In Hannity Interview, Giuliani Tosses Christopher Wray Under the Bus

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Bruce Ohr 302 reports were finally released last night – though in still-heavily-redacted form – and they show a lot of wrongdoing by the former high muckety-muck at the DOJ. The near-unbearable Sean Hannity managed to conduct an interesting interview with Rudy Giuliani on this topic last night, during which Hannity managed to keep his gaping yaw shut long enough for the former counsel to President Donald Trump to say some interesting things about the wrongdoing not just of Ohr, but his wife Nellie, ex-FBI Director and current National Teenage Drama Queen James Comey, as well as the ongoing investigation being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham. He also essentially accuses current FBI Director and by extension former Attorney General Jeff Sessions of basically covering up for the corrupt Obama officials.

Here is a clip of that interview, followed by a transcript:

[Note: I’ve heavily edited portions of the interview during which Hannity felt compelled to constantly interrupt Guliani’s thoughts and remarks. But I’ve done my best to capture Guliani’s comments in full. All of the emphasis added is mine.]

Hannity: Bruce Ohr’s FBI transcripts are out, and they show an amazing amount of contact with Christopher Steele.

Rudy: Sean, we’ve known this for a year, right? I began investigating this a year ago when I took on his [President Trump’s] defense. You can’t believe what’s gonna come out. And this is a dramatic revelation now, but Bruce Ohr should’ve been prosecuted – and his wife, a conflict of interest – 10 months ago. But because we had a justice department that was completely warped [that hasn’t happened].

The fact is these are crimes that are shocking. These are crimes that go to the very heart of our republic. These people had a plan to stop the Republican candidate from getting elected, and then they executed a plan to remove him from office on false evidence, false testimony.

The whole thing was made up from the very beginning and they sold it to 90% of our media. It’s a tragedy.

Andrew Weisman knew it was false from the very beginning, and then he trampled over 3 or 4 people’s rights. The press didn’t care because they were going after Donald Trump. So you can just destroy people if you’re going after Donald Trump whether it’s fair or not.

This is a terrible crime. The dimensions of it you still don’t realize. There’s plenty of evidence of what happened in Ukraine, plenty of evidence of what happened in U.K., and Italy. This was a massive conspiracy to try to deprive the American people of who they had elected as President. That should never happen.

Hannity: The 302’s indicate that Ohr had lots of contacts with various people at the State Department, that they all knew that this guy was desperate to get the dirt out on Trump. And that all continued even after it was proven that he was a leaker and a liar. How high up did it go, Mr. Mayor?

Rudy: How about Jim Comey? Comey put his signature on an affidavit swearing that Steele’s information was verified. I don’t wanna presume him guilty, but at least someone should question whether he shouldn’t go to jail.

Hannity: It looks like John Durham is spending an awful lot of time in Europe.

Rudy: I know why he’s spending a lot of time in Europe. He’s spent a lot of time investigating Ukraine, Italy, U.K. and Australia (the four countries whose operatives are implicated in the Spygate scandal).

(Hannity, who can’t keep his damn mouth shut for 2 seconds, interrupts another thought Rudy was about to convey.) Did our top intel officials outsource spying on American citizens for the purpose of hurting President Donald Trump/candidate Trump?

Rudy: There is plenty of evidence that happened. Plenty of evidence, some of it documentary, some of it already recorded, and for a year, people in Europe have been trying to get this to our FBI and they have been thwarted, ignored and pushed aside.

There was a deliberate effort to cover this up. It didn’t just happen. Even during the Trump Administration there was a deliberate effort to cover this up, to protect the prior wrong-doers. That’s just really sick. There’s something really wrong with that.

And we’ve gotta get to the bottom of it because we have to get this cancer out of our justice system and out of our intelligence apparatus. These are very important things to us, to be able to do intelligence honestly, and these people have disgraced thousands of really good people who do this every day for us. It’s a shame.

That is all.

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6 thoughts on “In Hannity Interview, Giuliani Tosses Christopher Wray Under the Bus

  1. bhw112012 - August 9, 2019

    To DB — it is true, Hannity won’t shut his mouth lately and actually continuously talks over his guests. It gives me a chance to scream at the TV– “Shut the F*** up Sean!” Nice release for me before bedtime!

  2. Bud May - August 9, 2019

    “…Hannity, who can’t keep his damn mouth shut for 2 seconds, interrupts another…”
    Exactly, Hannity is too exasperating to listen to very much; I often turn him off because he’s always interrupting and trying to push his words into other peoples’ mouths.

  3. Jonesy - August 9, 2019

    I agree listening to Hannity can be difficult. His radio show is the same way – he dictates these facts and issues like a talking encyclopedia and it feels scripted and tiresome. However, he knows this scandal inside & out, front to back and could probably dictate the events in sequence from memory.

    I wonder about the timing of all this….Huber is covering alot of ground – will there be major action (indictments, prosecutions) before the election? Or will Trump and Barr wait to rock the boat until after?

    1. Jonesy - August 9, 2019

      Correction: not Huber….Durham

  4. Jimmy MacAfee - August 9, 2019

    I detest Hannity, even when I agree with him; he’s like the smarmy Meghan Kelly, who had a permanent “gloat” on (as if she had just eaten your canary.) Hannity is like a luxury car with a bad ball joint.

    Years ago, Tom Snyder interviewed Charles Manson, but couldn’t stop talking long enough for Manson to hang himself. Hannity is usually on target – far more than Snyder, but the Kelly/Snyder taste lingers in the mouth, and Hannity is like their lovechild, only too old for Kelly to mother.

    Chris Wray needs to go; he’s trying to preserve something that doesn’t exist at the FBI – on the seventh floor anyway: that would be honor. Comey and McCabe and others will escape justice because of Wray, when they should be treated to the kind of Law Enforcement they’ve imagined for ordinary Americans and what they tried to do to President Trump: a trip to the back parking lot, and instant organ donor. It’s the Beijing way, baby! Given what HRC would have done, we’d be seeing backlot tribunals in every corner of the US. Wray needs to go.

  5. Jimmy MacAfee - August 9, 2019

    Has Chris Wray done anything to make us more secure? Has he fixed the problems we see in this article?

    No. Another mass murder; another set of signs missed. As usual. Why are we better off with Chris Wray as Director of the FBI? When he hides information from Judicial Watch and others? When he is determined to cover up the crap as quick as it appears? The 7th floor should be demolished. We don’t need more laws, when the FBI can’t do the job it was assigned, and hasn’t – for years. Include in this the good FBI agents who blew the whistle on 9/11 before it happened, but were deliberately ignored. And then their testimony was ignored. As the saying from the FBI goes: “the sh#t rises to the top.” At least to the 7th floor. Resign, Chris, or come clean.

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