Why Impeachment Will Now Become a Permanent Fixture of Government

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If you think a Senate acquittal of President Donald Trump will put Nancy Pelosi’s clown show to rest for good, think again. – The Democrats will get their dummied-up articles of impeachment voted out just before Christmas as a gift to their lunatic Perpetual Outrage Mob on Twitter, irrevocably staining our nation’s history as a result. Many people are thinking right now that that will mean they can breathe a sigh of relief, since the Senate trial will likely result in an acquittal of the President, meaning he and congress will then spend most of 2020 conducting the nation’s business.

Well, if that is your thought process, you really should think again. Several Democrat members of congress, including Jabba the Nadler and even San Fran Nan herself, have made it quite clear this week that they consider getting to these articles of impeachment just sort of step one in what they hope will become a never-ending process throughout the duration of the Trump Administration.

We have this prevailing thought process among the corrupt media’s pundit class that Pelosi has been a reluctant, almost unwilling participant in all of this, but nothing could be further from the truth. People tend to forget that Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist, while riding an Amtrak train the day after the 2018 elections, overheard Jabba the Nadler having a telephone conversation in which he laid out his and Pelosi’s plans to convert the House Judiciary, Oversight and Intelligence committees into tools for a continuous impeachment effort, targeting not just President Trump, but Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as well.

Nadler’s conversation was not just idle boast – everything Hemingway documented in her piece about that call has in fact materialized. The Democrats haven’t gotten around to Kavanaugh yet, but the key word in that sentence is “yet.”

This impeachment clown show could not have been conducted in the way that it has been unless Pelosi actively and willingly conspired with her committee chairmen – Adam Schiff, Jabba the Nadler and the late Elijah Cummings (now the detestable Carolyn Maloney) – to write new committee rules for this congressional session that were designed to facilitate the effort. None of this would have taken place had Pelosi not willingly and with malice aforethought authorized the spending of millions of extra dollars for these committees to arm themselves with a raft of radical leftist Lawfare lawyers, who wrote those committee rules and have managed the committee efforts on behalf of the bumbling chairmen.

It was no doubt the Lawfare lawyers authorized by Pelosi who came up with the whole idea of going after the President via the “whistleblower” construct, a strategy that has allowed them to keep the guy who supposedly initiated the whole thing under wraps, even though everyone in Washington knows his name is Eric Ciaramella. Every public word Pelosi has spoken about this effort – from her supposed reluctance to move forward to her insistence that any impeachment effort would have to be bipartisan and even to her despicable claims to “pray” for the President has been an outright lie.

She planned all of this, working hand-in-hand with her committee chairmen and the Lawfare lawyers that she authorized the money for, from the beginning. Even those subpoenas Schiff issued so he could spy on Devin Nunes and John Solomon and who knows who else were signed off on by the Speaker of the House.

This is her deal.

As of today, she has no motivation to end it and put her committees back to doing actual work once she has obtained her articles of impeachment. Why? Because this entire fiasco has produced literally zero change in public opinion. As of today, the President’s average public approval rating in recent national polls at RealClearPolitics sits at 43.7%, which is within 1% of where it stood at the first of September, when the Democrat/media Axis of Propaganda started promoting the Ukraine hoax.

So, this latest tactic in the never-ending coup d’etat against the President has produced neither positive nor negative results for the Democrats. But their problem is, it’s all they have. They know that none of the array of corrupt hacks in their presidential field has a prayer of actually defeating President Trump in next year’s election, so their only real hope of ridding themselves from their midst is to just keep digging in hopes they will at long last finally dig up something in Trump’s past that will stick to him.

Given that 98% of the corrupt news media does nothing but serve as the Democrat Party’s giant organ grinder monkey, there is no political price for Pelosi or anyone in her caucus to pay for turning impeachment into a permanent fixture of American government.

The only way this clown show will end would be for the American voter to stop voting for these despicable, depraved, demented Democrats.

That is all.

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13 thoughts on “Why Impeachment Will Now Become a Permanent Fixture of Government

  1. Sharon Campbell - December 7, 2019

    Nancy Pelosi is trying to win The Most Hated Woman in America Award & take it away from Hitlery Clinton. I believe Nancy May be successful.

    1. alonzo1956 - December 7, 2019

      The best San Fran Nan could possibly do is to tie the Pantsuit Princess. When a person is at the bottom of the barrel, there is no lower they can go. There is room for more than one at the bottom as we observe today. In fact there appears to be quite a few residents at the bottom of the Traitor barrel and most of them are Democrats. The jury is still out on people like Lindsey Graham, because those folks certainly HAVEN’T earned my trust.

  2. Gregg - December 7, 2019

    I remember a story (can’t remember its name) I read in grade school about a female (I think her name was Nancy) veterinarian who researched and kept poisonous snakes. She was badly bitten by one, but calmly cared for the snake before returning it back to the cage and did other laboratory tasks before getting treatment. The antidote was administered way too late and she was fading into unconsciousness. She got another dose and it temporally revived her, but she was still lapsing into unconsciousness. This went on for several more times, each to less beneficial effect, until she ultimately died. The research project died with her, the staff was fired, and the snake was released to go on and live a long and prosperous life…

    In Nancy Putin’s mind, Trump is the snake who bit her by winning in 2016, but since she “doesn’t hate the president”, and didn’t have the antidote (house control in 2017) administered until 2019, she is suffering the slow agonizing (political) death that the veterinarian Nancy experienced above.

    Each impeachment (antidote to Trump) attempt administered by her staff will have less and less effect until it absolutely kills her, and her staff of Democratic incompetents, politically in 2020. Her staff will be fired by the voters, and the “snake” will be unbound to live and achieve a lot in a long pollical (five year) life.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - December 7, 2019

      Very nice metaphor! I used to keep snakes as a kid, so I’m glad to see the snake as the hero in the Pelosi version of the saga.

  3. Charles Aronowitz - December 7, 2019

    If this is, indeed, a “coup d’etat” how come the perpetrators are not being charged with sedition?

  4. Gregg - December 7, 2019

    Don’t forget to “Remember Pearl Harbor” 78 years ago today; which resulted in our last formerly declared war a day later.

    The results of that attack was paid back in less than four years with the total defeat of Japan and her Axis partners Germany and Italy.

    Sadly we left that war unfinished when we had the opportunity to be a true “arsenal of democracy” and defeat all totalitarian states for the foreseeable future at little additional cost (the Red Army was an exhausted force on the verge of collapse/revolt, and Mao’s China was a nonfactor). We won the war with our blood and treasure and gave away the peace with ink. Arguably more people ultimately lived under the tyranny of communism after the partial victory over dictatorships than before when our first communist president gave away the eastern half of Europe to the thug Stalin at Yalta in early 1945 with Truman basically sealing the deal at Potsdam later that year.

    Hindsight is 20-20, and America in 1945 was “war-weary”, but Patton and Churchill, among others, saw the true evil that was on the horizon. Churchill was defeated and Patton was “accidented” as a precursor to being Arkansascided to clear the way for the “New World Order”.

    Since the Cold War started in 1945, 90% or the world’s problems of violence and unrest can be traced directly to Moscow! Examples are:

    Active support of Mao in China after the Japanese defeat and withdrawal – USSR provided Mao with the captured Japanese Army’s weapons to use against Chang guaranteeing a communist China by 1950. This lead directly to the 1950-1953 and beyond, Korean War. Both Mao’s China and Stalin’s USSR supported the first, and succeeding, Kims in North Korea.

    USSR fomented world-wide third world violence and chaos by arming millions of insurgents with the famous AK-47 and other weaponry.

    Several other USSR supported happenings during the Cold War and beyond:

    Europe’s Iron Curtain, Cuba, numerous Latin and South America coups, insurrections, overthrows…, virtually the whole region is an economic disaster with not one strong or vibrant democracy!

    USSR/Russian support to Israel’s Arab enemies, basically since 1947 and Afghanistan, just to name a select few overt actions.

    And the covert infiltration of America’s education system (once the envy of the world – now ranked 17th), media, commercial/business (Chamber of Commerce), entertainment, political, and other institutions, and support of virtually every radical group active in the bringing down of our republic today with its money laundered through Soros front organizations with the silent support of several US presidents and the collective Deep State.

    Over 100,000 American military and civilian deaths fighting USSR backed communist aggression since WWII, and the USSR was our “ally” and was saved from total defeat to Germany.

    These are some thoughts to ponder when we think about the far ranging effects of that “Day of Infamy” 78 years ago.

    PS: The USSR/Russia has the economic might equivalent to California, or Italy, and about half our population, so one must ask, how can they be such a threat to the US and to world peace and prosperity, without the help of globalist organizations like the UN, EU, and our Deep State?

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - December 7, 2019

      Great history lesson!

      1. Gregg - December 7, 2019

        Thanks Jimmy

    2. Jumper Bones - December 7, 2019

      Mr. Gregg, thank you for the insightful trip through recent history. I hope you keep posting here.

      1. Gregg - December 7, 2019

        Thanks Jumper Bones, I plan to as long as Dave will have me.

  5. jtthedestroyer - December 7, 2019

    The Dindu party is finished. 64% have jobs. 32% vote for Trump. 90% have guns. 99% worship Kanye. 100% understand Trumpspeak.

  6. phineas gage - December 7, 2019

    I think that very shortly the Democrats will start to pay a serious political price for their behavior. The RCP average takes a while to move, but a number of recent polls have shown cratering support for impeachment and rising numbers for Trump.

    If they are wiped out in 2020, this will end. But, as you regrettably indicate, not before then.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - December 7, 2019

      A very serious price. And Adam Schitt has proven that the Dems ALWAYS politicize Intelligence and Law Enforcement, the most recent demonstration being his misuse of phone records – Schitt shows himself to being akin to a rectal wart right off the butt of John Brennan!

      Americans hate this misuse of power, and with the FISA declass concurrent with the IG report coming soon, there will be an even worse revulsion and a bigger backlash. Every day they pursue this adds about a hundred thousand to the rolls of Trump supporters!

      Some polls have Trump at 52%, which is 3% higher than when these impeachment charades began. Backfiring badly for the Demons!

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