The Democrat Nomination Race is All Jumbled-up Again

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

One of the biggest ways the ongoing fake impeachment circus benefits the Democrat Party is to take public attention away from the parade of clowns who are seeking the party’s 2020 presidential nomination. Sure, it hasn’t helped Joe Biden, with the revelation of the influence peddling he conducted with his ne’er-do-well son Hunter, but nothing can really help Biden, who most days doesn’t even know what state he’s in. And you get the occasional 4-hour pop-up news cycle when one of the clowns – most recently, Irish Bob O’Rourke – calls an unceremonious end to his or her failed campaigns.

But otherwise, the rest of these grifters, scam artists and just plain nitwits have been able to fly mostly under the public radar since their last disastrous debate in mid-October thanks to all the media obsession over Nancy Pelosi’s and Adam Schiff’s impeachment scam. But, since today is exactly one year out from Election Day 2020, and I’m frankly tired of talking about that particular scam, today is a very good day for Today’s Campaign Update to provide an update on the actual campaign, right? Right.

Lieawatha’s War Path Stalls – The first thing to note about the progression of the campaign over the past several weeks is that the momentum in the race seen by Little Mouth Always Running throughout August and September has now stalled. It was easy for demented Democrat voters and fake journalists to view Fauxcahontas as a younger, fresher version of The Commie while she was safely polling in third place, but once she passed Sanders and started polling first in a poll here and there, everyone had to take a step back in start thinking about what the Party’s prospects would be in 2020 with Princess Gonna Take All Your Money at the top of the ticket.

It turns out that there are actually some Democrats who are capable of semi-rational thought, and that $52 trillion price tag on her “Medicare for All” plan has many in the Party suddenly experiencing reservations about making this particular life-long fraud the Party’s standard-bearer next year. Lieawatha’s little tom-tom boomlet in the polls stagnated in late-September, and she has actually faded slightly throughout October.

The Squad goes full Commie – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad” of female freshmen congressional Saul Alinsky disciples chose to endorse the oldest, most pasty-white male in the race, despite their constant bashing of old, white men as the cause for all of society’s ills. That old, pasty-white guy happens to be The Commie who, at age 78, is just a year older than fellow old, pasty-white guy Joe Biden.

The Squad’s endorsement of The Commie came barely a week after the Senator from the People’s Republic of Vermont suffered a heart event, at least according to published media reports. Since literally nothing that our national news media reports can be trusted anymore, who knows if he really had any health issue or not? It’s a crapshoot.

In any event, the endorsement by the Party’s most radical group of leftist nitwits got the Democrats’ Perpetual Outrage Mob really motivated, and The Commie’s poll numbers, which had slowly declined throughout the long, hot summer, have stabilized since.

Preacher Pete is a “rising star” one more time – Preacher Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of some little town in Indiana, was the Party’s favorite media-boosted “rising star” throughout the spring. But like Sanders, he had seen his polling fortunes wane throughout the summer after his media toadies figured out that he has literally zero appeal to Black voters, who make up a huge portion of the Party’s support base.

But Preacher Pete has made a significant comeback in the polls since the October debate, during which he said a few things that the media liars can refer to as “moderate” without spewing coffee all over their keyboards. The 37 year-old radical leftist scold is now being promoted as the “sensible moderate alternative to Joe Biden,” who everyone knows will not be the Democrat nominee next year.

As a result of this new media promotion angle, Preacher Pete is once a gain running solidly in fourth place in the national polls, and a very strong second in Iowa behind Lieawatha now. How long that can last is anyone’s guess, but the best bet is it will last until his current media admirers find some other cute candidate on whom to focus their love interests.

Kamala’s campaign is on life support – The single most illegitimate candidate in the race, who literally slept her way to the U.S. Senate, has just about run out of gas. She has spent the last week firing all of her staff in New Hampshire and other states, and blaming her pathetic performance on sexism, racism and any other -ism she can think of. Call it the Hillary Clinton Strategy.

The truth is that Kamala Harris is a terribly unappealing person, and a horrible campaigner to boot. She has now mysteriously chosen to focus basically all of her remaining campaign assets on Iowa, where she is polling a very consistent 3%, running a very distant 6th place behind even Amy Klobuchar.

Basically, this race has now become a war of attrition, one in which we are seeing candidate after candidate drop out after finally going broke. Next up in that procession will likely be dead-man-walking candidates like Julian Castro of Texas, Colorado Senator Michael Bennet, and Montana Governor Steve Bullock.

Sen. Klobuchar still has some money, so she’ll just keep plugging along in Iowa and few other states in hopes of catching lightning in a bottle at some point. Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang, the field’s two “outliers,” i.e., actual interesting candidates, also have done a solid job of raising and conserving funds and appear to be in it at least until Super Tuesday comes around next March. And the singularly irritating billionaire Tom Steyer has unlimited funds of his own, and obviously enjoys hanging around and irritating people, so he’ll keep campaigning and polling at or near zero for the foreseeable future.

Bottom line: A month ago, this race appeared to be shaping up as Fauxcahontas’s race to lose. But here we sit with a year to go before the general election, and it’s gotten all jumbled up again. With Biden slowly collapsing and the Pantsuit Princess now making increasing noises about getting into the race, the chances of this thing ending up with an open convention process next Summer are once again on the rise.

So much fuss over a process that is just going to end up picking someone to go out and lose to President Donald Trump. But hey, these are Democrats we’re talking about here.

Here are my updated odds for the ultimate outcome of this circus clown parade:

Someone not currently in the race: Even

Elizabeth Warren: 5 to 2

Preacher Pete: 7 to 2

The Commie: 4 to 1

Joe Biden: 10 to 1

Amy Klobuchar: 15 to 1

Kamala Harris: 20 to 1

Tulsi Gabbard: 50 to 1

Andrew Yang: 50 to 1

The rest of the current field: 100 to 1

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

9 thoughts on “The Democrat Nomination Race is All Jumbled-up Again

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - November 3, 2019

    I had a visitor (I’d call them an “inquisitor”) who wanted to know what the Dems were going to choose; they seemed perplexed by the choices for the Dems. “They have to have someone!” the person said. I told them:

    “There will be no viable candidate; who says there has to be?”

    And Princess Pelosi knows this, which is why they’re setting up the fake impeachment. By the way, the pudge-boy who had to go out on Halloween as a groundhog? (This is shocking, unless you’re a regular DB reader.)

    The Ds chose to go far Left, extreme, crazy, anti-Semitic, anti-G0D, shedders of innocent blood, perverted in all ways, haters of the truth, who call “good evil and evil good”: let them melt in their own hellish choice, as they are almost to the last of them followers of Satan. His last candidate lost, even with the required sacrifices.

  2. phineas gage - November 3, 2019

    I love your campaign updates. And you have been spot-on in your predictions thus far.

    It appears that the fake news media, led by CNN, is going all-in for Warren–to the point of blatantly lying about their own polls. But do the game-fixers at the DNC really want to nominate this sure loser?

    They are really in a bad position. No viable candidates–with the exception of Gabbard and Yang, who they will not permit to win–and up against a formidable sitting president who gains in popularity by the day because of the insane impeachment charade.

    I think you are correct that it is going to have to be someone else via an open convention. But they are not stupid enough to run HRC again–are they? And Michelle Obama would be Kamala on steroids.

    1. David Blackmon - November 3, 2019

      Oh, they are totally stupid and depraved enough to run the Pantsuit Princess again. Don’t doubt it for a single moment.

      1. phineas gage - November 3, 2019

        My thinking was that post-2016 debacle the Obamas had wrested the levers of power from the Clintons–and it is fairly obvious that these two den of thieves do not like each other.

        I guess the question is how much power does HRC still exert at the DNC–and the answer to that may determine which course events will take.

  3. Sharon Campbell - November 3, 2019

    Excellent update in all the Dimocratic losers. I still believe The Pantsuit Princess will swoop into the Dimocratic Convention & take the nomination away from Biden if he lasts that long. Hitlery is delusional & still thinks she can beat our great President.

  4. Jimmy MacAfee - November 3, 2019

    Dave, I agree with you that Princess Jezebel the Phoenician worshipper of Ba’al and Asherah has every intention of running, but the others will quickly attack her – and some have been. (“Two chances, Cankles, are enough.”) And her paranoid “Russians are everywhere” ravings have caused a lot of concern. Competitors are showing signs of bitterness that they’ve been working their small crowds all over while she’s been dining on strange foods. Not to mention that she has legal troubles – those not to be underestimated. She’s going to bring down the whole house (and House.) It’s gonna be like watching a cave full of vampire bats feeding upon one another.

  5. Jay Whitcraft - November 3, 2019

    David, IMHO, Hillary is just making noise to try and stay relevant. Her health problems AT BEST, have stayed just as bad as they were in 2016. I also don’t think that Michael Bloomberg gets in either. Too much like work for him and his climate change hypocrisy would be exposed to the whole country.

  6. Drpete - November 3, 2019

    Love your work David!!! You seem to be ahead of the curve on all these issues… please consider this idea / suggestion: do a projection of an impeachment trial in the senate. First witness is this leaker / whistle blower Eric C.
    In fully open public testimony he gets grilled on his Deep State moves under Obama all the way to the Schiff contact and subsequent manipulation. In fact this trial should be embraced as an opportunity to expose the Deep State (Brennan et al)…….which should open eyes of left wing viewerS who have been kept in dark by MSM and also infuriate the right. All adds up to a win for us…..but doubt the left wants to be exposed so maybe the House will never even ultimately vote for this and risk being so exposed.

  7. Gregg - November 3, 2019

    I just don’t understand how any of the professional operators (there has to be some, doesn’t there?) who run the Dim Party allow HRC to still infest their ranks and be a defacto party leader. She is a loser, a truly ugly person who brings nothing to anyone’s table. I’m surprised she and her husband aren’t Seth Riched.

    BJ Clinton and his co-president cost the Dims both houses of congress for the first time in generations, along with many governorships and numerous state legislatures and major and lessor local races nationwide to the GOP for a dozen years. Every “accomplishment” Hillary every achieved was handed to her – the skids were always greased – and apart from her being literally appointed to the senate twice from NY in ’00 and ’06 she has failed everywhere from bring fired from the Watergate investigation in the ’70s to her recently canceled tour.

    What do these two have on the Dim Party? Even the MSM in the late nineties talked of Clinton fatigue; and that was twenty years ago! IMHO, that “Clinton fatigue” was still too fresh in the people’s minds and that is the main reason why a “clean, articulate, black” empty suit/blank slate was selected by the powers-that-be to be the nominee in 2008.

    The Democrats must really be truly devoid of any electable “talent” to allow her to remain such a prominent face of the party. Gore, Kerry, Edwards, are polished statesmen compared to this crop of losers.

    I have an idea Dave, why don’t we try to recruit Mutt McRomney to run as a Democrat. He checks a lot of boxes: said he believes in “manmade” climate change, is a liar, a loser (won only one elective office), is as linguini spined and feckless as Kerry was and most important: HATES TRUMP! His running mate could again be Paul Ryan, or any of the clowns running for the #2 (which they are) position.

    That would be another addition by subtraction for the GOP.

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