The Same Shade of Grey: Why Socialists are Threatened by Individuality

Guest Piece by Karen Kataline


Things seemed almost normal on our brief trip to South Dakota recently. My husband and I were practically giddy to escape the gloom and doom of points further south from which we came.

We never felt guilty for dining indoors at a restaurant on our anniversary. We enjoyed strolls through one-of-a-kind stores in Deadwood and Hill City that sell everything from Black Hills Gold to rhubarb wine.

In the freedom-sucking world of Socialism, joy is frowned upon and independence is considered to be selfish. The pressure to think collectively and act mindlessly doesn’t just apply to people, it applies to their businesses and everything else they create.

As we watch the next wave of attacks on America in the form of riots which again threaten innocent people of every race and creed, their safety, their businesses and their freedom, it’s not difficult to recognize the same collectivist stereotypes that are continually reinforced by the propaganda media.

The message is that we are all members of a collective, and our guilt or innocence is based on the ethnicity into which we were born or the group to which we belong. That’s a direct attack on the heart and soul of America and the principles on which it was founded.

Using the excuse of a virus which, even by reportedly inflated statistics from the CDC, is non-lethal for 99.6% of the population, they have imposed preposterous rules and paternalistic restrictions that are direct assaults on our most fundamental liberties. One moment, they claim this is all for our health and safety and “for our own good.” The next, they become apologists for rioters and vandals who are quite lethal to our health and safety. Apparently, they believe that is for our own good as well.

Through the pivoting narratives and the breathtaking contradictions, the only thing that is ever-present is the grey cloud of groupthink.

Our justice system is also under attack, as a fundamental principle on which it is based is the treasured idea that every person is unique, yet we all deserve due process and equal justice under the law. Jurors take an oath to examine the facts and evidence in the specific case with which they are presented. They are constantly admonished to set aside their own preconceived notions and biases.

Our current, media echo-chamber promotes precisely the opposite of this. Rioters are applauded not only for ignoring due process for the accused, but for indicting and convicting the innocent for sharing the same skin color as the accused. Democrat Governors and unelected bureaucrats hand down one-size-fits-all orders that ignore the unique characteristics of every state, county, municipality or unincorporated area.

Regardless of how contradictory or quickly the facts change, the message is always the same and it is getting ever louder. We must fall in line and believe what they tell us to believe. They march in lockstep and we are expected to do so as well.

Government control is essential for their beloved socialist dream, and they must propagate collectivism and denigrate individualism in order to achieve it.

For example, it is immaterial whether mass mask-wearing in public makes any sense whatsoever. In fact, it may be better for them if it doesn’t, as it allows them to easily distinguish between those who obey and those who do not. The next step is to isolate and bully those individualists until they can’t dine, travel or get a haircut without submitting to the state. They are on lockdown all over again.

Freedom of thought and finding one’s own path brings richness, color, and greater purpose to life. Otherwise, we are all the same dull shade of grey.

Such individualism used to be highly prized by liberals in the sixties, but that has been demolished along with our historical monuments and the valuable lessons learned from America’s past.

The labor, faith, and personal expressions of free thinking adults are among the greatest threats to socialists and the tyranny they inexplicably feel entitled to impose upon us.

No wonder small businesses and little souvenir shops in Deadwood, South Dakota are such a threat.

Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is a frequent guest host on AM Talk Radio.


That is all.

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10 thoughts on “The Same Shade of Grey: Why Socialists are Threatened by Individuality

  1. Gregg - June 1, 2020

    Excellent piece Karen, and so true. I really enjoy your take and your writing style.

    When I was around 9 Helen Ready’s song, “I am Woman” – hear me roar was a big hit. It was all about feminism. And it probably motivated a lot of women to become active in that movement.

    Well, President Trump’s MAGA and KAG has sparked a movement of freedom and pride in America which I hope and comes through resoundingly on NOV 3 and beyond for the conceivable future. He needs a strong theme song for when his rallies resume.

    Freedom liberates and we have the unique opportunity to grow our freedom by voting. Don’t be lazy and not vote; don’t be a sheep, a mind numbed robot, and vote blue, or you will become very blue for a very long time.

  2. Jimmy MacAfee - June 1, 2020

    A lot of “liberals” from the 60s were actually Libertarians, (or Liberty-Loving Conservatives) but they didn’t know it yet. That was pretty much the end of the 60s, when Freedom-lovers were not amused or willing to be pushed around by a bunch of Bolshevik bullies.

    During one of the funnier stages of Occupy Wall Street, one large group allowed everyone to speak, but everyone had to repeat every word the speakers in the audience spoke. “I, I; am, am; tired, tired; of speaking, of speaking; crap, crap…” It was exasperating even listening for one minute to these dopes. It ended when everybody seemingly began to realize they were being forced to agree with things with which they didn’t actually agree! (But you clearly had to be dumb to even be there to begin with.)

    Animal Farm: “Four legs good, two legs bad! Four legs good, two legs bad!”

  3. Jimmy MacAfee - June 1, 2020

    I see a resurgence in Blexit after this, after white Leftists burned black stores, defaced stores in the name of Black Lives Matter, and handed bricks to black teenagers, trying to provoke them to smash crap.

    Black folks aren’t stupid; they know white Leftists are trying to play them for fools, and are basically trying to whip them back onto the plantation. Might have worked under Obeelzebama, but not now.

  4. Jimmy MacAfee - June 1, 2020

    The President called governors “weak.”

    What’s interesting is that the governors who were most tyrannical over law-abiding people, people who were willing to comply in order to be helpful, are terrifyingly weak when criminals commit acts of violence and mayhem.

    Not much more than a peep by Whitless Nurse Ratched, who appeared to be gloating in her subjugation of all the Serfs and Peasants, while she did whatever she wanted. Like Prickster, who sent his family to Florida, but kept anyone else from fleeing his state.

    Bullies are always like that: they tromp on the weak, but tremble at actual resistance. If there has been any benefit to the rioting, it’s the contrast it’s provided.

  5. Jimmy MacAfee - June 1, 2020

    Freedom is free for those who can keep it.

  6. brian - June 1, 2020

    Great article Karen. You are dead on the money. Socialism sucks the life out of everything. I have very good friends that came out of Bulgaria before the fall of communism in the USSR. People are despondent, businesses sell substandard goods when they have them, shortages of even basic goods and always line ups.

    Corruption in communist regimes are corrupt from top to bottom, even down to the meter maid. They tell you where you are to live, where to work and if lucky you can get educated. You need travel permits to visit relatives in different cities. Alcohol is plentiful and cheap and alcoholism is everywhere. One couple we know are both professionals, one a senior systems analyst his wife was a professor at the university of Sofia. He father was an outspoken critic of the government. They found him one day, committed suicide.. The gun and suicide note were left on the table across the room from his body.

    This coming Nov election will quite literally be the election for your lives. The marxists ar going to up their game and the Dems are going to do everything they can to steal the election. If the communists get control this will have worldwide repercussions and not for the good. Time to pray and time to put your hands to the plow.

    1. Gregg - June 1, 2020

      Yep Brian,

      As Reagan said America is the last best hope for mankind, and loss of freedom is just a generation away.

      Well, in the 32 years since Reagan, we have had two mediocre Bushes for twelve years and two of the five most corrupt anti-American nd divisive presidents with two of the most unqualified vice presidents ever for 16 long years. The other three most corrupt presidents were, IMO, WW, FDR, and LBJ.

      We can’t continue to be a free nation when we only get it right three elections in the last 60 plus years.

  7. AD Stryker - June 1, 2020

    “Such individualism used to be highly prized by liberals in the sixties” — I’m not so sure about that. Sixties leftists went out of their way to be different from their parents, and they may have paid lip service to individuality, but they exhibited a distinct group-think even back then.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 1, 2020

      You’re right, to an extent: when I was 16, I was tired of all of us being “different” but the same: we all had long hair, smoked Marlboros (and pot) and rode dirtbikes (those who had them.) We were like the kid-vampires in the Lost Boys. I had enough: I quit smoking, cut my hair and studied hard. Just wasn’t interested in being an ‘original’ carbon copy.

      But there were a lot of people – a lot of them rowdy – who didn’t want to put up with shit from Liberals.. Might call them the Easy Rider types. Motorcycles and Freedom. The “movement” fragmented, Altamont happened, Disappointment set in. No one had a plan of any kind, other than to spout stupid hippy slogans and flashing peace signs.

      Manson killed the 60s, too; anyone looking for hope from someone like that had problems beyond repair.

      But one source of redemption, or pointing to redemption, was Pastor Chuck Smith. He thought hippies smelled and were lazy and didn’t really like them, but his wife convinced him that they were looking for something, and that they needed Christ. The Jesus Movement was big, and it was positive and it was the beginning of healing for many.

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