Texas Gov. Abbott Falls for False COVID “Case” Reporting

Texas hospital hoax ensnares the Governor. – Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced yesterday that residents in the counties that are home to Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio must wear masks whenever they visit any business establishment.  His new order will become effective at 6:00 tonight, and will remain in effect through August 4. Which is fine, although it is sad to see Gov. Abbott falling victim to the “case” counting fraud the state’s hospitals are committing.

I’ve told you repeatedly over the past two weeks that every hospital in my home state – and I understand in many other states as well – have been scamming the taxpayers by classifying every incoming new patient who tests positive for COVID-19 as a “COVID-19 Related” case. It doesn’t matter if the patient is there for knee surgery or tonsillitis or to have their appendix removed, they officially become a part of the fraudulent COVID “case” count.

The hospitals are doing this because congress stupidly included a flat $36,000 per-patient reimbursement to hospitals for all “COVID-19 Related” cases in one of its early stimulus bills. So this is one big money scam, and there cannot be any question now that Gov. Abbott is aware of that fact, because his own spokeswoman for the Texas Department of State Health Services, Lindsay Rosales, confirmed that fact to JustTheNews his week:

Lindsey Rosales, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of State Health Services, confirmed to Just the News this week that the state is categorizing every inpatient in the state with a positive COVID-19 test as a COVID-19 hospitalization.

“The number of hospitalized patients includes patients with a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 even if the person is admitted to the hospital for a different reason,” Rosales said.

Asked if inpatients in the state are tested for COVID-19 whenever they arrive for treatment, Rosales said, “Hospitals set their own protocols for determining when and if to test patients for COVID-19.”

She said the state does not keep track of the patients hospitalized with the coronavirus versus those hospitalized specifically because of it.


Which is exactly what I told you earlier this week

Governor Abbott justifies his new order by claiming that “COVID-19 Related” patients are filling up the state’s hospitals and ICU beds, but that is not at all the case. Read the letter below from the head of the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council:


Only 38% of available respirators in use for just over 1,000 actual COVID-19 patients, who make up less than 10% of patients in the area’s hospitals. For this, Governor Abbott includes a new prohibition on elective surgeries in his new order.

Madness. Absolute, utter fraud and madness. A reader asked me on Wednesday why I think this mis-counting of “cases” is such a big deal. Well, here it is: The intentional miscounting of “cases” is creating perverse incentives for political leaders to make bad policy.

To be clear: I don’t mind wearing these masks, and have been doing so since March on every trip to the grocery store or any other public place, if only to make other people feel more secure. I’m fine with it. What I’m not fine with is public officials making policy that is likely unconstitutional based on false filings made by hospital officials who should be held accountable.

Shame on Governor Abbott for supporting and refusing to acknowledge this blatant case of hospital fraud in the Lone Star State.

That is all.

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28 thoughts on “Texas Gov. Abbott Falls for False COVID “Case” Reporting

  1. brian - June 26, 2020

    About two weeks after the big scare and shutting down of countries to travel it was becoming obvious this whole fiasco was switching over from safety to control. Safety hasn’t been part of the equation for months now and this too was obvious because the goal posts narratives were always changing. Oddly enough were changing to accommodate maintaining the covid scamdemics draconian control measures.

    Sadly it seems that there are even, in Texas of all places, people in power that will bow to fake science and political pressure. So why is nobody really questioning the wearing of masks, how they help and merely just going along with the ‘orders’…

    Are masks effective??? Things to consider. Masks actually make you more susceptible to bacterial infection, think pneumonia. Your beathing in a mask hinders gas proper exchange required by your bady. You are rebreathing the CO2 trapped in the mask which cause a condition of hypoxia and acidosis. Low levels of O2 in your blood steam and acidity levels rise, increasing the susceptibility to bacterial infections.

    Next comes the bacterial load you are putting into the mask from your breathing. It too gets trapped in the mask for you to rebreath, increasing the bacterial load overall in your lungs. Again, increasing the level of contracting pneumonia, something which the hospitals think you should then be put on a ventilator. Of course the hospital get more money from your being on a ventilator but of course nothing to see there so carry on…

    Also to consider that virus’s are very small. Your constant adjusting of the mask etc only furthers the odds of you contaiminating your mask with the virus. The virus, being VERY small, is not hampered by the mask at all and can pass thru it easily. So why again are people being forced to wear masks?!?!?

    Bottom line is masks are not about safety…. its about control. Its not about making other ‘comfortable’ by wearing one, its pointless in every respect. The ONLY way to fight against this over-reach is to let your Representative know its over-reach and not based on reason and science. After all we know just how much demoncraps love science.

    Its a war… the enemy uses mis-information and propaganda… think Tokyo Rose…

    1. Devin - June 26, 2020

      Thank you, Brian. You nailed it. In spite of the mandatory requirement to wear a mask in public in my state, I have refused. I have not worn one yet for all the reasons you have stated. I will not bend the knee to a stupid power grab that is nothing more than that. I would estimate that nearly half the people in my state, mostly blue collar workers, know it is fake science and are laughing about it. Unfortunately, they don’t realize the danger of letting it go on.

      1. jack johnson - June 26, 2020

        I also refuse to wear a mask…anywhere. I have doctors who have never contacted me before mind you, telling me I am due for all these tests. I tell them call me when this “mask” nonsense is over, they say “what about your health”…..I tell them HOW I live my life is more important to me then how long I live my life.

        I wish Trump and the GOP would step up and demand full accounting on these phony stats. I believe this would go a long way in helping with the economy and his re-election. Why they aren`t doing anything is beyond me.

        1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 26, 2020

          I have a hunting mask: it covers everything on my head except my eyes. First day Northam ordered masks, I went to Wally World with it around my neck, but basically dared them to make me pull it up.

          Had they done so, I would have gone back to the truck, gotten my sunglasses and re-entered the store looking like the Unabomber.

          No one told me to put the mask on. But my solution was to make the mask as scary as possible. Looked like a terrorist, but if that’s what they want, I’ll look like a terrorist!

  2. Devin - June 26, 2020

    It is, and has been for several years, my firm belief that some well-funded left wing organization has been working behind the scenes to insure that no smart candidates get nominated by any party for governor, thus ensuring stupid leadership and the downfall of the States and greater dependency on the federal government.

    1. Silas - June 26, 2020

      You are correct! It’s called the dnc, the public employees unions (too numerous to mention here) and the socialist echo chamber media.

      Welcome to the conversation!

  3. Silas - June 26, 2020

    *sarcasm output on*

    Awww, now Dave, you have to remember it’s about SAFETY!

    We here in the Soviet Socialist Republic of I5 Oregon had been going without a mandatory mask rule until this last week! For over 3 months we could breath the clean air of Oregon without fear of corona, now unless we are with close family(no friends allowed) and in public we MUST wear a mask when closer than 6 feet.

    Welcome to the new “Normal”!

    *Sarcasm output off*

  4. Devin - June 26, 2020

    What America needs right now is a day of organized civil disobedience wherein all conservative patriots refuse to wear masks or social distance. I say July 4 would be a perfect day for it. Just need someone with a national voice to promote it!

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 26, 2020

      We have to find the one thing that is common to all states in order to intentionally disobey.

      Good idea, but what is the common thread?

    2. Jimmy MacAfee - June 26, 2020

      One idea: don’t use credit cards or debit cards for a whole day. See the banks squirm – the banks which are supporting black lies matter and other Soros’ entities.

      Pick a date.

  5. Steve Lawrence - June 26, 2020

    Government requiring subject people to wear certain items of clothing is not without precedent; Jews in 30’s Germany had to wear a star od David and in some Muslim countries women have to wear a hijab. While there is no evidence the mask does any good it grooms the servile population to follow all dictates of their betters.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 26, 2020

      Spot on: they want submission.

      If the 5 states that imported BLOVID cases into nursing homes were actually concerned with the health and well-being of the public, they wouldn’t have done that.

      Just recently, they shut down the unused hospital created for the “emergency.” Not one patient – because many of them had been sent to “recuperate” in nursing homes instead.

  6. Jimmy MacAfee - June 26, 2020

    I’m guessing that all visits to the doctor will require a COVID test. If that is the case, I will cancel any visit I may have planned until the requirement ends.

    Not willing to be part of the fraud.

    1. Silas - June 26, 2020

      Been going to the hospital every week due to my surgery. So far all they do is ask a lot of questions to which I answer no and they take my temperature/ So far. 😛

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 26, 2020

        Right. Hasn’t happened…yet.

        But since medical systems make more money off BLOVID-19 positive patients – reportedly – there is incentive for them to puff up the numbers, regardless of whether or not the virus is active or has been deactivated by the immune system.

        Short version: the Dems want more “cases” in order to keep people from voting in person.

      2. Jimmy MacAfee - June 26, 2020

        Control, as you indicate, is the reason they want “contact tracing.”

        Which is why my business stopped taking credit cards when we re-opened. Your purchase tells them when and where you were at the time of the purchase. They track you with your phone, too, but sales are an easier way to find where you have stopped to do business. Cash of checks only. (plus the fact that the bank kept charging us fees even when we were closed.)

        Cash is freedom, which is why they are planning to ban cash. Multiple news articles are calling cash “typhoid Mary cash.”

        If you want herd immunity, cash is king. But they don’t want herd immunity; they want absolute control. All of this is about control.

  7. Jimmy MacAfee - June 26, 2020

    Dave, as I just posted: if you feel like you have to obey the idiot’s order, then find a mask that is terrifying. Make them nervous; make them fear you, instead of fearfully and submissively complying.

    Called “turning the tables.”

    Abbott must be on a high-soy diet.

  8. Dan - June 26, 2020

    Follow the money!

    State and local governments on the ropes by Rex Nutting

    The most immediate concern is the huge decline in state and local governments’ tax receipts, especially sales and hotel taxes. Current estimates suggest state government’s receipts for the upcoming fiscal year may be down by 10% to 20%, or about $500 billion, with local governments down an equal amount.

    The fiscal year for most states starts next week, and without massive support from Congress, most will be cutting services and employment severely. Already, 1.57 million state and local government workers have lost their jobs.

    “It can really weigh on the economy if the states are in tight financial straits,” said Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, at a congressional hearing last week. Already, states and local governments are cutting back on their infrastructure spending and other services.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 26, 2020

      What is the breakdown by state? It’s presumable that the states with the most draconian shutdowns (MI, NY, NJ) will have the greatest loss of revenue.

      In other words, the states that also put sick people in with Granny.

    2. brian - June 26, 2020

      I’m willing to bet that the States where most of the economic pain will be felt is going to be the demoncrap led States.

      Over-bloated from stem to stern. Demoncrap induced downsizing for which they’ll scream bloody murder for a bailout. Then when Trump doesn’t immediately bail these parasite State and loco-mayors, they’ll clutch pearls and swoon dramatically over the cruelty of Trump against the poorest of peoples… those in demoncrap states.

      Jerome is doing what all financial heads in govt do… setting the stage to squander more money of the peoples. Its dire folks… really bad… gonna need to squander… eerrr I mean stimulate the economy with several trillion more dollars to help the needy States.

      Fiscal responsibility and honesty are not things bureaucraps are known to possess.

      Its a war… and they are after YOUR finances

  9. Gregg - June 26, 2020

    Sorry to hear about your governor getting “ensnared in this hospital hoax”.

    No politician gets “ensnared” in anything unless they want to get “ensnared”.

    “The hospitals are doing this because congress stupidly included a flat $36,000 per-patient reimbursement to hospitals for all “COVID-19 Related” cases in one of its early stimulus bills.”

    Paying any hospital or organization to list almost any death or “Case” CV-19 related regardless of circumstances will cause almost every death or “case” to be reported as CV-19 related.


    Who the hell came up with those “guidelines”? China? DNC? The WHO? CDC, the Flucster & the Scarf Queen?

    Like with the flight (AGAIN FLIGHT!) ‘training’ of terrorists from nations who routinely support or produce terrorists last year at NAS Pensacola, incentivizing organizations to exaggerate the CV-19 numbers will cause the CV-19 numbers to be exaggerated.

    I know the president was under great pressure from the “experts” to “flatten the curve” by shutting down the country, and was under extreme pressure sign a (and now several) ‘stimulus’ bills crafted by Klink’s house – obviously he felt he had to get something done. But it is disappointing to see how the Democrats often prevail in larding up ANY and every bill they pass just to hurt Trump – country be dammed.

    If I were McConnell, I wouldn’t even vote on anything passed by Klink’s house; if I were Trump I wouldn’t sign into law any Klink bill that got passed by the senate. Dingy Harry Reid blocked virtually every meaningful GOP bill passed out of Boehner’s house to protect ‘the One’ for four years and the senate Dems successfully filibustered for ‘the One’s’ last two years even when they finally lost the senate.

    This is where I fear the country will be lost. Our stupid and often feckless GOP routinely allows itself to get played and NEVER successfully plays the Dems. Knowing how the MSM (D) is always working against any Republican initiative, our side has to be better and smarter than the Dems – sadly it is not. AND THAT IS DELIBERATE

    Almost everything that happens or gets passed by the Dems, often with “bipartisan” RINO help, screws America one way or the other; anything the GOP blocks for the good of the country, they get smeared as “obstructionists”; the same charge never sticks to the Democrats.

    One would think with the deck stacked that much against the GOP, it would be the regional party, not the other way around, and no Republican would ever be elected president. That should tell any reasonably intelligent politician that the country is still center-right politically and the Dem brand doesn’t sell nationwide, but somehow it often prevails.

    This cements the argument that there is virtually no difference between the two parties except one, more often than not, makes things happen, the other, more often than not, allows things to happen. In both cases, at least between Reagan (since 1987), to the Trump era, virtually all of it has been to America’s detriment.

    Washington’s politicians of both parties had better watch out: The Left is never satisfied and will continue to agitate no matter how much they gain (and radical fossils like Klink can no longer control the ultra radical young punks now infiltrating their party), the Right is getting more and more pissed off every day, and soon – like a volcanic eruption – there will be an inevitable explosion. When that happens, no one is going to take the time or have any interest in saving the ‘good’ politicians – all will be the babies (probably violently) thrown out with the bath water.

    Trump offers our last chance to prevent this; but he can’t do it alone when fully half the elected GOP and, of course, the ‘never Trumpers’ would be just fine with Joe Figurehead, or any democrat winning this year – then they can go back to being the “comfortable caucus” of the 1960s and the 1970s, soaking up the benefits of being a do-nothing congressman or senator, but never having to actually do anything that might rock the boat.

    That has been our legislative paradigm for all but about ten years going back 87 years to when FDR and the Dems first won in 1932, and took total control in 1933. We can’t win if this ‘legislative paradigm’ is not forever shattered beginning NOW! It is not much different than the legislatures that are the rubber stamp puppets of dictators, except in America, our dissenting politicians and judges don’t get Arkancided, too often, YET.

    1. Silas - June 26, 2020

      When the rnc called me after the TEA Party revolt touting the Tea Party’s success and asking for me money I told them to go pound sand (politely of course) and hung up. The bastas tried to capitalize on a grass roots effort they never supported. After telling them this they haven’t called me since. Not surprised in the least. A pox on all of them.

      1. Gregg - June 27, 2020

        Yeah Silas, I got the GOP to leave me alone for several years back in 1992 when they called, I told them I was pissed at Bush the first and was supporting Perot – they hung up.

        Then in 1995-6, Majority Leader Dole sent me several requests for money to help the GOP and the senate fight the Dems and the Left. I wrote back and said you’re in the power position right now, do your damn job and block BJ Clinton and his agenda.

        A couple of significant things, like at least superficially balancing the budget, were forced on BJ Clinton AND Walking Eagle, but he still got his judges, and the GOP wound up running “Darth Vader” against the Clintons AND basically sabotaged his (Designated Loser) campaign like they did with the Ace and the Muttster against ‘the One’.

        The only thing that really muted much of Clinton’s agenda was Monica. And even that backfired, as 20% of the ‘bipartisan” GOP senate RINOS voted with the 100% “partisan” unified Dem senators for acquittal, and Clinton actually became a martyr to many.

        What is little known about that sorry deal where Clinton retained universal Dem senate support, was that a deal was cut between Clinton and the senate Dems. It basically was: we’ll save your sorry presidency and you schiff-can the bipartisan efforts to reform the Social Security System, and other nationally beneficial initiatives. This left the country rudderless for his last two years and Clinton basically did what ‘the One’ did and ran the country via EO and pardoned some of the most vile people ever in his last two months in office.

        Those then ‘GOP’ senators should have been primaried and defeated in 2000, as we essentially lost the senate in 2000 anyway. GOP politicians who betray our trust should always be defeated, but seldom are, and therein lies the problem.

        And while Ronna may talk a good game, and pump out the same old schiff campaign fundraiser requests, I still can’t get over that she is the Muttster’s niece and that blood is thicker than water.

        FDR may have had some Stalinists in his government behind the scene, but at least he didn’t have “Berlin Betty”, Axis Annie, or Lord Haw Haw running the propaganda effort, or Admiral Canaris (who ran the Abwehr – German Intelligence) on his staff – at least as far as we know.

  10. Jimmy MacAfee - June 27, 2020

    Just a little off-topic, but…

    Why isn’t Elon Musk developing a separator? Something that can take Chinese-made crap machines (most of them are) and separate them into parts for recycling, instead of putting them in massive landfills where people scavenge and are exposed to all sorts of toxicity? Mercury poisoning – even, as one source claims – from a single cell phone is enough to damage a lot of the environment. As in: whole lakes. No, but Musk is working on an interface between man and machine, interesting but still Transhumanist. Try to solve actual problems, Elon (you old oak tree.)

    Instead of “transhumanism,” where they’re looking for a way to become disembodied (I have one suggestion: die a natural death?) and roam the galaxy…(the Corbett Report discusses this, but there’s something that James Corbett hasn’t considered: even demons don’t like being dematerialized, which is why they try so hard to possess someone) – as even pigs were preferable hosts to disintegration or floating in the great void and never having a body. I suspect that transhumanists sometime in the past are the demonic entities we know of from Bibliocal times to today. Which is why HRC and Barack Beelzebub are so evil, being possessed – (Hillary Rotten is possessed by the spirit of the late Senator Robert Byrd, her mentor, and no one seems to notice.) Transhumanism is the Great Evil Sorcerer of our time.

    Look if you will at the Book of Job: the devil has to ask G0D for permission to inflict pain upon Job. The modern version is this: the devil has to reveal his plans to inflict pain upon humanity through media of one sort or another (e.g. Long Kiss Goodnight was a warning of 9/11.) My advice to brothers and sisters in Christ is that when we see a plot revealed by Satan’s Mockingbird, we pray that it should not come to pass, and that the plot will be revealed and defeated prior to its initiation. So when you see something that looks even currently implausible in movies and shows, like the Terminator series, pray that these things will not come to pass. The devil can only carry out his plots when we refuse to intervene with prayer.

    So pray fervently that the corruption of the 2020 election by mail in ballots will be exposed and defeated; pray that the DOD schematic developed by Michael Aquino (a Satanist) to convince the enemy (in this case, WE are the enemy) that evil will win and representational government will be replaced by ANTIFA and BLM and their ilk. Pepsi and others are on the side of the Satanists, who want the President to be thrown off Twitter and Fakebook. Pray that all of George Soros’ schemes will be revealed and thrown down:

    Pray – Dear Lord, I pray that these forces of evil will be exposed, defeated and dethroned; I pray this in Your Holy Name, in the Name of Yeshua/Jesus, amen

    Note that Pepsi owns Frito Lay and Quaker Oats. Start with the conspirators, praying for them to tumble into their own abyss.

  11. LadyJane - June 27, 2020

    I pray that Trump wakes up to the harm Dr,’s Fauci and Birx put our country through with the shut down and that he never lets it happen again.

    I pray this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with You!

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 27, 2020


  12. Daniel McStrong - July 3, 2020

    Magical Fantastical of Merlin the Wizard

    Diverting traffic in a major city does not stop the traffic; it prolongs it, still, all those driving must get home or to their detestation!

    What is a pandemic? Is it something mankind can stop? That is not a trick question? If it is a “pandemic” by definition, it means mankind can’t stop it or it would not be a pandemic!

    So does diverting the pandemic stop the pandemic or make it last longer? Once again, not a trick question?

    Does quarantining a whole nation kill the covid19 or prolong it? How many low income people have grandparents helping them raise their children, do you know? Quarantine those family to home who at the greatest risk?

    Can humans prevent the common cold? No, haven’t yet! Why do we not shut down the entire world over the common cold? Well, some people actually do die from colds that compromise their immune system causing other complication that sometimes leads to death. Can you tell me how many people died from the common cold each year? Do you care?

    No we don’t, it just another thing we live with and go on with life.

    OK, here is another one, if every person on the planet earth caught COVID19 how many would die, what is the percentage?

    If I state the facts, then you say I have an agenda, but I don’t have one but truth. The truth is, well, look it up, it would be a very small percentage of the population of the world would die.

    So is the pandemic the virus, or the amount of death it causes? Then, why is it that the news focus on the death numbers, like votes for an election that we eagerly follow on social media?

    Can masks stop the virus, or divert it? How many deaths have mask save us from? What about those that caught the virus; were they wearing mask, were they staying at home and social distancing? Why haven’t we talked about those numbers. Well, perhaps, we don’t like being confused by the facts, who knows?

    Are there any numbers or scientific facts that masks stop the virus or prevent it or have they prolonged it? Do we even have any facts that wearing a mask keeps others from catching it, honestly?

    Next question? What is a flu shot? Is a flu shot a vaccination that kills the flu virus? Well, sadly, we have a number of people that are very angry right now that do not understand what a flu shot is, or what it does? I not making this up, just ask most people and you will be shockingly surprised?

    What a flu shot does is put some of the flu virus in us so that our immune system creates it own cells to protect us, so when we are exposed, we have the power to stop the flu. But now listen, very carefully,  it does not kill the flu virus it stops it in our own body not someone else body no matter if we are wearing a mask or not.

    Next question, are Doctors, always right? When have Doctors ever been right? Do we now live in a bubble of Merlin the magical wizard? Where doctors are all knowing, and all-seeing gods without question. Do we think doctors are free of politics and career ambitious; pure as wind driven snow only wanting to save the world!

    Just study the million arguments over coffee in the last 40-years and the questions will answer itself. And If you’re not satisfied with that then pick whatever subject you want and you will find the same story when it comes to expert opinions!

    Here is the truth none of us want to face, the problem with the truth is; truth always becomes reality with us or without us.

    The truth is that we only have two choices. 1.) is, if science comes up with a vaccine for COVID19—killing it dead, but science has never created a vaccination for a virus not even AIDS, and

    2.) the world gets infected with COVID19, and builds up herd immunity the same-thing a flu shot helps to speed up that process completing it faster.

    “Diverting”, is prolonging the inevitable truth one way or another. If those in power want to keep this thing going for years they will keep enforcing the detour signs, instead of the truth, the wizardry magical fantastical detour sign killing the city for lack of traffic.

    When it all over the question remains. why did we destroy our country over wizardry magical fantastical our own lives, and our families future, when we have no proof we saved one single life by the “detour signs” which is now new idol to worship at!

    What we are left with is political rhetoric that wants to get their grubby fingers on COVID19 funding for their State, the trillions of dollars slush fund that requires each state to enforce the detour signs, rather than facing the inevitable truth.

    Let us remember all that traffic must get home it may take years at great cost, but I don’t believe they really care in the first place its just politics, right? Politicians care little more than they ever have and unfortunately we’ve have all fooled ourselves into not facing the truth, while the politicians feed us what we needed not to face the truth.

    Yes, its true and those same politician’s are very rich and happy prostitutes that gave us cheap love at the cost of our jobs, ruining our economy, and the future of our families; while we slept around rolling in unreality being unfaithful to ourselves and our neighbor while they sold out our country to terrorist!

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