Democrats: Who Will be the Last Elderly, Pasty-Faced White Man Standing?

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

A picture is worth 1,000 words. – Two photos taken in Iowa on Thursday illustrate why the Democrat party and its corrupt media toadies are so desperate to execute a coup d’etat on President Donald Trump. The first photo is of a Quid Pro Joe Biden rally attended by about 25 people. The second is of President Trump’s massive crowd of thousands:

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Most fake polls continue to try to create the notion in the public’s collective mind that Biden and other Democrat candidates lead President Trump nationally, but none of the pollsters really believe that. If they did, they wouldn’t continue to intentionally over-sample Democrats. They know what’s coming in November.

Indeed, a new Gallup poll, complete with its own over-sampling of Democrats, tells us exactly what an almost hopeless, uphill climb the Democrats have in this race. Look at how voter satisfaction regarding a host of pressing issues has improved under President Trump:


That is +22% on the economy; +18 on fighting terrorism; + 15 on military strengh; +14 on race relations; +9 on reducing crime.

Those results are stunning, and they scare the hell out of Democrats.

The panic among Democrats is palpable now, especially when one observes how the race for their presidential nomination is trending. Just as we have predicted all along, Joe Biden is no longer the front-runner in this race, having been surpassed just before the primary season begins by Bernie Sanders in several new national polls. Sanders also now leads in most Iowa and New Hampshire polls, and will come out of those contests with a ton of momentum should he win them both.

The literal sole rationale for a Biden candidacy is his supposed “electability.” If he can’t even prevail over The Commie in the race’s first two contests, that rationale will be well and truly shattered.

The biggest problem for Democrat does not lie in Biden’s looming collapse, but in who is rising to surpass him when he falls. It’s not just The Commie, who is a year older than even Biden. The Commie’s ceiling is less than 50% in this primary, and he has pretty much no chance at all of getting to the summer DNC convention with a majority of the delegates.

No, the biggest problem is who is rising after The Commie. That comes in the form of ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, yet another pasty-faced white guy who older than both Biden and Sanders. Thanks to having already run through well over a quarter-billion dollars in his TV ad campaign, Bloomberg has now risen to fourth place in the national polls, running over Preacher Pete and no threatening to surpass a rapidly-fading Lieawatha for third place.

Due to his late entry into the race, Bloomberg is making the strategic calculation of not participating in Iowa or New Hampshire, or in the second tranche of primaries in South Carolina and Nevada, where Biden and Sanders currently lead, respectively. Mini-Mike is instead keeping his powder dry for Super Tuesday, March 6, and its collection of big-delegate hauls in states like California, Texas and Massachusetts. If Mr. Excitement can break through in one of those states, he could become the third main force in the race.

After that, it will be a war of attrition, as all the under-funded protected minority and female candidates fall by the wayside. At the end of the day, the most likely scenario when convention time comes around is that the “Party of Diversity” will have three elderly, pasty-faced white men leading in the delegate count.

Barring a Hillary Clinton or – much less likely – Michelle Obama offering themselves up as the Party’s savior on a second ballot during the convention, the Democrat Party nomination is most likely going to go to the last elderly, pasty-faced white guy standing.

Hilarious. And totally appropriate.

That is all.


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14 thoughts on “Democrats: Who Will be the Last Elderly, Pasty-Faced White Man Standing?

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 31, 2020

    #1 China Mike hates poor people, and wants to tax them “in order to provide for them.” No sale.
    #2 “Inevitable” Quid the Squid is unlikeable, as much as Hitlery
    #3 Bernie will be more likely than before, once Squid Pro Joe is gone, regardless of differences.

    Lizzie “Borden” Warren will be knocked out by her support of major corporations screwing their employees’ pensions etc. She really is an unprincipled snake. Lust for power, and that’s about it. She’d sell her grannie for gator snacks.

    Nasty Amy is more likely, and is rising. (She’s got a comb, and we wonder what kind of salad dressing goes best on it when she’s too cheap to buy a fork?)

  2. phineas gage - January 31, 2020

    Really think it is going to be Bernie at this point. The fall campaign will be epic. McGovern 1972 redux on steroids and growth hormone.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 31, 2020

      I agree – unless the Deep State jettisons SquidPro Joe, and chokes on Buttgag, and Lizzie “Borden” is hatcheted.
      Slimy SquidPro Joe is their only real choice, and he can’t fill the center of a pastry with people, China Mike has a lot of national security issues, because of his many entanglements with China. Let’s just say that he should have to register as an agent of a foreign government or foreign entity.

      Nasty Amy is really their only choice, other than the Bolshevik, and they won’t allow a Commie to win – ever! And she’s as likeable and palatable as spoilt milk in a kale smoothie.

      And then the Deep State might find Trump a bit more savory by comparison. After all, the Deep State is forever: Trump is – (if we’re blessed enough to have him the entire time) – President until 2024.

      The Deep State has some decisions to make. Bernie? Or The Donald? Either way, the Deep State only gets to choose his opponent, not the winner of the contest.

  3. alonzo1956 - January 31, 2020

    The Clown show will do nothing but get better from here on out. If AG Barr ever releases unredacted declassified information regarding the coup, it can only increase the insanity of the left.

    1. Meremortal - January 31, 2020

      Barr, Barr…

      I thought he retired or something, he’s still on the job? What does he do?

  4. Fred - January 31, 2020

    Please let it be Bernie, Trump will destroy Bernie on his communist platform!

  5. stevekerp - January 31, 2020

    I really think Trump’s popularity could go through the roof if he starts arresting people. I’m probably not the only one who’s sick and tired of political kabuki and two-tiered justice. “Lock Her Up” is still construed as a campaign promise.

  6. Gregg - January 31, 2020

    The real indicator as to how the Dems are doing will be the primary voter turn out.

    Dave, when you do your Updates on each primary it would be great if you would do a side-by-side graph of the raw numbers of voter turnout comparing the Trump 2016 primary, the Hillary 2016 primary and this year’s Dem primary. That will be the key polling statistic as to how much energy the leftist Dems actually have this year after three plus years of anti-Trump propaganda. Thank you in advance for providing this vital service.

  7. Sharon Campbell - January 31, 2020

    David, I’m still betting on Hitlery taking over the Dimocratic nomination at the DNC Convention. She took the nomination from Breadline Bernie The Commie once & I’m sure she’d be glad to do it again. As everyone knows she has no morals or sense of honesty or fairness.

  8. Katrina - January 31, 2020

    from Iowa…..just love this photo comparison.

  9. Mark Eaves - January 31, 2020

    The left is sickern’ a dog.

  10. Doc - January 31, 2020

    Wow … wrong title.
    Since when did an Anglo-Saxon Caucasian qualify as Jewish? When did a Jew qualify as Anglo-Saxon Caucasian?
    Sorry but 2 out of 3 in the lead picture are Jewish… not white Anglo-Saxon Caucasians…
    You must be under 40 yo…

    1. David Blackmon - February 1, 2020

      Man, if that is your takeaway from this piece, you are well and truly in the wrong place.

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