Refugees From Central America or From California – Pick Your Poison

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Well, it took about a year longer than I figured it would, but hey, NBC has very low standards for their on-air talent. – Megyn Kelly appears to have been canned by NBC on Thursday for having violated the rules of political correctness on her extremely low-rated morning program on Tuesday.  The fake news network had been casting around for a good reason to eat the remaining tens of millions left on Kelly’s hilariously-unjustified $69 milllion contract, and she finally provided them with a good enough excuse.

As a refugee from Fox News, and an imperious and obnoxious one at that, Kelly was roundly detested by basically everyone she came into contact with at NBC, and thus had no internal support base to defend her when she made her remarks on Tuesday, which basically amounted to “it was ok for a white kid to dress up as Dianna Ross for Halloween when I was a kid.”

To be clear, not it wasn’t.  Megyn Kelly was a kid in the Albany area of New York in the 1970s and 1980s, and no, it was not ok in the 1980s to put black-face makeup on your white kid and dress them up in an afro and sparkly dress and try to pass her off as Dianna Ross.  That stuff all went out the window in the late 1960s, along with re-runs of Amos ‘n Andy and Jim Crow laws.

Kelly issued a tearful on-air apology on her Wednesday show, which would have been enough for any of the other on-air “talent” at NBC, but could never be enough for someone known to harbor – gasp! – conservative points of view.  Plus, her show was a disaster from day one, so NBC grabbed the excuse to get her off the air and out of its hair.

I do not feel even a little bit of sympathy for Kelly, who is one of the most over-rated people I’ve ever observed in any profession.  But everyone should understand that her treatment by NBC right now is completely biased and unfair.  If NBC wanted to simply fire her because her program is a dumpster fire, that would be totally justified, because that is absolutely the case.  But firing her for making an admittedly stupid on-air comment for which literally no one else at NBC would be fired is wrong.

The truth is that Kelly’s biggest mistake – her “original sin” in NBC’s eyes – was not becoming a wild-eyed leftist on-air when she moved to NBC so she would fit in with all the other on-air talent.  That’s what Alisyn Camerota did when she moved from Fox News to CNN, and she is completely ensconced as the permanent host of a morning show over there that no one watches.  Camerota could say exactly what Kelly said and no one would blink an eye.  Why?  Because she is always mindlessly leftwing in her views, always adheres strictly to the daily DNC talking points, and thus no one at CNN would ever think of her ever intentionally being politically incorrect.

Dang, have I really just written 550 words about Megyn Kelly?  Enough.  Let’s move on.

Speaking of refugees, isn’t it amazing how the fake news media has stopped speaking of them? – Seriously, the obviously-staged “migrant caravan” that had been almost the sole focus of our fake news media for 10 solid days suddenly disappeared from our TV screens entirely yesterday in favor of the incredible un-explosive pipe bomb story.  Funny how that happens, huh?

Well, the “caravan” is still there, still heading up the western side of Mexico, the “refugees” still getting coached about what to say by their Democrat organizers for when they arrive at the U.S. border.  The current size of the caravan is variously estimated to be 3,600 by the Mexican government, 7,000 or 14,000, depending on which fake news media source you wish to believe.  In fact, the Mexican government claimed yesterday that something around 1,500 of the “refugees” who are supposedly fleeing “gangs” in their home country of Honduras have sought and been granted asylum in the gang-dominated failed state of Mexico.  Go figure.

We’re almost two weeks into this story and we have yet to see one single, solitary Democrat express the desire to protect our nation’s sovereign right to decide who we allow to come into our country.  Not one.  Think about that:  I just showed you a video in Monday’s Update of Barack Hussein Obama aggressively expressing his view in 2005 that the U.S. must control illegal immigration.  That’s just 13 years ago, and you can go out to YouTube and see similar videos of luminaries like Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer saying the same things.

That was, of course, before the elevation of Obama to the presidency and the reorganization of the entire Democrat Party on Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals principles.  Today, instead of pretending to be the protectors of working class Americans, the Democrats favor opening up our borders completely in order to create as much societal chaos as possible and in the belief that these millions of people fleeing failed socialist states will come into America and continue favoring the same failed socialist policies because that is all they know.  They’re probably right, and if they can ever succeed in getting all these millions of illegal aliens voting rights, the Democrats could once again become our dominant political party and implement their long-desired socialist nirvana that would completely destroy America as we know it.

Hell, they’re already making progress in that regard just from all the Californian refugees that have relocated to other states in the past 20 years.  Look around the country right now and you see all these tight races in states like Montana, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado, states that had been reliably “red” states that are now on the verge of turning completely blue.  They also happen to be states that have had large influxes of citizens fleeing the socialist nirvana of California in recent years.

In their political behavior, Californians are no different from these Central American refugees:  They flee their home state due to the high taxes and brutal regulations implemented by the socialist government there which have made it incredibly hard for middle class Americans to make a living, own a home and live a semi-free life.  But, when they arrive in their new state, they just keep on voting for the same Democrat types who created all the governmental chaos that led them to flee in the first place.

That is how you get a down-the-line leftwinger like Montana’s Jon Tester, one of Chuck Schumer’s most reliable votes, positioned to possibly win re-election against a pretty strong Republican candidate.  It’s how you get to the point where the voters in Colorado are about to slit their own economic wrists by passing a ballot initiative that would basically outlaw drilling for incredibly abundant oil and gas reserves there.  It’s how you get a limp-wristed jerk like Jeff Flake representing Arizona, and a neck-and-neck race between a strong GOP candidate who is a true American hero and a radical leftist Democrat who has no real qualifications for the job to take Flake’s place.

Thus, while Democrats everywhere are anxious as they can be to let as many illegals as they possibly can from Central America and all other failed socialist states into our country, the reality is that they are already beginning to achieve their goals simply by continuing to destroy California’s middle class and forcing it to move to other states.  It’s one of the great ironies of our time.

Maybe it is time for leaders in these other states to force anyone moving to their state from California to spend time in some sort of re-education facility before joining the general population.  These people obviously need some de-programming to get the California mindset out of them so that they can become actual productive members of society again.  Call it a matter of self-preservation.

That is all.

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6 thoughts on “Refugees From Central America or From California – Pick Your Poison

  1. Harry - October 26, 2018

    As for the blackface, did Ted Danson or Whoopi Goldberg comment on it ? While they where a couple didn’t they go to some party with Ted in blackface ? I think that was the 80s.

  2. Jim McFarland - October 26, 2018

    What’s ‘er name? Megyn…? Forgot already!
    I didn’t care for her when she pretended to be Conservative – she had this permanent gloat thing
    going, a cross between a smug look and a sneer, kinda like a demented possum eyeing a persimmon.
    I was happy to hear of her leaving FOX (which is now in the process of self-destruction as we speak)
    and have no sympathy for her jumping ship. All she is – is ambitious. Nothing more.

    Imagine it’ll be hard to keep the gloat on – but for 69 million, I doubt she’ll care. She won
    the lottery – and the best thing I can say about her leaving NBC is that NBC will be 69 million dollars

  3. delow241 - October 26, 2018

    Don’t feel bad out there in Texas with all the California expats. Here in North Carolina we have been suffering the same type of invasion with all the Yankees coming down here to escape their s-hole states and all the while thinking their failed policies need to be put in place here. That is why NC is now considered a “purple” state these days…the whackos are starting to outnumber the normal North Carolinans.

  4. Larry Jones - October 26, 2018

    Californians and Hondurans, stay the hell out of Texas; defecate in our streets and we’ll rub your crappy noses in it.

  5. Greg - October 26, 2018

    My biggest concern about these ludicrously obvious, false flag bombings is that the Dem’s true intention is to use them (fake as they are, but hey, they’re desperate) to justify the real bombings and all kinds of other violence they fully intend to unleash on conservatives and the country in general immediately after they get shellacked in this midterm election. They already knew they were going to lose huge and now they’re beginning their pre-planned “prepping the battlefield” in prelude to unleashing all hell and blood in the streets. Unfortunately, it was always bound to come to this. This is all they have left and yes they are truly that corrupt and evil that they’d sooner “blow the whole thing up” rather than accept being denied absolute power. Very dangerous times are coming my friends. This cold civil war of ours is about to go hot.

  6. Jonesy - October 26, 2018

    The Dems are so in love with power, they are willing to do anything to get it, including destroying the country. For years we have been told that diversity makes us stronger….well that is a total pile of BS. When you get massive migration like EU has, and we are now seeing from MX and Central America, you don’t have cultural homogenization. You get chaos instead. Dissimilar belief systems, life experiences, world view etc.

    Libs moving from their failed states to reliably red ones like Montana and Texas is just the internal component of the plan to destroy this nation. Overwhelm us with foreigners, throw in a little revisionist history (or erasing it by not teaching it) and you have a pretty good mix of America not resembling herself from a couple of decades ago.

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