The Fake News is Flying Over the Senate Impeachment Trial

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CBS was the Deep State’s choice to run with the Monday narrative-setting piece. – The Democrat/Media/Deep State pressure campaign on several GOP senator related to the upcoming Senate trial of President Donald Trump continued to mount on Monday. CBS News became the chosen vessel to run with yet another story based on an anonymous “source” designed to pressure not only the Usual Suspects among the Republican caucus, but also to add to their numbers.

From the CBS fake report:

Washington — The White House is preparing for some Republican senators to join Democrats in voting to call witnesses in President Trump’s impeachment trial, which could get underway in the coming days.

Senior White House officials tell CBS News they increasingly believe that at least four Republicans, and likely more, will vote to call witnesses. In addition to Senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, Mitt Romney of Utah and possibly Cory Gardner of Colorado, the White House also views Rand Paul of Kentucky as a “wild card” and Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee as an “institutionalist” who might vote to call witnesses, as one official put it.

Last week, Collins said she was working with a “fairly small group” of GOP senators to allow new testimony, adding that her colleagues “should be completely open to calling witnesses.” Romney has expressed an interest in hearing from former national security adviser John Bolton, who has said he would testify under subpoena. Murkowski said last week that the Senate should proceed as it did during the 1999 Clinton impeachment trial.

Note the story leads by naming the Usual Suspects who everyone knows are the most likely RINOs to go off the rails on any issue: Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, the three who can most often be relied upon to go squishy whenever the going gets tough. But the media knows that they need to pressure at least one more Republican squish to side with their Democrat buddies in order to get anything done, so now they are moving to add to the list. In fact, they may even need more than four GOP traitors, since Democrats Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Doug Jones of Alabama would both pay dearly back at home for supporting this impeachment scam.

So, first Republican name up? Cory Gardner of Colorado, who is facing a tough re-election campaign against former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. Oh, hey, and it’s purely a coincidence that, on the day on which this unsourced CBS story is published, Gardner suddenly gets attacked by a group led by Kellyanne Conway’s piggish husband George:

A group run by anti-Trump conservatives has released an advertisement targeting one of the most vulnerable Republican senators, Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner.

Gardner, 45, has one of the toughest reelection campaigns in the nation as the centrist Republican attempts to maintain his seat with President Trump on the ballot next to him. Trump lost Colorado in 2016 by 4.9%, and the Cook Political Report listed Gardner’s seat as a toss-up.

The Lincoln Project, a group led by George Conway, the husband of Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver, and Rick Wilson, targeted Gardner for siding with Trump on several issues. The advertisement opens with the question, “Why are you losing?” and proceeds to blame Gardner’s tight reelection race on his relationship with Trump.

Now, Conway’s group doesn’t have much of a budget to pay for running the ad, but boy is it getting tons of free play in the corrupt news media. Funny how that happens.

Next up on the list of potential GOP turncoats is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who we just saw last week tossing a hissy fit with his libertarian buddy, Utah Senator Mike Lee, coming out a White House briefing on the situation with Iran. Oddly, the CBS article does not mention Sen. Lee as another potential Democrat ally. Frankly, I think he’s more likely to go rogue than Sen. Paul.

Finally, CBS goes after Lamar Alexander of Tennessee because he’s supposedly an “institutionalist,” whatever that means in the demented minds of corrupt reporters and editors. Honestly, that’s probably because the corrupt media always goes after Sen. Alexander in situations like this. They did the same thing during the Democrat fiasco over the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, and failed. I honestly don’t see Sen. Alexander as a problem here.

And think about this where Alexander the “institutionalist” is concerned: No one in the history of the U.S. Senate was more of an “institutionalist” than the current Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. Funny, we don’t see any corrupt media articles speculating about Cocaine Mitch, do we?

So, at the end of the day, what we have here is yet another narrative-setting piece for the Deep State. It’s a fake report based on zero named “sources,” and most likely no real source with any knowledge of the situation at all. The only “facts” on which it is based are a couple of off-hand comments made by Collins and Murkowski to local reporters in their home states. The one statement – by Collins – that is recounted by CBS could mean nothing more than that she ran into Senators Murkowski and Paul in the Hallway of Hart Senate Office Building and chatted with them for a couple of minutes about whether or not they wanted to hear testimony from Hunter Biden about the various illegitimate children he has fathered in several different states.

Here is what we do know: 

  1. Mitch McConnell completely rolled Nancy Pelosi in the political gamesmanship leading up to this trial;
  2. Lacking any leverage whatsoever, Pelosi will transmit the articles of impeachment over to the Senate in the coming days;
  3. McConnell has the 51 votes he needs to proceed with the trial using the same Senate rules that were employed during the trial of Bill Clinton;
  4. Pelosi’s house managers – most likely Adam Schiff and Jabba the Nadler, which will be a hoot – will present the Democrats’ sham case;
  5. After that part of the trial has been completed, then and only then will there potentially be a vote to call witnesses who did not testify during the House’s Soviet-style hearings;
  6. Nobody – not CBS, the senators or anyone else – knows how any of these Republican senators will vote when that time comes.

So, get used to this kind of sham story from the corrupt media. With the Senate trial set to begin early next week, the pressure campaign on these and possibly additional GOP senators will only continue to mount. It’s going to be like the Kavanaugh fiasco all over again: The hit pieces will only become increasingly shrill as the Democrats become increasingly desperate as they see their impeachment scam failing to change minds.

Yes, it’s all despicable. Yes, it’s demented, and depraved, and disgusting. But hey, this is Democrats and their corrupt media toadies we’re talking about here – you expected something else?

That is all.


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11 thoughts on “The Fake News is Flying Over the Senate Impeachment Trial

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 14, 2020

    The Senate should refuse to accept the articles, since they contain no crimes of any sort. Just vote to toss the articles and be done with it, showing Goatlips Pelosi where she can stuff it. Otherwise, every President in the future can be accused of non=crimes and be “impeached” by a hostile House. It was a sham impeachment, and even acknowledging them as an impeachment at all is leading us down a terrifying path.

  2. Gregg - January 14, 2020

    Hopefully PDJT gains a couple of points in the polls during this garbage as most Americans tire, of this nonsense. I’m sort of surprised that Klink and the MSM keeps rubbing it in our face – yuck on so many levels…
    Surely their internal polls and focus groups must show the popularity of this impeachment process (never great) is falling like a lead balloon – again I ask, where is the pushback in the “moderate” wing of the Dem Party? It must be really small – why aren’t there more Jeff Van Drews? Doug Jones (D to R) AL, Joe Manchin (D to R) WV?

    Trump will also most probably gain a couple point bounce in the polls after another superb and substantive SOTU speech in February.

    This will put him at about 55% on Rasmussen and around 50% in the RCP average of the bogus, but followed polls. The fundraising disparity between the Dems and the GOP will continue and expand once the radicals realize the Col. Klink impeachment coup has failed.

    All this is great news for America.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 14, 2020

      The evil fake press knows that President Trump will win a record landslide victory. What they don’t seem to care about is if the Senate somehow removes the President from office, there will be an uprising like no one has ever seen before. Far more than France and Iran and Hong Kong. Far more violent. And the press – and dems – are playing a very dangerous game. To their own peril.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 14, 2020

        A prediction, not a threat.

        1. Jonesy - January 14, 2020

          Agreed…it would be unprecedented, and probably this century’s Fort Sumter.

  3. Gregg - January 14, 2020

    I just don’t understand how George and Kellyanne Conway can live in the same city, let alone together under the same roof. She could and should divorce him for mental cruelty in my opinion.

    The political male/female political dynamic has always confused me.

    One theory, which I have experienced) is the Dem’s progressive policy appeals to needy women with children because they claim to care more about their “plight” of needing childcare, etc.. Consequently, men being men, are wired to pursue women (it’s nature). One way to accomplish this is to placate, conform, and appeal to the desires of women which is why we have so many liberal soy-boy metrosexuals, especially in the DC area (90% DEM. and 96% for HRC in 2016). At the risk of sounding chauvinistic, women, despite the crap of the feminists and the women’s libbers, actually rule men in most cases. I’ve seen it all my life.

    So how is it that Mary Matlin succumbed to the “charms” of James Carville and basically sabotaged Bush the first’s reelection to BJ Clinton in 1992?

    Same thing with the Kellyanne and George Conway drama today…

    How come I never see a prominent conservative women converting a liberal man into our political fold?

    Interesting to ponder…

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 14, 2020

      It’s harder to understand how someone like Kellyanne could allow someone who looks like an obese groundhog get anywhere near her, even for a peck on the cheek. (Don’t throw up in your mouth visualizing this.) Just sayin’.

      And “Mini Mike!” (That has some implications, doesn’t it?) I prefer “China Mike,” since he’s got a million (or perhaps a billion) conflicts of interest. Money buys everything, including love – in the “elite” classes. Real people are real people, and Mini Mike isn’t real.

  4. phineas gage - January 14, 2020

    Ted Cruz has stated that both sides should call witnesses.

    Why does the GOP always cave?

    1. David Blackmon - January 14, 2020

      Sen. Cruz is saying that in order to give Democrats second thoughts about going there. Lots of gamesmanship happening right now.

      1. Gregg - January 14, 2020

        Yes Dave, I have called for a full blown trial and let’s blow open ALL the corruption with Ukraine as 90+% will redound to the corruptocrat’s and their grifter offspring and, as a bonus, bust the clean guy myth of Mutt McRomney. I would love to see the Commie and Pocahontas and the Meanie of Minnesota stuck in DC for two or more months and lose any chance of winning the nomination..

        Let Twinkle Toes, Ying Yang, Mini Mike, Tuff Schiff, and Sleepy Gropy Dopy Quid Pro Joe beat each other up and maybe have one of these certifiable losers prevail with enough primary support to win the nomination outright and prevent a Johnny-Come-Lately from swooping in to win the day and “save” the Democratic party from this putrid collection of jerks.

        1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 14, 2020

          Good post. While I want the trial to disappear, there’s a lot to what you have to say.

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