Antonio Brown Farts and Impeachment Hearings: What do They Have in Common?

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

I don’t want to make light of today’s impeachment hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee…ok, who am I kidding? – Of course, I want to make fun of today’s impeachment held by the House Judiciary Committee.

Why? Because it’s a damn circus run by circus clowns, that’s why.

Embattled Patriots Wide Receiver Antonio Brown was accused by his former doctor in Pittsburgh in a court filing today of repeatedly farting in the doctor’s face while he was undergoing an exam, and all I could think of was, hey, he’d be a perfect Democrat member of the House Judiciary Committee. I mean, why not have a Democrat up there who does nothing but fart at witnesses? He’d make a hell of a lot more sense than the actual Democrats did.

Image result for antonio brown fart memes

Honestly, I don’t know how Cory Lewandowski kept a straight face during the first hour of this sham process, which was all I could stand to watch. It is as if Nancy Pelosi decided to pack this committee with the very dimmest bulbs in her entire caucus, and identifying the dimmest among that collection of universally dim bulbs is no easy task.

Here are the first four Democrat members who questioned Lewandowski during the hearing’s opening hour:

Jabba the Nadler

Stephen “I’m gonna eat me some friiiiiiiiiieeeeed chicken” Cohen

Sheila “We landed men on Mars and planted our flag there” Jackson Lee

Hank “I’m really worried Guam might capsize if we keep moving people there” Johnson

How do you treat this lineup of nitwits, miscreants and ne’er-do-wells seriously? It’s a damn clown parade, it really is.

So, you tell me, why not have an NFL player who’s about to get kicked out of the NFL up there just farting into the microphone? It would be every bit as serious an endeavor and deserving of respect as the travesty the Democrats rolled out there today.

Image result for jerrold nadler clown meme

That is all.


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4 thoughts on “Antonio Brown Farts and Impeachment Hearings: What do They Have in Common?

  1. jtthedestroyer - September 17, 2019

    An old military study concluded that an effective leader cannot have an IQ more than fifteen points above his men. The Dim crowd ranges from 60-80 IQ depending on what part of the inner city.

  2. Jimmy MacAfee - September 17, 2019

    I’m beginning to be suspicious: either the Dems are actually, sincerely and unequivocally this stupid, or they’re being told to be ridiculous in order to make the President look even better than he might with normal, rational opposition.

    Consider the Cabal of Clowns running for President (allegedly running, that is;) the Cloister of IC and LE morons who attempted a coup; the unbelievably stupid Fake Press; the Coterie of Cuckolds in Congress…you get the picture: the American people get the picture, too. Everything these evil, insane dolts do, from elevating anti-Semites to pushing for the Green New Duhh by a mini-brained Bugs Bunny named Ocrazio, to sponsoring infanticide and hobnobbing with sex-freaks of all kinds (including but not limited to Jeffrey Epstein) shows us that they’re seriously trying to lose. Today’s attempt on Lewandoski by the dumbest-of-the-dumb is no exception. Seriously trying to lose! Hard to imagine otherwise.

    1. III% - September 18, 2019

      I have found myself wondering the same. Is the nation as whole SO stupid that any of this is considered legitimate, are they trying to distract and detract from something else they don’t want us to notice, or is it simply “bread and circuses” at work? I don’t find much to be happy about from ANY of those scenarios.

  3. First Kronstadt Soviet - September 18, 2019

    When the Bolsheviks regain the white house I want a clown car, pointy shoes, rainbow wig and squirting lapel flower pin all paid for by mommygov.
    We will keep the Kulak cracka scum from flyoverstan out of our golden utopia. Yes we can! Forward.

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