The Senate Math: As Predictable As This Day Will Be Long

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(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

You will never see Jabba the Nadler move this fast again. – As the final question in this ridiculous DC Swamp Kabuki dance came down from Chief Justice John Roberts, no one watching doubted that the “honor” of giving the final answer would go to the Bugeyed monster, Adam Schiff. After all, Schiff had dominated the mic throughout the last two days, answering at least 80% of the questions that were directed at the House “managers.” There was no reason to think the Democrats’ last gasp would go to anyone else seated at their child’s table.

But Jabba the Nadler had other ideas, and was moving his chair back even as Justice Roberts uttered his final words. Watch this clip as Pencil Neck shouts “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” as the little rotund congressman from New York waddles up to the mic:

This impeachment scam has been a carnival freak show from Day 1. No reason why this “historic” moment should have been any different. Take a bow, Jabba, if you’re capable of doing so.

You seriously could never in a million years make these people up.

The Senate math to come this evening is as predictable as this day will be long. – In fact, it was very much predictable several days ago, as I laid out in Tuesday’s Campaign Update. We have known all along that, when it came down to voting on whether to allow the Democrats to prolong this farce by calling witnesses, Mitch McConnell could not rely on the votes of Mitt Romney, Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski.

He can’t rely on Romney because Romney is a mendacious snake who only ran for the Senate to try to advance his own presidential prospects. He can’t rely on Collins because Collins is up for re-election this year in the 50/50 state of Maine, and she stupidly thinks she can curry favor with Democrats in her state by trying to thread this needle, casting a vote to call witnesses followed by a vote in favor of acquitting the President. And he can’t rely on Murkowski because Murkowski is a political coward who is afraid of getting bad press from the Anchorage newspaper.

So those three will all vote in favor of calling witnesses, and Romney is so mendacious that he might well vote in favor of removing the President from office.

McConnell’s job all along has been to find a way to keep any of the other RINOs in his caucus – and there are many – from joining those three on this witness vote. The corrupt media and their Democrat masters have done everything they can think of to pressure Cory Gardner and Lamar Alexander to become the decisive fourth Republican siding with the enemy, but both of those men signaled yesterday that they won’t do Nancy Pelosi’s bidding here.

So, this math would leave us with a 50/50 vote in the Senate, and by rule, that means the motion would fail. There is some speculation that the Chief Justice might attempt to step in and somehow cast a “tie-breaking” vote, but his role is simply to preside over the trial, and he does not have the power to cast votes like a Vice President would during a normal Senate session.

Roberts has been subjected to pressure by the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies to make a unilateral decision to force witnesses into this trial. He could theoretically do that, but doing so would create massive public outrage, and not just among the President’s supporters. Most Americans, regardless of political affiliation, are sick to death of this neverending farce.

It’s really hard to imagine Roberts going down this road, just as it was hard to imagine Sen. Alexander siding with the Democrats on witnesses. It just would be outside his character.

Assuming the motion to call witnesses is rejected, the next vote would be on a motion to acquit. Barring some last minute “bombshell” – which you can never discount given the depressingly dishonest nature of our corrupt news media – it is very predictable we will see a bipartisan majority vote in the President’s favor. Romney is the only RINO likely to vote to remove President Trump from office; meanwhile, Democrats Joe Manchin and Doug Jones are likely to vote to acquit. I think we will see at least one, and possibly two more Democrats do the same.

And then, it will all be over, at least for now. But the House Democrats will just go back to their chamber and continue their unending impeachment process against this President, because they know their lineup of circus clown candidate has no chance of defeating him in a fair election in November.

These people will never stop, until they are stopped.

That is all.


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9 thoughts on “The Senate Math: As Predictable As This Day Will Be Long

  1. Gregg - January 31, 2020

    If there are any brains in the Democratic House “leadership”, and that is a big if, future impeachment attempts will be quashed.

    This impeachment was brought forward for Democratic political gain and noting else. These people are driven by polls and the polls show there is NO support for continuing this harassment of the president, so it will quietly go away, with the (bimbo) “squad” being effectively muzzled.

    If there is any logic, again a big if, Nancy Klink will attempt to show the country that the Dems will try to do something via working with Trump that actually benefits the country and its citizens; to try to save her vulnerable Democratic Congressmembers. After the NOT Guilty acquittal and the State of the Union Address this Tuesday – which will give Trump a big bump in the polls – the Dems will be in full on reelection mode and will desperately be trying to paint themselves in the most favorable light to save their majority and to try to win the senate.

    It won’t work because I believe the vast majority of the country is silently pissed to the point where the Dems will be severely punished in November and beyond.

    People are fed up and are suffering from the Anti-Trump Fatigue virus, and TDS; the majority will vote to remove this virus by removing Democrats all across the ballot.

  2. dts3204 - January 31, 2020


  3. Jimmy MacAfee - January 31, 2020

    Why can’t Pence be a tiebreaker?

    1. phineas gage - January 31, 2020

      I don’t think impeachment trials are like other Senate proceedings. The VP should be involved in the trial of the president–hence the supervisory role was given to the Chief Justice by the Founders.

      1. phineas gage - January 31, 2020

        ‘should not’ (need an edit function)

    2. David Blackmon - January 31, 2020

      The Veep is next in line to the presidency and thus cannot participate in a senate trial due to his conflict of interest.

  4. Carlos Dangler - January 31, 2020

    “Most Americans, regardless of political affiliation, are sick to death of this neverending farce.”

    But, but, but……. our dependable, honorable media keeps saying that 75% of Americans want witnesses.
    How can both things be true? Are you lying to us, David???

  5. phineas gage - January 31, 2020

    I think the Bolton salvo was the last round in the media’s bag of tricks. Their depressed faces yesterday indicated as much.

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