New Poll: The Media is Fake, and the Public Knows

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Gosh, so hard to imagine why this would be the case, right? – A new Columbia Journalism Review poll finds that trust in our fake news media has pretty much gone as low as it can go, with the only group expressing a more positive than negative view of the press being … wait for it… DEMOCRATS. Because of course the group in our society whose personal biases are the same as those reporting and shaping what passes for the “news” these days are going to tend to trust the press.

I don’t tend to put too much weight on most polling data these days, since it has become basically as fake as the news media in many instances, but this poll, sponsored by a major university, with a very large sample (4,214 adults) and a seemingly legitimate, broad cross-section of demographic groups, seems to have more credibility than some random CNN or ABC/WaPo poll. Perhaps not coincidentally, it is filled with terrible news for the fake media, which by default means terrible news for the Democrats.

Here’s a big one: 60% of all respondents – and even 54% of Democrats – believe that the fake “journalists” who infest our news media today get paid by their sources. Think about that for a minute: Most Americans don’t just believe the press is biased, they believe it is filled with outright crooks. Perhaps that’s because we have all sorts of examples in the public domain in recent years of that being absolutely true. You think?

Here’s another huge piece of terrible news for the Democrats and their media propaganda wing: Women actually have less trust in the press than men do now, and it’s not really close.  Where 20% of men have a “great deal of confidence” in the press, just 13% of women feel the same. Meanwhile, where 47% of women have “hardly any confidence at all” in the press, just 42% of men feel the same. Much of that no doubt has to do with all the fake reporting that has gone on about the border security issue, where numerous other recent polls show women – especially the suburban white women who have been trending Democrat in recent election cycles – now mostly in favor of building a border wall and beefing up security.

To no one’s surprise, those who live in urban areas of the country that tend to be Democrat strongholds have a fairly high degree trust in the press. But the awful news for the Democrat/media Axis of Disinformation in this poll is that those who live in suburban areas now distrust the press almost as much as rural Americans do. In case you missed the legitimate analyses of the last two elections, the suburbs had been where the Democrats were making inroads into GOP territory. This poll indicates that trend is beginning to reverse now that the Democrats are making a habit of showing their true, ultra-radical face to the public.

All across the board, the results of this poll portray a humiliating rejection of the fake news media by the American public. But here is the single most humiliating and telling data point of all:

That’s right: More Americans have “hardly any confidence at all” in the press than in the United States congress, which regularly comes in with an overall public approval rating in other polls somewhere in the high single or low double digits. Meanwhile, despite the best efforts by the Democrat/Media Axis to slander and destroy them, the public at large maintains the highest degree of confidence in the military and law enforcement.


If we had an honest press in our country, a real press establishment that was really playing its intended role as the watchdog for the public interest, the results of this poll would send shock waves through every newsroom in the country. Honest editors and journalists in any real newsroom would be in a panic over the fact that the public has essentially no confidence in the “protectors of the public trust”, even to the point of considering them to be crooks.

Instead, the poll is going to pass barely noticed, hardly making a blip in the daily news cycle, just one more bit of real news to be ignored by the purveyors of fake news.

Gosh, how could this all happen? Because people aren’t stupid, and the media is fake.


That is all.

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4 thoughts on “New Poll: The Media is Fake, and the Public Knows

  1. John Smith - March 1, 2019

    Did you notice how the Columbia Journalism Review uses the colors blue and red in their bar graphs? These arbitrary colors were first used in a Presidential election by NBC to designate Democrats and Republicans, respectively, and they are still being used (despite the fact that Democrats are the real REDS). Of course, CJL makes the blue positive and red negative. You see, I’m even suspicious of their bar graphs.

  2. DD More - March 1, 2019

    Two quotes seem to apply here.
    Everything you read in newspapers is absolutely true, except for that rare story of which you happen to have first-hand knowledge. ~Erwin Knoll

    So are the ignore the possibility that the LameSteam can not be Wrong any story you don’t know about.

    Exaggeration of every kind is as essential to journalism as it is to the dramatic art; for the object of journalism is to make events go as far as possible. Thus it is that all journalists are, in the very nature of their calling, alarmists; and this is their way of giving interest to what they write. Herein they are like little dogs; if anything stirs, they immediately set up a shrill bark. ~Arthur Schopenhauer (1788–1860)

    Before 1860, or Not a New Thing going on.

    1. marty lopez - March 1, 2019

      To claim anything to do with the media has any relevance to journalism is a stretch I am no longer willing to even contemplate much less try.

  3. marty lopez - March 1, 2019

    The media’s job is to form public opinion. They mostly rely on monopoly, saturation and repetition.

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