Why is Mueller Afraid to Produce the Original Flynn 302 Form?

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Why is Robert Mueller so desperate to keep the original Flynn 302 hidden?: Andy McCarthy, who teams with Victor Davis Hanson as the only two writers worth reading anymore at The National Review, has a piece out this morning in which he asks the single most key point in the effort to frame General Mike Flynn:  Where is the FBI’s 302 form from his January 24, 2017 “interview” with Peter Strzok and another agent?

In their most recent court filing submitted on Friday, Mueller and his team did present a “302” form to the judge in the case – the increasingly impatient Emmet G. Sullivan – but, as McCarthy points out, that form was compiled not from the interview with Flynn, but from an interview Mueller’s team conducted with Strzok in August of 2017, 8 full months after the entrapment meeting with General Flynn. FBI procedure requires agents conducting suspect or witness interviews to memorialize them in 302 forms immediately after they have been completed, not 2/3rds of a year later.

Mueller and his band of Clinton/Obama shills offer no explanation regarding why they did not produce the original 302 or where it is currently located. They appear to be trying to claim that the original document has mysteriously gone missing. Is that really true?

Let’s think this through: The utterly corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok and another, more junior, agent – whose name is Joe Pientka, although the fake news media continues to pretend to not know his identity – conduct an entrapment interview of General Flynn on orders from then-FBI Director Jim Comey and then-Acting Attorney General Sally Yates. They tell Flynn that this is just a friendly visit, that he has no need for legal counsel to be present, and then proceed to do their best to entrap him in a process crime.

At the end of the interview, Strzok and Pientka look at one another, shrug their shoulders, and agree that Flynn was not lying, or that if he did misstate anything, it was not intentional. We know this to be the case because James Comey himself has confirmed it multiple times under oath before multiple congressional committees.

So, standing there with their big bag of nothing, the senior agent Strzok looks at junior agent Pientka and says something like “have fun spending the next two hours memorializing this bag of nothing in your 302 form,” and walks down the hall to fill in his boss – the utterly corrupt Andrew McCabe – on the day’s failed entrapment effort. Pientka files an honest 302 report on the meeting, and that’s where it all ended. Well, until May, 2017, when the utterly corrupt Rod Rosenstein appointed the utterly corrupt Robert Mueller to become the Special Counsel who would take on the task of building an impeachment case against President Donald Trump.

Mueller spends a couple of months casting about for some bit, any bit of evidence that someone, anyone in the Trump Campaign had indeed “colluded” with the Russians during the 2016 campaign. By August, he too is holding the same big bag of nothing that agents Strzok and Pientka were holding at the conclusion of their January entrapment meeting with General Flynn.

After a discussion with Strzok – who had been on Mueller’s staff in June and July – the two decide that Flynn, who was intimately involved in the Trump Campaign, holds the keys to their kingdom. Flynn had, after all, had a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart in December 2016 at the behest of then-President-elect Trump. The call was nothing out of the ordinary – a get to know you kind of thing on behalf of an incoming President by that president’s future national security advisor – but it was something. Strzok and Mueller just had to find some hook they could use to start bullying Flynn into saying damaging things about Trump and his campaign.

So they go back to that January 24 meeting and Strzok says something like “hey, maybe that dang Flynn did lie to us after all,” and they call Pientka into the office. When Pientka arrives, Strzok and Mueller try to convince him to alter his original 302 from January.

But here’s the problem: Pientka is the rare non-corrupt FBI agent in the DC office, and he refuses to commit a federal felony by dishonestly altering his original 302 from the meeting. What to do?

Hey, no problem – it’s Peter Strzok to the rescue. Hell, this guy will lie about anything – dummying up a fake 302 form for the purpose of getting rid of President Donald Trump is an act of valor in his demented mind, as we have clearly seen from his thousands of text messages with his mistress, Lisa Page. So, Mueller’s people conduct an interview with Strzok, and voila! – the magic new 302 form from an interview conducted 8 months prior is created.

Much of this is conjecture, sure, but it is a scenario that fits perfectly with the facts as we know them publicly, and it explains so many things about this obvious frame of General Flynn.

For example, multiple congressional committees have been trying for more than a year now to have Agent Pientka come over to Capitol Hill and offer sworn testimony about his and Strzok’s meeting with Flynn.  But Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray have consistently blocked all such efforts. Rosenstein, Wray and Mueller simply cannot afford for that to happen.

One thing is certain: There was a contemporaneous 302 form created by either Strzok or Pientka immediately following their interview with Flynn. Comey and McCabe both have confirmed that fact in sworn testimony. Mueller appears willing to go to any lengths necessary to prevent Judge Sullivan and the American people from seeing what is in that original 302.

This is just one more reason why President Trump not only has an incentive, but an absolute public duty to declassify not just the original 302 in the Flynn case, but all the documents related to the Mueller Witch Hunt, and do it soon.

That is all.

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15 thoughts on “Why is Mueller Afraid to Produce the Original Flynn 302 Form?

  1. Jimmy Macafee - December 17, 2018

    Judge Sullivan would be within his scope to put an end to the entirety of Mueller’s “investigation.” There’s enough evidence of investigative wrongdoing by the FBI and Mueller’s team – just from the fact that it wasn’t the original 302 Mueller is providing to the Judge. It’s called “fruit of the poison tree,” and that played into the dismissal of the fake charges against Ted Stevens, too. It was Judge Sullivan who overturned the case against Stevens. Let’s hope he drops a bomb on Mueller, who could also be brought down by Jerome Corsi.

    Bottom line: a fake 302 is a fake 302. This is far worse than withholding exculpatory evidence for the defense, (which is also being done regarding Flynn, as both corroborating witnesses and corroborating evidence is being hidden from view.) The Mueller tree has produced nothing but rotten, poisonous fruit.

  2. Jed - December 17, 2018

    Pientka or Pietka?

  3. Craig Chilcutt - December 17, 2018

    Interesting article, long but worth the read…


    Basically, the writer, Margot Cleveland, thinks (with some factual merit) the original 302 was filed under seal and the request to do so could have came from Mueller or Flynn’s legal team and now Sullivan (Here comes da judge) will have to rule “on the presumably filed motions to seal.”

    To note: 1. Somebody is lying. 2. Judge Sullivan is holding the cards to the truth unless Trump gets busy declassifying some documents.

    1. Jimmy Macafee - December 17, 2018

      Declass is the nuclear option. Brit court got Steele to admit that the frazzled rat paid him for research in order to overturn election – Brits don’t want nuclear option. More options for exposure than just declass – rats are fleeing ships en masse. The question is: do the Brits think HRC is worth the exposure? Aussies?

      As far as declass goes: like A.W. and H.A. and their computer files the FBI refused to view under McCabe, one pertinent file was named, “life insurance.”

  4. chipin8511 - December 17, 2018

    While that is disturbing on one level, FBI and DOJ hierarchy employing the telecom habits of drug cartel bosses reaches a new low for the once-heralded federal law enforcement agency and the DOJ. And breaks federal laws as well.

  5. Jimmy Macafee - December 17, 2018

    Bottom line: there was no original 302.

    1. Jason Marcel - December 18, 2018

      Lol, Mueller released the original 302’s yesterday. Stop drinking alt-right foolaid and start to actually pay attention to the news. Google is your friend.

      1. David Blackmon - December 18, 2018

        Actually, he released an extremely heavily-redacted document that can be seen here: https://www.dailywire.com/news/39439/mueller-releases-302-forms-michael-flynns-fbi-ryan-saavedra

        FBI rules require agents to file 302s within five days of the engagement. This document is dated 2/15/2017, 21 days after the meeting with Flynn.

        This filing just supports the point of my piece, which is that Mueller is still hiding the ball from the public. Perhaps you should quit drinking “foolaid.”

      2. Jimmy Macafee - December 18, 2018

        Ad hominem attacks are a sign of weakness. “Alt-right” is such an attack, used by the Controlled Media and people who have no means of independent thinking. Dave is right.

        1. David Blackmon - December 18, 2018

          Not to mention that “LOL” is invariably the opening word used by lefties who have no real argument to make.

  6. Jimmy Macafee - December 17, 2018

    And if there was no original 302, it means that the later one was invented out of thin air.

  7. Art Gaines - December 17, 2018

    “Rod Rosenstein WILL NOT ALLOW Gen. Flynn Interrogator Joe Pientka To Testify — Despite His Reported Willingness to Defend Flynn” frome Gateway Pundit and Sara Carter. they know this 302 will blow the whole witch hunt wide open, and blow it far, far away. Hope the President declassifies it all, soon!

    1. Jimmy Macafee - December 17, 2018

      Rosenstein’s action: how do you say “obstruction of justice?”

      When it’s time for Rosenstein and Mueller to be charged, count on declass. Right now, their obfuscations and obstructions and stone walls provide more evidence against them. Thrashing isn’t the same thing as swimming.

  8. Jimmy Macafee - December 17, 2018

    How many wreaths does it take to close a bolthole?

  9. Jimmy Macafee - December 21, 2018

    “Dirty” Mueller will be on trial re. his own cases before Flynn is sentenced. Delay is a good strategy.

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