It’s a Sanders/Bloomberg Race Now: Either way, the Democrats Lose

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

As the campaign of Quid Pro Joe Biden collapses under the weight of its own rank dishonesty and a candidate who is clearly impaired, the high muckety-mucks of the Democrat Party and its big money donors are now going all-in on Mini-Mike Bloomberg. They all know that the nomination this July in Milwaukee of The Commie, Bernie Sanders, would spell certain doom for their party in November, as The Commie would not only lose the presidential contest to President Donald Trump, but also ensure massive losses in both houses of congress.

This dynamic is, in part, why you saw Bloomberg launch his “I’m thinking of picking the Pantsuit Princess as my running mate” trial balloon over the weekend. Mr. Excitement and the party leaders want to gauge Democrat voter reaction, hoping against hope that a Bloomberg/Coughing Crook ticket might mollify The Commie’s gang of leftist lunatic supporters and possibly unify the party for the general election.

Hah. Fat chance.

See, these people know they have a gigantic problem on their hands: As things stand today, it is almost inevitable that their convention will produce a nominee who will divide the party’s voter base. The collapse of Biden, the fast fade of Fauxcahontas and the simple non-viability of Preacher Pete for a variety of reasons means that their nominating contest has now boiled down to a contest between a lifelong communist who doesn’t even call himself a Democrat and a former Republican, a billionaire who only bothered to register as a Democrat a few years ago.

It is a contest between a Commie who is raising tens of millions of campaign dollars mainly from small contributions by tens of thousands of leftists nutjobs and an outright oligarch who is attempting to perform a very public leveraged buyout of the entire Democrat Party. Folks, this is not just a contest between liberals and moderates, as your corrupt news media attempts to portray it, it is a contest between two diametrically-opposed world views, all taking place under a single political party’s tent.

How do you unify that? You don’t.

Before we go any further, take a look at this set of projections produced by Nate Silver and

Whose name is conspicuously missing from those results? That’s right: No Mini-Mike. The oligarch who has already dumped over $300 million of his own personal fortune into this race is not, according to, currently the favorite to win a single state on Super Tuesday, the date on which he has supposedly staked his entire effort. Not one. Damn. State.

Making matters even more perilous for those hoping to prevent a full Commie takeover of a Party in which he is not even a member, Mini-Mike is having a hard time getting his polling numbers up to the 15% threshold in those Super Tuesday states that would allow him to start actually being awarded some delegates. He’s getting close in Texas, where his ads have been ubiquitous for three months now, but is mired in the low single digits in California polls taken thus far.

Meanwhile, The Commie continues to surge in the polls, now having moved past Biden even in one South Carolina poll, ending thoughts of Quid Pro Joe’s unassailable firewall in that state.

The reality is that The Commie has all the momentum in this race and that TV and social media advertising can only take you so far, regardless of how many millions you pour into it. At some point, constant TV ads become so annoying that people tune them out and, if the ads continue, become openly hostile to them.

Once Super Tuesday has come and gone, 40% of the delegates in this race will have been awarded, and The Commie will have more of them than anyone else. Biden will end his disastrous campaign, as will Lieawatha. Klobuchar will hang on for awhile longer, but will ultimately run out of money and have to quit the race, probably before the end of March. Buttigieg will take his boutique vanity campaign all the way to the convention, as he will be the only other candidate who will be able to continue to raise enough money to mount a semi-credible effort.

Thus, the nominating contest for the “party of diversity” will boil down to a battle of attrition between three pasty-faced white guys – because of course it will – two of whom aren’t really even Democrats, the third of whom has never held any office higher than mayor of a mid-size college town in Indiana.

The big problem there for the Party is that all three men have very limited ceilings governing their appeal to voters, and the proportional awarding of delegates in these primaries will ensure than none of them will be able to go into the convention having won the majority of delegates needed to prevail on the first ballot. As things stand today, that almost certainly means that Sanders, who will enter the convention having won the most delegates, will see the nomination taken from him on a second ballot in which all the Party’s “Super Delegates” will be able to vote.

And if you think the violence-prone Sanders support base is going to quietly accept that outcome and unify around an oligarch and his Grasping Grifter running mate, boy, do you have another think coming. Milwaukee will become riot central in such a scenario and the Democrat Party will become unalterably divided.

Sanders himself will most likely just end up being bought off again like he was in 2016 – although the price will be higher this time – so no one should count on a third-party effort with him in the lead. But 40% of the Party’s current voter base will be forever disillusioned, and a good portion of them will become permanently disaffected after seeing the nomination once again stolen from their hero.

For Democrat Party leaders and funders, the only currently-viable scenario even worse than that would be for The Commie to get real momentum at his back and win the nomination outright. That would not only result in massive landslide losses in November, but the end of the Party as they have known it. The Democrat Party would, in that scenario. become America’s version of the British Labor Party, a loud collection of preening radical nincompoops who seldom manage to obtain any lever of actual power.

This is where the Democrats are as of today. If you can see any way out for them, let me know.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

21 thoughts on “It’s a Sanders/Bloomberg Race Now: Either way, the Democrats Lose

  1. phineas gage - February 17, 2020

    Per your last paragraph, media reports now describe the Nevada caucuses as ‘chaotic’ and ‘fraught with technical problems’. They’re going to run the Iowa scam a second time to screw Bernie.

    1. Jumper Bones - February 17, 2020

      If the Democratic party does collapse, perhaps their leadership gets some sense knocked into them, and rebuilds it to be more pro-America and pro-capitalism. One can hope.

      1. Gregg - February 17, 2020

        Doubtful, the Dem “leadership” are not pragmatic politicians, but outright Marxists – their way or the highway

      2. guidvce4 - February 17, 2020

        Take a good look at the dim party leadership. What do you see? Flexibility? Nah. The hard left is running the show now and the current leadership is falling further and further behind in their influence.
        I expect the jackass party to implode if they step in and try to submarine Bernie. Again. Good. They need to be outlawed and disappear from the national stage. Those left will probably have to form a new party, or actually take the name of what they really are, the Communist Party of America.
        They will never give up the idea of total power and control over the citizens of this great nation. Its in their DNA.
        Just sayin’.

      3. phineas gage - February 17, 2020

        As I said previously, it’s either going to be 1968 or 1972 for the Dems. While neither is going to work out well for them, the ’72 model would be more of a purgative to reset the party back to rationality.

  2. Gregg - February 17, 2020

    In 1992, Perot took almost 20% of the vote – Clinton 43%, Bush 38%, Perot 19% – and cost the GOP the election.
    In 1996, Perot took about 9% of the vote – Clinton 49%, Dole 42%, Perot 9% – and the GOP lost the election.

    I have no doubt someone very powerful in a certain political party quietly told Perot that if he were to intercourse up another election (2000), something very bad will happen… Consequently, Perot quietly went away.

    I see a similar scenario happening very soon – especially if B. S. gets real traction and the former Dictator of NYC (MM) has a poor showing on Super Tuesday.

    B. S. suddenly has a “health” problem and has to bow out, or gets Arkancided like Seth Rich. B. S. will take the “health” issue option, and MM will be the only “viable” candidate. Mayor Pete will get some of Bernie’s bros, but not many and will peter out… (save him for 2024). Senator Salad Comb will fade away back to Minnesota, She would probably be a better choice to be MM’s VP candidate since she has made an “impression” as being somewhat “viable” off of her strong New Hampshire showing. She would also balance the MM ticket being a woman from the Mid-West and a “moderate”.

    Hillary Russian Clinton is done, and MM does not want to become room temperature on Jan 21, 2021.

    The Dems still lose bigly to Trump, as Berne’s bros stay home, and MM crashes and burns, but the Dems may avoid a total down-ballot blowout in this election. In this scenario they are looking at 1984 where Mondale and Ferraro (another woman) crashed and burned, but managed to maintain a status quo in the congressional races which is the best they can hope for this year.

    1. phineas gage - February 17, 2020

      Don’t forget Perot dropped out of the 1992 race because of threats to his family, specifically his daughter’s wedding. It all seemed very odd at the time. Even so, he still garnered nearly 20% of the vote.

      If things get dire, a DNC capo is likely to make a Godfather offer to Bernie.

    2. Jonesy - February 17, 2020


      Bernie already had a heat attack, and it could happen again, especially if it is manufactured this time.

    3. Meremortal - February 17, 2020

      “Mayor Pete will get some of Bernie’s bros, but not many and will peter out…”

      I see what you did there, heh.

      1. Gregg - February 17, 2020


        1. Gregg - February 17, 2020

          I meant 🙂

  3. Jimmy MacAfee - February 17, 2020

    Bye, Mini Mike!

    From the article:
    “Mike Bloomberg thinks he’s amazing. Seriously. He believes he could “teach anyone how to farm” and that farming doesn’t require people to “think and analyze.”

    “You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, and up comes the corn,” he said in 2016.”

    Arrogant little schmuck. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, and he doesn’t know that he doesn’t know:
    (Dunning-Kruger effect.) He’s just made his critical mistake, his “Deplorable” moment. Kinda makes sense that he wants to run with Jezebel.

  4. Gregg - February 17, 2020

    Here is a strategy primary voting conservatives could employ since there is literally no one that anyone with brains could vote for in the Dem primary, and as Trump stated, you can’t even find the weakest candidate:

    Reregister as a Republican and vote for Trump in your state’s primary. Show record enthusiasm for our president like the voters did in Iowa and New Hampshire. This is an easy way pro-Trump people can continue to (anonymously) show the Dems and the MSM that we are behind Trump and his policies. The less support for ANY of the Dems, the better. That will send a potent message to the MSM, and the MMs and the BSs and all the other losers on the left that they will suffer a landslide loss in November.

  5. phineasgage - February 17, 2020

    The gun-grabbers fail in Virginia, but they’ve OK’d illegals to get drivers licenses (and hence vote).

    Virginia is officially lost. The best thing now would be for the 90% red part of the state to rejoin West Viriginia.

  6. Mike Anderson - February 17, 2020

    Bloomberg was always a Democrat!

    He only became a Republican because that was the only way he could possibly become Mayor in NYC

    1. phineas gage - February 17, 2020

      And yet Giuliani, the best mayor NYC ever had, was elected and reelected by strong margins.

      A little more of DeBlasio, just like Dinkins, and they will be looking for the nearest conservative to save them.

    1. David Blackmon - February 17, 2020

      So does mine. Barr has about 30 days to actually do something before mine is gone entirely.

  7. Daniel Wiener - February 17, 2020

    My own analysis exactly mirrors this article. Although nothing in politics is certain (e.g., either Sanders or Trump could have a heart attack between now and November), this is shaping up to be an unavoidable disaster for the Democrats. I’m kind of hoping that Sanders wins the nomination outright, if for no other reason than it will put to bed the leftist talking point that unlimited money can buy an election (and hence that the Citizens United decision was the end of our nation).

  8. dennis winebrinner - February 17, 2020

    mini mike has made a ton of money under the trump economy.
    looks to me like he is investing a small portion of his profits to ensure trump is re-elected. that way he can get even richer.

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