Why the Deranged Democrats Are Moving on Impeachment Now

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

So, why are the lunatic Democrats doing all of this fake impeachment stuff now? – Think about these consequences of the media’s being able to focus on nothing but all-impeachment all the time in the coming months:

Jeffrey Epstein very suspicious death: Completely out of the news cycle.

Major Democrat donor Ed Buck’s running a drug and sex ring from his home: Completely out of the news cycle.

Insane proposals from all the Marxists running for the Democrat presidential nomination: Completely out of the news cycle.

Pending indictments of Andrew McCabe: Completely out of the news cycle.

Pending FISA report from IG Michael Horowitz: Completely out of the news cycle.

Booming Trump economy: Completely out of the news cycle.

Those are just the near-term outcomes. Here are some longer-term considerations:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has to leave the Supreme Court for health reasons: Media/Democrats will scream that no president under impeachment investigation should be allowed to nominate anyone to the Supreme Court.

Hamper other Trump court nominations: Media/Democrats will attempt to tie up Senate Judiciary Committee time with fake impeachment business.

Hamper Trump trade deals: Pelosi will use impeachment as an excuse to refuse to consider voting to approve the U.S. Mexico Canada Trade Deal. She and Schumer will also attempt to overwhelm the White House with impeachment-related demands, thus hampering Trump’s ongoing efforts to secure major additional trade deals with China, Great Britain and India.

What we are witnessing this week is nothing short of a Democrat Party/Media-led Civil War on the executive branch and middle America. It’s not a shooting war, yet, but you should not think for a minute that these deranged, power-mad people would stop short of taking us into one if they believe it will help them obtain and maintain political power.

That’s all they care about, at long last.

That is all.


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3 thoughts on “Why the Deranged Democrats Are Moving on Impeachment Now

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - September 24, 2019

    Main reason (one you listed) SCOTUS. Ginsberg is not long.

    Deflection is also important, but now that San Fran’s assassination attempt on the Pres has been exposed (though no one notices) she has to work feverishly in order to remove the President before she’s charged with her part in the plot.

    Remember January 13, 14 and 17th of this year.
    Remember the tweet of Donna Brazille (I posted the tweet on this site the other day.)
    Clearly, Brazille was expecting both Trump and Pence to be removed.
    And then Pelosi would be President, and she’d choose Hillary as VP, then step aside
    for who they think was the “rightful President.” The country would be in flames, though.

    She now recognizes that she’s in peril of being exposed, along with Biden and HIS issues, and all the others. As they say: “time is of the essence.” Won’t work, though, even if they THINK they have a “remote viewer” working for them. Dark arts.

    If Trump is removed from office, either by illegal actions of both House and Senate, or by termination, there would be a civil war – and it would be far worse than the last one. The Deep State knows this, and so far has only tried to push those candidates who would deny Americans the means of terminating their dictatorship.

  2. JimmyB - September 29, 2019

    Great article DB. Should Trump go to war and release the Dems Congressional sexual assault settlements, FISA and other docs? They want transparency…. give it to em…

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