Why the Flynn Win and Strzok Notes are Major Obamagate Developments

Wednesday was a momentous day for anyone who cares about the rule of law and the future of the country. Which of course means that the corrupt political activists who infest our national news media have no clue about any of it, and the Democrat politicians and RINOs in Washington DC are scared to death, because they do understand, but hate it.

It wasn’t just because General Mike Flynn and his kickass lawyer Sidney Powell partially won their appeal for a writ of mandamus before the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, although that was a big part of it. The other big deal – perhaps even bigger in terms of the future of the country – was the release of disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok’s notes from a meeting held on January 4, 2017 at the White House.

Let’s work with the Court of Appeals decision first. People need to understand what an incredibly rare thing it is in our country these days for any federal appellate court to slap down a federal judge as the completely out of control Emmet Sullivan was slapped down yesterday. A writ of mandamus is a step a defense lawyer takes only as a last resort, when the trial judge in their case has gone so far outside the bounds of the prevailing law that it has become impossible for their client to receive a fair trial in the court.

That reality is why so many expert observers were predicting that Powell’s request would be rejected, which would have allowed Judge Sullivan to keep stringing this case out past Election Day in November, which we now clearly see has been his goal all along. While the 3-judge appeals panel did not completely remove the case from Sullivan’s court, it did order him to dismiss ex-federal judge John Gleeson, who he had hired at taxpayer expense to improperly intervene in the case, and to dismiss the case outright, as the Department of Justice moved to do many weeks ago.

As we pointed out yesterday, Sullivan still has the option of requesting an en banc hearing before the full appeals court panel, but doing that poses very high risks for the future of his already damaged career. Regardless, yesterday’s order by the 3-judge panel preserves the separation of powers under the constitution, and will forever be a stain on Sullivan’s reputation, which had been pretty solid before his gross misconduct of this case. The decision is a huge win for the preservation of the rule of law in this country.

Strzok’s notes are just as important for one single reason: They provide a contemporary record that directly implicates both Joe Biden and Barack Obama as willing and active participants in Obamagate, providing strategic direction for the coup cabal.

The first thing to understand is that that January 4 meeting has not previously been noted as being important in any real way. The second thing to note is that Strzok himself was not in the meeting – his notes are apparently from a meeting he had later in the day with FBI Director James Comey.


In that meeting, Obama, Biden and Comey (it is unknown if there were other participants) were discussing how to proceed vis a vis Flynn, who we now understand was a big target of Obama all along. Remember, when Trump met with Obama two days after the 2016 election, Trump came away from that meeting stunned that the one and only foreign policy matter Obama brought up was an admonition that Trump should avoid hiring General Flynn. I discussed the reasons why Obama was so worried about Flynn in that piece yesterday.

Here’s an excerpt:

Because, remember: Flynn knows where all of the bodies are buried here. This case was never about “Russia Collusion”; it never had anything to do with any real concerns about Flynn’s calls during the transition with Russian Ambassador Kysliak; it never had anything to do with any of the abject nonsense fantasy narratives that the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies have been pushing on the public since 2017.

This case was about protecting the dirty secrets behind Obama’s despicable deal with Iran, which, if left in place would have ensured Iran became the preeminent power in the Middle East, one armed with nuclear weapons. Flynn was fired by Obama in 2014 from his position as Director of Defense Intelligence because he raised objections regarding the negotiations over that deal, and that is why Obama/Biden and other high Obama officials could not stomach the thought of Flynn serving as National Security Advisor.

That’s why Flynn became the target of what we know beyond any doubt now was a blatant effort to frame him by the FBI; it is why he was targeted by American Gestapo Chief Robert Mueller and his enabler, Rod Rosenstein to begin with; and it is why Judge Sullivan has spent the past three years passing on at least half a dozen previous opportunities to dismiss this case and tolerating an unending stream of prosecutorial malfeasance in his courtroom.


In that January 4 meeting, it is obvious that Obama and Biden – who remember, actually unmasked General Flynn personally in early December, 2016 – remain very concerned about Flynn and all he knows. We see Biden himself become the first person to raise the idea of framing Flynn by using the Logan Act, an archaic relic of law under which no American citizen has ever been prosecuted. That’s how thin a reed these desperate people were pulling here.

We then have Comey telling Obama and Biden that Flynn’s calls with Russian Ambassador Kislyak are “legit,” i.e., not really fit for pursuit under the Logan Act. Regardless, we next see Obama, then the President of the United States, instructing the Director of the FBI to “look at this”, i.e., trying to build a case under the Logan Act, and to “have the right people on it.”

In January 2017, who were the “right people” at the FBI to have on an effort to frame a high incoming official in the Trump Administration? Why, you’d start with Peter Strzok, of course, since by then Strzok had already led efforts to fake the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server, led the illegal spying effort – “Crossfire Hurricane” – on the Trump campaign and transition team, and to concoct false rationale to defraud the FISA court. Which is why the first thing Comey did when he got back to the Hoover Building was call Strzok – and perhaps Strzok’s bosses, Andrew McCabe and Bill Priestap – into a meeting to do a download.

Those notes, and that January 4 meeting, are a big, fat hairy deal, folks. Assuming John Durham and William Barr are really planning to execute some real justice related to Obamagate, those notes will make it very hard for them to continue to pretend that Biden and Obama themselves are above scrutiny. Once his case has been fully dismissed and he is able to speak freely, we can expect Flynn to make doing that even harder still.

It was a coup d’etat on American soil, folks, led and planned by Obama and Biden. I’ve been telling you this since mid-2017, and here we are.

As I always like to tell skeptical people: A “conspiracy theory” is not a “theory” when it is standing right in front of you slapping you in your stupid face. This one has been slapping us all for a long, long time.

That is all.

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16 thoughts on “Why the Flynn Win and Strzok Notes are Major Obamagate Developments

  1. Jumper Bones - June 25, 2020

    Thank you for posting this.

  2. Jimmy MacAfee - June 25, 2020

    Since we’re not seeing the small fish get fried, maybe it’s time for the big fish?

    I’ve changed my mind on this, previously thinking that the small fish would turn and bite at the big fish. I no longer believe this, as its clear that Sullivan is protecting Obeelzebub (whatever his reasons) and so are the rest. Including QuidPro, who has his current position because he has guilt to share, and because he apparently threatened to use his knowledge to bring down Obeelzebub if he was forced out. But now that QuidPro is on the hot seat, too…?

    The big fish are unpalatable, but not inedible. Here’s hoping they’ll all be swallowed whole.

    Flynn is the shark now circling the school of baitfish and big fish. I have no doubt that he has a “dead-man’s switch,” a vast collection of information on the school, should they try “Arkansiding” him.

    On that, I now believe that the attempt to create racial unrest stems entirely from this narrative, because every time Obeelzebub was exposed, a Trayvon was found. Every. Single. Time. I noticed this when black folks were beginning to notice that all their jobs were either going overseas, or to illegals – and the Obeelzebub administration dredged up Trayvon and others.

    In a nation as large as ours, you know that there’s gonna be some bad policing somewhere – even when the narrative is clearly false and the police are not to blame (Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.) In the Floyd case, Chauvin handed them a gift on a golden platter – (effing idiot.)

    The worst judge in the country (until Sullivan made himself the top candidate) is Amy Berman Jackson, who put Roger Stone AND his attorneys under a gag order. How little anyone noticed – the loss of Constitutional rights, and no one even gasped. Jackson needs some attention at this point, too. The President has but a short time to deliver on his promise.

    Free Roger Stone, and investigate Amy Berman Jackson for corruption or incompetence (it’s one or the other) – and let Stone speak freely and often.

    Meanwhile, Flynn, who was the prey, is now circling the school, and is the predator we want to see eating the whole school of demented fish.

  3. Jimmy MacAfee - June 25, 2020

    Barr had indicated that Obeelzebub and Quid Pro weren’t – (as far as he knew at the time) – going to be prosecuted. Make one assumption from this:

    Attorney General Barr is keeping a safe distance from the evidence, so that prosecutions can proceed even if they find a way to remove him, or something happens to him.

    Parallel platforms aren’t just an NSA invention.

    1. Jonesy - June 25, 2020

      Obama and Biden will remain untouched….if no one could prosecute Hillary for GROSS, BLATANT mis-handling classified information, nothing is going to happen to these guys….too many dots to connect and there would have to be direct evidence. A disgraced lying, former FBI adulterer’s notes aren’t going to cut it.

  4. Cynthia - June 25, 2020

    Who is “P” in the notes? President or Peter? “I’ve been on the intel committee for ten years and I never . . .” “Make sure you look at things and have the right people on it.” “Is there anything I shouldn’t be telling transition team?” So these are notes from Comey telling Strozk about the meeting?

    1. David Blackmon - June 25, 2020

      “P” is Obama. “D” is Director Comey. “VP” is Biden.

    2. David Blackmon - June 25, 2020

      Yes, this is Comey doing a download to Strzok, the “right people” to frame Flynn.

  5. Gregg - June 25, 2020

    From a military perspective, intelligence is only valuable when there is a means and a desire to act upon it; the same goes for evidence regarding law enforcement and prosecutors. So far we have seen bupkis from ALL the players charged with and sworn to uphold the constitution, and enforce the law.

    I have tapped into the old TV show “Hogan’s Heroes” to come up with names to mock many of the characters who run the District of Corruption.

    Trump is Col. Hogan – the flamboyant leader and winner who always (ultimately) prevails against the bad guys

    Pelosi is Col. Klink – the clownish enemy of Hogan who makes a lot of noise with much bravado and always fails

    Schiff is Maj. Hochstetter – the GESTAPO hack who talks a big game, and forever is chasing Trump, but ultimately craps out – much like Wyle E. Coyote to Trump, the Roadrunner

    Nadler is Gen Burkhalter – an arrogant fat slob who is much like Schiff, and just as ineffective

    Barr, like Sessions, is rapidly becoming Sgt. Schultz – he actually sees, and hears, and occasionally says something of relevance, but so far has played the “I see nothing, I hear nothing, and I know nothing” act to a “T” – much like the three monkeys with their hands over their eyes, ears and mouth.

    I agree with the general idea that Trump (and Flynn until his case gets totally dropped) can’t get overly involved until he wins reelection, but then he has to unload. I’m sure all the Obamagate players of the DS full well know this which is why all their minions are doing so much to blunt and discredit whatever Barr is (supposedly) doing.

    All this subterfuge created by CV-19 and now the Antifa/BLM/Bubba riots creating the summer of discontent – not “the summer of love” – can be used to Trump’s advantage, as his (supposed) ‘wingman’ can largely operate behind the scenes.

    I agree with Jimmy in that anytime anything got remotely sticky for ‘the One’ there was always a convenient media driven ‘false flag’ to mitigate whatever problems ‘the One’ was encountering at the time.

    In this case the left and the MSM (D) has actually created the ‘false flags’ to cover what Trump and hopefully the DOJ is and can be doing behind the scenes. If more of the nothing that seems to be happening in the prosecution of the Obama led coup d’état continues and this final opportunity to enforce the law is wasted, we will then know for certain that the DS is unbeatable and an active civil war will be inevitable and devastating – and it will take at least a decade for the country to recover. Perhaps it has to happen; hopefully China or some other bad actor isn’t able to take over when we are crippled fighting ourselves.

    What is sad and discouraging is that no one in the DOJ or in the judiciary seems to have a sense of urgency to “get to the bottom of this” or resolve anything. These ‘judges’ and ‘leaders’ just don’t seem to understand the powder keg they are sitting on.

    I’m sure the President sees it and must be so thoroughly frustrated.

    Barr and Durham have a real chance to go down in history as great Americans who saved the nation at a critical time. They can be heroes, like Hogan/Trump, or they can just be another twosome, another bit of flotsam drifting aimlessly in the pond scum of the swamp.

    Why are there so few people wanting to be “heroes”?

    Why are there so few people wanting to save America as founded which produced the greatest country in history?

    I still hold out hope, and if they prove to be true ‘white hats’ I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong and praise them to the hilt. This is a great opportunity to wipe out the Dem party for the foreseeable future; it is a house of cards filled with their own hate, and malcontents whose only unifier is a deep and unfounded hatred against Trump and America – we cannot fumble this opportunity Trump has given us to bury them as a viable political force in America.

    One thing is certain, if Trump gets beaten, their (Barr and Durham) careers are over, as any Democrat will immediately replace any and everyone who remotely worked on behalf of Trump, America, or has or is in anyway associated with the GOP.

  6. Jimmy MacAfee - June 25, 2020

    Sullivan doesn’t know a writ of Nostradamus from a Writ of Mandamus.

  7. Gregg - June 25, 2020

    I didn’t know Super-Duper-Pooper-Scooper FBI/CIA agent Peter (in every sense of the word) Strzok-Stroke-Smirk also knew how to write in hieroglyphics. Regardless of what happens to ‘the One’ and Joe Figurehead, this is the guy I most want to see hung.

  8. Skid Marx - June 25, 2020

    Commies are a stain on the world and humanity. The true believer activist judge comrade doesn’t care as any means justifies the ends in the Great Leap Forward Fundamental Transformation.

  9. marty lopez - June 25, 2020

    So what? No really, so what! AG Barr has already said he won’t question Obama, or Biden under any conditions. He wants to keep politics out of it. Can you imagine anyone, much less the AG saying something as stupid and innane as that in year 2020? Where has this Jackie Gleason look a like been? Oh that’s right, he reitired up all cush and swell with his DOJ pension from the Bush Administration, a real keeper this Barr.

    That makes two for two now for Trump and AG’s. And speaking of Trump, he himself has said repeatedly, he doesn’t like to get involved. Pretty slick that bit. Oh he’s got them board room moves allright. He slips the punches and responsibility and does absolutely nothing. That the art of the dealers. All bullschit all the time.

    Mind, that isn’t what Trump said when he was runing for office. Oh he was all for draining swamps and building walls, locking them up, knee capping China. Suddenly he can’t keep a statue in the park upright. Sure you’re going to put a little salt on that tail, are you?. Oh, we got them this time all right (NOT)

    1. Gregg - June 26, 2020

      So whatcha gonna do Marty – vote for Biden?

      I and many others are as frustrated you, but remember this, if Trump and Barr were as feckless as you seem to think, that should mean the left would/might occasionally back off a little bit?

      I’ll get concerned if and when the left starts praising Trump – like they occasionally did for ACE McLame when he “crossed the aisle” – for being “bipartisan”. The praise for ACE lasted for about five minutes.

      In my lifetime, no Dem has ever given me a reason to FOR a Dem president; most Republicans only got my vote because they weren’t Dems.

      Regan and Trump are the only two presidents who I wanted and now want to vote FOR. The nation can’t afford another Dem administration for the foreseeable future. There is nothing to be gained by criticizing Trump for his picks, many of whom have been atrocious, and it would be even worse for hard core conservatives to give the left aid and comfort al la Ann Coulter.

      Trump may not be perfect, no one is, but he is light years ahead of the alternative.

      PS: Rather than venting here, why not write and express your concerns directly to the president?

      The address is: The Whitehouse 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20500

      If you do decide to write to the President, I’d love to see you post it here.

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