William Barr’s Time for Choosing has Arrived

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Boy, here’s a shocker, huh? – Footage from a camera stationed outside the cell in which pedophile and longtime pal of the Clintons Jeffrey Epstein mysteriously died a few weeks ago has been deemed as “unusable” by federal investigators. Oh, golly, how surprising that is.

Ok, it’s not surprising at all, is it? Seriously, this is like a bad episode of Jake and the Fat Man at this point. Was there anybody with a functioning brain still out there who did not fully expect to read this report at some point soon?

Hey, here’s another question someone at our Department of No-Justice should answer: Why has it taken so long for this “news” to be made public? Epstein was found dead in his cell 17 days ago – are we now being asked to believe it took that long for those eagle-eyed FBI guys to actually think to review video footage? How obvious is it that the real answer here is that the FBI no doubt reviewed the video evidence as a first step, but waited until public attention on the case had died down before letting this crucial piece of information out to the press?

The other little bit of news in the Washington Post story linked above is this:

Prosecutors have since moved to drop the charges against Epstein – although they continue to investigate those who might have conspired with him. A federal judge has scheduled a hearing for Tuesday to consider the matter and has indicated that those who say Epstein victimized them will be allowed to speak in court.

Well, of course. You can’t prosecute a very conveniently dead man, now, can you? But gosh, isn’t is just so sweet that a few of Epstein’s thousands of victims will be allowed to “speak in court?” I’m sure that will make it all better for them.

As for this nonsense about prosecutors continuing to investigate Epstein’s conspirators, well, we can’t help noticing that Ghislain Maxwell continues to just fly all over the world, free as a bird, or perhaps free as Hillary Clinton and James Comey and Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok and on and on and on.

The big question in all of this and so much more is, when will Attorney General William Barr do something real, something other than talking a good game, something to prove that he is  a real AG and not just the second coming of Jeff Sessions?

Well, a golden opportunity to do so just landed in his lap. Useless apparatchik U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu decided she just can’t decide whether or not to prosecute Andrew McCabe for his serial leaking of classified information and lying about it to superiors within the DOJ. Thus, that decision will now be made at DOJ headquarters in Washington, DC.

Here is your moment, Mr. Barr. You have a suspect whose internal behavior was so poor so frequently that he merited the conduct of a full-fledged Inspector General investigation, the report from which was issued way back in April, 2018. That report was so disturbing that even the otherwise feckless Sessions decided to fire McCabe. It also contained criminal referrals for McCabe’s repeatedly lying to investigators and superiors at the FBI and DOJ, the same alleged crimes for which Special Counsel Robert Mueller prosecuted and threw several people in jail during the course of his Witch Hunt.

Here is a chance for Mr. Barr to conclude a process that has gone on for so long that at least one U.S. Attorney quit her job over the slow pace of the decision-making by Liu and others. From the New York Times report:

…[the case]… has been under investigation for so long that the term expired for the grand jury hearing evidence. One of the lead prosecutors, Kamil Shields, was unhappy with the lengthy decision-making process and has since left the Justice Department for private practice. Ms. Shields declined to comment.

This is a case into which a real, decisive Attorney General would step and do the right thing. It’s a clear and unambiguous opportunity for William Barr to demonstrate that the two-tiered system of justice that existed in our country for the 24 years before Donald Trump took office will come to an end under his watch.

If Andrew McCabe is allowed to skate and go onto become wealthy thanks to his benefactors at CNN, then we all should forget about any of the bad actors who tried to fix the 2016 election and mounted a failed coup d’etat against a sitting President of the United States ever seeing anything resembling “justice.”

For William Barr, the time for choosing has arrived.

That is all.


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25 thoughts on “William Barr’s Time for Choosing has Arrived

  1. The Texas Hammer - August 27, 2019

    It’s just not going to happen. Unfortunately, Barr is no different than the rest of the swamp dwellers. He has made a living in that swamp for too long. The corruption is so deep that it will never be cleaned up!

    1. sgtbroward - September 22, 2019

      Yes it is looking like the Deep State is alive and well and still living in DC. This really makes me mad and if I had some party I liked that has a chance of getting rrid of the Bigger crooks I would vote for them. Time is running out Mr President time to kick some butt

  2. Jimmy MacAfee - August 27, 2019

    Amen, Dave. Amen.

    They can put together old texts and emails from scrubbed devices, but can’t recoup pictures from an active camera? How unfortunate! How tragic. How expected.

    Liu can’t decide, and this says what? Perhaps what this says is: she needs to be demoted. Or better yet, investigated for any connections to relevant individuals. Or fired. Or all of the above.

    Wray keeps covering up for the FBI criminal division (also known as the 7th Floor.) Not the Criminal Division: the criminal division. Read between the caps. Maybe the No Such Agency should look at his communications.

    If I were a lawyer (just kill me if I ever become one) I’d move to get charges thrown out on any case anywhere near resembling the criminal conduct of the 7th floor of the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA under Brennan and others. Didn’t prosecute McCabe? (Then why is Flynn still charged?) Brennan lied to Congress? He’s still running his mouth. Comey lied to Congress? And did other things that would send us all to the stockyard for eternity. Strzok lied to Congress? Nolle prosequi, evidently. But let a hero – General Flynn – misremember, same with Roger Stone, and they’re suddenly Charles Manson. I can’t remember such a stench – (and I’ve picked up dead bats and moles that needed removing.) These people stink worse than a pile of dead bats and moles.

    Here’s a real tip for you: dismantle the DOJ, FBI (and others.) With a new organization(s), begin rehiring those who aren’t part of the criminal cabal. Might have a hard time staffing the new agencies.

    1. Dave Hunter - August 27, 2019

      Beautifully said. The DOJ will have exactly ZERO credibility left if McCabe isn’t prosecuted.

      1. jtthedestroyer - August 27, 2019

        The FBI has been a corrupt criminal racket from the time of transvestite pervert Hoover through the Kennedy assassination. The FBI cannot find a criminal if the Russian intelligence reports a Muslim Boston Marathon bomber to them on the telephone. Not one honest FBI agent used legal protections available to report the attempted coup of the President of the United States.

        1. Jimmy MacAfee - August 27, 2019

          Goes back to Mueller, too – (long after Hoover) – re. 9/11


          Long video, but worth it.
          I disagree with Coleen Rowley, though: it wasn’t just incompetence and a coverup, but participation by the Deep State in the event.

          Chris Wray can believe, in his ivory tower, that he can protect the “reputation” of the FBI, but he will fail: one day, even if he shunts the prosecution of the criminals in the attempted overthrow of President Trump, new whistleblowers will arise, and he’ll look just as dirty as Dirty Comey and Dirty Mueller. He has chosen to do so, and this will be forever attached to his neck like a stinking dead bird. It will be HIS albatross that he’ll have to wear, for concealing what should have been revealed.

  3. Don McCoy - August 27, 2019

    If people can’t tell, BY NOW, that the FBI is as corrupt as Tammany Hall…there’s no hope for us at all.

  4. Jimmy MacAfee - August 27, 2019

    Here’s a test for Law Enforcement:

    I vow to hunt down and kill Jeffrey Epstein.
    Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted perv who is supposedly dead, according to authorities.

    Wil they send someone to meet me because of a threat to someone who is supposedly dead? (Can you kill a corpse? Or is he really dead? Come and get me, copper! I just threatened your boy!) If he’s alive, I could be in trouble…except for the fact that they claim he’s dead.

    Maybe we should start a petition, like Area 51, all signing on to do the deed. Is it illegal to threaten to kill the already-dead? I don’t think so. And I don’t think he’s dead, either. Don’t rest in peace, Epstein.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - August 27, 2019

      Crowdfund the hit on Epstein.

    2. jtthedestroyer - August 27, 2019

      There is no Epstein corpse, no body. “It” was claimed by an “unknown acquaintance”. FBI has no record of the claimant.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - August 27, 2019


        Whether it’s his body or not, it is claimed to be.

  5. Charles Aronowitz - August 27, 2019

    President Trump should give his AG a deadline and fire him if nothing is done to hold the corrupt DOJ officials accountable.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - August 27, 2019

      Same with Wray, who keeps stonewalling Judicial Watch at every level. Fire him. Or dismantle both DOJ and FBI, both of which deserve to be dismantled.

  6. Gregg - August 27, 2019

    AG Barr, Get off your ass and do something or RESIGN! Indict all the rat turds who have held this country hostage for three (3) long years! FIRE Wray and every other Deep State Co-conspirator who are keeping the status quo intact hoping to wait out the president.

    After the IG report comes out, maybe this September or next September, or September 2025, all should be indicted forthwith. Let them be forced to pay bankrupting attorney’s fees like the innocent and wrongly accused Trump defendants.

    Make them all go on trial and even if a DC jury (the type of people from that pool who will convict a Scooter Libby for nothing and probably “exonerate” any Democrat for anything) acquits them it will still force the rats to spend gobs of money and taint them forever in the court of (logical) public opinion. Remember even though O. J. Simpson was found “Not Guilty” he was forever convicted I the court of public opinion.

    That is probably as good as we can expect from a DC area jury but it will be infinitely better than the bull-crap that is going on now with no end in sight,

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - August 27, 2019

      Hold the trials in Salt Lake City.

    2. Boarwild - August 27, 2019

      I hear the IG Report is slated – but not confirmed -for release in September of the year 2525.

      Isn’t it sad & pathetic that this is all we’re left with?

      Disappointment & irretrievable loss of faith lead to bad, snarky jokes.

  7. Dave Hunter - August 27, 2019

    Joe DeGenova on the WBAL morning show yesterday opined that no prosecutions of anyone involved in the Deep State coup against the president would be prosecuted.

    1. Boarwild - August 27, 2019

      Then this is indeed a Banana Republic.

  8. Jonesy - August 27, 2019

    Thid is a test of our justice system for sure. My prediction? Indictments, yes…prosecutions, no. Just like Hillary. So many obvious examples where the law has been broken and the swamp just hums along because the sheeple will just forget about it after some time passes. And with the media providing cover daily, they ensure things move into the past with some historical re-writes.

    Epstein…of course he was killed, but again, the sheeple dont seem to care. I dont subscribe to conspiracy theories, but they are fun to talk about. Epstein, and the Vegas shooter (false flag?)have a lot of unresolved questions, contradictions.

    My theory on alot of this stuff is TPTB must think the nation will tear itself apart if we knew the truth. Maybe so, however one of these days they might not be able to cover all the loose ends.

  9. Mario Ruffino - August 27, 2019

    Mr. President, Please do not hesitate like you did with Sessions, Barr is the LAST CHANCE to bring back Justice in this country, if he does’t put all these traitors of our country in jail America will NEVER EVER BE GREAT AGAIN.We the people are tired of all the BS Please save our country MAGA

  10. Jimmy MacAfee - August 27, 2019

    McCabe is just the low-hanging fruit; if they can’t get him, they won’t even try to prosecute anyone else. Unless they’re a patsy from the bottom of the rung – who will be the goat to be driven out into the wilderness.

    Barr has more than one choice to make: he has dozens of choices. One of the first ones is whether or not he’s going to signal his distance from the FBI Director-in-name-only. And another of his early choices, after McCabe, is whether they are going after the Epstein connection, or will they make mincemeat pie out of the staff of the facility, who should rightfully be terrified: say something and be suicided; don’t say anything, and be prosecuted. (And you think they have staff shortages now!) Something tells me that they’ll go after the lower tier employees, for whom life has now been made intolerable. No one will go after the Elites. They just don’t get prosecuted in this country anymore, unless they’re sacrifices (like Martha Stewart.) As I said, Barr has a lot of choices to make.

    Chris Wray has already made his intentions known. Divorce yourself from him, Attorney General Barr, or expect more doubts to creep in, with the already doubtful public looking at the FBI as if it’

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - August 27, 2019

      …as if it’s a dungheap, run and fueled by the methane from the fecal matter they drop on the Little People, the Deplorables. Try sending Patriots to jail! Like General Flynn. Go ahead – try it.

      And that’s another thing, Mr. Barr: if you continue the case against Flynn but mysteriously drop all the others against the career criminals in the FBI/DOJ and elsewhere, you may have a revolution on your hand.

  11. Arlen Williams - August 28, 2019

    Appreciate this very much. Promoted in The Globe & Malevolence.

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