Talking Gas Prices, Venezuela and OPEC

Yesterday I appeared on BYU Radio’s “Top of Mind” program with host Julie Rose. We had a wide-ranging 20 minute discussion about gasoline prices, America’s shale revolution, the Trump sanctions on Venezuela and the ongoing influence of OPEC over crude oil prices.

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6 thoughts on “Talking Gas Prices, Venezuela and OPEC

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - January 30, 2019

    Good interview!
    The Dems wanted to kill fracking in order to make us energy-insecure, and with that
    the petrodollar would have gone Yuan (little play on words there.) May still happen, but
    the prospect of us transitioning eventually to fusion is not as far away as some claim:
    2025 at the latest will this be viable. What that would do is to take pressure off carbon
    producers, but not eliminate profitability, thus extending the life of available resources
    while not crashing the markets.

    We should be grateful for President Trump for keeping us from being even more dependent
    upon foreign energy sources, although certain northeastern states get their natural gas
    from Russia because of some idiotic decisions. (Disclaimer: I own small amounts of stock
    in various types of energy concerns, but not LM or reactor companies.)

  2. Jimmy MacAfee - January 30, 2019

    On a side note, gravitational wave devices (sci fi and other speculation of something found in Antarctica)
    are potentially the energy of the future. We always think of gravity in terms of terminal velocity, which is how fast an object can fall in the atmosphere with the drag of the atmosphere. Not the same thing: an object pulled toward the earth outside the atmosphere, at sufficient speed, once it hits the atmosphere, usually burns up. No way to slow down, if you’re in a space shuttle, until the atmosphere itself creates a braking force. An example of a gravity wave would be the pyroclastic flow (which can attain a speed of 430 mph.) Manufacturing and harnessing a gravity flow would be good. But it also may have been what denuded Mars of its atmosphere. Power is a tricky thing!

  3. Jimmy MacAfee - January 30, 2019

    Hi, Dave! I know you! You’re a good man!
    Hi, Mockingbird! Must be on to something, or we would see no “awaiting moderation” from Mockingbird.
    You’re not a good man or entity. Not good.

    Gravity flow devices and the Antarctic seem not to be in the realm of national security, more like
    sci-fi, but there it is! Mars lost it’s atmosphere due to a gravity wave. Is that it?

  4. Jimmy MacAfee - January 30, 2019

    Gravity Wave energy sources: good and bad.
    If a massive gravity wave hit the earth, we’d lose our atmosphere, or some of it, and things would be rockin’ and rollin’. (Read Luke 21:25-28 for further description.) What does this have to do with fracking? Nothing. Just the fact that gravity propulsion like Skunkworks has developed is not really a secret anymore, and energy issues in the future could be far different than they are today. Both good and bad for things as we know them.

  5. Jimmy MacAfee - January 30, 2019

    OPEC of Arabia is caught in a gigantic crossfire regarding pipeline routes, which are a big part of the Assad issues (aside from the Salafists wanting the nation to be Sunni, not Shiite.) Multiple, overlapping issues.

    Venezuela, on the other hand, has raised to the top the most incompetent “True Believers,”
    AKA known as the Kakistocracy. they can’t make any real money (real money in Venezuela
    is called “the dollar,” not the Venezuelan Bolivar, which doesn’t even make nice toilet paper!)
    Oil flows, regimes change and the Pig Faced One is about to find himself with a need for wings.

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