Broken Bones in Epstein’s Neck? Totally normal. Nothing to See Here.

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The case just isn’t cooperating with the whole “suicide” narrative. – The Washington Post reported last night that the autopsy of human trafficking pedophile Jeffrey Epstein found “multiple broken bones” in his neck.

That was revealed in the story’s opening paragraph. The Post of course spends the rest of this 25-paragraph piece doing everything it can to continue to prop up the “suicide” narrative. The dying newspaper’s writers and editors do this by carefully focusing only on the broken hyoid bone, which is a part of a man’s Adam’s Apple. The piece never again even mentions the fact that “multiple” bones were broken, nor does it specify which bones those might be. It’s as if that word, “multiple”, has no meaning and is to be ignored.

The writers and editors focus on the hyoid bone because it has been found to have been broken in a small percentage of actual, real hanging cases. The problem here is that, even if the official narrative is to be believed, Epstein could not have really “hanged” himself in the traditional sense of that word. In an actual hanging, the victim would be found dangling with his feet off the ground from a rope that had been strung through a light fixture or otherwise attached to the ceiling of the cell.

Big problem: Epstein’s cell had no means of doing that. The official narrative claims he hanged himself using a sheet he strung through the rail of the top bunk, which sits barely 5 feet off the floor. The narrative contends he then got on his knees and slowly strangled himself using that sheet around his neck. Now, the Washington Post wants you to believe that he was able to kneel forward with such force that he not only strangled to death, he also broke not only his hyoid bone, as well as  “multiple” other bones in his neck in doing so.

How did he do all of that? How did he maintain that intense pressure on his neck – which would have required an intense physical effort – without the human “will to live” impulse kicking in? Did he somehow bind his own hands to prevent that from happening? If not, how did he maintain that intense effort until he actually expired?

The most unintentionally hilarious part of the Post’s article is the claim that the autopsy report has created  “deepening questions around his death.” The problem our society has is that no one at the Washington Post or 99% of our mainstream news media is asking those questions.

There is no demand emanating from the halls of the Post or the New York Times or CNN or MSNBC or any other major “news” organ in America for Attorney General William Barr or FBI Director Christopher Wray or even for whatever moron heads up the Bureau of Prisons to hold a press conference and give our intrepid public watchdogs in the press a full accounting of the progress of the case. They’re all too busy obsessing over Beto O’Rourke’s latest re-boot of his campaign and Bernie Sanders’ interview with Cardi B to be worried about any of that.

The problem, of course, is that our fake news media organs have invested the last three years covering up for the seditious actions of the Obama-era FBI and DOJ, in the process building a narrative that these federal agencies are to always be trusted and can do no wrong. They’ve spent the last three years trying to brainwash the public to take whatever the likes of James Comey and Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein have to say as the gospel truth – even going so far as to hire the disgraced McCabe as a paid contributor at CNN – and as a result, it has become incredibly hard to now just turn on a dime and express some healthy skepticism about the veracity of the official narrative.

In other words, once a news agency has willingly turned itself into a government lapdog, it’s pretty hard to un-train that behavior. Maybe impossible.

And so we get reports like this one from the Washington Post.

That’s where we are in our society today.

That is all.


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6 thoughts on “Broken Bones in Epstein’s Neck? Totally normal. Nothing to See Here.

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - August 15, 2019

    True: you can hang yourself from a door knob. But as you said: “multiple fractures.”

    It’s hard to break a neck: it isn’t like in the movies, where they’re basically twisting a neck like a Chiropractor; it takes a specific angle, a forceful drive involving the forward flexion of the neck. This is why they tell football players not to drop their heads, but to keep extension in the cervical spine, not flexion. Nearly every paralysis in football comes when the head is dropped into flexion (head pushed toward chest.)

    In a scenario where someone is hanging themselves from something low, the neck would be in extension, not flexion.

    Scenario: one guard shouts “breathe Epstein,” while the other is killing the victim.
    Who may be a fake Epstein, not the real one. (Surprise, surprise, fake Jeffrey:
    didn’t think you were sitting in his place for nothing, did you?)

    Regardless of who the body belongs to, Epstein or not, this was murder. And they were skilled.

    1. David Blackmon - August 15, 2019

      Yes, you “can” hang yourself from a doorknob, IF you have the right material to do it with. The other thing that keeps getting lost here is that the “sheet” Epstein supposedly used is made of paper, and is specifically designed to tear apart in order to PREVENT such suicides from taking place. Epstein did not have the right material necessary to do what the authorities claim he did.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - August 15, 2019

        That’s the biggest hole in their “suicide” theory, next to the broken bones.

        As far as fake Epsteins go, it’s still an open question:
        Jeffrey Epstein has a brother, Mark; they could settle the “substitute Jeffrey” issue with a simple DNA test. Simple enough. Fingerprints, too, from JE’s arrest.

  2. Meredith Ellsworth - August 15, 2019

    Correct–everyone who has been connected to that jail–including Giuliani–has said the sheets are paper. It’s physically impossible for him to strangle himself. Note: Rasmussen poll: 42% respondents think Epstein was murdered.

  3. A Day - August 15, 2019

    …kinda like a little boy with cookie crumbs on his lips telling his mom he didn’t take any cookies….immature at best…faking the news has become an obsession with this ilk.

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