It’s Time to Take Marianne Williamson Seriously. Sort of.

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Responding to reader mail.:  Several readers have written to ask why I haven’t had anything to say about the U.S. Women’s Soccer team and this peroxided-blonde doofus making all the ruckus over in some foreign country where they are playing the World Cup boredom, er, soccer matches.

The answer to that is simple: I hate soccer. Well, let me revise that a little bit: I hate soccer when it is played by anyone over the age of 8. My granddaughter’s 6-year-old and under soccer games this Spring were totes awesome, mainly because the girls had no idea what they were doing, and no one had trained them to respect the “beauty” (which normal people translate to “tedious, mind-numbing, scoreless boredom”) of the game. So they just got out there and ran around and kicked the damn ball until they were utterly exhausted and their parents could then take them home and get some rest because their kids were too worn out to bug them about opening them a snak pak or taking them to Happy Fun Time Trampoline Town or something.

Soccer at that age is a fabulous spectator sport. But once those kids grow into adult bodies and incredibly boring soccer coaches teach them all the incredibly tedious aspects of how to bore fans until they become frustrated mobs who go out and start wars with neighboring countries, the game is a garbage dumpster fire. It then becomes a game populated by really good athletes who are so frustrated that no one really gives a damn about their dumpster fire game – like this peroxided chick whose name I don’t even know – that they end up lashing out in order to attract attention whenever they aren’t writhing on the turf faking an injury so that the other team gets a “yellow card” from one of the prissy game officials.

So that’s why I haven’t said anything about Peroxide Pauline or whatever her name actually is up until now, and why I don’t plan to have anything else to say about her in the future. So don’t ask me about her anymore.

All of which leads me to the real topic of the day: Marianne Williamson. Marianne Williamson probably never played a moment of soccer in her entire life, which goes a long way to helping to explain why she is an actual “interesting” person. Of course, I have to put quotes around that word, because being “interesting” is not always a positive thing, especially when one is interesting in a leftist, new-wavy, spiritual rock-worshiping, Stevie Nicks sort of way, as Ms. Williamson appears to be.

Most of the “experts,” i.e., pundits based in the D.C. thought bubble who all told you at various points in 2015-16 that Donald Trump a) would be out the race in two weeks, b)that Donald Trump could never possibly win the GOP nomination, and c) that the Pantsuit Princess was going win the general election in a landslide, just wrote Williamson’s first debate performance off as disastrous, labeled her campaign a “vanity project,” and predicted she’d be out of the race within a few weeks. Which could happen, but given the track record of the “experts” we should probably expect her to keep hanging around for awhile.

And be honest here: Wouldn’t you pay good money to see a debate between Marianne Williamson and Donald J. Trump? I mean, check this out:

That’s some pretty good moves for a 66-year-old. I couldn’t move like that when I was 16. And we already know President Trump’s got some moves from his 2015 appearance on Saturday Night Live:

We have simply got to get these two kids together. Think of it: They could begin by discussing Williamson’s grudge against New Zealand’s Prime Minister and debating the merits of nuking that country to settle the score. And why not? It’s no more ridiculous than debating the merits of abolishing the private health insurance of well over 100 million Americans and forcing those same Americans to pay for healthcare for the tens of millions of new illegal aliens who are going to flood into the country after Democrats succeed in decriminalizing illegal border crossings.

It would be no more absurd than debating whether or not to print 5 trillion dollars we do not have so we can “forgive” the student loans taken out by idiots so they could obtain worthless degrees in Tibetan Women’s Studies or Russian trans-gender Poetry; no more ridiculous than forcing a sitting U.S. President to debate whether or not to award abortion rights to people who do not possess female body parts; no more ludicrous than debating whether or not to abolish the miracle of air travel so we can replace it with rail, the transportation miracle of 1840; no more absurd than debating whether or not to spend 38 trillion dollars attempting to get rid of cow farts; no more mindless than debating whether or not our country should adopt a socialist philosophy that has caused so much human suffering and death everywhere it has been tried.

In other words, while everyone commented on how odd Williamson’s debate performance was and how strange her ideas are, when you compare those ideas to what the other 19 Democrat debaters were actually saying, she really isn’t an outlier here. Not at all. And hey, Donald Trump kind of stood out on the stage in the early GOP debates in 2015, too, and things worked out ok for him.

So let me repeat the call I made last Friday – and which others have picked up on since then – that all conservatives and Republicans out there go to and give $1 to her campaign so that we can be sure to see her qualify for the next round of Democrat debates.

Let’s work hard to ensure the upcoming Democrat debates have at least some shred of diversity of thought in them, even if it is the kind of “diversity” brought by Ms. Williamson. Otherwise, those future debates will be every bit as boring and tedious as a U.S. Women’s soccer match.

That is all.

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6 thoughts on “It’s Time to Take Marianne Williamson Seriously. Sort of.

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - July 1, 2019

    I’m sorry, but Williamson reminds me of substance abusers I’ve met – she has the look and the mannerisms. That having been said, her ideas and statements are, as you said, far less bizarre than most of the other “candidates.” They all remind me of a pack of demented poodles, running this way and that, though not nearly so cute. Bernie, of course, is not a poodle, but a Chihuahua who is leading the pack in circles and making them bark to his yap. Except for Gabbard, who is a lone wolf, and who will pick them off one at a time, eating the weakest first. Look for her to continue to rise.

  2. Gregg - July 1, 2019

    More and more I firmly believe that none of these clowns will be the nominee; they are all running for vice president. The candidate who becomes the ultimate leader of the delegate count after all the primaries will probably be the least radical or most demographically appealing contender, but he/she will not have enough delegates to win on the first ballot at the Democratic convention. The actual nominee (as chosen by Soros et al who actually run the DNC and the MSM) will then be told who to select for VP, probably the leading vote getter from the primaries as a sop to the loudest radical base; to “bring the party together” – especially if he/she is a member of an aggrieved minority. The ultimate candidate will either have “gravitas” by holding a major political office, or be relatively unknown, but largely untainted, charismatic and appealing, a semi-outsider and, “moderate” by comparison.

    My speculation as to who it might be: WV senator and former governor Manchen, NY governor Cuomo, PA senator Casey, OH senator Brown, or PA’s governor (don’t even know his name – doesn’t matter; flying under the radar like Obama did would be beneficial at this time). Anyone will appear to be “moderate” (like Bill Clinton) relative to these clowns, and therefore viable to the useful idiots who sadly make up half of the people who vote in America. If one of the currently little known “moderates” gets the nomination via a free ride, by not being beaten up for the next year during the primaries and debates, and if the chosen one is a white guy, then one of the minority candidates (Gabbard) will, no doubt, be the VP nominee.

  3. Buzz - July 1, 2019

    Williamson thinks she can govern and cure all of the world’s problems with love. Someone needs to clue her in that this isn’t the Miss America contest.

  4. Jonesy - July 1, 2019

    MW’s issue is that she thinks of herself and comes across as a pure intellectual. In her social circles, her comments are normal for her crowd. The elite politicians like to to try to be intellectual, but they are too busy lying to say anything that sounds authentic. She will drop out pretty soon, I mean really, can you see her in charge of our military? “We attack at dawn!……with bombs of love”.

  5. Buzz - July 1, 2019

    The crooks at the DNC will decide who will be the democRATic nominee no matter who wins the debates. Just like they rigged it for lying, cheating, crooked Hillary, they will rig it for whoever they decide.

  6. warpigg62 - July 1, 2019

    Yeah, great column. It was “totes awesome”…seriously, what king of grown man talks like this. Answer: A very unserious one.

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