Ric Grenell Moves to Secure 2020 Elections From the Real Threat

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

There is no more important issue facing our nation today than election security. That security has been under deep and growing threat for decades now, and not from the dreaded Russians.

The actual pervasive, focused and existential threat to America’s elections comes from the Democrat Party, which has been devising new ways to defraud the public trust and steal elections since its very creation.

Texans tell the tale of Lyndon Johnson’s stealing the Democrat Party’s 1948 U.S. Senate primary election using the infamous “Box 13” like it’s an amusing fairy tale. But it isn’t: It really happened, and it was really the first famous case of what Democrats today like to call “ballot harvesting.”

Johnson and his opponent, Coke Stevenson spent days after election day getting the respective crony county judges to “find” new ballots lying around their courthouses. Every time Stevenson would pull ahead, LBJ would call one of his buddies to “harvest” enough ballots to allow him to take the lead.

After this had gone on for several days, Johnson made one last call to his most reliable crony, Duval County Judge George Parr. Parr told him that he’d already “found” more ballots in his county than its total number of adult residents; plus, by that point he had the FBI and Texas Rangers breathing down his neck. But, he said, he might be able to do something in neighboring Jim Wells County. That evening, a box containing about 200 ballots, all filled out in the same handwriting, somehow cast in alphabetical order, and almost all of which were conveniently cast for Johnson, were added to the count, handing Johnson his victory.

We laugh about this story now, but think of all the human misery that LBJ was able to cause as the result of stealing that election. It is an established fact of history that John Kennedy was in the process of pulling the U.S. out of Vietnam when he was assassinated. Within days after taking the oath of office aboard Air Force One, Johnson reversed that decision and began his massive escalation of that tragic intervention.

Also, consider this: How does the Box 13 election theft differ in any substantive way from the “ballot harvesting” we saw in California in 2018, or the outright thievery – usually carried out on national television – we see in every election cycle by Democrat officials in Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida? Mind you, those people in Florida came within a few hundred hanging chads of stealing the presidency for Al Gore in 2000.

The only real difference is that, instead of “finding” 200 ballots, the Democrat thieves today manage to “find” millions.

Indeed, the Democrats have become so unabashed about their election thievery – which their corrupt toadies in the national news media have worked so hard to normalize in the public mind – that they openly brag about it. Yesterday, House Democrats passed a $3 trillion piece of legislation that contains hundreds of millions of dollars as seed money for institutionalizing it in every state of the union.

It is against this backdrop that increasingly threatens to turn the United States into a functional banana republic, and the utter and complete failure by the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies to do anything about it, that Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell made another important move on Friday.  In the news release copied below, Grenell announced that all election security briefings that have in the past been led by the increasingly-unreliable and corrupt FBI will now be led by the ODNI.


Grenell’s action is just one more proof-point of what an abject failure Christopher Wray has been in the job of FBI Director, and likely another indication of how little President Trump trusts the man. No one should expect Wray to last long in a second Trump term in office.

From a report at Fox News on the matter:

A senior administration official told Fox News the newly-Senate confirmed director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center inside ODNI, Bill Evanina, will serve as the intelligence community’s leader of the “critical effort.”


“U.S. elections are the foundation of our nation’s democracy,” Evanina said Friday. “We are committed to supporting this administration’s ‘whole of government’ effort to secure the 2020 election.”

The senior administration official told Fox News that the change “represents an important improvement in simplification to the threat notification process.”

A senior White House official told Fox News that “the biggest complaint from the 2016 election was the lack of, and insufficiency, of briefings to campaigns and candidates,” referring to then-candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The last election speaks to itself, in terms of how much was going on, and how poorly the campaigns and candidates were kept abreast in order to protect their campaigns,” the White House official told Fox News.


So obviously, James Comey’s FBI failed to get the job done in 2016, which should surprise no one. Equally obviously, there is no reason for anyone to have any more confidence in Wray’s FBI to get the job done in 2020.

While the corrupt news media will continue to focus on the Russia, Russia, Russia fantasy aspect of all of this, the real threat to America’s system of free elections always has been and clearly remains the Democrat Party.

Thank God for Ric Grenell, and pray his eventual successor, John Ratcliffe, is as effective and determined in this job as he has been.

That is all.

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15 thoughts on “Ric Grenell Moves to Secure 2020 Elections From the Real Threat

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - May 16, 2020

    On Wray: he was damned with damnable praise from Hysterical John, the destructor of the CIA. If Hissy Fit John likes him? Well, that could be manipulation, a head fake, but given Wray’s inability to turn the FBI around…

    Voting is our most sacred of trusts; when those are violated, the American people are raped, en masse. That may be funny to those comedians who always joke about rape – particularly male on male – but neither election corruption nor rape are laughing matters.

    They are a matter for raising arms.

    1. Gregg - May 16, 2020

      “Wray’s inability to turn the FBI around…” ?

      How about his absolute unwillingness to reform the F(lunkies), B(ureaucrats), and I(nsurrectionists) who infest HIS agency? A couple of articles ago you sort of ripped me when I used gentle language about how the left actions and deeds ring hollow, well IMO you are a little to generous on Wray’s “inability”. He is part of the ongoing problem by not being a forceful part of the solution.

      Other than that Jimmy, you are spot on in your analysis.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - May 16, 2020

        I agree with you, and apologize for my indiscretion. Like Sullivan, I was giving Wray one more chance to come clean – though he has no interest in what I have to say. Sullivan has shown himself to be afraid of something bigger than being overruled or even removed: likely he is being blackmailed (which is the Dim’s M.O.)

        I expect Wray to be out of a job once sufficient evidence piles up and shows his complicity with Comey. Soon.

  2. rooster8894 - May 16, 2020

    Another scam is ranked choice voting, Maine is trying to repeal it.

    1. Gregg - May 16, 2020

      Wow Rooster 8894,

      Never heard or that, had to look it up. What are we doing, becoming sports writers voting for MVP and Cy Young award winners?

      This is absurd, just like CA’s “jungle primaries”, where you often get one Dem facing another Dem in the election for the same house or senate seat.

      When President Trump wins bigly this years and gets the house there needs to be constitutional amendments passed to limit and standardize the voting process nationwide and another that severely limits the dictatorships of governors.

      John Adams said the constitution is a wholly inadequate governing document if the vast majority of the people are not honest people of high character… This crop of politicians of both parties proves it beyond doubt.and it must be changed.

      1. rooster8894 - May 16, 2020

        One man, one vote

  3. Gregg - May 16, 2020

    Yesterday, Rush spoke that CHINA – NOT Russia – was now saying they were going to engage in interfering with the US election this year (on who’s behalf do you think they will be ‘interfering for?) in part because of the numerous lawsuits and other negative “lies” stemming from CV-19.

    This, along with all the hoopla about the RUSSIA!, RUSSIA!, RUSSIA!, 2016 election interference gives, in fact mandates, the Trump administration every reason to fight election fraud EVERYWHERE! Talking about being raised upon ones on petard!.

    This can and should be done out in the open, in a very transparent way where both sides get to monitor the election and report on “irregularities” in real time. The LAST thing the Democrats want is open and honest elections, but now they may get them. Sunshine is a great disinfectant and let’s just see how open and cooperative the Dem controlled election machines are going to be in exposing and cleaning up election voter fraud. Hopefully President Trump’s point man, Bill Evanina, is also focused on the domestic side of ” election interference”.

    About LBJ: Yes the Vietnam war became a tragedy under LBJ, but Johnson’s real “legacy” was the “Great Society”, the “War on Poverty”, the modern day welfare state, the destruction of the black family unit, Thorogood Marshall on the SC, Medicare and Medicaid which were the precursors to Universal Health Care, and so much more fraud than anyone will ever truly realize.

    The top five worst presidents IMO:
    GHWB & GWB – Tie (BJ Clinton is not on the list (#6 worst) because he was a product of GHWB, and ‘the One’ was a product of his son GWB)

  4. Jimmy MacAfee - May 16, 2020

    Brennan the Limp Noodle knew that Russia favored Hillary Rotten Clinton; he knew this, but continued to peddle the “RussiaRussiaRussia” hysteria.

    Right now, the Chinese are threatening “individuals” in America – eff them with a telephone pole sideways. We are at war with the Communists, and no amount of threats or wheedling or lying by the Chicoms can remove that threat.

    I remember Assad being the protector of Christians, while No Name supported groups (ISIS) which murdered, raped and terrorized Christians. Some dummies in the US reported the opposite, including an attorney/”journalist” New World Ordure mouthpiece. We had quite the email battle, as I have had with numerous WaPo “reporters” at 2-4 am in the past.
    Anyway, China’s murder and suppression of Chinese Christians is far worse than ISIS, because of the sheer numbers of murders and involuntary organ “donations.” You can tell who they own in the US, mostly by the US officials edicts against attending church in automobiles and otherwise. China has deep pockets, and they’re filling the pockets of American collaborators.

    You will know them by their fruits. China has been producing evil fruits, which critically includes persecution of Christians, lying, stealing and fraud. May the LORD put all their leadership in the middle of the Pacific without a boat nor island nor airplane, but with millstones instead.

    Now we see that Chitcago’s infantile mayor has declared allegiance to the New World Order (1:36 mark of video) and wants government officials to do the same.


    1. Jimmy MacAfee - May 16, 2020

      Pardon in advance the language later in the video, please. I don’t like it, but the rest of the video is quite informative.

  5. phineas gage - May 16, 2020

    Grenell is on the move in many ways, especially with Durham per Thomas Lifson:


    Although it greatly expanded in his second term, I won’t be surprised to learn that the surveillance operation as such began in 2009. Recall the IRS scandal targeting scandal.

    Parts of it may have preceded this and been a key factor in Obama’s election. Remember Filegate during the Clinton years. That’s probably when they were first learning how to do this.

  6. brian - May 16, 2020

    The reasons are obvious why the Dems are desperately trying to keep the Russia narrative running and the media memory holing and keeping China off the radar as much as possible.

    The Dems screeching the loudest and throwing smoke are the ones generally deepest in bed with China. Anyone looking into China’s dealings will see mostly Dem ‘elites’ profiting by the millions. If the FBI was doing its real job a LOT of these parasite Dems would be hauled into court for the fraud, insider trading, bribe taking and a host of other criminal referrals I’m sure.

    The fact that China took the first shot in an economic war gambit is also being downplayed by the media, why??? Because the media along with the Dems is complicate in the war against the USA. My neighbour asked why China would wage an economic war.. Simple. Because a huge percentage of world manufacturing has been sourced out to China. While the US was levying tariffs, China used the covid as the opportunity to fire the first shots. China believes it will ‘recover’ faster than other nations because….. they have the manufacturing and you need what they produce. So until you can provide, manufacture, your own products you might have to deal with China… Conditions favorable to China of course.

    So bottom line China and their paid for Dems do not want the eyes of the world to be looking at them to closely. You might see whats going on and interrupt their plots and scheming.
    The abridged Readers Digest version.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - May 16, 2020

      You and I have been saying this all along; it’s good to have a reminder-summary!

      Proof of your premise: Ol’ Fossy Jaw refuses to allow an investigation into the origins of the virus. It would incriminate her (and the Dims’) closest ally.

      Susan Rice, for example, was alarmed that Flynn was hostile to China; this is part of the reason they went after him and candidate (and President) Trump. Their nasty fingers are so deep in each others’ pies, you couldn’t extract them with industrial equipment used to extract minerals. This is why (one of the reasons) that they (including Biden) sought to unmask Flynn.

      Treason. Economic treason. And I want to find out who in the upper levels of the CIA gave over 17 operatives, who were killed. I have my suspicions, and he always wore a rainbow lanyard around the headquarters to show his true colors: betrayer in a rainbow.

  7. Gregg - May 16, 2020

    Just a thought on how history, if accurately written, will view America circa 2016 -2024:

    There are a lot of real heroes just waiting to be recognized by us conservatives and history in general with Trump at the top of the list if they can prevail in MAGA/KAG and keeping America ‘the last best hope for mankind”.

    “Destiny waits for no man”. “Opportunity only knocks once”. And “Everyone loves a winner, while failure is an orphan”.

    Take any or all of these quotes/cheches’ and they all apply here and now in today’s America.

    America desperately needs real heroes, a political superman/men/people to fight for truth justice and the American Way.

    Donald J. Trump and his real lieutenants will have the opportunity if and only if “we, the people” give it to him in a hundred and seventy odd days.

    1. brian - May 16, 2020

      I would venture to suggest that the ‘we the people’, should be coming out in full force before the 170 odd days. It would be far better to let the President know and the rino’s too, that the people of the United States are fully behind the current administration. Now is the time to build the momentum and turn up the heat until that fateful day in November.

      As a canuk my concern is people will do like what happened at the last election. The message of Trump will win by a landslide actually works against the Repub position. People will think their vote isn’t really needed because Trump will win bigly. Any excuse will result in many not voting and losing, like last voting lost the House, control. The ONLY way to hurt these traitors long term is to primary the rinos and kick to the curb the parasite Dems. People need to know that EVERY vote counts and to get out and vote, even if you have to drag them down to vote. The commies do several things well… STEAL… Lie… Cheat… Destroy… They have nothing else.

      The USA is truly the last bastion of freedom. Would love it if the US offered to welcome Alberta, Sask and Manitoba into the Republic. I’d be moving yesterday back to the Prairies.

      Mr Trump… Alberta would gladly become part of the Republic, with Sask and Manitoba following.
      wink wink nudge nudge….

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