Christopher Wray Wants to Keep the FBI’s Raging Dumpster Fire Burning

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

This guy has got to go. – Some folks just need firing, and FBI Director Christopher Wray is the poster child for that reality. The FBI was a raging dumpster fire under James Comey, and nothing has changed under the worthless apparatchik who was appointed by President Trump on the advice of Rod Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions to succeed him.

If anything, Wray appears to want to just keep stoking the flames of that dumpster fire to higher levels, which he managed to succeed at doing with two moves late this past week.

First, Wray filed an inexcusable response to the December demand by lead FISA Court judge Rosemary Collyer (who has since resigned) that the FBI take action to prevent future abuses of the FISA warrant process. Collyer’s letter was issued in reaction to the December 11 report by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, which revealed massive wrongdoing by higher-ups in the Comey-era FBI in their efforts to spy on the Trump Campaign, Trump Transition Team and Trump Administration.

Wray’s proposed “solution” to the blatant abuse of process by myriad FBI officials is to…wait for it…mandate more training. Yeah, just what you’d expect from a useless bureaucrat who would be more at home in some corporate Human Resources department than in leading what is supposed to be the nation’s premier law enforcement agency.

Making matters worse, the letter sent to the FISA Court on Friday was signed by Wray and…wait for it again…utterly corrupt FBI lawyer Dana Boente, who actually signed one of the four FISA applications that was used to facilitate the Comey FBI’s spying operation. You seriously cannot make this stuff up:

As if that weren’t despicable and indefensible enough, Wray compounded this insult to basic public integrity by appointing former assistant attorney general for national security David S. Kris to oversee the FBI’s fancy new training program. Kris, if anything, is even more corrupt than Boente, a guy with Spygate basically tatooed on his forehead.

This is a guy who, in addition to being a noted Obama loyalist, is also associated with the scumbags at Lawfare, the group that has provide the contract lawyers who have planned, managed and driven the Schiff/Pelosi/Nadler impeachment scam.

As reported by the Daily Caller:

Kris was also among the many pundits dismissive of Republican allegations that the FBI mishandled information in the Steele dossier. One of Kris’s main targets was Nunes, a California Republican who relentlessly pursued information from the FBI about the Trump-Russia probe.

In his March 1, 2018, essay at Lawfare, Kris wholeheartedly defended the FBI’s actions in the Trump-Russia probe, while criticizing Nunes over a memo he released Feb. 2, 2018, laying out a list of alleged problems with the FBI’s rationale to surveil Page.

Kris asserted that Nunes “falsely accused the FBI of deceiving the FISA Court.” He also questioned whether Nunes and other Republicans would “face any consequences for their dishonesty.”

“The Nunes memo was dishonest. And if it is allowed to stand, we risk significant collateral damage to essential elements of our democracy,” wrote Kris, who is now a consultant at Culper Partners and frequent guest on MSNBC.

Kris went as far as entertaining the possibility, first proposed by Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe, that “Nunes might be prosecuted for obstruction of justice.”

Kris also wrote that the memo’s central claim that the FBI misled the FISC about Christopher Steele “was not true.”

Oh. Ok.

But, in a transparently fake move designed to justify receiving his assignment from Wray, Kris has had a sudden fake “change of heart”:

Kris has acknowledged since the release of the IG report that the FBI committed some “significant and serious” errors in its Carter Page FISA applications. He also conceded in a Lawfare essay published Dec. 23, 2o19, that Nunes’s assertion that the FBI engaged in irregular behavior was “correct.”

This is a blatant middle finger by Wray to President Trump, and the President understands that, as evidenced by this tweet issued on Saturday:

The President well knows that no FBI dirty cops will pay any real price so long as Christopher Wray remains ensconced as the FBI Director. Wray not only has no intention at all of putting out the agency’s raging dumpster fire, he is in fact dedicated to stoking its flames.

The only solution here is for the President to fire the man. Once this impeachment nonsense has been dealt with in the Senate, doing that needs to be Job 1 at the White House.

That is all.


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18 thoughts on “Christopher Wray Wants to Keep the FBI’s Raging Dumpster Fire Burning

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 12, 2020

    Amen, Dave, whether your recommendation was a prayer or not.

    I pray: LORD, let President Trump fire Chris Wray and his henchmen.

  2. Jimmy MacAfee - January 12, 2020

    The President needs some good advice: he needs to select another FBI Director who is NOT tied to the Deep State, and who will terminate and prosecute all the corrupt Deep State officials who have plotted his removal; he needs to replace the FBI Richmond office.

    Soiled Man’s removal took 18 months; some generals were aghast that we would consider killing a general (those generals perhaps need to move into the private sector?) Christopher Wray’s peaceful removal is way overdue. Peaceful removal is key.

    For one thing, he put in Richmond Virginia one David W. Archey, a conspirator on the Mueller hoax. We need him in Virginia like we need a civil war. This is NOT a good guy, NOT an honest arbiter of justice; he is absolutely toxic to Virginia and the Virginian ethos:

    “So the top Fed in Richmond is an anti-Trump FBI counterintelligence expert (like Peter Strzok) who just finished working for Robert Mueller as part of the deep state coup effort. Now, what do you think the chances are that he’s going to be favorably disposed toward thousands of angry “Constitution fanatic gun nuts” heading toward Virginia’s capital, (where he lives and works), to teach the liberal Democrat political ruling class a hard lesson? Look at that downtown Richmond satellite image again, and check out all the government facilities ringing the capitol, including the nearby Federal Building, home of the local FBI and ATF.”

    Virginia, it has been said by my sources, will be OK from everywhere south of Richmond. Not sure about Richmond itself, but military planners are concerned enough to have envisioned what is about to take place. The President needs to act with a speed that he’s capable of showing – perhaps he has this in mind already, and hasn’t shown his cards.

    This is more than a tiff between the administration and the FBI: this is a declaration of war, at least upon Virginians, by Washington DC, the Governor of Virginia and the Director of the FBI and his cronies. It needs to be handled administratively, and with deliberate haste.

  3. phineas gage - January 12, 2020

    Agree, but I tend to think it will happen just after Trump’s reelection.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 12, 2020

      Virginia can’t wait. January 20 is the date they’ve chosen to put us in chains because Blackface Baby-killer Ralph is a petulant carpetbagger who should not be allowed to do what he was responsible for in Charlottesville.

      The President needs to authorize a PEO to deal with the crisis BEFORE it becomes one. I’d suggest using the National Guard to protect the protesters, and to arrest ANTIFA when they show up, and to coordinate the protest march with the National Guard to protect the rights of Americans.

      Firing Wray should also be done immediately, the FBI office in Richmond vacated, the ATF offices locked down by the National Guard (which the President should nationalize.)

      1. Gregg - January 12, 2020

        Small point, but I though the Clinton’s butt-boy, and former DNC Chairman, Terry McAuliffe, AKA the punk, was the gov. of VA at the time of the Charlotte demonstrations and he was the one who stood down the State Police, while the mayor and/or sheriff did the same thing to the local law enforcement.

        BTY Charlotte, VA is a small town of less than 50,000; a perfect place for a leftist rent-a-mob to show up and overwhelm the original protest.

        1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 12, 2020

          My history failed me; thanks for the correction!

          1. Gregg - January 12, 2020

            The most recent VA governors are basically one-in-the-same, two-peas-in-a-pod, virtually indistinguishable. The only reason it’s Northam and not McAuliffe is because VA only allows for its’ governors to serve one consecutive term – bizarre.

            Also, I know it is Charlottesville, not Charlotte, my mistake

  4. Jimmy MacAfee - January 12, 2020

    To be intentionally vulgar: Wray should market a candle called “Gwyneth Wray’s Hoo-Hoo.” The resemblance is obvious.

  5. Jimmy MacAfee - January 12, 2020

    The FISA Court should be fired/force-retired, except for those dissenting voices (if there are any) who may have opposed the illegal warrants; keep the good ones, throw out the rest, regardless of political affiliation. The terms of the FISA fraudsters should be filled by ethical judges, and Roberts should NOT be in charge of the court in any way shape or form, nor in charge of the impeachment trial. Put Judge Clarence Thomas in charge, instead.

  6. Jimmy MacAfee - January 12, 2020

    FBI Director “Gwyneth” Wray needs to resign, and save the President the trouble of firing him, and certain DOJ lawyers need to have their law licenses suspended:

    To suggest that Weissmann is unethical is like saying water is wet, and that “Gwyneth” Wray – as Director of the FBI – stinks.

  7. Gregg - January 12, 2020

    Dear AG Barr, and Prosecutor Dunham,

    The only thing President Donald John Trump is “guilty” of is defeating Hillary Russian Clinton – fair and square.

    The only thing President Donald John Trump is “obstructing” is the agenda of the communist supporting cabal that has infested and continues to infest our government in virtually every department/agency at virtually all levels. This includes the Democratic side of congress that is full of rogue, criminal and fraudulent anti-American “representatives” more aligned with our foreign and domestic enemies than our Constitutional Republic.

    Trump can’t fire them all! And only firing them at this point would not be full justice to the “evildoers”. Actual justice for these miscreants falls to you two, and whatever grand juries you have empaneled.

    Indictments, prosecutions, convictions, and incarcerations are the only thing that is going to restore America’s faith in YOUR DEPARTMENT! America deserves nothing less from an honest and effective Attorney General.

    It is time to get going and get this done while YOU are still the AG and BEFORE THE 2020 ELECTION! Two years of Trump’s first term was wasted in pursuing actual justice by your feckless predecessor and his little hack Huber and his nothing-burger “investigation”. Enough investigatin, it’s time to get on with the prosecutin. We all know the trials will be long spectacles like the OJ Simpson trial that will last months, if not years, for all of them to be completed. So what are you waiting for, “Climate Change” to kill us first to avoid having to actually do anything?

    Justice delayed is justice denied and we Americans need to see the rule of law applied equally and soon – WHILE WE’RE STILL YOUNG!!!

    Also, you have the Horowitz FISC/FISA abuse IG report citing seventeen (17) “mistakes” that all went one way – AGAINST THE PRESIDENT. Why didn’t YOU take action to immediately fix these “mistakes” that were committed “without political bias” by your, and the former administration’s, DOJ/FBI, and the CIA/IC? I’m sure you had some inkling of the report’s findings months ago. Heads of anyone remotely involved in this seditious coup should have rolled within a day of the report’s public release, BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THE NAMES OF MANY OF THE MAIN PLAYERS AND WHAT THEY DID, AND TRIED TO DO, VIA NUMEROUS “INSURANCE POLICIES”!

    It should not have been up to a willingly duped (and now amazingly retired) FISC judge to demand remedy for this misuse of the FISC (GESTAPO like capable court).

    Presumably you have telephone/communication access to Chief Justice Roberts. How come he isn’t looking into the massive fraud perpetrated upon HIS COURT and why isn’t he also seeking remedy?!

    Get to it! Protect the country; prosecute the evil criminals – NOW.

    Finally, AG Barr, you, as AG, are in charge of the FBI. Logic would say you could and should fire Wray. Why have you not done so? We need reformers like the president in these departments/bureaus/agencies, not chair warming bureaucratic Sergeant Schultz like hacks!

    The natives are getting restless and Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 12, 2020


      If Barr doesn’t act soon, he’ll begin to look like someone who told the President that the funds for the Wall would come “next year,” the odious traitor “Pink Hat” Paul Ryan. I’m beginning to suspect…Attorney General Barr, we need some reassurance here!

      We only need one Gwyneth, (and we can ignore her in Hollyweird;) Gwyneth Wray is one too many: Barr is faced with the need to separate himself from those pink hats.

      “Pink Hat” Ryan showed us the playbook. We’re watching.

      1. Gregg - January 12, 2020


        Barr said the stuff is going to start to roll down hill this (2020) spring. I’ll be patient until June 21, 2020, after that I will be as anti Barr as I was anti Sessions, Lynch, Holder, and Reno… Geez, makes me shudder at the thought that the above listed were actually the chief law enforcement offices for these United States.

        I’ll go all Ann Coulter (bitching about Trump’s slow progress on the wall) on Barr and his reputation will be irredeemably soiled (just another swamp-rat hack) in my, and many other’s minds.

        RINOs are much worse than the worst Democrats lefties. We now know, expect and are not surprised when an AOC comes out with a Green Deal, or a Pocahontas comes out with her Medicaid for all, of Biden’s corruption.

        We are oh so tired and fed up at being deceived by RINOs and about how they are actually going to fix and reform corruption, fraud and waste, and then never do.

        This is why Trump is such a precious president, and why the left has gone stark raving bonkers trying to defeat him.

  8. ray162 - January 12, 2020

    Chief Justice Roberts supervises the FISA court. He and the court have authority to penalize those presenting misleading information by fines up to US$10,000, up to five years in jail, or both. Roberts is in this up to his neck. We have a corrupt Supreme Court justice who fails to enforce the law.

  9. phineas gage - January 12, 2020

    Just released Iowa poll shows Slow Joe in fourth (!) place, with Bernie (!) in the lead.

    If this is at all accurate, the Dems might have a problem. As Dave says, Bernie may have a low ceiling, but if the Commie takes both Iowa and New Hampshire, he’ll have a hell of a running start. And Biden may be finished.

  10. Jimmy MacAfee - January 12, 2020

    David S. Kris: another pink hat. Kind of hidden in Dave’s article, but extremely relevant.

    “The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) has stunned court-watchers by selecting David Kris — a former Obama administration lawyer who has appeared on “The Rachel Maddow Show” and written extensively in support of the FBI’s surveillance practices on the left-wing blog Lawfare — to oversee the FBI’s implementation of reforms in the wake of a damning Department of Justice inspector general report last year.”

    It’d take a million wet vacs to clean up the scum in DC. And that, after the US Army Corps of Engineers physically drained the swamp. Might start by dismissing the FISC entirely. Imagine the fecal material of creatures who live off of fecal material – there you have it: The FISA Court.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 12, 2020

      If you read the article and look down to the picture…David Kris, Pink Hat.
      Whatta wuss.

      The article I’ve posted says it better than I can.

  11. Jimmy MacAfee - January 12, 2020

    Heard Nancy Pelosi was developing “Impeachment Vodka” for her friends and fiends: 0 Proof.

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