Meet the New Attorney General, Same as the Old Attorney General

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Paris Burning Watch:

Very predictable next step for President Emanuel Macron and his globalist government: Shut down the country’s Internet and other communications, as the government continues its goosestep towards outright fascist thuggery.

The government announced on Friday that it has deployed 89,000 (!) riot police throughout the country in preparation for today’s demonstrations by the “yellow vest” demonstrators, who are protesting the government’s planned implementation of a confiscatory carbon tax it claims will help meet France’s emissions goals under the Paris Climate Accords. The yellow vest demonstrations began as peaceful events a few weeks ago but have turned increasingly violent as they have inevitably been infiltrated by radicals from both the left and the right.

As I write this early Saturday in the U.S. there have already been more than 500 arrests made in Paris, as police began the day by using tear gas on the demonstrators around the Arc de Triomphe.  As Reuters reports:

“A police spokeswoman told reporters there were about 1,500 protesters on the Champs Elysees boulevard and authorities said 211 people had been arrested after police found weapons such as hammers, baseball bats and metal petanque balls on them.”

Somewhat hilariously, the Reuters report contains this passage a few paragraphs later:

“We will do all we can so that today can be a day without violence, so that the dialogue that we started this week can continue in the best possible circumstances,” Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on French television.

This situation is completely out of hand at this point, deteriorating every day, and Philippe and Macron obviously have not the slightest clue about how to deal effectively with it. Thus, the most likely expectations should be for further efforts to crack down on the movement and the population at large. Because that’s what globalist/socialist governments do.

Ocasio Cortez Watch:

Speaking of things globalist/socialists like to do, this happened on Friday.:

Yes, it’s true – after Donald Trump Jr. re-tweeted a meme about our intrepid new congresswoman from one of the outer-boroughs of New York City (is it Queens?), the  mental midget tweeted a reminder to him that that was all, like, dumb and stuff because she was about to, you know, kinda, like have subpoena power and stuff like that.

Clearly an abuse of power, clearly a violation of congressional ethics and we can count on the Republicans in congress to clearly do absolutely nothing about it.  Because that’s who they are, and what they do – or don’t do, in this case.

Right on Cue, Meet our New Bush-ite Attorney General Nominee. – How ironic is it that, the day after late former President George Herbert Walker Bush was laid to rest in College Station, current President Donald Trump names William Barr, who served Bush 41 as Attorney General, as his nominee to become the AG again, 24 years later? Why, it’s almost as if one event led to another this week.

If President Trump’s thought was that the nomination of a man who had served the ex-President who the Democrats and their fake news media agents had praised all week long might be confirmed by the senate in a dignified and orderly process, well, he was kidding himself. All the demented creeps at CNN and MSNBC immediately flew into high character assassination gear, as did Democrat politicians who immediately began calling for Barr to recuse himself from pretty much everything if he is ultimately confirmed.

Despicable Vermont Senator, the relic Pat Leahy, had this to say:

“I have known Bill Barr a long time.  He has a long record in both the private sector and public service that needs to be thoroughly vetted by the senate. This includes recent, troubling comments about investigations of keen interest to the President who is nominating him.”

In other words, Barr has expressed thoughts about the Mueller investigation, and thus must recuse himself if he wants any Democrat votes in favor of his confirmation. Apparently, only a person who is basically a blind, deaf mute where Mueller’s Witch Hunt is concerned is any longer qualified to serve in the eyes of Senate Democrats.

Barr has a reputation in Washington as an upright and honorable man. As a reminder, so did Robert Mueller when he was nominated, and we now see clearly what that means and doesn’t mean. Barr is not someone who is going to come into the AG job and immediately restart investigations into Uranium One and all the myriad other Clinton/Obama wrongdoing.

On the other hand, assuming DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber really have been conducting real investigations of their own, Barr is also not someone who is going to come into the AG job and shut those down.

And the reality about Mueller and his evil minions is this: They have nothing real where President Trump is concerned and are systematically winding their fake investigation down and preparing their final report, which they intend to be a roadmap for impeachment by the new Democrat majority in the House. That’s all the Mueller effort ever was, and it becomes more and more obvious with each passing day. President Trump has no intention of interfering with Mueller and never did, something the Democrats and fake news media appear incapable of comprehending.

What Barr represents to President Trump is an extremely well-qualified and safe pick for the job.  In the end, when all the posturing by creeps like Leahy is said and done, Barr will end up with the support of all 53 Republicans in next year’s U.S. Senate, and support from just enough Democrats to get over the 60 vote bar needed to be confirmed to the job.

One other key thing to keep in mind about William Barr is that he served in a Bush Administration that built many miles of steel wall along our Southern border, and paid for it from the Defense budget, which is perfectly legal and proper once a president makes a finding that it is necessary for national security. Why President Trump has failed to go this route is anyone’s guess – perhaps he just wanted to give Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell every opportunity possible to get their jobs done – but assuming Barr is confirmed, Trump will have an AG who understands the President has full authority to go down that road.

Just food for thought.

That is all.

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15 thoughts on “Meet the New Attorney General, Same as the Old Attorney General

  1. Bobby - December 8, 2018

    There is no 60 vote requirement for confirmation.

    1. David Blackmon - December 8, 2018

      There isn’t for judicial nominees, true. But there still is for cabinet nominees.

      1. Jack - December 8, 2018

        Lifetime SCOTUS appointments require just 51 votes but President’s own Cabinet level appointments require 60 votes? How FKCD up is that??

        1. marty lopez - December 8, 2018

          And that’s why Alexander cut the Gordian knot. The President went to Wharton a biusiness college. He never studied the classics, or history, or literature.

          1. chester arthur - December 9, 2018

            Poor thing.You’ve been misinformed..Business college graduates do study something other than business topics.I know,I have a business degree and studied English literature and the literature of science as part of the program.

  2. Jim McFarland - December 8, 2018

    I’d like to ask Barr about REX 84. There are reasons Continuity of Government statutes are implemented (REX 84 and the NSC cabal had no real rationale at the time, other than to implement martial law if they’d succeeded) and there are reasons not to. Since we’ve been in a state of domestic emergency since September of 2001, continuously, it would be easy to implement other emergency statutes. Bush 41 was (allegedly) a part of the group attempting to dismantle the Constitution during the phony Iran Contra issues (which were a ridiculous waste of time, considering the real show was revealed by a Congressman during the hearings. Considering that there is evidence of a conspiracy to overthrow the election, to keep him from taking office and to overthrow him while in office, there may be good reason for these statutes to be put into effect. Barr may be the right guy to do the job, statist or not. The conspirators – you know who they are – should be tried by military tribunal, and can avoid the self-pardon Obama allegedly gave himself. (Maybe you need an alligator to eat the other swamp creatures? Let’s hope!)

    1. marty lopez - December 8, 2018

      Now that would restore my confidence, but it’s a big maybe and I’m not betting on it. In Missouri, we’ll believe it when we see it. I will tell you this and for dead sure certain. If he doesn’t wake up quick, they will be shoveling dirt in his face.

  3. Jim McFarland - December 8, 2018

    The conspiracy to overthrow the President by the Deep State is clear to any patriot at this point, and to most Americans, and the conspiracy to use fake information to deceive the FISA court multiple times is sufficient to get some people – Brennan, Comey, Lynch et al – a longterm stay at the GITMO Hotel and Hostel.

    1. marty lopez - December 8, 2018

      The President appears to be his own worst enemy. His whole life consisted of making deals. I begin to realize he doesn’t know any real people. He will die, and so will everything he has stood for, if he doesn’t move forward.

      The Chinese have decided to out wait him, paying out as little as possible over as long a time frame as possible. Meanwhile domestic enemies have him in a box. Soon they will start dicing him into a thousand little pieces. And he seems content to try to diddle his way across the canyon as, if one side were better to die on than the other.

      He needs to do what he said he would do and do it as decisively as possible. What the hell do you have to lose, to coin a phrase?

    2. marty lopez - December 8, 2018

      So why the hell doesn’t the President do it?

  4. Jimmy Mac - December 8, 2018

    You can see that Gowdy wasn’t named, even though he was mentioned. Why is that? He’s not on our side. Benghazi shows that. Other Deep Staters, some of whom support the President up to 9/11 (the President is a closet Truther) but won’t help expose anything on that level, are also kept out of the mix. They’re in the Guiliani League. Have to go pre-9/11 to find people who aren’t compromised. The edges of the Swamp go way back. Waaaay back.

  5. Jimmy Mac - December 8, 2018

    You can see who came up with the term “Conspiracy Theorist:” Dulles. A Conspiracy Theorist is also known as someone who remembers a lot of history, who has been paying attention for decades and who can put pixels together to form a clear picture. They’re also employed by certain Intel agencies, but are usually compartmentalized to the point where they can’t put a crayon drawing to paper.

  6. ebenezeer Jones - December 8, 2018

    Why do we want another member of the Entrenched Bureaucracy for AG? We need an outsider! How about Judge Jeanine???

  7. James Cool - December 8, 2018

    Because we can’t wait for her to catch up. The AG is supposed to have less than nothing to do with any crimes or cases, why?, because it is a political position. Bias is a political position. The cases are to go to career agents and lawyers. The AG needs to be the head of a huge important department that can manage, not direct thousands of lawyers and agents regardless of political affiliation Not doing this is, is exactly how we got the Mueller investigation and the rest of this crap. The very top political brass broke the rules over and over and ended up or began spying on American citizens including the Presidental candidate of the opposition party, for the highest office in the world, and took these cases and ran with them. That is huge huge. Imagine if Hillary had been elected instead of Trump. All of these people that got fired, demoted, quit, etcetera were the top personnel not rank and file agents in a field office somewhere as required by law. They should all be disbarred and serving 10-20 years as a signal to anyone contemplating anything like this again, and as reminder that rules are in place for a reason.

  8. Jimmy Macafee - December 9, 2018

    Don’t expect show trials; it takes time to dismantle the Deep State – and though we’d all like to see HRC and B.O. do a perp walk, it’s likely that HRC will fall down some steps and B.O. will develop Chavez Disease. Barr is a soulless bureaucrat, but he’s thoroughly professional, and certain other (fairly) recent nominees who are in positions of power aren’t political, but do like to watch. Remember that the DS is worldwide, and certain allies are chafing about the release of certain docs, because they’ll implicate people above the level of ops and gatherers, and we may see some newlyweds and others exposed. And how do you send millions of colonists back to where they came from? (France will find a way! Or there’ll be another revolution, because the controlled press is not reporting the fact that the “tax” the French are paying go to support non-French Muslim invaders. (Can you say dhimmitude and jizya?) Takes time for a flea bath to remove all the ticks and fleas, and they will have to abandon the dog on their own. Patience, my brothers!

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