CORONAPANIC: Field Hospitals Prove an Enormous Waste of Money and Resources

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This video capturing police separating a peacefully protesting mother from her child is from Sydney, Australia, but it could just as easily be from Portland, Oregon or Lansing, Michigan. Warning: it is graphic and heart-wrenching:

I missed this on Friday amid all of the other huge news of the day, but NPR had a report about the decommissioning of the 17 big field hospitals that were constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers during March in record time.

SUNY Stony Brook Stony Brook, N.Y. Turner Construction Co. $155,500,000 1,038 0
SUNY Old Westbury Old Westbury, N.Y. AECOM Technical Services Inc. $118,504,737 1,022 0
McCormick Place Chicago Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority $65,526,533 3,000 37
Westchester County Center White Plains, N.Y. Haugland Energy Group LLC $46,971,895 100 0
Colorado Convention Center Denver ECC Environmental LLC $34,609,792 2,000 0
Walter Washington Convention Center Washington, D.C. Hensel Phelps Construction Co. $31,793,893 443 Not yet complete
Commercial Appeal Building Memphis, Tenn. AECOM Technical Services Inc. $26,134,527 40 Not yet complete
Miami Beach Convention Center Miami Beach, Fla. The Robins & Morton Group $25,925,692 450 0
Sherman Hospital Elgin, Ill. Turner Construction Co. $18,255,251 283 0
Westlake Hospital Melrose Park, Ill. Bulley & Andrews $16,391,366 314 0
MetroSouth Medical Center Blue Island, Ill. Clark Construction Group LLC $14,989,955 350 0
Wisconsin State Fair Expo Center West Allis, Wis. Gilbane Inc. $14,912,326 530 0
The Ranch Events Complex Loveland, Colo. AECOM Technical Services Inc. $13,331,415 1,007 Not yet complete
Suburban Collection Showplace Novi, Mich. Gilbane Federal $11,754,262 1,100 6
Javits Center New York City New York Convention Center Operating Corporation $11,364,953 1,900 1,095
East Orange General Hospital East Orange, N.J. Cutting Edge Group LLC $10,993,404 250 Not yet complete
TCF Center Detroit Gilbane Inc. $9,452,813 1,000 39


*Plans for several facilities have been scaled back, including at McCormick Place in Chicago, which was cut back to 1,000 beds before being closed.


The lack of need for and usage of these expensive endeavors is exemplary of exactly how absurdly our society has overreacted to the Wuhan Virus.

Of those 17 hospitals with a total of 15,127 beds, only 4 actually treated a grand total of 1,177 patients – the other 13 sat completely unused. 1,095 of those patients were treated at a single field hospital at New York City’s Javits Center. Most of those patients were not COVID-19 sufferers.

That equates to a per-bed, single-time usage rate of .0778. But the real measure of their utility would be to calculate the per-bed, per-day usage rate, which would be based on data we unfortunately do not possess at this time. 

But let’s conservatively estimate that each field hospital was in operation for 30 days – most were in operation for more than that, a few for less. Given that assumption, the per-bed, per-day usage rate would be 1/30th of .0778, or .0026. For all the social justice warriors out there, that can be otherwise stated as 26/100ths of 1 percent.

Cost to the taxpayers for all this very predictable overkill? $660 million.

God bless the Army Corps for their phenomenal engineering skills and remarkable ability to respond in a crisis situation. And God bless all the thousands of doctors and nurses who ended up wasting their time staffing these hospitals, hundreds of whom are now going to be getting tax bills in the mail courtesy of New York State and Governor Andrew Cuomo for their troubles.

But damn, what an embarrassing waste. Perhaps we should balance this incredible waste with a $660 million budget cut to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which has been Dr. Anthony Fauci’s incredibly ineffective playground since 1984.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

6 thoughts on “CORONAPANIC: Field Hospitals Prove an Enormous Waste of Money and Resources

  1. brian - May 10, 2020

    Couldn’t agree more with you Mr Blackmon on that amount of money coming out of any monies that go to lil man Fauci department.

    I think if that were the case in ALL department funding you’d see a real quick turn towards caution and results. When there is no price to pay… there is no need to care. Excellent article.

  2. Gregg - May 10, 2020

    Well I think the president did totally cut our 400+ million annual ‘share’ (10X China’s ‘contribution’) to the WHO to which we should never give another penny. Even if we were to have one of our ‘doctors’ running the place, it would probably be a Fauci type and we certainly don’t need that.

    What i would like to see is we/Trump finds out who was the most competent and accurate state health department (SD, GA) in dealing with this Schiffdemic and promote them to the CDC with orders to clean house and give them half the current budget and demand twice the results. The same goes for virtually every other federal department and agency.

    We have fifty states which were designed to be their own experiments in representative government; it is high time we stated using the productive expertise of the best that the states have to offer rather than the typical federal top down management that began about ninety years ago under FDR.

  3. groundcrewjwND - May 10, 2020

    Sorry but this is incredibly old news….

    1. phineas gage - May 11, 2020

      How so? The report DB links to came out on Friday.

  4. phineas gage - May 11, 2020

    The Dems probably have plans to use them as concentration camps should they regain power.

  5. Jimmy MacAfee - May 11, 2020

    This is money that could have been used for the Wall, or for infrastructure projects. Instead, it’s money thrown down the toilet. Mostly because the Democrapic mayors and governors were screaming bloody murder. Most were dem controlled states.

    In Florida, though, it could have been different: there is a huge number of seniors living there. And a low number of infections – (sunshine state anyone?)

    What this means is that people will be leaving New York, where they were forced to use nursing homes to sequester people with the virus, instead of using these facilities. This was a death sentence for people in nursing homes.

    Lesson in all this: If you are older or have parents who need nursing home care, move to Florida – if you haven’t already. New Jersey and New York are death traps.

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