Debt Carpet-Bombing: Deep State Won’t Surrender!

[Note: I have found the work of Lior Gantz from to be excellent and thought-provoking, so we’re sharing this article with you. Enjoy!]

At the highest level of government and central banking reside individuals who have proven themselves to be very capable men and women. Decision-making at their stature affects the lives of hundreds of millions, and sometimes billions. Their ability to think clearly, trust the advice of their closest advisors, and maintain a balanced mind open to ideas has to be sharp as a tack.

In World War 2 – which came to an end on September 2nd, 1945, now 74 years past – the capability of military and political leaders to formulate plans was a determining factor in how things turned out.

The war was atrocious, so much so that many facts were kept secret from the general public. This strategy of “shielding” the masses from the consequences of actions is one of the most unfair injustices that the Deep State officials in every country commit toward their own citizens, and on the global population as a whole.

Concealing travesty MISSES the entire point of learning from mistakes and of growing up.

Lying, embarking on propaganda schemes and warping reality is a big part of how WW2 got started and was able to linger on and consume the entire world for six whole years of devastating fighting.

We don’t want to ever repeat those painful lessons. People need to know that they live in unprecedented times, economically, financially and politically, so that they can prepare in an accurate manner, not a delusional one, for what comes next.


In the past seven years, some of the investment world’s most successful long-term fund managers have been saddled with defeat and poor performance.

The world has morphed into this new beast, which baffles billionaires from Buffett to Dalio, who have been underperforming the indices.

Unlike us, who have ridden the incredible surge in the price of Bitcoin, most billionaires dismissed it. In the very EARLY days of WW2, French reconnaissance planes flying over the border saw a vast number of German soldiers, tanks and supply, lined up for an attack and reported thus to their high commanders up the chain. The general refused to acknowledge this, based on what THEY BELIEVED they knew, instead of relying on precise intelligence.

In those early days of the war, the French army was much more intimidating than the German one, and had the general acted on this information, MOST LIKELY the German invasion of France would have never occurred. Perhaps a resolution or agreement would have been struck, since all the momentum would have been stopped dead in its tracks, right then and there.

NEVER shut your mind to change; the world is evolving and old information, unsubstantiated opinions and biased beliefs could be deadly for one’s progress.


Despite propaganda to the contrary, banks are noticeably beginning to tighten the noose around businesses and consumers – just like they did in the late 1920s, at the end of the roaring decade, right before the Great Depression.

We hear a lot about doctored government reports, both from Washington and China, but not all news is fake or tampered with.

The U.S. does enjoy low unemployment rates, but what of it? Most of the people that are working have low-wage, dead-end careers; no one is reporting on that FACT.

Even with gold trading near 6-year highs, no one is reporting that, in terms of value proposition, both the physical metal and the mining stocks are close to their historical 2001 lows!


And, most dire of all, I have seen almost no warnings concerning the fact that corporate profit margins are in free fall, a phenomenon that has preceded each and every recession for the past 70 years.

The central banks have been carpet-bombing the financial system with liquidity, via QE programs and balance sheet expansions of all sorts.

Just like a variety of experimental weaponry was used for the first time in WW2, so have many monetary tools been implemented without any statistics regarding their chances of generating a positive result.

Take a look at these UNDENIABLE patterns, repeated time and again:


In war, soldiers have months of downtime, in anticipation of the enemy’s attack. They sit, knowing that the inevitable can become the imminent and they prepare.

Nothing is more important than being ready.

Don’t get played by the Deep State academic propaganda machine.

Do your own thinking. READ, network with quality individuals and build a financial fortress.

There isn’t ONE CASE, in all of history, of a government that has devised a way to enrich the population. But there are INNUMERABLE cases, each and every day, of people from all walks of life who have AWAKENED their capacity to generate value and become financially independent.

Be one of those shining stars.

6 thoughts on “Debt Carpet-Bombing: Deep State Won’t Surrender!

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - December 9, 2019

    No, the Central Banks are not wise. Nor capable. Unless by “capable” you mean lending money to both sides of a war, as has been the case since at least the Civil War – if not before.

    Right now, the world is in debt. Staggering debt. Nearly every government is under water – even China, for some reason, is borrowing. The world is addicted to fake currency, created by debt. China also is a currency manipulator. Why are they borrowing? To create a fiat currency, like ours?

    But debt is manufactured, and put on the backs of those who can least afford it. For example, 7 billion dollars was allegedly stolen from Ukraine, from the people of Ukraine: it was resold to the people as debt. Steal their money, and then make them pay it back! How sweet for the collaborators! We probably have seen the same thing in Turkey and in Indonesia, while Malaysia went its own way and was less affected by the Asian financial-currency crisis.

    Otherwise, the guest column offers some sound advice – with no particular specifics, guideposts or benchmarks. At least there’s that!

    The whole system is set for a re-set.
    What Biden and the Elites (he is not an elite) have learned: grab as much as you can, while you can, and hire great security for your gated community! Let the heathen starve! The rush to ill-gotten gain is a harbinger of terrible things to come. There is no Garden of Safety, only the illusion.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - December 9, 2019

      Author is also right about Buffett. Not just Bitcoin. Buffett lost a sh-tload of money on TEVA, with more to come. Several hundred million dollar loss. Funny thing: Soros bailed on TEVA: buying in 2014, selling in 2015. Can’t fault the man on his acumen.

  2. Jimmy MacAfee - December 9, 2019

    Whoreowitz, it is. No political bias?

  3. Jimmy MacAfee - December 9, 2019

    Dave, you were right; so were a lot of others.
    I’m now convinced that nothing will be done about the Deep State criminality.

    There is no more FBI, DOJ. They’re failed institutions. Fug ’em.

  4. Jonesy - December 9, 2019

    Barr’s makes comments like, “the FBI launched an intrusive investigation of a U.S. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken,”

    And Fox quotes Barr “expressed frustration”.

    Well things like “in my view” and “expressed frustration” aren’t going to amount to anything. And if Durham’s report contradicts the IG report, well, then you have just another opinion unless he hands out indictments. Then those will be criticized as partisan.

    IG said he did not find evidence of political bias….How can you not?? The Steel Dossier was funded by Clinton!!


  5. Gregg - December 10, 2019

    I am not in any way a financial expert, especially macro economics; just an observer. Here is what I see/feel. If someone wants to correct or better inform me I would welcome all constructive comments.

    Obama’s near trillion dollar budget bloating deficit spending “stimulus” in 2009 was supposed to stimulate our economy and fix our infrastructure. It stimulated nothing and fixed nothing. At least the nation got some benefit from FDR’s make work projects. Obama’s “stimulus” basically has been incorporated into every budget through Continuing Resolutions (CRs) which sadly largely continue to this day since there has been no real formal comprehensive budget since Obama’s first budget in 2009. In effect, our gross deficit spending has been set in stone.

    Quantitative Easing 1, 2, … (QE 1, 2, …) was used to pump money into Obama’s stagnant economy. From my perspective, I feared printing in empty dollars would result in devaluing our currency by creating massive inflation which has the effect of destroying the value of personal savings/responsible behavior. I was/am really surprised that such policy has not resulted in hyper inflation; I guess, for the time being, we are “too big to fail”

    The left constantly decry tax cuts as somehow being destructive by depriving government of needed revenue, despite the proven fact that tax cuts (to a point via the Laffer curve ) actually increase revenues to the government. But the left has no problem with the government blowing up the debt by reckless spending especially when there is a Dem President.

    If the government can (seemingly) function indefinitely by raising the debt ceiling (increasing the nation’s credit limit), raiding the SS “lockbox” fund, and printing monopoly money, why do we need any taxes if the budget/monetary gimmicks are carried to the extreme?

    The main difference I see between Obama’s deficit spending “stimulus” and Trump’s economy stimulating tax cuts is that, under Obama, our tax money was wastefully spent and fraudulently diverted to buy political favor for mainly Democrats via the public unions and the Chamber of Commerce, while the real recovery under Trump was funded by private enterprise via allowing the people to keep and invest/develop their money which always flows to the economic good for all through the magic of capitalism.

    During Trump’s second term, he must get a handle on the continued hyper-spending of the federal government; sooner or later, the piper must be paid. While reducing, government spending in a controlled manner as opposed to a crash, will slow the economy some, it should be more than offset by the continued economic growth of the private sector. The government, WHICH PRODUCES NOTHING, must not be allowed to consume more than 20% of our GDP! The more Trump can get government out of our lives, the better off we will all ultimately be. His efforts and success in that arena is the real reason for all these vicious attempts to remove or defeat him.

    The net effect of taxation is the reduction of liberty/personal control of one’s destiny, and the main means in which government controls the behavior of its’ citizens. Revenue is of secondary importance.

    Virtually every prediction I’ve seen my whole life by the economic “experts” always seems to point in one direction: Unrecoverable disaster, regardless of policies or events. To me studying economics is akin to studying the universe by watchin the Science Channel espousing theories on its’ creation. All in all, an academic exercise since there seems to be no political will either locally, nationally, or worldwide to solve the issue of debt and money policy.

    the other thing I don’t understand is how any government allows for the creation of unsupported and unofficial currencies such as Bitcoin. It is as if the international money managers are inviting the opportunity for massive fraud…

    So my solution is on the micro level which is the only level of which I have any real control; my personal finances. I recommend the following:

    Live within one’s means.

    Pay of all debts including mortgage(s) as soon as possible – there is no “good” debt – only bad debt and worse debt.

    Save a modest amount for emergencies, and retirement.

    Invest in safe low risk investments like real estate and solid low risk stocks with the long game in mind after you are debt free.

    Store a modest amount of supplies such as water so as to able to get through service interruptions with a modicum of normalcy. No need to build a bunker, or take other drastic measures to survive since life will not really be worth living if the worst comes to worst and real calamity strikes.

    Impart this wisdom on your family and friends.

    Live life with a clean/clear conscience and recognize that no matter what, GOD is in control.

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