James Comey Walks Free, For Now

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So, James Comey walks free, for now. – That was the big uproar on Thursday, and my only question is why did the media and politicians treat it as if was some sort of news? We have known for three solid weeks now that the Department of Justice had decided not to prosecute the nation’s most prominent Teenage Drama Queen for his rampant internal malfeasance. So, why was everyone tossing such a fit about it?

Assuming William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham really are performing an investigation into the origins of Spygate – which is far from a safe assumption at this point – I can even understand the rationale behind merely humiliating Comey with yesterday’s Inspector General report documenting his serial leaking of FBI documents. After all, the Department of Justice theoretically does not possess unlimited resources to pursue every case that comes its way – unless your name is Roger Stone or Paul Manafort, of course – so better to conserve those resources for prosecuting Comey’s role in the failed coup d’etat that was mounted within the FBI and other agencies against President Donald Trump throughout 2016 and 2017.

Still, with every tweet he issues and every TV appearance he makes, Comey personifies the dual system of justice that continues to exist in our country. Because the simple fact of the matter is that if you or I leaked FBI documents to the New York Times, whether directly or through a “friend,” you or I would be spending time in the federal pokey.

It is now crystal clear that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions never had any intention of lifting a finger to end that duality within our justice system, and we have all hoped William Barr would be different. Yet, here we sit, fully six months into Barr’s term in office without having seen a single perp walk, indictment, or even any clear indication that he or Durham have taken the step of convening a grand jury. We did, finally, at long last, get the latest IG report from the plodding Michael Horowitz’s office on Thursday, and it turns out to be just another exercise in finger shaking at just another naughty boy that produces no real result and no real public satisfaction that anything real is actually being done.

The next bit of Horowitz-produced Kabuki theater, his full report on the abuse of the FISA process that enabled the Spygate operation to take place, will be the next shoe to drop. The public record is damning on Comey’s role in all of that – he lied repeatedly to the FISA court about the veracity of the Steele Dossiere and its contents. He put his personal signature on FISA applications that he knew to be outright frauds on the Court, a reality borne out by his own testimony before congress. We know the same about Rod Rosenstein, Sally Yates and others.

Supposedly that long-overdue report will drop shortly after Labor Day. Supposedly. Will it contain any criminal referrals, and if it does, will they be pursued by the DOJ? That’s an open question. After all, Horowitz’s April 2018 report targeting Andrew McCabe contained criminal referrals, and the only thing DOJ did to McCabe was fire him. Today, McCabe is not only a free man, he is a highly-paid “contributor” to CNN. He and Comey probably popped the cork on a bottle of Dom last night to celebrate Comey’s continuing liberty.

Rumors have been flying around this week that Barr and Durham are indeed about to finally, at long last indict McCabe for his various well-documented crimes. If so, that would represent a good start. But it would be just a start.

If it is really his true intention to try to restore Americans’ faith in our system of justice, William Barr has miles to go before he sleeps.

That is all.


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13 thoughts on “James Comey Walks Free, For Now

  1. dts3204 - August 30, 2019

    As the Colonel says buy more ammo, I know he says guns also but really by this time you should have your firearms (bullet Launchers) you just need more ammo.

  2. Jimmy MacAfee - August 30, 2019

    James “Jussie” Comey – who thinks that rules don’t apply to him – also has another middle name: “Hillary.”

    All three claimed victory when charges were not filed.

    Jussie Comey will hopefully be dealt with as a result of the FISA investigation, which is far more serious.
    Until then, remember Proverbs 24:17-18:

    “Do not rejoice when your enemy falls,
    And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles;
    Or the Lord will see it and [a]be displeased,
    And turn His anger away from him.”

    This is the sole reason Bill Clinton survived impeachment: gloating by those who actually had a reason to remove him from office. Until then, though, we should consider renaming the Department of Justice “the Department,”
    because until proven otherwise, there is no justice to be found there.

  3. Jonesy - August 30, 2019

    Wash, rinse, repeat…..its getting boringly predictable how people in high positions are able to commit crimes with no worry of consequences. That’s the message to people coming up through the ranks of government – get high enough, have a key position in power and you can do as you please.

    For f@$&’s sake, a criminal referral should deserve an indictment, let a grand jury decide if these people should walk.

    Nothing will change until regular Americans wake up and demand accountability. And if a dem gets into the White House? It will be 10 times worse and we won’t know about it for years to come.

    1. Gregg - August 30, 2019

      “get high enough, have a key position in power and you can do as you please”

      Only if you are a democrat working for democrats, and hurting republicans.

      Guaranteed if the situation and party affiliations were reversed everyone involved including the president would be hanged – even the RINOS like Agnew, Nixon, Reagan (in his second term was going RINO), and senator Stevens in Alaska would be slaughtered, or the attempt would be made and in Reagan’s case, the coup was only narrowly defeated due to his popularity.

  4. Don McCoy - August 30, 2019

    “…why did the media and politicians treat it as if was some sort of news? We have known for three solid weeks now that the Department of Justice had decided not to prosecute (Comey)…”

    No kidding…you’re just noticing this? Tomorrow we’ll see fifteen NEW headlines all “announcing” that the entire FISA process was abused, that it was based on fake evidence that Hillary paid for, and that the whole Mueller “investigation” was corrupt. Wow! And then, as is par for the course, NONE of the insurrectionists will face ANY consequences (least of all any prosecution), and on Saturday we’ll have a NEW crop of headlines announcing the entire FISA process was abused, that it was based on fake evidence that Hillary paid for…etc. etc. etc. etc.

    And the Dems/FBI/DOJ/MSM will simply make sure the NEXT coup WORKS for them in 2020.

  5. Warren Matha - August 30, 2019

    If this cabal escapes true punishment, then it is time to cancel all subscriptions to opinion blogs; stop watching Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham, and Dobbs; ignore the daily theater that is “politics”; and devote one’s time to more productive things until one hears that assassination squads have struck every member of the cabal down (with Lois Lerner thrown in) late in the night after an ominous knock on the door. (I am in no way advocating or endorsing such squads or such actions. I only suggest that they would capture my interest.) Vote in every election? Yes. Pay more attention to this sorry situation? Why bother? It offers nothing but frustration. Thus far, we do NOT have a dual system of “Justice”. We only have justice and injustice meted out to the wrongly connected. The rest go scott free.

    1. Boarwild - August 31, 2019

      That may be the only way unfortunately. And – much as I like him – I’m getting to the point of not being able to listen to Hannity anymore; besides the “bombshells about to explode” (which haven’t & increasingly seems like they won’t) his constant interruptions of his guests & repeating himself ad nauseum “Mom was a prison guard/I have a CCP/I studied martial arts/worked as a bartender @ age 12” is increasingly tiresome.

      Wake me when/if indictments come down but I’m not holding my breath. Sad. I have ZERO faith in our “justice system” anymore.

  6. guidvce4 - August 30, 2019

    “I have a dream……”, that Comey and McCabe are on a cnn set blathering about President Donald J. Trump, yukking it up about how smart they are, when US Marshalls walk on the set and calmly hand arrest warrants to the both of them. Stand them up, turn them around and apply handcuffs and walk them off the set.
    Of course, there would be screaming and protests from the others gathered there. So, there would have to be a number of the Marshalls present to handle the rest of them who might try to interfere with the serving of the warrants.
    The reaction in DC(district of corruption) would be a treat to watch. I’d recommend that simultaneous actions would be taking place all over for the rest of the perps involved in the attempted coup of a duly elected President.
    No bail allowed due to flight risks.
    Yes, I was severely disappointed by the announcement that the “teenage drama queen” would not be prosecuted on his actions against our President. I’m still reeling from hearing that he, and his co-conspirators, might skate on all their deeds.
    Horowitz, Barr and Durham had better come up with prosecutions on the obvious seditionous and treasonous activities carried out against this nation and our President, or there will be hell to pay in the near future.
    The pot is boilling in most of this nation, and has been for some time. The IG just turned up the heat a bit more. That is not a good thing.
    Just sayin’.

  7. Jimmy MacAfee - August 30, 2019

    “Jussie” Comey may think he’s a whistleblower – but what he blows is not a whistle. (Your imagination can be as vulgar as you want, or not vulgar at all.) Just sayin’.

  8. Jimmy MacAfee - August 30, 2019

    Let me play optimist here, beginning with a fact:
    Prosecutors frequently let (sometimes violent) criminals off the hook if the criminals will plead guilty to lesser charges. Happens all the time. Happened with Epstein.

    Let me be clear; this theory I’m proposing is not engraved in stone, but this is a possibility – one I’d suggest is medium-high probability:

    Let’s say there is a fear that a Deep State Department prosecutor has pretensions of allowing Comey to plead to the lesser charges (which are not being prosecuted) if the Department will drop the more serious charges yet to come (FISA charges.) In order to take that off the table, they put the smaller charges aside and keep working the more serious issues. (Remember, they can always revisit those current charges at a later date if they wish, because it’s a slam-dunk: they aren’t prosecuting this AT THE MOMENT.)

    Epstein pulled the same type of move: accept lesser charges if they’ll drop the worst charges. That’s what they did; that’s how the game is played. And Comey has just found himself with one less bargaining chip for a plea deal.

    1. Bakkajanai - September 14, 2019


  9. Jay Lewis - August 30, 2019

    Department of Jussietice

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - August 30, 2019

      Jussie could have worked a plea deal, but insisted on lying and denigrating the police and prosecutors. After they prosecute those who dropped the charges, they’ll get around to him – again. No deals.

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