?” Really ??? The lights of America shine bright but is there anyone home?

    “ Like Trump, West is an incredibly successful businessman……”. By this logic Michelle Obama is rich!
    … why not her?

    1. brian - July 8, 2020

      Idiocracy… we are almost there… Not Sure…

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