Matt Gaetz Dropped a Big ol’ Bomb on Watters World Saturday Night

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This is a big deal, folks. – Matt Gaetz, Republican congressman from Florida, said the following in an appearance on Fox News’s “Watters World” with Jesse Watters Saturday night:

Here’s his full quote: “They’re not off the hook. Another Little nugget the IG is looking at is the corruption between the FBI and the media, where members of the media were giving concert passes and athletics tickets and other incentives to people in the FBI to leak to them, so we will be seeing it before we see the IG Report on how this fraudulent investigation began. What is so wrong here in Washington, where people can tell lies, and the mainstream media will carry them into millions of living rooms around the country without doing the kind of fact-finding that Sara Carter does and that really illuminated a lot of the abuses that have been laid bare for the American people.”

So, what does all of that mean?  Well, first you have to understand that DOJ IG Michael Horowitz and his hundreds of investigators have been looking into the rampant abuse of the FISA process the DOJ/FBI Deep State Cabal for more than a year now, and in all that time, nothing has leaked from that process. Throughout all of that time, Congressman Gaetz has sat on the House Judiciary Committee, first as part of the governing majority, and since January as part of the minority.

That means that Gaetz has been getting regular updates on the status of the Horowitz process, which has been forced to wait until Special Counsel Robert Mueller wrapped up his work before it could have access to key witnesses and documents that Mueller had been holding back. That “holding back” ended in late March, when Mueller finally sent his report over to the Attorney General.

Now, suddenly, Cong. Gaetz is on national TV on a Saturday night, giving us all a preview of a “pre-report” that Horowitz is planning to release in advance of his FISA Abuse report. That pre-report will focus on improper interactions between members of the Cabal and fake journalists in our fake news media. Let’s be real here: Cong. Gaetz did not put this out there last night unless he had permission to do so.

Oh, my. Can there be any doubt that sphincters are tightening in the news rooms at the New York Times and the Washington Post?

Meanwhile, President Trump is preparing to declassify rafts of documents related to the FISA abuse and other matters of corruption at the DOJ and FBI, apparently to be timed with the release of Horowitz’s report.

The fun part of all of this is just beginning, and Cong. Gaetz just gave us all a sneak preview.

That is all.

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11 thoughts on “Matt Gaetz Dropped a Big ol’ Bomb on Watters World Saturday Night

  1. Alabaster McGillicuddy - April 21, 2019

    I am really tired of this preparing to declassify statement. This info should have been declassified months ago.

  2. David Blackmon - April 21, 2019

    Me, too, Alabaaster.

  3. M W - April 21, 2019

    It is a RARE FBI Agent that is not as crooked as a dogs hind leg.

  4. Ed harris - April 21, 2019

    I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning.

  5. D3F1ANT - April 21, 2019

    I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but turnabout is ONLY fair play for the Left. I fear that, as is the case with EVERY other investigation into Democrat duplicity, the insurrectionists will ALL skate. Even the “new” investigation into Hillary…I have ZERO expectations that there will be any positive results. We might even learn more about the crimes these folks committed…but they’ll face NO consequences. To believe otherwise is simply to deny the proof that’s presented to us DAY AFTER DAY in DC…

  6. Dano - April 21, 2019

    “… sphincters are tightening in the news rooms at the New York Times and the Washington Post?”

    Disinclined to believe that there are any sphincters at either place that can “tighten up” any longer.

  7. Tom Lynch - April 21, 2019

    Back in late September 2018 during the run up to the election President Trump both ordered and subsequently backed off his order to declassify the FISA documents as well as other documents pertinent to genesis of the surveillance/spying of candidate and then President Trump. The President explained in tweets on September 21, 2018 his rational for backing off and also wrote about where these documents were to be held for safekeeping:

    “I met with the DOJ concerning the declassification of various UNREDACTED documents. They agreed to release them but stated that so doing may have a perceived negative impact on the Russia probe. Also, key Allies’ called to ask not to release. “Therefore, the Inspector General has been asked to review these documents on an expedited basis,” Trump said.

    So for at least 6 months IG Horowitz has had all of the soon-to-be declassified FISA documents and, per the President, IG Horowitz has had the authority to review all of the documents.

    Let’s hope he is not a swamp creature leveraging the documents as a doorstop only to write a muffled report similar to the one he issued on the FBI’s investigation into Krooked Korrupt Killary’s (KKK’s) emails. Rather, let us hope IG Horowitz has used most if not all of his 500+ lawyers at his disposal to undertake an extensive review of the classified FISA documents and will use the ensuing time post-Mueller to close loose ends before preparing what will hopefully be a withering and damning report of the FBI and Justice (fingers crossed: perhaps even pointing into the Street Agitator’s Oval Office) with criminal referrals.

    One can only hope…..

    1. marty lopez - April 21, 2019

      What a pathetic situation. We are left to only hope, really? Grab a phucking pitch fork. I don’t trust this Horowitz clown, not after his last, “On the one hand and then, on the other hand” report he filed. I’ll withhold judgment, but I wouldn’t a bit surprised to see him and his 500 lousy government lawyers take another schit right on top of the American people and their constitution. If any of them were worth a God damn we wouldn’t be here in the first place.

  8. Freeland_Dave - April 21, 2019

    The Dems today remind me if what the waiter said when a diner found a flu in his soup. “Said the waiter, don’t shout and wave it about or the rest will be wanting one too.”
    When you live in a glass house it’s not wise to attract attention to yourself by throwing stones at people.

  9. Oldone45 - April 21, 2019

    ‘Tis about time, me thinks….I do love it, when the trees get shaken, and the rotten fruit falls out…

  10. News Briefs – 04/23/2019 | - April 23, 2019

    […] Matt Gaetz lets out that the DOJ IG is looking at corruption between the FBI and the media. He only references Reporters giving bribes to various FBI officials, but that is the small part which could lead to something much bigger. Many reporters, even just the local relatively unknown local affiliate reporters, are part of the successor to the TIPS network, and are active participants in active physical surveillance/harassment operations run against innocent citizens, from what I have seen personally and in news reports. I can still see the local news bunny reading the news about the Nunes memo way back, and swallowing hard as she looked down, clearly afraid. I knew immediately she was one of them. There was another story someone sent me which I have been meaning to do a standalone post on, where a local affiliate reporter was caught on video actually talking to his handler as he ran illegal coverage for the machine, on an innocent black guy who was not pleased about it. I suspect they draw in local reporters into the illegal activities, because if I got ahold of some gangbuster database file with all the dirt on all of the illegal activities, and I wanted to expose it, who do I go to? The reporters can’t let that out, because they are in it. You see how it works. The reporters commit the crimes too, and suddenly the entire societal machine, ultimately controlled by Cabal, owns what you see and what the public/culture says is real. They plugged every hole with criminality, corruption, and complicity. From what Gaetz says, it appears the reporters may be higher in the hierarchy than at least some of the FBI who were in, and the money flowed from reporters to those comped agents. If Trump wants to take it down, the big thing will be revealing the targeting of civilians. Because that will give him the leverage over all of the machine, and the ability to sweep the slate clean of the criminal actors in every sector. Because they all took part in it at some point. The only question is whether he will open the field, giving the targets their files, and telling them to sue in civil court to tie up Cabal’s local resources with legal problems, so they have to divert themselves from protecting the machine and attenuate their activities. I am not sure that is feasible, as it might clog the entire court system, essentially destroying it’s ability to do anything. But I am not sure that won’t be the play, based on somebody who reached out to me at one point, indicating it would be. Either way, clearly that power has proven too much to be given to anyone, and I assume it has to be limited severely if Cabal is to be shut out of retaking government. Leave it there, and it will be the first thing Cabal targets when trying to put the band back together. […]

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