RINOs Rand Paul and Mike Lee are Part of the Problem in the DC Swamp

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Guest Contribution By Gregg Updike

If I remember correctly, several years ago Rand Paul was held up and harassed by the newly created TSA at an airport in either Nashville or Kentucky. He also had his ribs badly busted up at his home a few years back by some leftist radical wacko as a protest to something that got the left “OUTRAGED” over something Trump did to “OUTRAGE” them.

Same with Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana and a bunch or GOP congressmen getting ambushed at a softball field by a Bernie Sanders’ supporter. In the past three years, we have seen numerous elected Democrats arguing for and promoting outright violence against members of the Trump Administration, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and other GOP/Trump supporters. Can you imagine the hue and cry and “OUTRAGE” that would happen if top Democrat bananas like a Rep. Steny Hoyer got shot or if a Sen. Corey Booker got assaulted by a right wing-nut?

I just don’t understand how any Republican – whether conservative or moderate – feels compelled to blast this president to the liberal MSM; they seem to relish the opportunity to channel their inner McCain and spew their guts, which displays their RINO tendencies. These supposedly smart and savvy politicians make these appearances on enemy-held TV and constantly get played – or maybe they want to be played – with the net effect of giving the Trump Administration a black eye, a PR hit to no positive purpose.

What did Lee or Paul gain by bitching on TV about yesterday’s intel briefing? When did Barack the Obama ever give you a brief, or listen to ANY GOP input?

Don’t these idiots realize that the MSM would do everything they could to outright defeat and destroy the Pauls and the Lees of the world if given the chance? The media’s goal is to totally destroy the Republican Party and the conservative movement. They promote the radical, violent ANTIFA and BLM groups, and denigrate and impugn the peaceful conservative TEA Party. Yet these idiots – Lee and Paul – keep lining up to give the MSM ammo to hurt Trump, and by extension, themselves; quit giving them fodder.

I don’t remember any Republican (if they ever did, it was always couched in the most tepid terms possible), and certainly no Democrat ever blasting Obama for his “War Criminal Acts” of droning actual American citizens without due process (Are there any Democrats who believe in the rule of law, or due process?), or any other liberal policy when he was president. Where was the pushback on Fast and Furious, the IRS abuse scandal, pallets of cash to Iran, Dreamer EOs etc.?

Why can’t these politicians just shut up and be thought fools rather than open their mouths and remove all doubts? Taking opportunities to gratuitously rip or denigrate Trump on TV does not serve them well especially when they represent Red States/Districts and serves no good purpose. Leave that to the Democrats, and quit giving Schumer, Pelosi, and the MSM metaphorical orgasms!.

Wise up, grow up, and support our pro-American president! Be part of the solution and quit giving aid and comfort to the DEM/MEDIA ENEMY! If you RINOS can’t see the writing on the wall, or reality, then retire and let someone with brains and guts take your place.

Better yet, the primaries will soon be upon us which signals the opening of RINO Season. To all Red States and reasonable Purple States, please primary these old war horse losers and get some conservative leaders to replace them.

That is all.


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26 thoughts on “RINOs Rand Paul and Mike Lee are Part of the Problem in the DC Swamp

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 9, 2020

    It’s OK to disagree with the President; it’s not a crime. But Lee’s performance was unworthy. Rand Paul’s was confusing, because the end result of President Trump’s strategy was – so far – no war.

    It appears that they wanted the President to lay out his strategy, the way al-Bimbo the Prince of Islam used to do, telegraphing every move. President Trump, on the other hand, gives warnings, not telegraphs. I believe that SoiledMan would still be alive today had he retreated to Iran and stopped posing like a pretty posey for pictures. The man was far too much in love with his own image.

    Despite the tears of the old buzzard in Tehran, he might have wanted him gone. He got far too much attention, and while he violated international norms and did create mayhem, he didn’t get sanctions lifted, and now they’re even worse. SoiledMan screwed his own people, both in putting down any resistance and in increasing the likelihood of long-term, crippling sanctions.

    The unexpected nature of the removal of SoiledMan has made terrorists flee Iraq – and other places where they may be (or are) vulnerable. Isn’t that worth something?

    What Lee and Paul are can be called “fundamentalists.” Not Christian nor Islamic fundamentalists, but Libertarian fundamentalists. Christian fundamentalists are mostly legalists, not Christ Followers, while Islamic fundamentalists are also extreme legalists, and Libertarian fundamentalists are also legalists whose holy book is the Constitution. (The Constitution is the law of the land, protecting our rights, but it is not Holy Writ.) I’ve seen New Age fundamentalists, atheist fundamentalists, anarchist fundamentalists and even herbal fundamentalists. Rand is less fundamentalist than his father, but he needs to stop being a fundamentalist.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 9, 2020

      Fox’s “Judge” Napolitano is also a fundamentalist, but is self-serving, bitter and hypocritical, who can bend reasoning like the Great and Powerful Zo can bend a spoon. All illusion, no substance – someone who thinks he was wronged because he wasn’t chosen for the SCOTUS. Most fundamentalists are much less hypocritical.

  2. edwitness - January 9, 2020

    Rand Paul like his father is a true american patriot. Not allowing “party” to keep him from telling it like it is Constitutionally. The war powers act is an unconstitutional piece of treasonous garbage. And anything connected with it that supports it like this briefing is too. I am thankful that Constitutionalists like the Paul’s will not be hamstrung by “party”.

    1. The Texas Hammer - January 10, 2020

      Ok Boomer…

  3. mary - January 9, 2020

    I don’t know Mike Lee but I do know Rand Paul and he is anything but a RINO. but he does speak up when he does not agree and that is why I think he has some influence with the president. Rand is consistent in what he stands for and has been for years.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 9, 2020

      While Mike Lee has pissed a lot of people off, and caused a lot of bickering among ourselves, the real enemy waits and plans. RINO doesn’t automatically mean Deep Stater, either. Some are Mittsie puppies; others are Libertarian fundamentalists. Rand Paul needs to stand by the President in this hour, and not let us be divided. Same with Mike Lee. If you look at the extreme Libertarians these days, they’re now turning against borders. If you are a Libertarian – a Kochian perhaps – is that you?

      Several weeks ago, I warned about the potential for a false flag event in Richmond, Virginia, when the planned march against the gun-grabbing Governor takes place. This is a critical juncture, because the Deep Staters would love another OK City that they can blame on those who support the 2nd Amendment.


      I’ve warned about some of these same scenarios, particularly #4.

      The 2nd Amendment – and all the other Amendments – are not negotiable. The War Powers Act, as a poster mentioned, is unconstitutional. So was REX 84, which almost put us under Ollie North and his buddies as dictators. Reagan would have been removed, had they succeeded. Continuity of Government statutes, while critical in the case of a nuclear first strike by an enemy, or something similar, can also be misused.

      Yet year after year, the government keeps passing bills (NDAA) that put us further and further under the thumb of a dictatorial federal government. I commend Rand Paul for opposing NDAA, because he sees the dangers, as do all Constitutionalists.

      On the other hand, we have to pick our battles wisely. MIke Lee has options, and should have worked his angst out in profitable ways. What he and Rand Paul did was destructive, not at all helpful, and split us into factions. Again, don’t be a fundamentalist. The Founding Fathers debated, sometimes raucously, but in the end, they stuck together and had to find room to compromise.

  4. Joe - January 9, 2020

    Supporting The Constitution of The United States is not being a RINO. Both of these guys are true “Conservatives”. That used to mean you conserve resources. McCain, Romney, Bush, and Paul Ryan are examples of RINOs. Assasinations of world leaders is not conservative. 18 year wars are not conservative. This BS is about protecting our BS currency. Russia, China, and Iran are a threat to us simply because they dare to propose their own gold backed currency as opposed to our worthless dollar. The Petrodollar failing.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 9, 2020

      Trump is not for the Fed, in case you haven’t noticed; his positions strongly resemble Rand Paul’s.

      As far as removing a terrorist – (who in no one’s definition is a “world leader”) – to prevent more events is not a bad thing. Bleeding the enemy of talent – and with sanctions, their treasure – is the best way to keep from having to fight another war.

      No Name, Romney, Bush and Paul Ryan are examples of something far worse than RINOs: they’re Deep State traitors who colluded with Leftist Deep State traitors to sell us out to foreign and domestic enemies.

      President Trump is plugging a lot of holes: recently, he ordered the federal government to harden ourselves against EMP attacks; he has prevailed on money for the border wall, both in the courts and in the latest budget. He’s also kicked some bad characters out of our ports of entry, and has established Executive Orders to deal with people like Gyorgie Schwartz and his NGOs. A lot is happening, far more than you can imagine.

      To pick a fight at this time is foolish.

      1. Joe - January 9, 2020

        He’s been in office 3 years. We still don’t have a wall. We are still mired in ME. We still have “Common Core” education. The government is still buying up enormous amounts of land. (Agenda 21/2030) He still hires swamp creatures from Goldman Sachs to drain the swamp. I’m sure many around the world would consider our generals terrorists rather than world leaders. The Fed is pumping enormous amounts (Trillions) of money into our banking system. Trump is calling for lower interest rates while claiming such a great economy. Great for bankers. I voted for him. I expected more. No, I don’t wish the Hildabeast had won. I just think you can’t blindly follow anyone and am glad someone will hold his feet to the fire. He MUST follow our Constitution.

        1. Gregg - January 9, 2020


          You do realize Trump has been blocked to varying degrees in EVERY one of his attempts to fix what you complain about by congress and the courts, and has been consumed defending himself in several bogus coup attempts. Yes, some of his appointments have been between bad and horrible, but he is fixing them as he can – he still has to get them approved by an obstructionist congress. On balance I give him an A.

          Are you a glass half empty guy? I’m skeptical of any politician, but I tend to look at the positive and Trump’s positive pro-American accomplishments far outweigh any of his negatives and especially the alternative.

          1. Joe - January 9, 2020

            His 1st 2 years he had both houses. What about the spending? The debt? Is that conservative? $23 Trillion? We are headed down a terrible road. Both parties are responsible for it. When someone of the stature of James Comes goes to prison I will become a believer.

          2. Jimmy MacAfee - January 9, 2020

            Yeah, Joe, he had both houses: Paul Ryan stopped anything meaningful, and No Name stopped the end of Obamacare.

            Tired of sniping. You’re unreasoning and unreasonable.

          3. The Texas Hammer - January 10, 2020

            He is just a Troll…

      2. Joe - January 9, 2020

        P.S. his justice department will not prosecute ANY of the criminal FBI, CIA, Obama, Hillary, etc.

        1. Gregg - January 9, 2020

          Yes Joe,

          I agree, there is much work to be done and that is why he needs a solid congress to work with next year and a large popular vote win to be able to claim a real mandate; otherwise we will be dealing with the same slop that we have now. The swamp will be able to wait out a neutered Trump; get rid of the designated losers they have running in 2020, and find their next appealing “empty suit” communist to win in 2024.

          Our duty is clear and our destiny is in our hands; all we need to do is make it happen.

          Also, in the past I have commented here about the need to get a real budget, and have it become balanced very soon with Trump forcing another shutdown if he doesn’t get it on time.

    2. Ray - January 9, 2020

      Hardly Conservative. Lee is a Chamber of Commerce puppet. Luckily some of his views coincide at times

    3. The Texas Hammer - January 10, 2020

      “World Leader”??? You need to check yourself. Maybe see a doctor…

  5. Jonesy - January 9, 2020

    I get the sentiment – why are they opposing the President now? Why aren’t they supporting him? Why add to tidal wave of negative press that is already guaranteed?

    They always fall back on their principles, even when they should pick a different hill to die on. That is the one thing I can fault them on, especially Paul. It doesn’t feel like a RINO move to me, even if it sounds like one. To me its just bad timing, and worse optics given the overall political climate right now. I do value having pure constitutionalists in Congress as a check to BOTH sides. Republicans are just as guilty of stomping the constitution as Dems, although much less egregiously so. When Congress is nothing but RINOs and lefties, there will be no voice to remind us where we *should* be, even if we can’t quite get there.

    As far as speaking up about some things in the past, R’s were pretty meek and it was the age before Trump came in and gave the party some balls. Rand did do the marathon filibuster over the drone strikes on Americans (which got more attention than writing an Op ed that the sheeple would never have read).

    This is just a bump for these guys…I think they are generally in line with the POTUS.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 9, 2020

      Excellent points!

  6. Ross - January 9, 2020

    Utterly ridiculous. Both are more Republican, constitutionalist, than 97% of the “RINOs” that populate and have always populated the the Grand Old Progressives. Click bait. You’ll next be telling us how Graham, Collins, Cornyn are the true conservatives. Go look at Conservative Review for the ratings of each Senator and Rep.

  7. Gregg - January 9, 2020


    And I don’t remember ANYONE standing up to him and his DICTATORIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS circumventing congress and, in many cases, the courts. If anyone did, they weren’t effective in blocking him. But man-o-man, do all the malcontents come out of the woodwork when it seems there is an opportunity to stick something in Trump’s eye.

    In general, I agree more with the Libertarian side in that I am for the smallest, least intrusive government possible, and for individual rights and self-sufficiency. The extreme view of anything is very destructive. I’ve spoken to extreme Libertarians and they don’t even want established speed limits on residential streets. Extreme Libertarianism will eventually lead to no laws, no functioning currency, no military, and anarchy which is the opposite of dictatorship and would be just as bad.

    People of all political stripes need to be realistic and accept the fact that there are no “pure” politicians except for the hard core left like Obama, Sanders, and AOC, so compromise needs to be the order of the day and I don’t need to see people supposedly on our side firing crap at the one president who is actually working night and day to reverse the worst of the big government policies that have metastasized over the last 100 plus years.

    Libertarians speak of the constitution with reverence as we all should with consistency – not when certain parts suit their argument. The constitution says the President is the Commander in Chief of the US Military. Like it or not, the (deemed) constitutional (war) laws allow for presidents to be able to engage our military overseas without congressional consent for a period of time. Trump is following the established rules in dealing with the bad hand he was dealt by numerous prior administrations. Unless the constitution got changed to specifically restrict Trump, the (war) rules apply equally to Republican and to Democratic presidents.

    I personally like much of what Rand Paul says, but we must be practical and realistic and learn to choose battles that can be won. Libertarians will not be elected president in today’s America, so please support a president who you can agree with much of the time rather than taking your toys (votes) home and defaulting elections to the Democrats of whom you agree with virtually NONE of the time.

    I actually think Rand Paul would make a great Supreme Court Justice, but I don’t think he is a lawyer; but an eye doctor/surgeon, and therefore probably not eligible.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 9, 2020

      Amen, Gregg! Perfectly stated!

    2. Jimmy MacAfee - January 9, 2020

      I would prefer to put Rand Paul as head of the Federal Reserve, and when that one is done, then SCOTUS. Mostly, I prefer him stay where he is, because he is mostly on the right side of things, and does a lot of good.

  8. Planet Clownfish Brain - January 9, 2020

    They’re all either opposition or controlled opposition. lol we never really had a choice.

  9. nuthinmuffin - January 9, 2020

    Mccainiacs…”where’s the camera”? Rino-itis

  10. Jimmy MacAfee - January 9, 2020


    Let’s get back to why we’re kvetching, shall we? And while you look at the video, recognize that our President has done what is necessary to keep us safe AND from unnecessary conflict.

    Video shows a missile hitting a plane, with the plane soon hitting the ground with a loud explosion. Figured that from the very beginning, but people want to argue (Mike Lee) because they’re not getting spoon-fed. This is serious sh-t. And Ukraine is going to want some blood (money) from the Iranians. As they should.

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