Where Democrat Collusion Fantasies are Concerned, China is the new Russia

Hey! Anybody up for the “China Collusion” fantasy scam? – That’s what’s coming next from the Democrat/Media Axis of Disinformation, as was made clear on the Sunday morning talk shows. Democrat activist hosts Martha Raddatz of ABC and NBC’s weaselly Chuck Todd kicked off the festivities, with Fake Jake Tapper playing a supporting role.

Hilariously, this entire scam will revolve around the media’s former whipping boy, John Bolton, who has suddenly become their newest turncoat hero now that he’s taking shots at President Donald Trump.

Todd interviewed bug-eyed Adam Schiff on his gabfest, “Meet the Press.” There he practically begged Schiff to start new impeachment hearings ASAP based on the baseless and unsupported fables Bolton tells in his book about Trump’s dealings with China’s Xi Jinping. As reported by Fox News:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff suggested on Sunday that former national security adviser John Bolton may soon testify before his panel – and that a fresh new round of impeachment proceedings may result from the memoir.

Schiff, D-Calif., made the remarks as Bolton, appearing on a separate talk show, charged that the Schiff-lead impeachment proceedings earlier this year were “too politicized” to bother with.

The back-and-forth came days after a federal judge determined that Bolton’s decision to publish his upcoming tell-all memoir on the Trump administration had “exposed his country to harm and himself to civil (and potentially criminal) liability,” and that Bolton had “likely jeopardized national security by disclosing classified information in violation of his nondisclosure agreement obligations.”

Schiff said on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” that although he hasn’t read Bolton’s book, “The Room Where It Happened,” his committee would be looking in coming days at having Bolton testify.

“If you don’t act now, and you sort of wait to act and you wait to see what happens in November, is that too late?” NBC News anchor Chuck Todd asked. “If you believe he has done impeachable acts with the Chinese government, can you really wait until after the election to put Bolton under oath, to start the process?”

“I don’t think we should wait, if we conclude that there are important things he says that needs to be exposed to the public,” Schiff responded. Specifically, Schiff asserted that “those comments that the president made when only the interpreter and President Xi [Jinping] was in the room, blessing the concentration camps of the Uighurs, it’s exactly why we want to know what he said to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin when he’s alone in the room with Putin.”


So, here we have the spectacle of a pretend-journalist basically talking joint Democrat/media strategy live on national television. At least old hacks like Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw kept their collusion with the Democrats behind the scenes, most often over champagne and caviar at the home of Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee.

But Weasel Todd isn’t the only corrupt media figure campaigning for another round of bogus impeachment activities from this congress. Martha Raddatz, who always looks and sounds as if she is right on the verge of crying (what must this poor woman’s childhood have been like?) aired a part of her “exclusive” interview with the star of this new fantasy play, Ambassador Pornstache himself.

In a tweet publicizing her interview, Raddatz said, “He didn’t want to be a part of the impeachment hearing” because “he thought it was too politicized and he wouldn’t make a difference … I pushed back on him several times,” ABC News’ Martha Raddatz said Sunday of his interview with Bolton.

She pushed back on him several times, because she’s right there with Weasel Todd, pushing as hard as she can for another impeachment effort by the Democrats in the house of representatives. Meanwhile, the man with the most perpetually furrowed brow in America, CNN’s insipid Jake Tapper, did his best to get Jerry Nadler, who comically chairs the House Judiciary Committee, to commit to impeaching both President Trump and Attorney General William Barr, but the little munchkin was having none of it:

“No, we’re not interested in Bolton’s testimony,” the New York Democrat said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” After being pressed by host Jake Tapper, Nadler acknowledged that “we may, but we’ll see about that.”

and, on Barr…

“I think he deserves impeachment. He certainly deserves impeachment. But again, that’s a waste of time because the Republicans in the Senate won’t look at that and we have, we have other ways of getting at this,” Nadler said.


Nadler said that, instead of moving to impeach Barr, his committee would move to withhold $50 million in funding from the massive DOJ budget instead, which would be akin to using a BB gun to try to bring down an elephant.

All of this – every last bit of it – was classic DC Swamp Kabuki Theater, with the Democrats who will ultimately lead this next scam pretending to be reluctant to move forward as they vet the concept on national TV. They will spend this week gauging public reaction before deciding whether or not to move ahead.

Will China Collusion become the new Russia Collusion? We will know soon enough.

That is all.

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8 thoughts on “Where Democrat Collusion Fantasies are Concerned, China is the new Russia

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 22, 2020

    Two fictional accounts ; the dossier, and Bolton’s book – resulting in two politicized impeachment attempts?

    The Demonrats might want to hire Obeelzebub’s fiction writer, Ben Rhodes, since they seem to be relying upon fictitious accounts for all their deliberations.

  2. Gregg - June 22, 2020

    “Nadler said that, instead of moving to impeach Barr, his committee would move to withhold $50 million in funding from the massive DOJ budget instead…”

    Wouldn’t that be akin to at least impeding if not ‘obstructing justice’?

    I remember hearing many creditable stories about how J. Edgar Hoover was able to be the FBI director for about fifty years with virtually unchecked power to do very anti-American acts; illegal wiretapping, and other unwarranted spying on American citizens. His FBI had so many dossiers on so many power-players, in the swamp, including presidents, and he used that as, oh let’s call it leverage (extortion is such a nasty word), against any politician who tried to reign in the FBI’s abuse of power, through investigations, hearings, or budget cuts.

    Hoover’s FBI ‘monitored’ so many people from Hollywood, to civil rights ‘activists’ like MLK, and politicians of both parties, yet seldom, if ever, brought charges – he just kept tabs on any and all of his potential adversaries to keep his power intact In short, he set the culture of the FBI that is basically their hidden “mission statement” to this day.

    I’m not saying the budget of the DOJ shouldn’t be audited and reevaluated – it, and every other government entity most certainly should be. What I am saying is GoNads (General Burkhalter) is making a thinly veiled threat to Barr in that he and his department will be punished for going after criminals who happen to be allies with the swamp, and, by extension the DNC.

    What if President Trump tried to reduce or limit Mueller’s unlimited budget for his provable which hunt? He was excoriated for even THINKING of firing the esteemed Robert S. Mueller the III.

    That alone should trigger a probe of the fat slob Burkhalter!

    What goes around, comes around, and Schiff (Major Hochstetter) and Burkhalter and others need to be legitimately investigated – people throwing rocks shouldn’t be living in glass houses.

    PS: Hadn’t heard from Schiff(head) in like the last five minutes, and was beginning to wonder where the camera Hogg was. This just shows how weak the left’s effort against Trump is for them to have to drag out Pencilneck and recycle impeachment again. This is also just another diversionary tactic in the Democrat’s attempt at “Hidin’ Biden”.

    In any other election cycle, the campaign would be the focus; not renewing the disastrous and bogus impeachment effort in order to circumvent the will of the people and try to disqualify Trump from being on the ballot.

    The Dems must be made to pay bigly in this (and all future) election.

  3. brian - June 22, 2020

    “would be akin to using a BB gun to try to bring down an elephant.”

    Well what if you shoot it in the eye, huh?!?!? 🙂

    Its really laughable, it truly is… The desperation is going into overdrive.

    Its getting harder every day to either not laugh at these clowns or scratch the head and wonder if they could possibly get any stupider… which then of course they go about proving they can…

  4. Silas - June 22, 2020

    I’m still waiting for Schiffty to produce all that evidence he has about Russian collusion. Relying on
    Bolton’s book of lies would be par for the course with him and Nonads. And since there is some classified info in there they will try and have another round of troika hearings. Only problem is, we can all read it right now thanks to a leak form somebody.

  5. Mike Grundel - June 22, 2020

    Wouldn’t it be great if President Trump used a cutback as a reason to further eliminate deep staters in DOJ. Their heads would explode.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 22, 2020

      Dang good point! Excellent!

    2. Silas - June 22, 2020

      Let’s not stop there, how about the EPA and the DOE?

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