Ralph Northam Says “Hold My Beer!” One More Time

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(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

What would you do if you’re at a press conference, fighting for your political life after a week during which you endorsed outright infanticide and got caught wearing black face, and a reporter asks if you can still do the Michael Jackson Moonwalk? –  Well, if you’re Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, you look around to see if there’s room to do the Moonwalk and are just about to say “Hold my beer!” until your wife – who thankfully was there to stand by her racist, baby-killing man – tells you that these are “inappropriate circumstances” in which to show off your dancing skills.

That is how clueless an individual the Governor of Virginia truly is. Which yet again raises the question, how did Ed Gillespie and the Virginia GOP lose to this walking, talking circus clown? What are they putting in the water in Virginia that leads voters to go to the polls and actively support such a horrible wretch of a human being?

Yes, yes, I know: Texans re-elect Sheila Jackson Lee to the congress every two years like clockwork, but that’s from a tiny district carved out of specific parts of Houston that is filled with people who would vote for Spongebob Squarepants or Grumpy Cat if they happened to be the Democrat nominee. Virginia is a whole state – like in Arizona, whose elected senators become increasingly repugnant in each iteration (think McCain to Flake to Sinema), the voters there do not have the gerrymandering excuse.

Here’s how stupid Virginia’s Governor believes Virginia’s voters are as a class: After admitting several times on Friday evening that he is indeed the guy in black face in the infamous photo that everyone on earth has seen a dozen times now, he spent all day Saturday crawfishing that back. His new story is that, yes, he did dress up in black face in an effort to imitate Michael Jackson the same year that photo was taken, but the guy in black face in that specific photo is not him. (For all you Millennials out there who are confused because you only remember Michael Jackson as one of the whitest men you’ve ever seen in your life, in 1984 he did indeed have dark skin.)

Even better, Northam now claims that Friday was the first time he had ever seen that photo in his entire life, because he did not purchase his college annual. So he was confused on Friday, but after getting a good night’s sleep beside his stand-by-your-racist-baby-killing-man wife, he wants you to believe that he awoke on Saturday to the realization that, “Hey, I did do all that horribly racist stuff in college, but nobody took a picture of me doing it!” and he is claiming he wants to get an “expert” to use “facial recognition software” on that grainy black-and-white photo from 35 years ago to prove it!

Presumably, Gov. Racist Baby Killer also thinks CSI was a documentary.

One thing we know for certain sure is that he thinks voters in Virginia – and Democrats everywhere – are hopelessly stupid individuals and easily misled, just like Hillary Clinton famously said.

And hey, the fact that he got elected to serve as Governor of Virginia pretty much proves he’s 100% correct.

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6 thoughts on “Ralph Northam Says “Hold My Beer!” One More Time

  1. Hope Murphy - February 3, 2019

    I love this article!

  2. Jimmy MacAfee - February 3, 2019

    Why aren’t we saying: “Governor Gillespie?” it’s because the Va. GOP and Gillespie’s campaign manager didn’t do opposition research. Professional campaign managers have not been kind to the Republican Party, from the idiots who ran Bob Dole’s fated-for-failure campaign to McCain to a whole lot of others. Northam should not even be in the position to self-immolate. Guy named “Leavitt” was Gillespie’s campaign manager. Someone should ask him why he didn’t get the dirt on Northam, sparing us all the spectacle of having a gun-hater who supports baby-killing. He can’t wiggle out of it: we have a national law called Born Alive Infant Protection Act, don’t we? Anybody remember that story?) We shouldn’t even be here, dealing with a gubernatorial dope.

  3. Jimmy MacAfee - February 3, 2019

    Since I can’t leave a link,
    do a search and have a look at this:

    Meet the Campaign Manager for Northam’s Opponent Who Failed to Find KKK,
    Blackface Yearbook Photo

    Writer: Brock Simmons

  4. Jimmy MacAfee - February 3, 2019

    Time to put an end to the Consulting Class, who lost these races:
    Sunnunu told Bush to raise taxes.
    Dole was told to not use his sense of humor, thus disarming him.
    McCain’s people turned against Sarah Palin in a deliberate act of sabotage.
    Romney allowed himself to be “read-in” to Classified info, then can’t use it in debates.
    Jebby the Bush had dimwits who told him that he was “inevitable.”

    And now we have a gun-grabbing, baby killing racist governor.
    Thank you, Red Maverick Media!

  5. Don McCoy - February 3, 2019

    Buffoons. The Left are a gaggle of buffoons.

  6. Gap-Toothed Redneck Hillbilly - February 4, 2019

    “…, how did Ed Gillespie and the Virginia GOP lose to this walking, talking circus clown? ”
    Simple. Democrats win when Republicans stay home. And no wonder they did because Ed was a full-fledged never-Trumper Rino. His Lt. Gov. and Att. Gen. running mates both embraced Trump, and each received more total votes than Ed did; by far.
    I voted for the LT. Gov. and Att. Gen., but voted L for Gov. I sure most just didn’t bother to show up and vote.

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