Trump Birthday Boat Rallies Display Massive Support All Over the Country

Every four years, the nation’s corrupt news media establishment embarks on a mass brainwashing campaign designed to discourage Republican voters from participating by convincing them their candidate cannot win. We have seen this phenomenon take place in every election cycle in the modern era, starting with the Ford/Carter contest of 1976. This election cycle is certainly no exception: In fact, it may already be the most intense yet.

The Trump Campaign reported yesterday that it has already received more than 300,000 ticket requests for the President’s upcoming rally on June 20 in Tulsa. On Friday, by contrast, Joe Biden at one point had just 68 people tuned into his livestream event broadcast on the Internet from his basement:

That is 68, a two-digit number, watching the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democrat Party. But you are being brainwashed to believe that this corrupt, doddering fool is not just ahead of the President in the current polling data, but somehow way ahead, almost to the point that the election is really already over for all intents and purposes. It’s exactly the same playbook the Democrats and media ran through during the 2016 election campaign, only even more absurd.

The media figures who scoff at these massively-attended Trump rallies as being merely “anecdotal” and “one-off” evidence of the President’s strong support are the same figures who correctly told you that the massive turnouts for Obama rallies in 2008 were an indication of the strong and growing support for the eventual winning candidate. They’ve obviously forgotten the lesson they should have learned that year.

The President hasn’t held any rallies since early March thanks to the viral gift from China, but despite that reality, we have plenty of visual evidence of his strong and growing support happening all over the country today, which happens to be his birthday. Take a look at the pictures and video clips below of huge Trump boat rallies that have been organized by supporters in various locations:

The biggest one appears to be in Jupiter, Florida, where a reported 3,000 boats participated:

Here’s another one in Broward County, Florida – wait for it because it takes a few seconds to unfold:

They tried to organize a competing Biden rally, but it didn’t quite work out:


Check out this one 3,000 miles away in San Diego:

Here’s another view of San Diego:

Here’s a “Trumptilla” forming in Tampa Bay:

They held one yesterday in St. Clair, Michigan:

They’re doing it down in the Floriday Keys, too:

Not to be outdone, here is a clip from Norris Lake, Tennessee:

Here’s Lake Hartwell, South Carolina:

And here’s a shot of the parade on the Detroit River in Michigan:

And here’s a group in San Diego singing happy birthday to President Trump:

So, you won’t see Trump supporters out rioting in the streets and burning down our major cities, but you do see them this weekend on the rivers and lakes all over the nation celebrating their support for President Donald Trump.

The Democrats and their media toadies are in for another very long and disappointing Election Night on November 3.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

27 thoughts on “Trump Birthday Boat Rallies Display Massive Support All Over the Country

  1. phineas gage - June 14, 2020

    ‘We have seen this phenomenon take place in every election cycle in the modern era, starting with the Ford/Carter contest of 1976.’

    So true–it has been a staple of the Dem playbook throughout the post-Watergate era. It has worked because most GOP candidates didn’t fight back vigorously. Reagan was a great communicator (like Trump) and intellectual, but not a street fighter like Trump.

  2. phineas gage - June 14, 2020

    His rallies starting this week are going to be through the roof.

    There is going to be a tsunami of a backlash against what has gone on in this country over the last weeks and months.

    1. Silas - June 14, 2020

      And we need to encourage everybody we know to make sure they get out and vote, as well as encourage every body they know to get out and vote as well. It needs to be a serous slam dunk
      popular and electoral vote. The opposition is still going to try and claim it’s illegitimate, but a landslide will make that d@mn difficult.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 14, 2020

        A little birdie – the Paraclete – let someone know where UBL was, and this was posted a month before he went to his paradise, forcing the last administration to act, (in spite of the Bat Faced One’s hoping to make it closer to the election.) Alas, SCYTL defrauded the vote, and holding the UBL event until closer to the election was unnecessary. They were afraid they’d lose, though.

        They had others setting the sails – (as in “rigged”) – people close to the Romney campaign, to keep him from doing what he did in the first debate against Obeelzebub, the lord of the flies. Romney was “read in” to classified data and was neutered as a result. His ammo was all unusable then.

        This information about UBL isn’t classified because it never came from classified sources. It came from Holy sources. But don’t ask your local Baptodistapalian: most mainline Christian theologians these days don’t know the Paraclete from a parakeet.

        The last failed candidate believed her own numbers in ’16, and didn’t rig the sails quite high enough. But they were rigged, and the anger and the prayers of the American people won the day, with the intervention of the Lord.

        We will need His help this time, too. Keep praying –

        And Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

    2. David Blackmon - June 14, 2020


  3. Silas - June 14, 2020

    The Presidents campaign should be running this as a commercial. It should headlined “Coming To A Democratic Run City Near You”.

    I feel sorry for him, but elections have consequences. The questions I would have asked towards the end are:

    Did you vote for the mayor, city council and governor?

    After your experience with them, would you vote for them now?

  4. Sir Cumference - June 14, 2020

    Over 300,000 signed up for President Trump’s next rally. And old senile, women-groping, hair-sniffing, little girl fondling creepy Joe can’t even get 300.

    1. Silas - June 14, 2020

      Saw that Creepy Uncle Joe only had 68 people watching a live stream event recently. There is no real enthusiasm for this tired, old dementia patient. The dims decided to ride it out with Joe, pick a nonwhite, female VP candidate and pray they can cheat their way into the White House. Then
      article 25 him after the election.

  5. Jumper Bones - June 14, 2020

    I saw a couple of those “flotillas” on, but your collection adds quite a few more. Thank you Mr. Blackmon for helping me sleep better at night (I live only 25 minutes from downtown Boston, and just passed 60 years old).

  6. brian - June 14, 2020

    Well its no secret surprise that the Dem zombies will ever be swayed from voting their masters. I’m certain Trump is going to play all this gold handed to him and they’ll use it very effectively.

    What to expect?? IMO, the Dems are going to throw everything in, EVERYTHING. They’re going to up every dirty cheating stealing scumbag trick they can muster. The propaganda machine is going into full turbo until well after the Nov election.. None of this should be a surprise.

    I, personally, wouldn’t be saying to anyone its going to be a landslide victory. Probably quite the opposite, in that if they don’t vote, a Seattle may be in the works nation wide. These communists need to be destroyed to nothing in order to cripple them for a long time. Otherwise, they will do the same thing but in spades, in these next four years. The western nations are counting, praying, for these destroyers to be destroyed themselves at the ballot boxes.

    its a war… and the enemy is a cornered animal, treat it as such

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 14, 2020

      Every word of what you say is true.

  7. Gregg - June 14, 2020

    “The Democrats and their media toadies are in for another very long and disappointing Election Night on November 3.”

    I really hope you are right Dave.

    63 million voted for Trump in 2016. He was seen by many as a braggadocios loudmouth with a questionable past, AND the ONLY alternative to Walking Eagle and ‘the One’s’ third term. Well now he has a solid three plus years of pro-American accomplishment for the people to VOTE FOR!

    He needs 75-80 million votes this year. Several hundred thousand more in states like PA, MI, WI, VA, CO, NM, NV, NH, and ME, will send a powerful message and save America. At least 52% popular vote and 350 Electoral Votes is what is needed to save our country.

    Happy Birthday Mr. President and Happy Flag Day America.

  8. Gregg - June 14, 2020

    Now off to watch a very appropriate fifty year old movie starring James Gardner (Donald Trump), “Support Your Local Sheriff” (Police).

    Jason McCullough (Gardner) cleaned up the lawless fictional mining town of Calendar in the movie against violent opposition and with very tepid town council support; Trump is doing the same for the real America.

    1. brian - June 14, 2020

      200 thumbs up…

  9. Gregg - June 14, 2020

    PS: Bet that little counter that shows how many are ‘watching’ Joe Figurehead, quietly goes away in future online presentations.

    1. Silas - June 14, 2020

      heheheh! Yes, we can’t let the public know the truth. Truth is anathema to the demoncrats.

  10. Silas - June 14, 2020

    I went into town today to get a couple of things at the grocery store. The two main streets in our town had the stars and stripes out along both sides of the streets! God I love small town America.
    Happy birthday Mr President!

  11. Mark Dimperio - June 14, 2020

    BLM will not be bothering anyone out on the water. Not strong swimmers, I’m told.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 14, 2020

      Neither are ANTIFA, who have arms like spaghetti and legs like hairy bamboo. Most of the Left are weaklings and INCELS.

    2. Silas - June 14, 2020

      When I was in the Air Force, we didn’t have a lot of colored folks in our unit, maybe 20 or so. I was in the 92nd Avionics Maintenance Squadron at Fairchild AFB outside of Spokane, WA.

      One of them was a good friend. A great swimmer. We had a place we used to go to on Upper Long Lake. Eagles, deer, bears everywhere. We’d camp out on the weekends. He would come and hang out with us during the day, but before sundown he would go back to the base. I could never get over that. Tried to get him to stay but he wouldn’t do it. Never pressed him as to why out of respect. To this day I can’t help but feel he was afraid something bad would happen to him if he did. None of us would have ever let it happen. We were all brothers and sisters in arms.

      My biggest regret is that I never told him this. But I was afraid he would have thought I was being
      condescending. See how the powers that be have pushed us all around? I will never make that mistake again.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 15, 2020

        I taught swimming and coached for a long, long time; it was a lie that black people can’t swim. I got a few guys to swim their first mile, after basically being beginners. Has a lot to do with lack of plantar flexion, which usually isn’t a problem in kids of all races. In older people, black or white, the ankles kind of get stuck in a state of dorsiflexion. Limited plantar flexion means that the feet can’t plane out and act like wings – as in the Bernoulli Effect.

        Black kids have been denied our municipal pool by our governor – closed because of insane rules. Thanks, China – you miserable bastards.

        1. brian - June 15, 2020

          Like every shade of melanin peoples there are those that cannot swim. When were doing missionary work in Malta I had a very great friend and brother in Christ who couldn’t swim, sank like a rock.

          He’s a six foot 4 inch black man who worked at one of the stone quarries. Not one once of fat on this fella, so when he couldn’t move his arms and legs effectively he sank. He could barely tread water. When I told him he needed to stay in water that was only five foot ten…. he agreed… Although we aren’t in Malta anymore we still remain in contact and are great friends… Wish we were back there many days…

          1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 15, 2020

            I taught a LU swim class at the YWCA in Lynchburg: there was a basketball player, 6-5 or so, who was lean and well-muscled (not a behemoth, but 5-6 percent bodyfat.) He was the best swimmer in the class.

            But you’re right: he sank if he didn’t swim. Instructors had previously told him that he wasn’t using the proper method to float, but it was muscle density and lack of fat.

            On the other hand, I taught a group of black and white women – all elderly, all obese – to swim. None of them knew they could float. I had them hold on to the side of the pool in the deep end, and I asked them to lift their hands just an inch. Not one moved, not one sank. We did the same exercise for 3 seconds, then 5, then 10. They were all happily moving around the pool by the end of the first session! Estimated percentage of body fat? 40+

            Long distance open water swimmers can be lean, too, but saltwater venues are better. Some of the really fast Channel swimmers are pretty lean, which means that they move efficiently, have great energy systems, and know how to feed (every 20-40 minutes.) Slower Channel swimmers almost have to be heavy.

            Black competitive swimmers tend to be sprinters, mostly because of the bodyfat issue. I have sprint genes, but not extremely low adipose tissues (11-14 percent, depending on season.) But I tend to do better in distance swims. If I were 5-7 percent fat, I’d probably have to be a sprinter.

          2. Jimmy MacAfee - June 15, 2020

            I also taught hard-to-teach swimmers, who had failed to perform under the usual 18-20 year old tutelage. One man and his wife, both black, had had repeated lessons (more than 4 series of lessons.) They still could not swim across the pool. Until I proved that they could do it.

            One session, I had them swim the entire length of the pool. They were elderly, and just wanted to prove to themselves they could swim. It was hard for them, challenging, but they did it. One session.

            I’d teach in the public pool, too, if it ever opens again, but they want all the Red Cross crap that goes along with it. No thanks. Bureaucratic BS.

      2. Jimmy MacAfee - June 15, 2020

        I remember when a black family joined my pool. Not a big deal. They joined the swim team, and contributed mightily to the city championship. But…

        A country club refused to compete with us, because they didn’t allow “colored” to swim there. They forfeited instead.

        Later, these kids swam on the Y team, which was run independent of the Y, but used the facility and the name. Their grandfather and grandmother – both great people – were their parents. Grampa kept his kids out of trouble, and he kept them from staying with the white kids on road trips. You see, there was one boy, son of a prominent and powerful man, whose son was always in trouble (but strangely was never held accountable!) and Grampa didn’t want his kids to be led into a trap. It was going to happen, because the son of the powerful man was a POS.

        The kids were not allowed to attend Y Nats in Fla because Grampa wanted to keep his kids safe and out of trouble.

  12. Cynthia - June 15, 2020

    That certainly did my heart good! 🙂

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