Liberals go Crazy Because Gorsuch says…Merry Christmas????

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Every time you get to thinking the liberal outrage mob on Twitter cannot possibly get any more stupid or insane than they already are, they go out and prove you wrong. – Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch appeared on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning to promote some new book he has written, something fellow justices like Sonya Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg have also done in recent years on CNN and MSNBC.

Justice Gorsuch’s appearance would have likely gone unremarked but for the fact that, as he was signing off, he wished the program’s hosts a “Merry Christmas.”

Predictably, the anti-Christian bigots in the liberal outrage mob on Twitter went utterly and completely berserk over that one. As a public service to our readers, we here at the Campaign Update have herewith compiled some of the dumbest, nastiest and just plain idiotic…er…est tweets issued by the liberal lunatics, just so you don’t have to dive into the Twitter cesspool yourselves.


So, here we go, starting with this from Alinskyite Lawfare lawyer Susan Hennessey, who says it is “weird” for a SC justice to promote a book in one phrase, then acknowledges that other SC justices have done the same exact thing in her very next thought. No wonder she’s a CNN contributor:

Then there’s some guy named (checks tweet) Sean Kent, who apparently is some sort of half-assed comic, who is outraged that Justice Gorsuch had the temerity to utter the phrase “Merry Christmas” during this, the Christmas season of the year:


Oh, but it just gets better…

Here’s little growth-stunted, bald-headed Brian Stelter exhibiting his consistent utter lack of any self-awareness whatsoever:

…and here is Garrett Ventry informing Mr. pea-brain why his tweet is so utterly clueless:


But it gets better still. Here is some person named “Molly McKew” who claims she is some sort of foreign policy expert, brainlessly wondering why Justice Gorsuch is, um…..well, you can read it:

Oh, I dunno, Molly, maybe because HE WAS INVITED???? Good lord.

Ok, y’all, hide the kids now, because this clown, who claim he is both – BOTH, I tell you – an “award-winning artist” and…wait for it…oh, you have to wait for this one… a “SPORTS CARD STORE OWNER” [!!!!!] is all, like, totes angry about it all:

Yeah! You tell ’em, Tony Posnansky, you sports card store owner and award-winning artist, you!


But believe it or not, we aren’t done yet.

Ladies and gentlemen (or whatever your preferred pronouns might be – I personally prefer “Tex” and “Bubba”), I give you a person who calls herself “Mayday Mindy”, whose Twitter profile actually, really and truly reads:

I say what People Think🤨Anti Trump🍊🐶2 dogs 3 kids❤️😎I was the artsy semi cute cool girl


Oh, cooooooools, Mindy! LULZ! TOTES! You rule!
Anyway, here’s what the artsy semi cute cool girl had to say about the Justice’s appearance on Fox and Friends:

I know – hardly seemed worth all the build-up, right? Right.

But don’t worry, I have saved the very best of the Twitter Outrage Mob’s outrage-fest for last. Friends, I give you the stylings of one Amee Vanderpool, or as she calls herself on Twitter, @girlsreallyrule:


So, there you have it: In today’s liberal Twitter Outrage Mob Culture, the phrase 98% of you grew up saying throughout your entire childhoods – “Merry Christmas” – is now officially nothing more than a “talking point of the GOP,” and a “Republican narrative.” No more “Merry Christmas” for Democrats no sir, er, ma’am, er, it, er…nevermind.

You seriously could never make these people up, folks. Never in a million years.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

13 thoughts on “Liberals go Crazy Because Gorsuch says…Merry Christmas????

  1. phineas gage - December 17, 2019

    Leftists are almost uniformly desperately unhappy people, fueled by inchoate rage, finding satisfaction in the misery of others. How terrible to live that way.

    And if this is what they do when Justice Gorsuch makes a benign television appearnce, wait until RGB departs this mortal coil.

    1. Boarwild - December 17, 2019

      Digging a bunker now; the sh**storm is going to be unbelievable ;<)

  2. TexanForever Thompson - December 17, 2019

    You Marxist libs flakes with TDS better start getting used to it because President Trump and the Supreme Court are putting Christ back into Christmas,where it belongs. After 2020 both Houses will also be joining in. … Those who don’t like it can scream at the sky, get back to mommie’s basement, and pound sand. … MAGA 2020

  3. Judy - December 17, 2019

    You poor poor trolls! MERRY Christmas!

  4. ray162 - December 17, 2019

    Share our pagan solstice celebration, 21 December, with the Christians. Burn a Yule Log. Feast on dead animals. Decorate a tree. Drink a nog. Worship the coming light.

  5. Jimmy MacAfee - December 17, 2019

    The only words needed for the article: “Liberals Go Crazy.”
    Gorsuch is only a fraction of what they go crazy about. Or Christmas. If there’s something to obsess about, Liberals will go crazy over it. Most Liberals are high in neuroticism. Most legalists, in the Christian AND Muslim AND Jewish sense of the word, are neurotics. Nothing is ever good enough, and there is never a reason to be happy and content and full of any kind of joy.

    If they can find something to cry over, they’ll cry; if they can find something to bitch about, they’ll bitch; if they can find things to go crazy over…Dennis Miller once said he stopped being a Liberal when he got tired of saying:
    “Yean, but…”

    Where we started, we end.
    Message: don’t be a Liberal. Be happy. About something. About anything.

  6. Jimmy MacAfee - December 17, 2019

    Good news! FISA fights back…against the corrupt FBI! Basically hands them the bill, and says:
    “You fix this!” (Right Director Wray? Wanna resign now, or be fired?)

    “The FBI’s handling of the Carter Page applications, as portrayed in the OIG report, was antithetical to the heightened duty of candor described above. The frequency with which representations made by FBI personnel turned out to be unsupported or contradicted by information in their possession, and with which they withheld information detrimental to their case, calls into question whether information contained in other FBI applications is reliable,” federal Judge Rosemary Collier wrote in an opinion for the court published Tuesday.”

    I’d mentioned Judge Collier in an earlier post on FISA. Maybe they’re worried about how easily they were duped by corrupt FBI officials? And that was just on Carter Page. How many other times?

    I suspect that FISA isn’t willing to go down as patsies of the FBI. Unless there’s more, though, that’s exactly what they will be, and that’s how they’ll be regarded. Forever.

    What is needed? Someone to use the same warrants to look at the corrupt connections between Ukraine, Soros and Fusion GPS, and the Clinton Foundation (largest donation being from Ukraine) and Crowdstrike. Giuliani has enough to get a warrant, it would seem, even though at this point he may not need one. No wonder he was crowing like a rooster! And still…FISA, to maintain even a public image of integrity, needs to be more specific, and to make sure this is exposed as a CIA/FBI plot to overthrow the Presidency of Donald J. Trump on false and defamatory charges. Remember, they were planning to do something similar to other GOP candidates.

    This politicization of Intelligence and Law Enforcement by the Obama/Biden/Clinton administration is worse than any other such activities in US history; the treason implied is akin to those who sold secrets to the Soviets, because as other cases will soon show, the Chinese and Pakistanis have been beneficiaries of high level intelligence information. More than politics: more like a stewpot full of political traitors, all ground up in the mash and served up as disinformation for (and from) the press.

    IF FISA is to be preserved, Judge Collier’s opinion is a good start. But only a start.

    1. jtthedestroyer - December 17, 2019

      Attempting to overthrow the government is sedition. When you use a dossier provided by an enemy nation then the crime elevates to capital treason. Elliott and Julia Rosenburg stained the federal electric chair. They did not break it.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - December 18, 2019

        Agree completely.

    2. alonzo1956 - December 17, 2019

      Judge Collier’s letter is all bark and Wray’s response was weak. They got caught with their hand in the cookie jar and must do something. There should be dozens of people in prison already with dozens awaiting trial for the biggest political scandal in America’s history. How many arrests to date? We are being played so the alphabet agencies can still have their way. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and it’s associated Court need to disappear.

      1) How many acts of terror has the court prevented?
      2) How many Americans have been spied on using a court that approves 99.9% of it’s warrant applications all done in secret.

      Judge Rosemary Collier’s 89 page FISA abuse opinion from a few years ago needs to be declassified and should have been already. Whatever happened to the declassification authority granted to AG Barr?

      The FISA Court has been there since the 70s and it has missed many domestic terror acts, such as 9/11. I am beginning to believe that it was never intended to just monitor terrorists, or they would have caught a few along the way. All in all, the FISC should be feared by any rational person.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - December 18, 2019

        As I said: it’s a start. But Collyer hasn’t shown any reason why the court shouldn’t be dismantled, nor has Wray shown any reason he should keep his job. Look for Rand Paul to dismantle this in a big way.

  7. Carson - December 17, 2019

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  8. Gregg - December 18, 2019

    Initially I wasn’t going to comment on these really sad people…

    Merry CHRISTmas to all the trolls and tweeters who are so upset by Gorsuch’s Merry Christmas “GOP “Talking point”.

    100+ car COAL trains now go past my house every day as opposed to weekly 90 car trains during Obama. I wish I could get some of that CO2 producing coal and send a lump to each and every troll who is so upset over Gorsuch’s Merry Christmas wish to the still majority Judeo-Christian country known as America.

    I wish I could shove the lump of coal right up their Christmas stocking.

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