How a Possible Bloomberg Independent Campaign Would Impact the Election

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Biden Buffoonery Update! – To end his long, softball interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Quid Pro Joe looked at the camera and said, “Thanks, Chuck!”

I swear I don’t make this stuff up:

During the interview, Biden also promised to “end the Ebola crisis.” Surreal.

Hooboy. Five more months of this stuff. And then maybe four more after that if he and the DNC are able to rob The Commie of the nomination at the Milwaukee convention.

But onto the main topic here, which is, “what happens if Mini-Mike Bloomberg decides to run an independent campaign after failing to win the Democrat Party nomination?

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a week now, since I’ve gotten the question from several readers. But each day it has been overtaken by the parade of other major political events. With a fairly slow-ish news day upon us, now’s a good day to do it.

First, it’s doubtful Bloomberg would make this move in any event. Why? Because he really isn’t interested in being your president. As noted in this morning’s Campaign Update, he’s running as both a proxy for the dead-broke DNC, and as a stalking horse for heading off The Commie, in order to ensure either a Biden or Pantsuit Princess general election candidacy. His ad campaign has thus far been aimed at driving up President Trump’s negatives – a complete failure to this point – and his ads going forward will likely be more aimed at softening up The Commie at the behest of the DNC.

Second, the only way he would even consider an independent run would be if The Commie becomes the Democrat Party’s nominee, an outcome the DNC will do everything in its power to prevent.

Third, if the tiny ex-Mayor does mount an independent run, who would be voting for him? Would he take more votes away from President Trump or from The Commie? That’s the real balancing act to consider here, isn’t it?


So, what Democrat votes would he conceivably take away from The Commie? Obviously, the votes of actual liberals who can’t stand the thought of voting for a real, true-blue communist just because he happens to the standard-bearer for the Democrat Party this time around. How many such thoughtful liberals remain living in the United States today is an open question, as liberalism as a political philosophy has spent the last 28 years trending away from anything resembling actual reasoning in favor of shrill name-calling and identity politics.

But there is no doubt that Mini-Mike, currently pretending to be a Democrat, would steal millions of potential votes from The Commie, no matter how he were to construct his ad campaign.

On the GOP side, we have a similar equation: There is no doubt that a segment of the GOP voter base that we like to refer to as the #NeverTrump nitwit faction is itching to vote for somebody, anybody other than the Bad Orange Man in the White House. But as former congressman Joe Walsh found out the hard way during his extremely brief primary challenge of President Trump, you can cram every one of these #NeverTrump nitwits into an average inside cabin on one of the third-rate cruise ships they lease twice a year for their money-grubbing “seminar” cruises.


Other than those dozens of Bill Kristol-worshipping assclowns who actually thought that bald-headed creep from Utah, Evan McMullin – who still hasn’t paid off his campaign debts, by the way – was a viable presidential candidate in 2016, the population of Americans who identify as Republican voters who would choose to vote for Mini-Mike rather than their own incumbent President is very tiny indeed. So this is not really a viable hunting ground for the little ex-Mayor.

Independent voters would be a much more target-rich environment, though, and this is where Mr. Excitement could conceivably make a difference in the race. Sanders’ radicalism is going to turn off a huge portion of this voter group, so the question would become how big a slice Bloomberg could cut out for himself. That would largely depend on whether or not Mini-Mike could credibly present himself as a viable candidate who could actually win the race. As Ross Perot discovered in 1992, doing that is incredibly difficult for an independent candidate, regardless of how deep his pockets happen to be.

The bottom line is this: Bloomberg is identifying himself as a Democrat, a posture he has assumed for more than a decade now. As a Democrat, he would almost certainly end up taking more votes away from the Democrat candidate than from Trump, and it really wouldn’t matter how he ended up constructing his messaging.

So let Mini-Mike spend all the time and money he wants on an independent campaign: If his goal would be to harm the President’s re-election chances, he would be throwing tons of good money after bad.


That is all.

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15 thoughts on “How a Possible Bloomberg Independent Campaign Would Impact the Election

  1. Gregg - March 1, 2020

    Only about 25% of the population self-identifies as “Liberal”‘ probably half would go to an independent MM ticket.

    The thing that Perot did in 1992 was appeal to the disaffect and disappointed Reagan Democrats, the conservative independents and pissed off Republicans who felt betrayed by Bush the first’s sell-out of Reaganism, and of his violation of his “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” pledge, his “Kinder Gentler Nation” nonsense, and his non-defeat of Hussain’s Iraq. Add that to the relatively mild economic downturn of 1991-2, that Bush allowed the Carville’s of the world to call it the worst economy since the Great Depression with no pushback (unlike what Trump would do) and we got the emergence of Perot.

    Furthermore, Trump has kept his promises against overwhelming opposition and has MAGA and will campaign on KAG. Bush had no such political capital in 1992.

    Couple that with a brazen BS artist (typical Democrat politician) who was probably the best American politician of the 20th century and we get a Dem win with only 43% of the popular vote.

    My personal analysis is that Perot took 3/4 of his near 20% of the votes from Bush, and 5% from Clinton – without Perot, add 14% of the popular vote to Bush and 5% to Clinton and you get a narrow 52 – 48% Bush victory.

    Because, remember, Clinton campaigned as a “Centrist” New (southern conservative) Democrat with a generally positive outlook on America like JFK did in 1960 when things were actually going pretty well for America. He was not campaigning as some radical left wing lunatic who sees nothing but how badly America SUCKS and how he wants to change EVERYTHING about our republic

    Even “the One” was smart enough to incorporate Hope into his vacuous “Hope & Change” Platform; Bernie McGovern’s platform might as well be “Change and Destroy” America, which actually was “the One’s” actual design for America.

    So go ahead MM, go run as a third party candidate and get the typical 2 – 4% of the vote like the Greens and/or the Libertarians get (the Commie Party USA will get nothing if Bernie is the Dem Nominee) every election cycle. Spend $2,000,000,000.00 total and get 4,000,000 votes – which will work out to about $500.00 per vote and ensure a Trump Landslide.


    Another thing to ponder is what if Bernie McGovern is screwed out of the nomination and he picks up his toys and decides to go Third party – after all, he is a self-described “Independent” – with perhaps Pocahontas, or even Walking Eagle as his VP candidate? I include Walking Eagle because not even Biden is not dumb enough to select her for Veep; he wants to live to see February 2021.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - March 1, 2020

      Perot made his campaign about the national debt – which helped Gingrich in 1994 and the Contract With America. Perot wasn’t a lib; he was to the right of H.W. His choice of running mates is one of the biggest blunders in election history.

      People thought Trump would choose Judge Judy for the SCOTUS. What he did, instead, was to rely on some actual Conservative organizations for guidance, and he has done a magnificent job in doing so. Right now, he’s also removing Deep State holdovers and saboteurs (but I repeat myself) and has the advantage of his incumbency. Better yet, he’s not taking anything for granted.

      Mini Mike actually admires Trump, but is too competitive to admit it. His influence is waning, because people are tuning out his commercials. He’s already dead fish left out a day too long. No 3rd Party for him, unless Bernt Brains wins the nomination, and a lot of Dems won’t want to take the risk of losing everything by voting for a Communist – they’d hold their noses and vote Trump, or not at all.

  2. phineas gage - March 1, 2020

    I think he drops out soon after Super Tuesday, when he will do abysmally across the board.

    He’s finding out he doesn’t like it when he can’t buy what he wants and has to endure political combat and adverse publicity. He never got much of that in NYC.

    I bet Warren and Klobuchar stay in the race longer than Bloomberg. They both have no shot, and Warren is also a reprehensible human being, but they are both a lot tougher than Bloomberg (and Buttigieg for that matter).

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - March 1, 2020

      I think you’re right on all counts.

      Since Buttgig dropped, people are suspicious. Maybe looking for bottoms on the ticket. He obviously got something for leaving. Warren’s people expect a contested convention and she’s staying in until then – she says. (Dope springs eternal.) A few more dismal showings, and she’ll be leaving, too. Mostly just negotiating at this point. She waits too long, and her Golden Parachute will turn into a Golden Shower.

      With Steyer-who? dropping out, the race is not changing all that much. Same with Buttgig. Watch for Tulsi Gabbard to leave soon, too – and hopefully her lawsuits will make her quite rich with Clinton Cash and a LOT of discovery, if the courts have any fairness left in them.

      But Superduperexpialidocious Tuesday (sorry, Mary Poppins) will tell Big Gulp if he should keep flushing his money down the crapper.

      1. Gregg - March 1, 2020

        The Hawaiian Heroine was/is the best of the lot, but she is still a certifiable leftist and a BS artist who is articulate and has appeal, so obviously the Dems don’t want her. I heard her last week on a local TN radio station interview and she actually sounded together and sane – for a Democrat. But she did sidestep several questions on issues that Trump or any conservative would address directly; the fact that she BSed around them told me all I needed to know bout her positions.

        I do however, hope she cleans Walking Eagle’s clock with her multi-(50?)million dollar Russian asset defamation lawsuit. Walking Eagle and Bernie McGovern, and maybe Pocahontas, are the only Russian assets vying for the presidency. The rest of the Dems are all just your regular garden variety leftists who are home-grown communists.

  3. Jimmy MacAfee - March 2, 2020

    Coronavirus affects mostly men over 60 (mostly); Iran’s top advisor to Khameini died. (Seems to be hitting the right people?)

    Hmmm. Will the old men atop the Dim party begin dropping like the Iranian leadership? Not gloating, but Sanders is so old, his teeth are gray! And Biden! In dog years, he’s young! Don’t forget Rotten Clinton. Old, sick – (cough cough) – the Coughing Crook is not well.

    Plagues, major and minor, obey no class nor boundary.

    1. Gregg - March 2, 2020


      I’m a pro baseball and football fan and while it is advantageous for my teams when their opponents suffer a temporary loss through injuries, I much prefer that the wins and losses are decided by the best players on both teams.

      While in the short-term, it may be to our benefit for certain elderly politicians to either get sick or take a dirt-nap, I want the known face of their ideology out front loud and proud – no “health” issues, no Arkancides… I certainly do not want fresh-face surrogates who can be remarketed and are able to better hide their horrific platform carrying the ball. The younger Dems, like Alfred E. Newman are every bit as radical as Bernie McGovern, but I want the Bernies, the Walking Eagles, the Q P Joes, and the Mini Mikes to be beaten straight up – fair and square.

      Regardless of who carries the ball for the Left, this is the year with Trump (a once in a generation, if not a lifetime) that conservatives have a real chance to beat them – everyone on our side should be willing to crawl over broken glass to vote FOR Trump and real GOP conservatives. If the “silent majority” doesn’t show up this year, they never will and are worthless sunshine patriots on a par with the RINOs who still plague our republic.

      As Christians we should wish ill health on no one (tempting that may be); remember Donald John Trump is in his seventies too – be careful what you may wish for.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - March 2, 2020

        Just a prediction, not a wish.

        And I have thought about President Trump’s health. He appears to have a VERY strong immune system, and the Blessing of the Lord. (Keep praying, though, for his health and safety!)

        As far as the Iranians go: the regime, like the Chinese, is secretive. That’s the secret to their demise.

  4. Mike - March 2, 2020

    Who is “Walking Eagle”? Thanks.

    1. Gregg - March 2, 2020

      From a Feb 20 comment by me on Dave’s article about how “Bloomberg would have been off tucked away in bed.”

      Hillary Russian Clinton will emerge, and she will be tanned, rested and ready. She will replace Pocahontas as the ultimate fake, fraud and phony who can “unite” the Dem Party against Trump. She always does better when she is quiet and under the radar. She will look to get a new persona and get rid of everything “Russian” – especially with the Hawaiian Heroine suing her for defamation for calling her a “Russian Agent”.

      Hillary will look to replace Pocahontas as one who has ties to Native Americans. Her new moniker will be “Walking Eagle”. It is an old joke from her days as a NY Senator when she was trying to kiss up to NY’s Native Americans in her 2006 re-elect campaign. Rumor had it that the Indian Chief was so unimpressed with HRC that he gave her the honorary title of “Walking Eagle”. She was very pleased to have that bestowed upon her during the photo-op.

      After the ceremony, the press asked the Chief, what was the significance of the title: “Walking Eagle”? The chief replied:

      “Walking Eagle” refers to “one who is so full of Schiff that they cannot fly”.

      Very appropriate new name for B J Clinton’s nominal wife and ultimate grifter.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - March 2, 2020

        I’d heard that joke about Obama, too. Some jokes transcend time and space!

      2. Carlos Dangler - March 2, 2020

        Thanks for the info, Gregg. I knew who you were referring to, but not why.

  5. Jimmy MacAfee - March 3, 2020

    Some are calling for the quarantine of Congressman Chris Murphy, who met with Iran’s foreign minister. Seeing as how the top leadership of the Insanians is getting sick and dying, maybe Murphy should be quarantined? People are calling for this.

    1. Gregg - March 3, 2020

      You know Jimmy, speaking of quarantines, wasn’t former SoS Lurch and other Logan Act violators over in Iran recently(last couple of months)?

      They all should be “quarantined” for a long, long, long time. Lurch has to be over 60….

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