ChiCom Influence Shows it is Time to Bust the Corrupt News Media Trusts

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

The left-wing activists who run NPR actually performed a rare public service on Tuesday, publishing an expose’ that reveals how Bloomberg News covers for the communist Chinese government in order to maintain its license to operate within that nation. The story demonstrates how Bloomberg’s longing to remain entangled with the inherently corrupt and dishonest ChiComs rendered its own operation equally as corrupt and dishonest.

The NPR piece relates that, in 2013, after publishing part 1 of a story detailing the enormous wealth being accumulated by the ChiCom Party elite – typical of what happens in all communist nations – Bloomberg’s China operation drafted part 2 of that story, “focusing on Chinese leaders’ ties to the country’s richest man, Wang Jianlin. Among those in the reporters’ sights: the family of new Chinese President Xi Jinping.” NPR relates that emails show that Bloomberg’s New York honchos expressed excitement upon an initial reading of the piece, but then suddenly quit communicating on the subject, and the story never ran.

The Bloomberg China office’s continuing inquiries about the matter eventually got them a conference call with the company’s famously-bombastic original editor-in-chief, Matthew Winkler, and NPR somehow obtained a recording made of that call. Boy, is it revealing.

From the NPR Article:

“It is for sure going to, you know, invite the Communist Party to, you know, completely shut us down and kick us out of the country,” Winkler said. “So, I just don’t see that as a story that is justified.”

He expressed great apprehension because of the potential consequences of publishing another investigation. In this case, it was one that would itemize the links between top Chinese Communist Party leaders and the country’s wealthiest man.

Winkler returned to those fears repeatedly. “The inference is going to be interpreted by the government there as we are judging them,” Winkler said. “And they will probably kick us out of the country. They’ll probably shut us down, is my guess.”

Winkler suggested reporters could find a uniquely “Bloomberg” way to cover the wealth of Chinese ruling elites. But he added a caution about covering the regime.

“It has to be done with a strategic framework and a tactical method that is … smart enough to allow us to continue and not run afoul of the Nazis who are in front of us and behind us everywhere,” Winkler said, according to the audio reviewed by NPR and verified by others. “And that’s who they are. And we should have no illusions about it.”

At the time, two Bloomberg editors told NPR the story didn’t run because it needed additional reporting. Winkler publicly said much the same. But these audio recordings reveal otherwise. They also show how much newsroom leaders were worried about losing lucrative business in China.


So, basically what we see here is a “news” organization quashing the real news in order to avoid offending corrupt national leaders the editor-in-chief refers to as “Nazis.” Yes, by all means, let’s not offend the Nazis. Let’s be sure to play nice with them and continue to give them access to our “news” platform so that our company and multi-billionaire owner who has enormous business interests in China can keep them intact.

Now, if you think Bloomberg is the only U.S. “news” media operation with enormous business ties to the ChiCom government, go Google “AT&T China.” When you do that, the second link that comes up provides you with a link to AT&T’s Global Business landing page for its operations in China. Here is an excerpt from the text on that landing page:

AT&T has been in China for more than 30 years. AT&T China has strong technical expertise with branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Shenzhen.

AT&T in China

Through collaborations with local service providers, AT&T is able to make available an advanced Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) IP-based network with MPLS Service Nodes in mainland China, covering more than 300 cities around the country.

With such teaming with local service providers, clients across China can benefit from an industry-leading portfolio that includes Mobility, Network, Network Security, Cloud, Hosting, Voice, Unified Communications and Application services. These are implemented locally by experienced personnel and supported by a local AT&T team.

AT&T should be the first port of call for any business or organization looking to mobilize its people, assets or information across China and beyond.


Oh. You don’t say.

Why is AT&T relevant to this conversation? Why, because AT&T is the corporate owner of … wait for it … oh, you have to wait for this one … you guessed it: CNN!

Now you know why you see CNN talking heads like Jim Acosta, Jake Tapper and Fredo Cuomo pushing ChiCom talking points verbatim out to their viewers every day.

Now, go Google “Comcast China,” and note that the second link that comes up is to a 2014 Forbes story titled, “Comcast To Build A $3.3 Billion Theme Park In Beijing.” $3.3 billion, huh? That’s a lot of money, even to Mike Bloomberg.

The next link that comes up is to Xfinity’s landing page for its multiple China-based business offerings. Guess which corporation owns Xfinity now? If you said ‘Comcast,’ you are catching on here. And now you know why the talking heads on NBC and MSNBC – also wholly-owned subsidiaries of Comcast – keep reciting ChiCom talking points to you 24 hours a day.

You want to know why CBS shills for China? Go Google “Viacom China.” Want to know why ABC does the same? Google “Disney China,” and you will find stories about billions upon billions of that company’s investments in China, all dependent on maintaining the good graces of the ChiCom government that is led by the very same Xi Jinping, who was to have been one of the prime subjects of that Part 2 Bloomberg story that never ran back in 2013.


And now, as the late, great Paul Harvey used to say, you know the rrrrrrrrrrrest of the story.

The mainstream U.S. news media consists of garbage operations run by garbage human beings who are willing to literally sell their souls and professional ethics in order to protect the business interests of their corporate overlords. They truly are the Enemies of the People.

The only way to remedy this situation is for the Trump Department of Justice to use the nation’s anti-trust laws to outlaw the ownership of news media operations by corporations or individuals with foreign business interests. This current situation simply cannot be allowed to continue.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

19 thoughts on “ChiCom Influence Shows it is Time to Bust the Corrupt News Media Trusts

  1. Sharon Campbell - April 15, 2020

    Great information, David! I’ve posted your link to Twitter so people on Twitter can see it. If Twitter takes it down which I’m sure the will, I will repost.

    1. David Blackmon - April 15, 2020

      Well, the big social media firms are every bit as tied up with the ChiComs as the big mainstream media operations are, so I’m sure they will take it down.

  2. phineas gage - April 15, 2020

    NPR probably feels slighted that they are only getting federal tax dollars and not all of that sweet, sweet Chinese cash.

  3. brian - April 15, 2020

    Here in canukdom we have the same problem but different. Here, lil potato loves china more so than his marxist pappy did, and just gave 500 million of taxpayer money to those ‘media’ orgs that he liked or ‘reported’ favorably about him. and just oddly before the election.

    Worse still is the completely useless opposition here, ‘Conservatives’ who BARELY raised a squeak. Useless feckless parasites would be a very conservative way of describing them. Want to see how NOT to have a govt run… look to the substitute drama teacher for a great example.

    I truly am ashamed to be canuk these days.

    1. phineas gage - April 15, 2020

      It’s the same way here. Most conservative foundations are slushfunds of Chinese cash. National Review is almost entirely Never-Trumper sellouts.

      Fox News is completely gone–note they didn’t mention Tara Reade once until the NYT gave them permission.

    2. David Blackmon - April 15, 2020

      Which Marxist pappy are you referring to, Brian? His French Canadian Marxist fake pappy, or his Cuban Marxist real pappy?

      1. brian - April 15, 2020

        LOL… With Maggie they both had a hand in it…

  4. phineas gage - April 15, 2020

    So, to summarize, the media are now not only thunderously uninformed, untalented, obtuse, and ragingly biased, they also are now parrots for communist propaganda.

    Why do they deserve to maintain their FCC licenses and free bandwidth?

  5. Gregg - April 15, 2020

    As I said in an earlier comment, there is going to have to be a constitutional amendment that will limit and better define the parameters of “free Speech”, deceptive propaganda, liable laws, and slander.

    It has to happen or we will be lost as a free nation. The MSM (DofC) cannot be allowed to effectively become the fourth branch of government – and the dominate unassailable or unchecked and balanced branch which will render the other three branches impotent and obsolete.

    In the interim, give the big MSM (D+C) six, the option of shutting down their USA operation or their China operation. Trump is going to look to decouple America from China this is one of the best places to start.

    A proposal to the big six I would like to see: Get out of China in every way or be taxed at 90+% – the same goes for all the social media platforms. We actually had a tax rate (bracket) that high from FDR in the thirties until JFK lowered it to about 70% in the sixties, so it can be done – Trump just has to make sure there are no loopholes via deductions in order to make it an effective 90+% rate.

    Many people were shocked to hear that over 90% of our drugs (legal and illegal) come from and are controlled by China. Well, as Dave has pointed out here, the same 90+% percent of our ‘news’ comes from and is also controlled by China.

  6. Gregg - April 15, 2020

    Sorry to be off topic again, but this just occurred to me:

    Where are the lawsuits and injunctions against the radical unconstitutional freedom killing governors and mayors who are overzealously trampling on the rights of their citizens?

    How is it the GS funded leftist groups are able to get an injunction within hours that takes months to adjudicate and reverse against virtually every Trump initiative – especially ones involving non-citizens who are NOT protected by the constitution? Yet governors and mayors are able to run roughshod over everyone virtually unchecked? I know there is a declared emergency which gives wide latitude to the pols, but there has to be a means to check unbridled and unnecessary overreach. Even if an injunction is refused, that in and of itself can be an effective form of protest. If the injunction(s) are successful the governors and mayors will have to defend their actions, or concede defeat and freedom is restored.

    Let’s get some court action going, and some precedents set. Where is the ACLU on this? Aren’t they supposed to be the fearless fighters of CIVIL LIBERTY AND RIGHTS FOR ALL AMERICANS?

  7. brian - April 15, 2020

    So I’m somewhat puzzled, a normal state lately it seems.

    WHY is it the social media platforms, ie Fakebook, Twits and others can overtly censor with little restrictions and still retain their ‘publisher’ status?!?!?

    I’m truly at odds why the GOP doesn’t initiate regulations governing or removing their status as publishers because they AREN’T acting as anything near a public platform.

    Why does Barr not do anything in regard to these platforms, after all he stated that wrong doing would be punished. I’m assuming he meant across the board and not just applying to the spygate thang, no?? Shouldn’t ALL media be scrutinized for fair balanced reporting IF they claim to be a public media outlet???

    1. phineas gage - April 15, 2020

      The GOP couldn’t move any effective legislation, and most of them are taking campaign cash from these people anyways.

      The DOJ could, and should, take action. but I would be shocked if it happened. Barr can’t even get some low-level indictments for plotting a coup against the president.

  8. brian - April 15, 2020
  9. phineas gage - April 15, 2020

    This is what I was saying last week:

    It doesn’t make any difference what you do–same pattern. We destroyed our economy for no reason.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - April 15, 2020

      Dang. Just…dang.

  10. chrisla07 - April 15, 2020

    If you want truthful information about China, avoid the MSM. The strongest overseas Chinese opposition to the Chinese Communist regime is a 70 million person organization known as Falun Gong. Some call it a cult, but it is more into mind/spirit/health disciplines. The Chinese Communist Party has brutally suppressed this group inside China. Their leader lives in New York, and they have put together a very slick television news channel, NTD News, and an Internet site, Epoch Times. Epoch Times created the YouTube video. If the link above doesn’t work, go to Epoch Times and search for “The Origin of the Wuhan Corona Virus.”

    Also, last year Newt Gingrich wrote a very well-argued book about the threat Communist China poses to the U.S. – “Trump vs. China” – which is available for $3.50 on Kindle.

  11. Jimmy MacAfee - April 15, 2020

    I consider China – (not the Chinese people, for the most part) – and the CCP to be mortal enemies; as I’d once commented on DB Daily Update:

    China wants to be Rome and for us to be Carthage; Carthage taught Rome how to destroy Carthage, and Rome succeeded. WE must not make that mistake, as Carthage did; we must acknowledge that China lied intentionally, and with dark purpose: they wanted our economy to crash, and they wanted people to die. Just like they’re our main source of fentanyl. None of this is accidental; they are far too evil for this to be accidental.

    Steve Bannon had/has been instrumental, along with President Trump, in anticipating the CCP’s agenda – (which is our destruction and their ascension.) How we can sit by and allow them to sabotage us and undermine us through our news media and Chamberpot (of Commerce) and political candidates is inexplicable, until you use the magic word: Greed.

    We need to prepare for war.

  12. brian - April 15, 2020

    Another example of censorship which should trigger a response from Barr… but won’t.

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