Chris Wallace and Chuck Todd Shame Themselves Protecting the DC Swamp

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

It’s like clockwork, folks, it really is.  – Here is the headline of the September 30 Campaign Update: “Winter is Coming, and More Fake Whistleblowers are Coming With it.”

Fast forward six days to Sunday, and guess what? A second fake whistleblower from the Intelligence Community has “come forward,” i.e., coordinated with Lawfare Alliance attorneys, the staff of the House Intelligence Committee and its Chairman, Bug-eyed Adam Schiff, to file another false complaint against the President of the United States. Just as we saw in last October’s lynching of Brett Kavanaugh, whenever one accusation has begun to lose its utility in moving public opinion, another comes forward.

If you think this is the last fake whistleblower Schiff and Lawfare have coached up on this dreadfully stupid coup d’etat effort, you are sadly mistaken. If anything, the pace of the complaint filings will speed up over time as their usefulness in brainwashing the public fades with each successive filing. That’s how it happened with Kavanaugh and that’s how it will happen in this latest coup attempt.

The first complaint had a useful life of roughly ten days before the coup plotters decided they needed another one out there to generate more blaring headlines and obnoxious talking head panels on CNN and MSNBC. This one will probably have a useful life of 5-7 days, the next one less than that. There is no real mystery here – the only real question left is whether the Creepy Porn Lawyer will try to bring forward a “witness” of his own in another failed attempt to cash in on the fake controversy, as he did in the Kavanaugh fiasco.

Lindsey Graham summed it all perfectly in a tweet:

Chuck Todd, Chris Wallace and the other useful idiots who host the Sunday morning fake news shows all did their parts to keep the sham going. Todd and Wallace and were especially animated and repugnant in rolling out the talking points of the Deep State coup plotters, which basically amount to ‘corruption of public office is ok if you’re a Democrat,’ and ‘if you declare yourself a candidate for the Democrat presidential nomination, you are immune from investigation.’

Expect the Pantsuit Princess and John Kerry to jump into the race soonest.

Here are clips of both Todd and Wallace going about their jobs as Democrat toadies, if you can stand to watch them:

The President himself responded to the TV networks’ DC Swamp protection racket as he usually does, on Twitter:

Everything the President says in those tweets is absolutely true. The problem, of course is that the truth conflicts with the longstanding traditions of corruption in the DC Swamp. The selling of high office is a tradition as old as Washington, DC itself, and the reason why many people seek to win those offices in the first place. Look at how fabulously wealthy the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, Pelosis, Gores and so many others in both parties have become while supposedly holding jobs that pay $150k – $400k per year.

If you think those payoffs stop with the officeholders and don’t filter into our national news media as well, you obviously haven’t been watching the Sunday morning #fakenews shows recently. The whole town is your basic mob racket.

Once you understand how the DC Swamp works, everything the corruptors of our nation do makes perfect sense.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

16 thoughts on “Chris Wallace and Chuck Todd Shame Themselves Protecting the DC Swamp

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - October 7, 2019

    That’s the whole of the Benghazi story: corruption. Ambassador Stevens was on to the resale of weapons, the weapons pipeline, benefitting American officials, and he was a potential whistleblower. A real whistleblower. And he was murdered before he could speak.

    His security was reduced at a time when the threats increased; he was the target, while the others were collateral damage.

    No one, not even Trey Gowdy, wanted to know the whole story. Or they knew it, and wanted it buried. No one on any level of government would hear material witnesses with actual testimony, and who were told to shut up and go away, the story was told and it was over and done. Break this story open, and a lot of heads would roll.

    But you can’t expect this from the Dishonest Media and the corrupt IC and LE communities. Maybe Judicial Watch will break this one; they seem to be the only ones competent or willing enough to do the necessary digging.

  2. phineas gage - October 7, 2019

    I thought Chuck Todd was going to go full Scanners, he was that agitated. At least all the media masks are fully off now–that is one of the many valuable services that Trump has provided.

    And Fox has now been thoroughly corrupted and has completely gone over to the dark side. One wonders how long the evening troika of Carlson, Ingraham, and Hannity will hold on–they are now on an island unto themselves.

    Time for someone to launch a new conservative network.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - October 7, 2019

      I wonder about others, too, who have done stellar jobs: Catherine Herridge, for one.

      Wonder why John Solomon is heading to FOX as a contributor? Disturbing news, considering FOX hired some of the worst of the worst, and continue to employ people who aren’t as credible as Rachel Madcow, like Schlep Smith. The Deep State has managed to cut off nearly everyone at the knees; will this happen to Solomon?

  3. Max McByte - October 7, 2019


    Perhaps you do not understand what corruption is, how it works, how it gets embedded and creeps into our house, our republic.

    When you consider the weakness of men/woman, when you understand that power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts, when you consider that those I accused not only are subjected to the above but also share a common ideology, a transnational progressivism that seeks to fundamentally transform America, our world (like Obama that no one American citizen asked for, or the EU’s Merkel or the IMF globalists), then you will know and understand how naive and foolish you are.

    Understand that the corruption that exists has been present loooooong before President Donald J. Trump was elected. And that entrenched corruption is being threatened by we American citizens who see it and empowered him to totally destroy it.

    We did not send a choir-boy to do this job, we sent a battle hardened budinessmsn/warrior who has dealt with vermin all his life, has dealt with the worse the worse that exists in one of the most corrupt places on Earth, New York City.

    We don’t care if he drinks, womanizes, be divorced, etc. We want the corruption totally destroyed and that includes any members of our premier instutions, bureaucrats of the administrative state, members if the Obana administration, members of the CIA, FBI, JUST-US, STATE, DOD, IRS and more. We want all of them. We want all their heads on a stick or worse!!!!

    Be aware that the Washington corrupt-O-crats know this and are extremely worried and are scurrying about and doing all they can to dislodge our president at all costs. They know what’s coming, the investigation of the investigators is a *** Dooms Day Event *** for them.

    The ongoing investigation by the AG, IG and US Attorney has spread beyond our borders an gone international, and the Obama/EU transnational progressive allience knows the sh*t is going to hit the fan and they are truly fearful, knowing they may personally suffer extreme consequences.

    The bad actors working with our corrupt-O-crats in the USA are all over the place including the EU, IMF, UK Gernany, Italy, Australia, Ukraine and more.

    I worry that those goombahs in the USA deep state and their international partners may attempt to “shank” him, just like many others who have crossed their path. Remember JFK, or how about princess Di, or way back with General George S. Patton, or how abouth Seth Rich.

    I leave you with the following.

    “Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion–when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing–when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors–when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you–when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice–you may know that your society is doomed.”

    — Any Rand

    Have a nice day…

    1. Gedalia Sh - October 7, 2019

      Amen Brother!!!

  4. Jimmy MacAfee - October 7, 2019

    Biden’s son kind of reminds me of a character played by Christian Bale – and it ain’t “Batman.” Spoiled little psycho, maybe? Just sayin’.

    President Trump is reprising another movie character’s role, in one played by Clint Eastwood: the story involves the corruption of a town and the Marshall they killed, Jim Duncan; Eastwood’s character is unnamed, and when the diminutive character named Mordecai calls out: “I never did know your name,” the stranger says: “Yes you do.” The town is renamed “Hell.”

    D.C. doesn’t have to be renamed; we already know it’s hell. And we don’t need High Plains Drifter to tell us how thoroughly corrupt it is. Let’s hope the Marines will stop the soon-to-be violent and illegal coup before it begins, same way Nancy didn’t get aboard the plane.

  5. Jimmy MacAfee - October 7, 2019

    On the other hand, Trump is about to make a HUUUUUGE mistake on Turkey and our allies the Kurds. Erdogan is NOT our friend, he is a fiend. A malignant narcissist, he thinks he’s the Islamic messiah, the Mahdi, the ruler of the new Ottoman Empire, and he (like many Turks) denies the slaughter/genocide of the Armenians.

    He has threatened to annihilate Israel in the past, and he is totally mad.

    Sorry, President Trump: this is a deal breaker. Yipyip Errordog nearly got us into a hot war with Russia when he tried to draw NATO into his shootdown of the Russian jet. He’s a mad fool with a face like Gollum (like Adam Schitt.)

    By Mr. President. Good luck. Betraying our best allies isn’t worthy of you nor your office.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - October 7, 2019

      Errordog wants nukes, and is almost singlehandedly responsible for sending the “refugees” to colonize Europe. He’s betrayed us vis a vis Russian weapons systems, and his country still makes parts for the F-35 (which should be brought home for manufacture, in my opinion.)

      Restarting the Ottoman Empire, Yipyip? Really? They were cruel and barbaric, and I could see why you want to follow in their footsteps: you are a mad idiot.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - October 7, 2019

        I don’t sympathize with the Turkish Kurds, who are commies, but I do sympathize with the Iraqi Kurds and the Syrian Kurds.

        Yipyip Errordog can go suck eggs.

        Sorry, Mr. President: if it weren’t for the Kurds, there wouldn’t have been time to eliminate ISIS, or opportunity, since Barry the Bozo abandoned them and everyone else in the region. ISIS was a Deep State operation, as is Errordog and his bunch of militant Islamists, and ISIS was Part II of the Muslim Brotherhood, a fall-back plan for the failure of Morsi the Ugliest.

        Hope you stop the coup! But I also hope whomever gave you this advice is throttled and removed from your company.

    2. jtthedestroyer - October 7, 2019

      President Trump could hardly begin a war with NATO. Yet he did not abandon the Kurds. Two weeks ago he supplied Kurds with hundreds of tons of modern weapons. If the Kurds have the spirit to fight they can defeat Turkey. Last time the Kurds were tested one unit defected to Iraq and abandoned defense of Kirkuk oil field/refinery. That was unforgivable. Kurds must now prove themselves. They dug the hole. They can dig themselves out.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - October 7, 2019

        No, you didn’t get what I said: Errordog was trying to start a war between Russia and NATO/US, by making it look like NATO/US were involved in his shootdown of the Russian jet. NATO put out a statement later, telling the Errordog not to count on Article 5 for a war Turkey started.

        Errordog isn’t innocent in flybys: he repeatedly violated other nations’ airspaces, and had no complaints given his behavior. As far as the Russian incursions went (and go) it shows that they’re little dogs barking loudly, as Putin once said about little dogs and big dogs: little dogs have to bark louder. Same with aggressive postures. No sympathy for Putin, but also no sympathy for the Turkish moron.

  6. R.J. - October 7, 2019

    Chris Wallace is a slime bag and we knew upchuck is will n ot watch fox again.

    1. Gregg - October 7, 2019

      Agree totally!

      Follow Rush’s advice and quit watching the MSM including and especially turncoat FOX except for their primetime lineup (Also agree with Dave on the one-trick-pony broken record and never shuts up Hannity).

      We will hear when something – ANYTHING – significant happens to the bat rastards in the deep state and then, and only then, will it be worthwhile to reengage and listen, watch, or read about this national soap opera.

      Please don’t construe this in any way as an abandonment of President Trump or his agenda; it is just not worth being rubbed raw every day about nothing happening to the bad guys. Let the lunatic left howl at the moon and continue to be “outraged” at this, that or the other thing while Trump’s silent majority continues to work to Make America Great Again and Keep America Great!

      Chris Wallace is just like his late slimy dad of 60 Minutes: a fraud and master manipulator who hides his true colors behind a (very) thin veneer of objectivity just like other C(see) B-S alums Wanker Klondyke and Dan (non creditable) Rather not watch.

  7. Kulak the Deplorable - October 7, 2019

    Enemedia presstitute fluffers have to service their paymasters…with a smile.

  8. Jimmy MacAfee - October 7, 2019

    Errordog and Obama were madly infatuated with each other, once upon a time. Then they couldn’t agree as to who would be the Mahdi, and the bromance was off. Errordog held Europe for ransom by threatening Europe with more “refugees” if they didn’t pay up. I wish his people had overthrown him. Gulen is no better, but we can’t trust the Turks any more than we can trust the Russians.

    We have nukes at a base in Turkey, but supposedly they can’t be utilized by the Turkish dictator. Wish I could believe that! While Turkey is strategically important, it is a radical Islamist nation, no longer under the control of the mostly secular military. They are not an ally. They never will be. Not until they stop persecuting Christians, like the rest of the damn Islamic world.

    I support(ed) the President in nearly everything, and still do. But this is foolish, because Iraq is about to begin a civil war, and Turkey is about to engage in another slaughter (as is their historical tendency.) Can’t support this, in any way. We have to stay and to stay strong, and not repeat the same mistakes Obumbler made. This is so critically wrong, one wonders who has the President’s ear these days.

  9. Jimmy MacAfee - October 7, 2019
    April 17, 2017

    “And Turkey itself? Erdogan was green-lighted and empowered to be what he always wanted to be and what he now is after his recent “referendum”: a neo-Ottoman Islamist sultan, destroying democracy and copying Putin’s playbook at home and abroad.”

    Errordog’s treatment of the press is legendary. Like Stalin, Putin or the pig-faced bus driver from what used to be Venezuela, or the Google-linked China. Our own press, on the other hand, is coddled and propped up by a Deep State autocracy, which used it to give a perpetual “happy-ending” to Obama and a mallet to the head of President Trump. Neither is an example of press freedom, as Obama jailed press opponents, and had their computers broken into.

    Erdogan should be taken out with the trash, and our own press (most of them) should be dumped in the same bin to fight over the rats.

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