A Question For Readers

I have a question for all of the loyal readers of Today’s Campaign Update.

Over the past several months, a very active and intelligent community of commentators has developed here. Often, the discussions veer off into topics other than the subject of the post itself. That’s not a complaint: Those discussions most often provide excellent insights and information, and links to stories at other sites.

So here’s what I’m thinking: In order to accommodate the varies interests of the regular contributors, would it be useful to you if, each morning, I put up a post titled something like “General Discussion” that would serve as a clearinghouse for the topics that readers are focused on each day, other than those that are covered in the 2 or 3 pieces I post?

Let me know what you think. Thanks.

13 thoughts on “A Question For Readers

  1. phineas gage - May 4, 2020

    I think that would be great. I know I am frequently guilty of what you describe, and I do not like derailing threads by going off-topic. This would certainly solve the problem.

  2. Just Me - May 4, 2020

    That may prove both interesting and useful.

  3. brian - May 4, 2020


    I try to avoid hijacking your articles but sometimes off topic comments, imo, are important to respond to, so yes I’d agree with Phineaus and Just Me

  4. guidvce4 - May 4, 2020

    The comments, and the asides, are interesting. I go to your articles for your take on the happenings of the day and sometimes the comments point me in other directions to gather more perspectives.
    For me, you’re doing just fine with your site. I’d probably peruse the “General Discussion” addition for more info.
    Thanks for what you do, DB, I enjoy reading each one.

  5. Sharon Campbell - May 4, 2020

    Yes, David, I like your suggestion. I continue to post your daily blogs to Twitter because they’re always thought provoking & informative.

  6. Whitehouse Clown - May 4, 2020

    Sounds good. Let us know when you follow up on a comment.

  7. Boarwild - May 4, 2020

    Gute idee ;<)

  8. Silas - May 4, 2020

    I think its a great idea Dave.

  9. Jonesy - May 4, 2020

    Not a bad idea….keep the articles and related comments on point and then a section that can be the wild west for the idea salads that always find their way here.

  10. Jimmy MacAfee - May 4, 2020

    I’m all-in. Sometimes I post things that are time sensitive, but not pertinent to the topic. Bugs me to do that, but some things are critical – messages for those who have ears. Thanks.

  11. Sue C - May 5, 2020

    My thoughts:
    There are other sites that incorporate this open-thread concept into their page and I’ve never been tempted to click. I spend all of my online time visiting my trusted sites and blogs for news and information, this included the comments sections of articles I’m interested in.

    I’ve been an avid reader for a few years now (thank you!!) and I look forward to everyone’s comments almost as much as I do the articles (nothing personal, DB, just being honest) If you were to incorporate this new change, I would not stop coming to DB Daily Update during my information gathering rounds, but I would miss the additional conversation and analysis that can be found in the comments.

    I’ve noticed recently that a few sites won’t let you see article comments without subscribing – I think people are craving the conversation with the articles too. (I am!)

    Just a few, since you asked!

    1. David Blackmon - May 5, 2020

      Thanks for being the lone voice in the wilderness, Sue C. I’m going to give it a trial run, and we’ll see how it works. If it doesn’t attract much interest over the next few weeks, then we’ll just go back to the status quo.

  12. Sue C - May 5, 2020

    I purposely waited to read everyone else’s comments until after I posted mine. I didn’t want to be influenced to second guess my initial reaction to the question! I’m the lone voice it seems.

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