Fake Media Maintains its Blackout Despite Paul Sperry’s Whistleblower Report

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

This should surprise no one who has been paying attention. – Fake news outlets across the national Democrat media spectrum maintained their conspiratorial wall of silence following the report by Paul Sperry at RealClearInvestigations identifying deep state skunk Eric Ciaramella as Adam Schiff’s fake whistleblower.

True to their role as the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, fake media outlets from the New York Times to CNN and all newspapers and TV outlets in between pretended that a “whistleblower” is somehow entitled to anonymity. That is simply a falsehood.

Whistleblowers under federal law are entitled to protection from retaliation from their employers, so long as they are not revealed to be abject liars. That’s all, and we now know beyond any doubt at all – in fact have known since the transcript of the call was made public – that this particular fake whistleblower’s statement contained all manner of falsehoods, whether intentional or not.

But your fake news media decided in unison in 2016 that it was now in business for one reason and one reason only: To oppose Donald Trump. Thus, the only response by these despicable hacks has been the Washington Post attacking Sperry’s character – because of course they did – and the New York Times hilariously claiming it has no idea of the whistleblower’s identity.

So, what we have here is yet another Democrat/media-constructed fantasy, a fable based on an utterly false interpretation of federal whistleblower laws. Because that’s what your fake media does for its Democrat masters.

It’s all designed to protect not just Ciaramella himself, but Adam Schiff and his staff, who we know coordinated with the leaker and his lawyers in advance, and most likely wrote the leaker’s complaint for him. Schiff initially said he was eager to have the fake “whistleblower” testify before his Soviet-style inquisition, but that was before real journalists like Mr. Sperry outed his coordination activities.

Now, Schiff is desperate to bury his star fake witness, and the media toadies run around like Sgt. Schultz yelling “I know no-thing! No-thing!”

It would be hilarious if it weren’t all such a tragedy for our nation.

That is all.


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12 thoughts on “Fake Media Maintains its Blackout Despite Paul Sperry’s Whistleblower Report

  1. Sharon Campbell - November 1, 2019

    Again, unbelievable that American media is nothing more than corrupt propaganda!

  2. Jimmy MacAfee - November 1, 2019

    Ciaramella – (which in another language means “wimpy little sister” or “mellow yellow”) – deserves to be fired from the C_A? Not insisting, but a serious question. Perhaps he needs to be interviewed by Durham? He might be the easiest to turn. Doesn’t matter what the press says or does; they’re entirely irrelevant these days. (Have you noticed that even with the worst crap they throw at the President, his approval rating never goes down?) He fixed his Syrian mistake – (and then some, with help.)

    The press is running out of feces to throw. It’s as if they’ve all drunk the same liquid that one drinks prior to a colonoscopy – which is coming soon enough.

  3. Gregg - November 1, 2019

    This guy and the fat ex LCOL are NOT whistleblowers (they may be blowers…); they are LEAKERS! And lying treasonous ones at that, who should be prosecuted!

    By the way, where were all the whistle blowers when Obama, both Bidens, HRC, and John F(ing) Kerry were routinely selling our country down the river with Uranium One, the Iran deal, the Paris Climate Change Accord, pallets of cash to Iran, Obama’s Israeli Election Interference, Benghazi, IRS weaponized against the TEA Party and other conservative groups, and the CORRUPT CIA, DOJ, FBI, FAKE RUSSIAN CABAL against Trump/America?

    Furthermore, I heard on Hannity several times awhile back about how there are many “rank and file” FBI agents who are chomping at the bit to expose this but that they need to be subpoenaed by congress in order to be able to “testify”, yet these lying leakers collude with congress (Schiff) to create this newest impeachment effort. If they need to be subpoenaed, then why aren’t they? (by the relevant GOP senate committees). That is BS.

    Why can’t they be “whistleblowers”?

    I could understand how legitimate agents could be scared into silence (despite supposed protections) by the Obama and Clinton Regimes, but what is stopping them now? Is all of the FBI, DOJ, CIA et al THAT CORRUPT at ALL levels; a logical conclusion would have to be: yes, they are. I also understand how the MSM/Big Tec can intimidate and destroy one’s reputation/career, but gee whiz, is there NO-ONE anywhere in these agencies with any guts or integrity… ? I worked at Home Depot for awhile and one of our mantras was “Do the right thing”. FBI stands for Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity – more like Feckless, Butt(kissing). Incompetence,

    Kind of reminds me of hearing about all of the (vast majority) “moderate” Muslims who denounce “radical” Islam and will be knocking down the doors to expose terror threats… . I haven’t seen it in the 18 years since 9-11, and I don’t see any brave government employee “Doing the Right Thing” at ANY level either.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - November 1, 2019

      Great post!

      The problem with leakers is that they’ll eventually get payback somewhere down the line; almost have to leave government – protections are a joke. And the CIA has had administrative problems for a loooooong time, with bad managers driving good people away (I’m sure you know this.) Same with FBI. As I stated above, whatever legitimate missions the CIA may have had in Ukraine, is all exposed and undone by the bimbo-brained Dems and their stupid politicos like Brennan and others, making Ukraine much more exposed for the foreseeable future. Wonder how many other liabilities these incompetent bozos have created? Like 17 dead ops in China? (Hillary emails?) I wouldn’t call it cowardice that people don’t come forward – most have to leave. They’re not protected. Like a certain whistleblower named Seth Rich, who lost his life while engaged in whistleblowing.

      1. Gregg - November 1, 2019

        Thanks Jimmy,

        I do know about piss-poor managers. Over the years many of my best friends who were mid level managers, left their positions at the agency and I eventually couldn’t take the incompetence anymore. I was in logistics and admin so I knew nothing about the real corruption.

        However, after I left DC, I did meet with my newly minted GOP congresswoman (after the TEA Party fired Pelosi and my “blue-dog” 20+ year congressman Bart Gordon – actually, seeing the writing on the wall after his Obamacare vote, he retired rather than face a certain loss) in 2011 and offered my input and concerns about waste at the agency and was willing to go to DC to testify in person. Diane Black never contacted me and turned out to be a Boehner butt-girl and joined his cabal to ensure Obamacare remained intact.

        My other “whistleblower” (before it was called whistleblower) attempt:

        In March 1987, after I left the navy, I wrote my Congressman, Chris Smith, who I helped get elected in 1980 during the Reagan landslide to discuss the waste, fraud and abuse I witnessed along with issues concerning poor morale and lack of preparedness. I heard nothing from him. In May he had a meet and greet and I waited hours in line to see him. I gave him a copy of my letter and he read it in front of me and said this is profound after the recent events (the frigate USS Stark was surprised and damn near sunk by an Iraqi missile attack in the Persian Gulf in April). I offered any assistance he wanted.

        In both cases, I heard crickets. I guess it all depends on what you complaint is and to which party the congressperson belongs. After eight years of nothing Black left congress to unsuccessfully run for TN governor last year. Next year will be the fortieth (yes 40th!) year in congress for Smith from NJ with no noteworthy accomplishments or leadership positions; just a drone along for the ride – by all accounts a honest drone, but a drone nonetheless. The sad fact is if he retires, his NJ seat will almost certainly go to the Dems.

  4. scotl70 - November 1, 2019

    What would truly be hilarious would be if the demoncrats decided their spy is now a liability and they eliminated him.
    Of course, they would try to pin it on President Trump.

  5. Jimmy MacAfee - November 1, 2019

    Thought this might be of interest.


    1. Gregg - November 1, 2019


      in the 1930s the Japanese Army had many field grade officers (Majors, LCOLs, and COLs) who routinely took it upon themselves to create boarder incidents with China, the USSR, and the USA (gunboat Panay attack in 1937) to create war which they felt was (with victory certain) in Japan’s national interest by usurping diplomacy and exceeding their authority. Several of these officers also assassinated their own dovish pols. and caused numerous cabinet changes. These officers were part of a cabal who operated under the mantra of “gekokujo”, meaning: leading from below or loyal insubordination.

      These people were seldom, if ever disciplined (their superiors felt they would lose face if they fired them since it was obvious they couldn’t/wouldn’t control them), most were promoted and sent to command units in Asia far away from Tokyo, where they caused more trouble, eventually leading Japan to Pearl Harbor and ultimate destruction. This would be akin to a submarine captain launching a nuke. strike on North Korea or China.

      Does this sound like history repeating itself? Think Strock, Page, Comey, the Orrs, McCabe, Rosenstein et al all using their positions of trust in their attempt to override and circumvent the results of the 2016 elections. These “gekokujos” feel they know better than the duly elected president and his American supporters. These American loyal insubordinates leading from below had better be dealt with or we will face the same fate as 1945 Japan in the way of total collapse of our freedoms and country as founded.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - November 3, 2019

        Thanks for the history! Does seem to be a parallel!

  6. phineas gage - November 1, 2019

    An interesting question is where the fake news media goes after Trump is reelected in a political landslide.

    They’ve pushed all their chips to the middle of the table and are holding a pair of threes. There will be no return.from the wilderness of self-abasement.

    The structure of the media in this nation is going to be fundamentally transformed by what has transpired over the past three years.

    1. John Smbrey - November 13, 2019

      This when We the People put the corrupt, Democrat-activist Media out of business for good.

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