And Just Like That, Liberal Tears Started Flowing Again

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

I’m old enough to remember when the fake news media assured us a recession was imminent.  – When was that, like, February? I’m even old enough to remember when Obama his own self and his evil minions constantly assured us that consistent 3% or better economic rate of growth was just no longer possible, and that a 0%-2% economy was the “new normal”.

Remember those days? Yeah, bad times…bad times….

Well, sorry, lefties, but the Trump economy just keeps rolling right along. The Commerce Department released the economic data for the first quarter, and Boom!, the Trump agenda delivered 3.2% growth for those three months. And, given that the initial GDP numbers have so far suspiciously been consistently understated during this Administration – unlike the previous 8 years, when they were consistently overstated – we can feel pretty certain that the revised number released a month from now will show the economy grew at an even faster rate than that.

Even better, the GDP number caught all the “experts” off-guard, a fact that should surprise no one. Here’s how Bloomberg put it in its story this morning:

U.S. economic growth accelerated by more than expected in the first quarter on a big boost from inventories and trade that offset a slowdown in consumer spending, bolstering hopes that growth is stabilizing after its recent soft patch.

Gross domestic product expanded at a 3.2 percent annualized rate in the January-March period, according to Commerce Department data Friday that topped all forecasts in a Bloomberg survey calling for 2.3 percent growth. That followed a 2.2 percent advance in the prior three months.

Who are these “experts” and why are they always “surprised” or “caught off-guard” when the real economic numbers are produced? More to the point, when will our fake news media stop regarding people who are always, without exception, wrong and surprised by reality as being “experts”?

So, the liberal tears will begin flowing anew today, since the only real chance any Democrat has of defeating President Donald Trump in the 2020 election would be for the economy to fall into a deep recession. Today’s report shows that the economy just keeps steaming ahead, despite the best efforts of Democrats in congress and in various state governments to slow it down.

For the radical left, these Trump years are the worst of times. For real Americans, they are the best of times. Here’s a scene of real Americans celebrating today’s economic news:


Some of life’s truths are immutable.

That is all.

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7 thoughts on “And Just Like That, Liberal Tears Started Flowing Again

  1. guidvce4 - April 26, 2019

    “Experts”. More accurately spelled “exspurts”. Has been liquid drops of somethng.
    The left names these folks “experts” cuz they say what the left wants them to say. Seldom are these clowns backed up by facts and figures, and if they dare to venture into that realm of reality, they screw it up to reflect what the left wants them to show.
    Luvin’ the “winning”. Oh, and the whining from the left, too.

  2. Dan M - April 26, 2019

    I’m the sole proprietor of my home maintenance business in NJ. Trickle down economics works for me. I depend on successful home owners that can afford to pay me. I stand on my own two feet.

    My liberal educated relatives are social workers. They depend on the welfare state of NY for their income, of course they are Marxists, they depend on the govt.

    1. Anthony Parkinson - April 26, 2019

      You have absolutely nailed the essence of the true meaning of trickle down economics. Sorry about the kinfolk.

  3. JulianusRex - April 26, 2019

    It appears that these numbers are being calculated by holdover Commerce Dept. officials who are hostile to President Trump. That job should be given to officials who are truly objective.

  4. Mark Allen - April 26, 2019

    Yeah, these moronic “experts” who are anything but. But they get their paychecks bloviating on cable news networks where the equally moronic anchors hang on their every word.

  5. Cameron Howe - April 26, 2019

    Funny: during the Obama years the economic numbers had to be constantly adjusted downwards after initial reporting. IOW, initial estimates were always higher than the actuals.

    New commander-in-chief, and now the initial numbers always seem to come in low, and have to be revised upwards. After all the “bad” news has impacted the financial markets of course.

    Funny how that works. Must be a coincidence.

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