Corrupt Chuck Todd Shamelessly Pushes the DNC Narrative About Bernie Sanders

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Corrupt Chuck Todd is fast becoming the most tiresomely predictable man in the fake news media. – Whenever the DNC needs a narrative to be pushed, there is no more reliable direction to which it can turn than directly to NBC’s Chuck Todd. If there are Democrat talking points to be recited, no one recites them more fluently, agitatedly, or as verbatim than Corrupt Chuck.

Pretending to “host” his daily show on MSNBC, Todd actually parroted the following DNC talking points about the clear new front-runner in the run for the Democrat presidential nomination:

“I don’t understand how Bernie is considered a front-runner,” an animated Todd said on “Meet the Press Daily” on MSNBC. “This is a guy that, more people showed up to the polls, highest turnout ever, and his percentage went down, not up. His total number went down, not up.”

“I feel like the only people who are going out on a limb and calling Bernie Sanders the front-runner, they have other reasons to call him front-runner,” Todd, who moderates “Meet the Press” and serves as political director for NBC News, argued.

Yes, folks, Corrupt Chuck really has a hard time understanding why anyone would call the guy who has won the most votes in the first two contests of the nominating season, who now leads in all of the national public opinion polls, and who now strongly leads the polls in the next contest in Nevada, a front-runner.

You seriously could never make this stuff up.

Predictably, Todd attempted to bolster his ludicrous talking-points parroting by parroting more DNC talking points, to wit:

“This is a guy that, more people showed up to the polls, highest turnout ever, and his percentage went down, not up. His total number went down, not up.”

“One person leads delegates, one person has a lock on a chunk of the party, but we don’t know where this goes.”

Yes, Preacher Pete Buttigieg does currently enjoy a one-delegate edge over The Commie. But that is purely  a result of the efforts by the DNC to rig the process against Sanders. How else do we explain the awarding of one more delegate in Iowa to Buttigieg, who received 6,000 fewer votes than Sanders in the first round of caucusing and almost 3,000 fewer in the second round? How else do we explain the awarding of the same number of delegates to both men in New Hampshire after Sanders won over 4,000 more votes than Preacher Pete did?

And yes, The Commie’s total vote number in New Hampshire did go down from what he received in 2016. But only a rank simpleton or a dishonest DNC hack like Todd would stop his analysis there. In 2016, Sanders faced only 2 competitors, and only one who actually mattered: The Pantsuit Princess. This year, he faced 9 competitors in the Democrat field. Given that many of the votes he received in 2016 were inevitably protest votes against the Fainting Felon, it was inevitable that Sanders would get more votes this year.

Thus, Todd’s “analysis” is as idiotic as it is dishonest.

The real question about Todd’s rationalization is how does anyone holding himself out to be an honest journalist go on-air and endorse the DNC’s blatantly corrupt process?

Well, we all know the answer to that, don’t we? Corrupt Chuck is nothing more than a Democrat activist posing as a “newsman.” That is all he has ever been, and all he will ever be.

That is all.

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14 thoughts on “Corrupt Chuck Todd Shamelessly Pushes the DNC Narrative About Bernie Sanders

  1. phineas gage - February 14, 2020

    The Buttigieg run is about to come to an end. He’s not organized in Nevada and will receive precisely zero black black votes in South Carolina.

    His job as a stalking horse understudy is over; Bloomberg will be taking over the role as the DNC’s preferred candidate.

    I still don’t think Bernie can be stopped. If he is, the election will resemble ’68. If he’s not, it will resemble ’72. I’m OK with it either way.

    1. jim s - February 14, 2020

      Yes, cheating Bernie AGAIN will not go over well with his millions of supporters.

      1. Boarwild - February 14, 2020

        Thing is – think Rush pointed this out – is that there’s not a dime’s worth bit of difference between Sanders & Buttplug. It’s just that Sanders makes no pretense of hiding who he is & the Dems don’t like that.

        BTW – if I may say F Chuck Todd.

  2. Jay Whitcraft - February 14, 2020

    IMHO it’s extremely important that not only Trump crush Bernie or whatever fool gets the nomination, but the down ballot races be a wipeout also. That way the next President after Trump (Niki?) can have something to work with. I want them and am going to work for this fall the Dems to be set back 100 years. Jay

    1. Gregg - February 14, 2020

      Amen Jay,

      We all need to be very active this November and in our respective state down ballot primaries. It is not enough to elect or reelect people just because they have a (R) after their name. Exhibit One: Romney

  3. D3F1ANT - February 14, 2020

    Democrats are a lot like the Soviets in that they believe that by making a statement they can simply WILL their “facts” into being.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - February 14, 2020

      That’s something that the 500 false prophets in Israel did, as Jeremiah faced them alone (but with G0
      D.) They had a Tony Robbins-type of belief, also known in some circles as a “name-it-and-claim-it theology.

      Furthermore, a Pentagon strategist, Col. Michael Aquino, PhD, wrote a paper on using the concept of inevitability in defeating an enemy, rendering him hopeless. Odd, that’s what Quid Pro and Jezebel Clinton and Jebbie the Bush all counted upon: inevitability. Odder still, Aquino was a Satanist, having formed the Temple of Set after becoming disillusioned with Satanists who basically were just hedonists looking for easy sex, drugs and other.
      Aquino co-wrote his paper with Major General Paul Vallely, ret.

      Hitler used the same concept, combining it with the use of repetitive lies – we call that “propaganda.”

      These are not well people, the Dems.

  4. Jimmy MacAfee - February 14, 2020

    The Dems have two sides to choose from:
    A Soviet-style Commie: Bernie
    A Mao-style Commie: the rest of them

    No such thing as a “moderate” Commie, nor a “moderate” Democrat; the substance is the same, the difference being the surrender. Russia can’t handle us, even if they disarm American citizens; and China can’t handle us unless they disarm American citizens.

    Chuck Todd is another agent of China, like Mini Mike the China stooge. That’s what the Globalists were arranging: the demise of America, and our Constitution, while China was supposed to rise and take our place.

    Coronavirus shows the truth: how’s that workin’ out for ya?

    1. phineasgage - February 14, 2020

      All charges against McCabe from IG referral dropped.

      Barr and Durham are either working their way up to something much bigger, or the whole thing is fixed.

  5. Gregg - February 14, 2020

    What are we supposed to make of this???

    “On Friday, the Department of Justice announced that they would not be pursuing charges against anti-Trump former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe after lying to investigators and leaking to the media.” And…

    What is going on Mr. Barr???

    I don’t give a damn about TWEETS! I want JUSTICE, EQUAL JUSTICE – you should too.

    Mark Steyen, filling in for Rush today, said/asked this:

    Barr claims Trumps tweets make it impossible to do his job…

    Steyen: AG Barr, after many months on the “job”, just what are you doing on the job? How much time do you need to clean out YOUR sewer?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Superior Intelligence (0ver the Axis) put the Allies in a position to win WWII.

    However, if we didn’t act on such intelligence, we would have lost.

    Why are Barr and Wray NOT acting on anything related to the corruption, sedition, and treason that is so apparent to anyone who is remotely following this three plus year coup against America, its constitution and its president?

    AG Barr, do you really want to go down in history as another Jeff Sessions and EVERY OTHER INEPT AND/OR CORRUPT AG?

  6. Gregg - February 14, 2020

    PAM BONDI, former AG of FL for the NEW AG

    Maybe the third one will be the charm

  7. phineasgage - February 14, 2020

    DOJ drops all charges against McCabe.

    They are either working their to higher levels, or the whole thing is fixed.

  8. phineasgage - February 14, 2020

    All charges against McCabe from IG referral dropped.

    Barr and Durham are either working their way up to something much bigger, or the whole thing is fixed.

  9. Jimmy MacAfee - February 14, 2020

    The Deep State needs an enemy; they failed to initiate several wars; they’ve failed to destroy President Trump’s Presidency; they are floundering.

    They’ll likely use a corrupted process to keep Bern Brains from winning – again: they had used him the same way the CAI created and used al Qaeda, This bumb will go off – again, this is how they treat failed ops.

    So Chicago 1968 is the most likely scenario. Right now, they’re starting to panic, and they’re feeding the press negative prose about the old Russian stooge named Bernie Sanders. They actually want his people in revolt, in order to deal with them – since their use didn’t produce the results they’d hoped for. If anything, the operation forced everybody so far to the Left, there are no Middle Democrats anymore. They need a divorce.

    They’ll get one. A divorce in the D. party is imminent. The Chinese-backed Commies in the party have more rescources; the Russian-backed Bernie Sanders wing will end up an ugly stain on the sidewalk.

    I almost feel sorry for Bernie’s people. Almost. But not much.

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