Kanye 2020: A Win/Win/Win For Kanye, Trump, and the USA

Guest Piece From America’s History Teacher, Larry Schweikart

In the fall of 2018 I was on a speaking trip to New Mexico. On Brandon Vogt’s radio show, I was asked who I thought would be the successor to Donald Trump, assuming he won reelection in 2020.  Vogt nearly fell out of the chair when I said “Kanye West.”

But my conclusion he would be (by 2024) the natural, perhaps ideal, candidate wasn’t just  an off-the-cuff capricious answer. I had given this a lot of thought. First, it can be argued that Barack Obama was the first “celebrity” president. True, he was a “traditional” politician, coming up through the ranks of the crooked Illinois system, then being whisked into the national spotlight with a speech. By the time he ran for president, however, it was all about the show. He was the “first black presidential candidate” (as the Hoax News media conveniently forgot Jesse Jackson and Alan Keyes, to name two). Obama and his team treated his candidacy as a celebrity event, dwarfing the hapless and corrupt John McCain on social media. Obama’s nomination acceptance speech was nothing but show-biz, with Greek columns and the “Voice of God” reverberation. Almost none of his younger and/or black supporters knew anything he stood for or anything he claimed to believe. He was a “young,” “hip,” black guy so he was the natural choice.

But as much as Obama—or Zero, as I nickname him for his utter lack of achievements—tried to be a celebrity president, he still had too much of the Chicago School in him. And I don’t mean the one renowned for Milton Friedman! In most ways Zero was a typical politician, except he didn’t work nearly as hard as most other presidents. Thank God.

Enter Donald John Trump in 2015. Here was a true non-politician celebrity. He was better known by many voters as the “guy on the Apprentice” than as the successful real-estate developer that he was. Certainly he carried his well-earned playboy reputation from the New York dating scene. He had help found a football league, and in a giant splash signed star running back Herschel Walker (now, by the way, a supporter of him as president). Trump was the first true celebrity president. With no political background whatsoever, he wasn’t corrupted by K Street the way most were, and he didn’t come with baggage of compromises as a senator, governor, or congressman. His very entrance down the Trump Tower elevator was show biz.

Trump has in many ways continued to govern like a non-politician celebrity. He has not changed his language or communication one iota, speaking in everyday common words and phrases rather than the stultified and phony “Washingtonese.” In pure Page Six style, he doesn’t hesitate to duke it out on Twitter with attackers. His flair for the “show” was evident in his campaign when Steve Bannon convinced him to roll out four of the Clinton women who had been maltreated by the Slickmeister. During his presidency, the Celebrate America military parade and events at the monuments was the essential Hollywood production.

The key to the new presidency is name recognition. American education has so destroyed reading, cognitive, and critical skills that traditional advertising just won’t work. Nor is there a willingness to explore platforms or issues. Rather, a name people recognize will be the single most important factor behind voter registration in deciding a vote. We saw this in 2018 in the Ohio Senate race, where Jim Renacci as an unknown spent his entire campaign trying to generate name recognition to compete with Democrat Sherrod Brown. Renacci lost by a whopping 6 points, despite a less-than-popular Mike DeWine winning the governor’s race by more than three points. That is largely a ten-point swing based solely on name recognition of a less than stellar Brown.

Based on these factors, I theorized that only someone with massive name recognition could even consider running for president in 2024, and that for the Republicans, that someone would have to be a solid Christian. Again, without the ability to filter through platforms, the view voters have of a candidate will be based on statements and attitudes they have seen before the campaign.

For that reason, Kanye was distinctly appealing. A rapper who has become a vocal and highly public born-again Christian, a businessman who has branched out into clothing lines and restaurants, and an entertainer who produces and performs large public Christian events, Kanye checked many of the boxes. Moreover, given Trump’s steady and, now, undeniable appeal into the black community (getting between 15% and 28% black approval in most polls for over four years), there is a new segment of blacks who perhaps are unwilling to commit to being a “Republican” but who would vote for Trump in much greater numbers than in 2016. Kanye would almost certainly appeal to a share of that segment. (Not all because many are more mainstream conservative in their attitudes, if not their previous voting history).

To me, Kanye was the only celebrity who could be called “conservative” in his public statements who would have such appeal. I not only expected him to plan to run—as per many of his comments prior to yesterday—but to plan to win. Kanye West will not be on the ballot to “make a point.” But then I was taken by surprise by Kanye’s announcement of running for president in 2020. Certainly he knows he won’t beat Trump. As an independent, certainly he knows he won’t even carry a single state.

So why is he running?

Upon reflection it makes perfect sense. Kanye, despite obvious strengths, has several significant weaknesses to be appealing in 2024. As mentioned, he lacks any political experience at all. Getting on ballots, mounting some sort of campaign based on issues, organizing a campaign team, learning the discipline of multiple public appearances a day—these are all things Kanye has never done before. While he has had his share of music critics, political critics are different in that they question your very right to exist as a challenger to a Democrat.

A 2020 run will prepare West in ways no apprenticeship for four years ever could. Moreover, by running now to get experience, he will (when he loses) have a natural lowered expectations that won’t be there in 2024—the real deal. My guess is (though he is mercurial) that he will keep his criticism of Trump quite muted and focus on “unity” and “Christian principles” so that in 2024 he can gain Trump’s endorsement for the Republican nomination.

IF he’s serious. I think he is. I believe he believes God has chosen him to run.

Many of the criticisms of Kanye from Republicans/conservatives are valid. Many can be addressed by a competent political campaign. Two of the biggest are his history as a rapper (whose marriage began with a pornographic web video) and his battle with mental illness. To the first concern, Trump has already flattened or reduced many of those barriers, while at the same time showing what a commitment to Christ can do to change a life. (Maybe not every aspect of life, but the ones that matter most). Kanye will have four years to demonstrate this.

The bigger issue, and one not to be taken lightly, is his history of bi-polar disorder. But again, two factors are working to minimize this.

First, we are continually learning about previously concealed medical or psychological deficiencies of previous presidents. Today, for example, most people know Abraham Lincoln was a manic depressive; that James Buchanan was likely a homosexual; that Grover Cleveland was absent from the office entirely during a secret cancer surgery; that John Kennedy was on amphetamines and had Addison’s (a fatal) disease. Bi-polar disorder, if medicated, would seem to be no worse than some of these afflictions.

Second, over the past 40 years mental illness of all types has become normalized. It is seen as near-bigotry to claim that someone is incapable of doing a job because he has Autism, depression, or any other number of mental health issues. Our normalization works in Kanye’s favor.

For 2020, though, many are asking, “What will be the impact?” How will a run by Kanye as an independent play in the race? The reaction from Democrats tells you all you need to know: they are terrified. Already Joe Biden (Demented Perv Biteme) was only pulling 74% black support in polls. That is a 50-year low, and Hillary lost with 88% black support. Biden was likely to see an erosion of actual black vote combined with black stay-at-home of somewhere between 15-17% this time around, which is a death sentence for a Democrat candidate.

Now with Kanye? I would not be surprised to see Biden’s share of the black vote fall to under 50%; to see Trump increase to 11-13% black vote (combining actual votes for Trump and stay-at-homes as a “half vote”); and see Kanye get 30% or more.

In short, for Trump, Kanye, and the USA this is a win/win/win.


Larry Schweikart is the co-author of the NYTimes #1 bestseller, A Patriot’s History of the United States with Michael Allen; author of Reagan: The American President; and founder of the Wild World of History historical website with full high school history curriculum in US and World history (www.wildworldofhistory.com).


That is all.

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12 thoughts on “Kanye 2020: A Win/Win/Win For Kanye, Trump, and the USA

  1. brian - July 5, 2020

    Good article.

    While I agree Kante thinks God has told him to run, imo, the timing is all wrong. This will divide the nation and weaken the conservative position. It will definitely hurt the demoncraps for sure but at what cost.

    Again,IMO, Kanye should announce his future Presidential run but stay out of the fight at this point and solidify the conservative positions in the House and Congress. He should full on endorse Trump and campaign for him to not only pull in more ‘black’ support but to also get that ‘experience’ he lacks in the political arena. I suspect ego wouldn’t allow him to do that either.

    If Kanye announces a 2024 shot at the Office then runs the proving ground between now and 2024, it would go a long ways to garnering support in his direction. Perhaps Pence would step away and let Kanye step into VP role but I doubt that would ever happen.

    Interesting times…

  2. Gregg - July 5, 2020


    PERIOD !.



    Run for congress or governor in 2022, get some campaign experience, get some chops, learn how to take a political punch and survive.

  3. Gregg - July 5, 2020

    For some reason the above posted before I was done. To continue:

    Many of us were skeptical at the political upstart Donald Trump, we took a chance on him and he has been and is a one of a kind transcendental president. Can we get lucky with another unproven political novice? Possibly, but not now when we already have who we need to lead America for the next four years. After that, and after you have established some actual conservative credentials, fine!, run against the establishment hacks like Kasich, or Jeb, or even a Romney.

    It would be a thrilling primary to see West run against a Cruz, or a Pence in 2024. Go for it.

    This year’s primaries are over. We don’t need any JCL (Johnny Come Lately) candidates engaging at this late date to muck things up.

    Think about this: With all the innuendo and rumor about how a ‘straight arrow’ like CJ Roberts is being bought/corrupted (since his Obamacare vote) by the left, how hard would it be for them to interject another “clean, articulate black man” into the mix?

    Mr. West, please stay out of 2020 presidential politics. If you are so pro Trump and his agenda; your presence in the race can only hurt our current president’s reelect chances.

    I hope and think you are politically savvy enough to realize that. If not, then you are totally in the wrong league.

  4. Tyrone o'Sorus - July 5, 2020

    IMO Kanye is playing a very dangerous game. He cannot win this time around, his only real chance would be as Trump’s successor in 2024.

    With the voter fraud the Democrats will be doing, this election is going to be very difficult for Trump to win. If Kanye runs he is likely to pull his support from conservative blacks and little else. I doubt many Democrats will support him after his support of the President. If this is perceived as siphoning away Trump’s margin of victory he will alienate almost every loyal Trump supporter. That will give him a very steep mountain to climb in 2024.

    I do agree that he is an attractive candidate from a populist/conservative point of view. I think he would be better positioned in 2024 if he worked hard to campaign for conservative candidates as well as the President. It would give him good experience on the campaign trail, establish his conservative bona fides, and along with establishing a network, make a lot of people in the Republican party indebted to him.

  5. Matt Frihart - July 5, 2020

    All due respect to the commenters freaking out about a Kanye run, you’re all forgetting one very important factor, this is KANYE WEST we’re talking about. He doesnt have a well-thought out opinion on anything, even since his conversion to christianity, its not been a deep dive. This announcement is more of the same, he’s too late to even get on a ballot in many states, and many others he couldnt get the signatures needed. He has zero political infrastructure (even trump had a limited ground game when he first ran) and he won’t be able to siphon a serious amount of votes from anyone this time around.

    for entertainment purposes alone I would like to see a biden-west debate though…….. all the feels on that one, lmao

    1. Gregg - July 5, 2020

      “He doesnt have a well-thought out opinion on anything, even since his conversion to christianity, its not been a deep dive.”

      Great statement Matt.

      That is what I been saying and I totally agree. Get serious Kanye, build an infrastructure for 2024.

      If you help Trump win this year along with some other conservative Americans of African descent in the house and senate and get a significant amount of the black population actually voting for Trump and conservative Republicans, then you can become a real factor in 2024.

      Consider the following:

      If Trump wins in Nov. with your help on the campaign trail, he will be indebted to you in 2024, if not in the primaries (he may initially be supporting Pence which would be logical), then certainly in the general if you become the GOP nominee.

      If Trump loses because you had a hand in defaulting this election to the Dems, you will have forever an enemy in Trump and his passionate 60+ million base and he and they will make it his/their life’s ambition to squash you forever. And there is no way you are going to be elected this year, no matter what. In short, you running would be a fool’s errand.

      If Trump loses because of voter fraud, with you being silent and not hurting his reelect bid, you will also be primed to become the right’s Obama and win bigly in 2024.

      Also if you were to run now as an independent like what Perot did in 1992 you won’t get anywhere near the 19% of the vote Perot got in 1992 (maybe you get 2-4% of the vote like the other fringe candidates usually get in every election). Perot’s rerun in 1996 got him only fifty percent (9-10%) of the vote he got in 1992, and I suspect the same will happen to you if you were to try again in 2024.

      The only person I can remember actually winning the presidency after losing on his first try was Nixon who lost a very close and fraudulent election in 1960 and then winning in 1968. And Nixon was a sitting VP in the first and was well known in the second attempt. Look up how Dewey and Stephenson did on their second attempts in 1948 and 1956, and they both had the real backing of their respective parties.

      That being said, you really don’t want to be a loser now guaranteeing you a ‘has been’ status. 2024 could be your year, but not if you run and lose this year. You might as well change your name to Pat Paulson, Ralph Nader or Lyndon LaRoche, perennial runners and perennial losers. Jackson and Sharpton made serious bids, but were soundly beaten in the primaries because of their timing (and their message and reputation was very wrong). You need to learn from them and get both your timing and your message right in order to have real chance.

      Like I admonish all politicians and entertainers, to be silent and be thought a fool is better than speaking and removing all doubt; keep your powder dry, because now is not the time for you to run. Support Trump and deliver a victory to him now and run as a winner in pursuit of Trump’s third term in 2024 and you will have a real chance then.

  6. Stephen - July 6, 2020

    I will pay attention to West’s claimed conversion to Christ when he leaves the Satan controlled pop culture industry where he made his millions…..not before.

    1. Gregg - July 6, 2020

      Excellent Point! Me Too!

  7. Mad Celt - July 6, 2020

    Kayne? What’s wrong? No pro wrestlers running?

  8. Lou Cipher - July 6, 2020

    Vote for Cthulu and cut out the middle man.

  9. William - July 6, 2020

    Kanye does seem to have some appeal! But I think he would do himself a favor by working with President Trump’s campaign! That would give him experience he could claim when running in 2024 or later. It would show him what a president does and the long hard hours a president has to put in. I think that for him to run in 2020 he might pull some Black support from President Trump, which could be disasterous! President Trump’s policies like funding Black Colleges, criminal reform and opportunity Zones have pulled some Black support from the dems (I would say Biden but we all know he’s not running. The dem party is running with him as the face of the campaign! This is also something that would be educational for Kanye, seeing the dem apparatus in action.) Even if Kanye says he’s running but doesn’t get on the ballot some Blacks may write him in and I believe those votes would come from President Trump’s base.

    Kanye Please don’t run in 2020! Join President Trump’s team! Sway those who would vote for you to vote for President Trump!!!

  10. Dave - July 7, 2020

    So Kanye literally thinks he is god?….. Mmmm yeah that will work. You could not be more stupid to vote for a man who is less holy than the turd I just flushed. He would make a good candidate for the antichrist though…. If your memory has failed you then reflect on his irreverent and offensive yeezus album for which he has NEVER publicly repented. The only thing west wants from all this apart from his ego and the 501 church tax exemption is for everyone to bow down and worship him.

    The only advantage as someone pointed out; is that he might take enough black swing voters away from the Demoncrats to further damage their success, that is of course if they don’t sink Trump with postal votes. That’s a lot votes coming from deceased people and dogs and cats.

    God speed, the whole world sits in the balance of this election ….. as China and Russia continue to watch closely.

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